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Solar Powered Aerator For Pond

Aeration Systems For Ponds Lakes Dugouts & Lagoons

How To Build Your Own Solar Pond Aerator

Pond Pro Canada is your aeration specialist with over 20 years experience – we’ve sold over 3000 aeration systems in Western Canada and installed many of them! From surface aerators for lagoons and water treatment, to bottom diffused aeration for drinking water retention ponds, to large lakes, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to customize aeration for any body of water. We sell Can-Air aeration, Kasco Marine 2400, 3400, 4400AF aerators as well as Kasco Marine Robust-Aire aeration systems.

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Easypro Rotary Vane Aeration Systems With Diffusersview Product Page

EasyPro rotary vane pond aerator systems with diffusers that can cover ponds sized 1/2 acre all the way to 6 acres with the 1 HP model. Compressors have a one year warranty and typically have around a $1.31 cost to operate every 24 hours. Choose from four basic systems to get the right kit.

Models PA50 through PA50WLD available. Retail prices range from $1180.79 to $2430.99.

Easypro Shallow Aeration Kitsview Product Page

Shallow pond aeration kits from EasyPro that are oil-free, long lasting, very quiet, and energy-efficient. Engineered with weather resistant enclosures for use outdoors . Both kits come with QuickSink tubing. Use the double diffuser for irregular shaped or long narrow ponds, and the single diffuser for regular shaped ponds. Compressor comes with a two year warranty and diffusers/tubing has a five year warranty.

Works in pond water up to 7 deep. Retail prices range from $439.99 to $679.99.

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Diy Solar Pond Aeration

A basic overview of solar aeration system options, components, and choosing the best solar pond air pump.

Is your pond far away from a power source?

Are you looking to utilize clean renewable energy?

Are you looking for potential long-term cost effectiveness?

Perhaps solar pond aeration is a good option for you. However, setting up a system can be complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Below we dig into the two standard system options, touch on common components needed, and discuss solar pond air pumps.

What Are The Benefits Of Pond Aeration


There are many advantages to raising your pond waters oxygen levels and increasing flow. But, do you need to aerate your pond?

If there is very little water flow in your pond and it has fish in there, then youll need to increase the water flow with an aerator and supply extra oxygen.

If you decided to use a fountain or waterfall as a natural aerator for your pond, this will likely be suitable enough to solely oxygenate the water.

But, if youre dealing with a big pond and there are a lot of Koi in it, a more powerful oxygenator may be needed. Koi depend on lots of oxygen in the water in order to survive.

Please Note: A pond with lots of fish and very little water flow will only benefit from an aeration system in the long run.

But, even if you don’t have fish, there are many reasons to use an aeration system! Below are the top 5 advantages to using an aeration system in your pond water.

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Atlantic Shallow Water Aeration Systemsview Product Page

Atlantic shallow water pond aeration kits come with all the equipment you need to provide aeration for lakes and pond up to 7 deep . Every part was designed to work together to give superior performance. Comes with a two year warranty, push-lock fittings, weighted tubing, shallow water diffusers, and aeration cabinet. Choose from packages of two diffusers or four.

Models TPS200S and TPS400S available. Retail prices range from $1369.70 to $2121.21.

Laguna Aeration Kit For Ponds

  • Best Overall Pond Aerator For The Money

The Laguna Aeration Kit is an extremely popular, budget-friendly pond aerator that comes with everything you need to be up and running in minutes.

This simple aeration kit will allow for proper gas/oxygen exchange to keep your fish alive and help surfaces from completely freezing over in winter.

It comes with an aeration pump, 30 feet of winter safe tubing, an air diffuser, and a high-density styrofoam float which allows you to adjust the airstone depth.

And while they claim its beneficial for any size pond, its not exactly suitable for larger ponds.


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Pond Boss Floating Solar Powered Aeratorview Product Page

Floating solar powered pond aerator by Pond Boss works good for small ponds. Increasing aeration with 100% solar power. Solar panel is integrated into unit for easy installation. Has a 40 GPH air pump with a attached air hose.

Works on ponds 200 gallons and less. Ideal for a patio pond with only a few small fish.

Large Solar Powered Kit Replacement Partsview Product Page

Solar Pond Aeration with NO BATTERIES!

These replacement parts are for the two above large solar powered pond aeration kits. Available is a compressor repair kit that includes a gasket, diaphragm, and reed valves. Also, replacement air intake filters that are sold in pairs.

Two different sizes equipment pads made out of high-density plastic can be used to provide a light weight, durable surface for pond solar aeration cabinet.

Videos for the above large solar pond aeration kits:

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Easypro Rocking Piston Large Aeration Systemsview Product Page

EasyPro rocking piston large pond aeration systems with double compressors can be used when high volume air output is needed. A new cabinet holds both air compressors and allows 12 air lines to be installed in one location. Although, due to the custom nature of these large aeration systems, the kits do not have tubing. The aeration systems are engineered for 1/2 QuickSink tubing. Which is available on our air line page.

Models DCS64AD through DCS86AD2 available. Retail prices range from $3222.29 to $3946.69.

Atlantic Typhoon Air Pumpsview Product Page

Featuring continuous-duty outdoor/indoor diaphragm compressors, the Atlantic Typhoon pond air pumps are engineered for use all year long. Provide a good amount of aeration and work great on koi fish ponds in the winter for deicing. Energy-efficient motors that use just a small amount of electricity that be rebuilt and last for many years.

Works on pond sizes 1000 12,000 gallons depending on the application. Retail prices range from $129.99 to $199.99.

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What Is A Pond Aerator/air Pump

If you have a pond, then in most cases youll want to cause some sort of surface movement and provide oxygen to the water. There are many benefits to aeration as youll find out below. To do this, you can easily pump air into the water and cause flow by using a pond aerator.

Some people prefer the more natural ways of aerating their pond water, for example, designing a waterfall feature which creates movement and provides oxygen to the pond. A fountain is even considered a natural method, since the water that is sprayed into the air collects natural atmospheric oxygen and reintroduces it to the pond as it falls back in.

If you choose the standard aerators which use electrical power, they can aerate bigger ponds and even small-sized lakes. The air pumps in electrical aerators come in different power levels and sizes. They all serve the same general purpose, though, which is to provide oxygen to water.

Did you know…

An aerator and oxygenator are actually two different things. An oxygenator is a device which simply oxygenates the water. Pond plants are good examples of oxygenators. Aerators, on the other hand, will send oxygen to the pond water and cause surface movement as well. This means you get the aeration and oxygen for the pond water.

Solar Powered Pond Fountains And Aeration Systems


Now many AC powered fountains or aeration systems can be powered by affordable solar kits. Energy from the sun is free!! It is now easier and cost effective to produce your own electricity. Decorative floating fountains and sub surface aeration systems are a popular feature in many ponds. In addition to fountains or aerators used for agricultural and decorative ponds, many times these units are installed as a means of mosquito control. Since these fountains are often installed in bodies of standing water where grid power is not available and prohibitively expensive to extend, solar power is the answer.

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Easypro Linear Diaphragm Air Compressorsview Product Page

EasyPro liner diaphragm pond air compressors work great in large aquariums, bait tanks, ponds, or other water features. Motors are continuous-duty and operate on 115 volts. This is an outdoor pond air pump, but you should use it in a shaded area to avoid overheating. Comes with a two year warranty.

Models EPW2, EPW4, EPW6, EPW10 available. Retail prices range from $159.99 to $299.99.

Easypro Rocking Piston Air Compressorsview Product Page

EasyPro rocking piston pond air compressors were made specifically for grueling 24-hour use. Designed to be mounted on the shore and push air to a bottom diffuser. Features bearings that a permanently lubricated. Oil-less motor design and a simple to replace piston seal. Comes with a two-year warranty and rebuildable.

Models EPR25, EPR50, and EPR75 are available along with 230v models. Retail prices range from $489.69 to $999.09.

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How Do These Pond Aerators Work

With these units, we use a lot of the same components that a standard pond aeration system uses. The systems begin with a solar panel that is to be mounted on a post that can be adjusted to capture optimal sunlight. The energy that is generated by the solar panel is then used to power the air compressor that is included in each solar aeration package. We are currently using Matala air compressors with these packages, because they are very reliable. These systems will run for about 14-16 hours per day in good conditions. With the battery back-up systems we offer, you can stretch the run time up to about 20 hours per day. Adding any type of aeration system to your pond or lake is going to increase its lifespan. With the rise of affordable alternative energy sources, it is easier to stretch your dollar to accomplish the goal of a healthy pond ecosystem.

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Save Money With A Solar Pond Aeration System

pond boss® Solar Floating Pond Aerator

Solar Pond Aerators are a great way to aerate in areas where you donât have access to power or wind or just want to use green energy. The Solar Pond Aeration systems offered by Air-O-Lator are the best in the Industry. With solar power, you donât have to worry about buildings or natural features blocking wind and keeping a windmill from powering your aerator. Solar aeration work great in any location that gets consistent sunshine.

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Easypro Sentinel Rotary Vane Deluxe Aeration Systemsview Product Page

Designed for the professional pond aeration installer. Sentinel aeration systems are easy to install, complete package. Allowing you to spend less time designing a system and get the job done quickly and effectively. Even has a electrical box already installed and prepped for power. Works on ponds up to 18 deep and is available in 115v and 230v versions. Comes with a one year warranty on compressor and 5 years on the diffusers, tubing, and cabinet.

Models PA50D through PA100D available. Retail prices range from $1988.19 to $3403.79.

Easypro Src Stratus Gen2 Rocking Piston Compressorsview Product Page

The EasyPro Stratus SRC Gen2 rocking position air compressor for pond aeration features Smart-Start technology, permanently lubricated bearings, hard coated cylinder, assembled in the USA, oil-less motor design, and flexible cup material for superior quality. Comes with a two-year warranty and rebuildable.

Models SRC25, SRC50, and SRC75 are available along with 230v models. Retail prices range from $489.69 to $829.99.

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Easypro Rotary Vane Large Aeration Systemsview Product Page

EasyPro rotary vane large pond aeration systems with double compressors can be used when high volume air output is needed. A new cabinet holds both air compressors and allows 12 air lines to be installed in one location. Although, due to the custom nature of these large aeration systems, the kits do not have tubing. The aeration systems are engineered for 1/2 QuickSink tubing. Which is available on our air line page.

Models DCS54AD through DCS112AD2 available. Retail prices range from $3251.09 to $5915.39.

Beckett Corporation Air Pump Solar Kit

Floating solar Powered Pond Aerator
  • Best Solar Pond Aerator

The Beckett solar pond aeration kit is designed to supply your pond with all the oxygen it needs to keep your fish and pond life healthy – without electricity!

This solar pond pump is perfect for ponds that dont have an electrical outlet nearby and/or for those who dont want to spend the money using an electrical version.

And while the prospect of free oxygen for your pond sounds quite captivating , it can come at the cost of performance. The air pump only turns on when there is enough sunlight to power it, so if you live where its often cloudy, or your pond is covered by shade, a solar pond pump might not be able to supply the amount of oxygen your pond needs.


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Medo Linear Piston Air Compressorsview Product Page

Medo air compressors are one of the highest quality outdoor pond air pumps on the market. Often lasting as long as 7-9 years! Instead of a diaphragm to pump air, Medo pumps use a small piston. Energy-efficient, super quiet, durable, and weather resistant. Comes with a three year warranty.

Models ML28, ML45, ML60, ML80, ML100, ML120, ML200 available. Retail prices range from $289.99 to $1,165.79.

Atlantic Shallow Water Linear Piston Compressors

Atlantic TPS linear compressors were designed to be used in shallow pond water. Uses a mag drive motor with the durability of a piston system. It can be quickly rebuilt to ensure many years of operationa six-foot-long power cord.

Models TPS200 and TPS400 are available. Retail prices range from $195.99 to $250.99.

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Tips On Installation And Maintenance

A lot of water features come pre-assembled for the most part, with just a little hose/pump connecting to do before plugging it in to a solar panel or mains socket. Some of our bigger ones require wiring in a plug , but otherwise all instructions will be included.

If you’ve got any questions, why not check out our Installation Guide for tips on installation location, power and even style tips!

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Pondmaster Air Pumpsview Product Page

300 Watt DIY Build Solar Pond Aerator for 1/4 to 1/2 Acre Ponds

Pondmaster AP-Series pond air pumps can be used in a wide range of applications. Energy-efficient design that operates off 110 volt electricity using a 6 power cord. The motor uses no oil for a steady and high flow of air. Can be used in driving fish protein skimmers. Models available AP-20, AP-40, AP-60, AP-100. Outdoor application require a protective enclosure. Replacement diaphragms, manifolds, and diffusers available. *Currently our best selling pond air pump.

Works on pond sizes 1000 5000 gallons. Retail prices range from $104.99 to $189.99.

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Reliable Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Like we stated above, we created these aeration systems ourselves! That’s why we’re able to sell them at such a reasonable price. We use incredibly durable and reliable materials in these kits, and the warranties that we offer are at or exceed industry standards. We’ve got the best prices, the best materials, and the best warranties.

Atlantic Deep Water Rocking Piston Compressors

If you need an excellent deep water air compressor for pond aeration, the Atlantic rocking piston compressors are a great choice. Providing constant high-pressure output up to 45 deep! Built with hard-coated cylinders, dual aluminum pistons, rubber-mounted feet, and replaceable piston seals. Comes with a two-year warranty.

Models TPD100, TPD200, TPD300 and TPD400 available. Retail prices range from $322.42 to $644.99.

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Better Quality Of Water

When you have muck on the bottom of the pond, some of the muck debris will find its way to your water column too. This will result in your pond appearing foggy and dirty on the surface. By increasing water flow and oxygen levels, you can help stop the nutrients from building up and your pond water will be clearer and the quality will certainly improve.

Proper aeration will even help keep pond weeds and algae under control because there wont be enough nutrients for them to consume.

Easypro Mini Air Compressorview Product Page

PK Green 1.5W Solar Powered Oxygenator Pond Aerator / Oxygen Air Pump ...

EasyPro mini pond air compressors feature continuous-duty motors with an adjustable air control. Quad, double, or single air outputs available in 3/16 sized aquarium tubing. Can be used outdoors, but needs proper enclosure. Repair kits are available.

Models MC6, MC8, and MC10 available. Retail prices range from $59.16 to $80.99.

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