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How Is Solo Stove Smokeless

Bonfire Fire Pit Overview

Solo Stove Yukon Review | Is It Really Smokeless and Worth It???

The Solo Stove fire pits come in three sizes: The Ranger , the Bonfire , and the Yukon . For our review, we tested the Bonfire, which is the most popular size.The Bonfire measures in at 14 inches tall and 19.5 inches across. The Bonfire fits 16 logs.

Speaking of its size, we found the Bonfire to produce a large enough flame to keep everyone around warm and comfortable, and compares roughly in size to the fire pits at B.C. Parks campsites.

Weighing in at 20 lbs, its a little heavy to carry a long distance. But it was still light enough that we found it lived up to Solo Stoves promise of being portable and versatile. We tested the Bonfire in Tofino and had to carry the pit down to the beach. The Bonfire comes in a protective carrying case that made it hassle-free for 1 adult to carry.

Upon unpacking the Bonfire, the build quality is immediately apparent. It has an attractive design. In its unused state, the steel shines brightly. The Solo Stove is built with 304 Stainless Steel and it just looks cool.

But what about what matters most, the flame?

We found that the Solo Stove quickly produces a nice, strong flame. We found the smoke was minimal .

Solo Stove boasts that its signature 360° Airflow Design creates a super efficient burn thats not only mesmerizing to watch but a joy to sit around and make memories. On this point, we have to agree. The flame was captivating, and the flame produced by any propane fire pit simply doesnt compare.

Solo Stove Reviews: Ranger Vs Bonfire Vs Yukon Fire Pit

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With more people than ever spending time camping, or just enjoying more experiences in the great outdoors, its no wonder that the Solo Stove has become such a hot item this year .

I first heard about the Solo Stove while sitting around a campfire in Northwest Montana this summer. My parents were telling me about this amazing smokeless fire pit their friends had recently purchased for their home. In fact, they liked their first one so much, they decided to buy a second fire pit that they could take on camping trips.

Once back in civilization, I did a quick Google search for smokeless fire pits, and quickly surmised that the Solo Stove was what my parents had been telling me about.

It wasnt long before I decided to purchase one of my own. My home is situated just outside the city limits, making it the perfect spot for putting the Solo Stove fire pit to good use.

In this Solo Stove review, Ill tell you what I like about these smokeless fire pits, the different sizes and options youll be able to choose from, and whether or not theyre worth buying.

Lets start with why I think the Solo Stove is a great investment.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Smell

Youll be able to smell the fire but to a much lesser degree than you would a regular fire smell. You wont wrinkle your nose the next day when you smell your clothes because there shouldnt be enough smoke to make you smell like a campfire.

Any smoke produced will be re-burned in the wall of the fire pit. This re-burning means there will be fewer smoke particles to stick to your hair and clothes. Some people wont smell anything, while people with sensitive noses might pick up a very light but not unpleasant scent.

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Cooking Over A Solo Stove

I really havent seen any issue cooking hot dogs or smores over this thing at all. Having said that, I wouldnt recommend using it to grill hamburgers or brats. Anything thats going to drip a lot of grease inside the unit should generally be avoided. I didnt try it, but I can just imagine if you had a grease fire inside of this thing it wouldnt be pretty!

I understand that Solo Stove has now made a compatible griddle system. I havent tried it so cannot comment how well it works.

Which Is Better Breeo Vs Solo Stove


Both of these are very impressive smokeless fire pits. But there is a clear victor, especially if you put into consideration, some use cases.

Generally, Breeo does tend to cost more, but considering it is the original, like the Coca-Cola, then people might lean towards it more. And quite frankly, if youre looking for the most luxury-looking and premium fire pit, this is it.

However, if thats not you, then Solo Stove might be enough for you. Since it costs less, it wont put as big of a dent on your wallet, but youll still get a pretty good fire pit, which is highly efficient.

There is a big BUT though. Cooking on the Solo Stove is not as easy as Breeo. Thats the whole deal with Breeo, you can get a great looking fire pit, which can also act as a cooker. With all the cooking accessories available with Breeo, it is the better option from the two.

But if thats not the case and youre looking for a portable pit, which on the best of days will only be used for some marshmallows, it does make sense to get Solo Stove instead.

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Simple Setup And Quick Cleanup

Building a fire with a Solo Stove is easy, and the fire will catch in about 5 minutes no lighter fluid or kindling needed. Solo Stoves are toasty-warm and project a lot of heat. Plus, they provide a distinctive form of ambiance, are portable, and are very easy to maintain.

Theyre also an excellent investment for folks who believe in the leave no trace mentality, since it leaves minimal ash behind after a fire.

Choose From Several Shapes And Sizes

Solo Stove makes and sells three different sizes of fire pits. The 27-inch Yukon holds logs up to 22 inches long and offers plenty of room for a family of five to encircle, but its a lot less portable than the 19.5-inch Solo Stove Bonfire, considering it weighs a hefty 42 pounds. Thats twice as much as the Bonfire. Theres an even smaller Ranger firepit that has a diameter of just 15 inches, but we only recommend that model for campers. Both the Ranger and Bonfire come with a nylon carrying case, while the Yukon includes a stand.

Be sure to check out Solo Stove’s numerous bundles, too, which come with skewers, covers, and more to make the most of your new firepit.

Its worth mentioning that the Solo Stove should not be left out uncovered, which may be a potential downside to some buyers who dont want to pony up extra cash for a cover or for folks who dont have a garage to store the pit when its not in use. Unfortunately, moisture can damage the grate and ashpan inside your fire pit, which you definitely wouldnt want to do, considering a Solo Stove costs $250-plus depending on what size you get.

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The Stand Protects The Ground Below The Fire Pit

If youre planning to use the Bonfire on grass, stained concrete, or on a deck, we recommend picking up the bundle that comes with the stand. The stand elevates the fire pit above the ground so it wont scorch the earth beneath it.

We love that the stand doesnt affect the units portability, either. Simply place the stand where you want it and set the Bonfire on top. When the fire pit is cool, the stand stores conveniently inside the unit.

What’s The Best Type Of Wood To Burn

Top 5 Tips to GUARANTEE a Smoke Free Fire

We have found that hard woods like maple, oak, birch, and most fruit trees are the best for feeding our Yukon. It’s a big fire pit and can go through a lot of firewood in one night. But it will easily consume twice as many splits of a softer variety of wood.

It’s also important to only use well seasoned, dry wood. We got a rick and a half of cherry wood last summer that has been seasoning on our Woodhaven wood rack all through the winter. I love that it has a short cover that keeps the top rows of wood nice and dry and ready for our next bonfire.

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Best Smokeless Fire Pits

How does a smokeless fire pit work?

Burn dry well-seasoned wood and it will put off a lot less smoke, no matter what type of fire pit youre using.

Whether youre looking for an attractive addition to our backyard or something you can take on a trip without getting steeped in wood smoke, there are smokeless fire pit models and makes available to meet your needs.

The Blue Rooster Chimineas are another type of smokeless fire pit just burn clean dry wood and shell burn smokeless plus they are a great design!

Its Doable But Not Advised

Though its not the most efficient process, you could theoretically cook over it by getting a grill grate. However, you should still err on the side of caution since its not the intention of the design. Additionally, though the design lends itself to being easy to clean, that premise applies to the ash left when the bonfire is done.

Some foods can present a challenge to clean if they were to fall in, and you dont want to have to deal with that. Even if you do get a grill grate, use a pot or a pan just to be safe.

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Is The Solo Stove Worth It

The price tag on the smokeless Solo Stove is pretty high. You can expect to pay as low as $200 for the Ranger and upwards of $450 for the Yukon, with the Bonfire being in-between.

We found this product more than worth the price during our Solo Stove Review. The quality of the material and the ease of use make this an essential backyard fire pit.

The look and design of the smokeless Solo Stove add sophistication and know-how to your backyard by demonstrating how much you care about a rustic experience. We have Solo Stove Reviewers that are from rural areas and are outdoor enthusiasts that swear by the durability of this product.

If you are looking for a complete campfire experience without all the hassle and smoke, we definitely suggest picking up the Solo Stove.

What I Love About My Solo Stove

Solo Stove YUKON Smokeless Fire Pit + Stand

Honestly, whats not to love about the Solo Stove? If youve been looking for a smokeless fire pit, Solo is as good as it gets. I was a little skeptical when I first ordered mine was it really possible to start a nice, warm fire, without being deluged in smoke?

It turns out, its more than possible, and the Solo Stove is your ticket to making this happen.

Solo Stove burns hot and clean, and the best part is, theres almost no smoke. This makes it an ideal fire pit to gather around with family and friends, for any and all occasionsand you and your guests can call it a night after making memories around the fire pit, without being overwhelmed by the smell of campfire when you hop in bed.

In addition to being a great fire pit for your home, the Solo Stove is also a great piece of gear to bring along on your outdoor adventures. Its much easier to get a fire started in a Solo Stove when compared to a good old fashioned fire ring, and it creates much less smoke too, which is another win-win.

The Solo Stove comes in several different sizing options, so you may want to buy the Yukon for your home, and then opt for one of their smaller stoves to bring along camping, although the Yukon can work great in that setting as well, if you have room to haul it.

Learn more and see all Solo stove models and sizes below:

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What Is The Best Smokeless Fire Pit

If you are spending your time relaxing around a fire pit, it is hard to go wrong, but Breeo and Solo Stove stand tall above any other alternatives. While Breeo offers the option to custom-build the perfect fire pit for your outdoor space, Solo Stove fire pits are lighter and more portable. Still, Breeo makes our favorite fire pits.

Not only are Breeo fire pits American-made, but if you choose a model with a sear plate and purchase the Outpost cooking accessory, there is no better experience for authentic, open-fire cooking. Its a truly innovative design that generates a larger flame and minimal smoke.

While Solo Stove products are very popular, we just prefer the style and options available with Breeo. For instance, the Breeo Outpost adds incredible versatility. Of course, if you are hitting the hiking trails or looking for a highly portable camp stove, then Solo Stove is the perfect option.

The Breeo Double Flame was the first mover in this arena, but since it is not around anymore, we are certain you will enjoy one of our other recommended units. If it is the 304 stainless steel look you are after, look no further than Solo Stoves space-age-like design. And, of course, Breeos X Series is now available to be customized in either 304 stainless steel or Corten steel.

We love our

Solo Stove Reviews: What Do Customers Think

This Solo Stove review intends to reveal what customers honestly think of the brand. However, this Solo Stove review found it difficult to find substantial collective reviews regarding the brand.

For this reason, this Solo Stove review will use customer reviews for individual products from varying sources to weigh of the brand is worth buying.

Bonfire came out on top as the most highly-recommended product from Solo Stove with customer reviews giving Bonfire 5/5 stars out of 4500+ reviews.

In comparison, on sites such as Amazon customers rank Bonfire4.7/5-stars out of nearly 1000 reviews. Overall, customers report being satisfied with the pits:

  • Thoughtful design
  • Lack of smoke

One glowing review from Amazon regarding this Solo Stove firepit complimented the versatility and portability:

The Solo Stove Bonfire is the perfect outdoor fireplace. We have a small yard, we can place it on a dirt patch at the far end, and were suddenly camping! This little guy only weighs 20 pounds, so we can also move it over to the tiled patio.

Another positive review from the brands site applauded the Solo Stove smokeless fire pit feature:

Our Bonfire fire pit has made gathering safely with friends outdoors possible this winter, even in Minnesota! Not only does it crank out huge amounts of heat, but theres not all the smoke and sparks like normal fire pits that prevent you from cozying right up to them.

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Does It Put Out Similar Amounts Of Heat Compared To A Traditional Campfire

Yes! If you compare it to the normal wood-burning fire pits or fire rings at a campground the warmth is similar if not better. I actually had to give it a little more space than Im used to because its so hot!

Some people install deflectors on top for increased heat around the area you can DIY it or check out something like this on Amazon.

How To Extinguish Your Solo Stove Fire Pit

Solo Stove BONFIRE – America’s Favorite Smokeless Fire Pit

Do not use water to put out the fire. Water can collect at the bottom of the ashpan clumping the ash and making it difficult to clean out later.

The best way to do it is this:#1. Let the fire die down naturally this will take about ten minutes.#2. Place the shield on top of the fire to keep the sparks inside, leave for about an hour.#3. Remove the shield, .#4. Place the lid on the fire pit and thats it. .

Watch this video to see it in practice

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Will It Use Way More Wood Since It Burns So Hot

No! It would seem like it would burn more wood but the Solo Stove Bonfire actually just burns much more of the wood than a traditional wood-burning fire pit. You wont be left with a bunch of half-burnt logs once the fire goes out. The Solo Stove seems to actually use less wood than normal, and I think thats because it really completely burns up each log.

Its actually really nice to bring camping because its so easy to start. And if youre in a spot where youre allowed to forage wood/cut trees it can burn stuff that is normally too wet since it gets so hot!

The Solo Stove Bonfire burns so hot that we were able to just find some downed trees, cut them to size and burn even though it had just rained and most of it was damp!

How To Ensure A Smokeless Fire

The Solo Stove is perfectly designed to burn without emitting smoke. However, using the wrong materials such as damp wood will produce smoke. Using dried hardwood is the best way to get the desired results.

Compared to softwood, hardwood ensures the fire burns longer without the need to maintain the fire regularly. Poplar, cherry, maple, hickory, oak, elm, ash, and apple are some of the most suitable options to use.

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Is The Yukon Solo Stove Portable

The Solo Stove website talks about the smaller units being more portable, and the Yukon being more of a stationary fire pit. I guess I would agree with this for the most part, however I have found the Yukon to be pretty portable.

It comes in a carrying bag that, once the fire is out and the Solo Stove has cooled down you put it in the bag. It has some carrying handles, and you really dont have to clean it out that much. I find it pretty easy to put in the back of a car and honestly I dont think its all that heavy.

The Yukon has a diameter of 27 in and weighs 38 lbs. So if this amount of weight seems excessive for you then probably its not considered portable. I wouldnt have a problem bringing this along on a camping trip, as long as I had the room.

For reference, the Solo Stove Bonfire weighs 20 lbs, and the Solo Stove Ranger weighs 15 lbs.

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