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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Oklahoma

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Install Solar Panels?

The average cost range for solar panel installation is between $9,240$28,000. How much you pay will depend on a wide variety of different factors.

The most impactful variable in solar installation costs is the area that your home resides in. This factor can negatively or positively impact your installation costs more than any other.

The following table highlights low-end solar panel installation costs versus high-end costs.

How Long Do Solar Panels Take To Pay Themselves Off

On average, a solar panel system takes between 7 and 13 years to pay off. This depends on sunlight exposure and the national average electricity rate or even the electricity rate with your utility company. To calculate how much do solar panels take to pay off in your case, divide the price of going solar by annual savings.

Oklahoma Solar System Installation Costs

Its not a secret installing solar panels can get expensive. However, it is undoubtedly an investment that pays off fairly quickly. The total price depends on several factors, so lets see what some of them are.

The price largely depends on the size of the system you need. The cost per wat is lower the larger the system size is. However, larger system sizes consist of a number of smaller panels, so the systems total cost is higher. The system size you should choose depends on the size of your unit and on how much energy you are planning to have produced.

2.51$ 18,000 19,000 $

Depending on the size of the unit you want to put solar panels on, the price can vary a lot. To calculate how many solar panels you need for your roof, keep in mind that one solar panel is typically 1.6x1m big. According to that, you will know how many you would need to cover your whole unit.

The price depends on the quality of the solar panels used. You may find ridiculously cheap solar panels, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Dont hesitate to invest in more expensive equipment as it is supposed to serve you for at least a few decades.

Another thing that can affect the price is the type of solar panel you choose. There are three main types monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels. Monocrystalline panels are the most expensive, while polycrystalline is the cheapest option.

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Why Solar Panel Cost Should Not Be Your Only Consideration When Buying Solar Panels For Your Home

The most important difference between buying solar panels and any other purchase is that solar panels last 25-30 years. This is a long, long time and you will need customer service over all that time. The reviews below of the two largest corporate solar installation companies indicate larger corporate solar companies are not delivering this support to their customers.

We recommend you find a small or mid-size, local, family-owned solar company. These companies tend to care more about you and your specific job. You don’t want to be on hold to a corporation’s call center for the next 25 years!

People also ask:

Solar Panel Installation Cost In Ok By System Size In 2021

How Much Does Solar Cost

The size of a solar panel system also plays a role in how much the installation will cost.

Larger solar installations will typically have a lower cost per watt, because the panels can be purchased at a bulk price. However, these larger solar systems will still have a higher total cost, because they are made up of more individual panels.

Table 2: Average cost of residential solar systems by system size
System size*

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The Future Of Energy Is Solar In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is behind most other states when it comes to solar energy generation. In 2021, the state ranked 45th in the nation for solar energy generation, with 0.14% of Oklahomas electricity coming from solar power. Still, this amount of energy is enough to power around 10,000 homes.

So what does this mean for the future of solar energy in Oklahoma? Basically, the only way to go is up. And despite Oklahomas slow adoption of solar power, it has made progress. While there are few solar companies in Oklahoma, the past several years have seen investments in residential, commercial, community, and utility solar installations. So while solar isnt yet a critical part of the states economy, we predict solar in Oklahoma will be on the rise over the next decade.

The Demand And Supply Of Solar Sites In An Area

Its no brainer that the forces of demand and supply have a significant effect on the price of any item. This is no different in the case of solar farm lease rates. If the need for ideal sites is higher than its supply, the price of a lease will rise.

The availability of suitable land for solar plant installation may be affected by various factors, including natural land constraints. For example, if we consider a place like Florida, the area is full of wetlands.

Also, the insurance rates are incredibly high, especially near the coastlines. On the other hand, a place like Virginia has a mountainous western part, while the eastern side is urbanized.

All these limits the amount of available land that can fit large solar farms. Also, areas where solar installations started long ago, can experience a shortage of land.

Thats because the best land may already have been taken. When the supply is less than the demand, the solar farm lease rate will, in most cases be high.

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Price Of Solar Panels Per Square Foot

The average solar panel costs about 15 watts per square foot. Most solar panel installers measure the cost by watt instead of square foot. This means that the amount of electricity a solar system generates is what determines how much it will cost. The average home solar system is 5-kW, which equals 5,000 watts. Most solar systems end up costing between $3 $5 per watt.

Solar Panels For Home Cost Depending On Panel Type

How much does solar REALLY cost? Does it have to be expensive in the real world?

When performing your solar panel system calculations, it is important to understand that different panel varieties carry different price tags.

Here is what you can expect to pay for the three most popular varieties of solar panel currently available. Please note that these cost estimates do not include installation costs.

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Is There Net Metering In Oklahoma


An Okie version of this neat little trick for turning your home into a mini-power plant has been around here for a long time. Three decades actually, as the law was passed in 1988. Back when the legislature was still forward looking on clean energy.

With Net Metering, its like you have 2 meters for your household.

One to track the electricity you buy from the utility. And another to track the electricity you sell back to the same power company.

That second meter spins backwards when the amount of electricity you generate exceeds the electric you use.

That can happen a lot in Oklahomas sunshine-filled days of summer.

And yep, you heard us right. A meter that spins backwards and earns you money.

The bad news is that you arent allowed to automatically roll over any of those credits on your monthly bill. So, if some months you make more than you use, the utility can get that extra electricity from you for free.

The Net Metering law does let you ask the utility for some payment for your excess solar power. But theyre under no obligation to say yes.

Most, predictably, say no.

How Large Of A Solar Panel System Do I Need In Oklahoma City

This will largely depend on your current energy usage and what you are currently paying for your home or business energy usage. Just look at your bill from your utility company to see your average monthly energy usage and this will help you understand the system size of the solar energy system that you need.

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Things To Know When Installing Solar Panels In Oklahoma

Oklahoma has 231 sunny days per year on average, making it a great place to take advantage of solar panels. Skies are either clear or partly sunny almost 70% of the time during a year. Solar panels are most efficient when the weather is cold and sunny, so if you live in Oklahoma and are thinking about installing solar panels, dont hesitate for much longer.

Another thing to consider is peak hours in Oklahoma. Peak hours are the period of the day when sunlight is strong enough to allow every square meter of solar panels to produce 1000 watts. Oklahoma has 4.98 to 6.26 peak hours every day throughout the year, making solar panels very efficient.

For the maximum effectiveness of solar panels, they should be positioned and angled properly. If you live in Oklahoma, your solar panels should be facing south. The angle degree differs based on whether you want fixed solar panels or if you want to change their position twice or four times a year.

If your solar panels are fixed, they should be at around 30 degrees. If you plan to change your solar panels angle twice a year, they should be at about 11 degrees in summer and fifty degrees in winter. Lastly, if you decide on changing them as the seasons change, they should be at around 32 degrees in spring, 8 degrees in summer, 56 in winter, and then again 32 degrees in autumn.

Why Solar Panels Need To Be South Facing

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In 2021?

Solar panels rely on sun access in order to provide energy. They must face south because this places them directly in line with the sun, meaning that their photon ray uptake capacity is then optimized.

This in turn will optimize your potential savings capacity. If they do not face south, they are quite literally going to be virtually useless.

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What Are The Advantages Of Going Solar In Oklahoma

It makes sense to invest in solar systems in Oklahoma because of how much sunshine the region gets. However, the shift to solar will also help to improve the environment.

Though the state has a long-standing reputation for its oil production, fossil fuels contribute to pollution and emit high levels of greenhouse gases. Solar panels produce no pollution and generate years of clean, renewable energy.

Aside from environmental benefits, solar energy in Oklahoma delivers significant financial advantages. The state’s current electric rates sit at 37th place in the nation, making them relatively low.* Despite the lower electric rates and high up-front installation costs, solar systems will immediately result in utility bill savings for solar panel owners.

With solar panel costs declining over the last few years, solar systems are more accessible, and most come with a 20- or 25-year warranty. For a 5 kW solar system, long-term savings can exceed $16,000, with tax credits and reduced utility expenses.*

Adding solar panels will also increase your home’s value by an average of 4.1%, according to a 2019 nationwide Zillow study.*

  • *., Oklahoma – Energy Tax Credit, Solar Rebates and Incentives
  • *. SolarNation. Solar Power in Oklahoma .
  • *. Zillow. Homes With Solar Panels Sell for 4.1% More .

Ppa Option On Oklahoma

This is the other approach for going solar with no upfront cost. PPAs are similar to leases, but rather than paying a fee to lease the panels from a third-party, youre only paying for the power that they produce.

Except that, again,Oklahomas law stops you from using the services of a third-party energy supplier. Its power the utilitys way, or no power at all.

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Solar Power Prices Savings And Payback In Your Part Of Oklahoma

The average cost for an installed residential solar system in Oklahoma is currently$11,637 after claiming the 26%federal solar tax credit. This is $2.62 per watt.However, there is some variance in solar prices in different parts of the state.The graph below shows the average cost of installed solar systems in your part of the state.

Showing data for:

Cash flow graph based on cash purchase of a 5.5kWsystem

Buying Vs Leasing Solar Panels In Oklahoma

How much do solar panels cost? Home solar Q& A

There are many options when it comes time to purchase our solar panels. You can finance, lease, or pay the entire cost upfront. The right choice will depend on your financial situation and the costs of your system and other factors. Our solar calculator will help you weigh your options. You can find more information on leasing vs buying solar panels here.

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What You Can Learn From Our State Solar Panel Calculator

This solar calculator requires you to input your address, utility company, your average monthly power spend – it tells you:

If you want to see all of the above but also see live pricing, the three best solar deals available in your city andget binding quotes from each of these solar companies then use this Oklahoma solar panels calculator.This calculator requires you to also input your name and contact details because most of our 200+ installerpartners will only authorize the sharing of their live solar pricing where we have validated that you are a realhomeowner with a home in their service area. We respect the privacy of your data and only share your contact detailswith the solar companies you ask us to get binding quotes from.

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take

An experienced solar panel installation company can typically complete an installation of a home solar energy system in a few days. It is important that when you are installing your solar panels that it is done on a roof that is in good condition.

Installing your solar panels on an old roof may result in unnecessary expenses for repair and replacement. It’s worth having a roofing specialist take a look before investing in your solar power system.

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Important Solar Installation Factors To Consider

Beyond the costs and purchasing options, consider these other factors when weighing up a solar investment. Here are some factors that impact the overall effectiveness of solar panels in Oklahoma:

  • The state of your roof:Solar panels can work in all climates, but theyre best suited for specific conditions. To get the maximum value from your system, your roof should be in good condition and not in need of repair, have a south-facing slope between 15-40 degrees, and not be covered by trees, according to the Homeowners Guide to Going Solar.
  • How much sunshine you receive:Solar panels work best when theyre receiving plenty of sun. Thats part of the reason why sunny states like Texas have been highly successful with their solar projects. Ensure that trees or other buildings dont cover your panels.
  • Any HOA or neighborhood rules:You may need approval from your HOA or neighborhood association before making modifications to your property. Check if any of these rules apply to you before making a solar investment.

Oklahoma State Energy Rebates

Solar Company in Oklahoma City, OK

Solar power rebates are incentives federal or state governments offer to reduce the cost of going solar. Oklahoma does not offer state rebates. You can get a lump sum payment or your installer will take the amount off the final installed price. Rebates require paperwork to be filed. Many times installers will handle the paperwork. Talk with an expert solar installer to see how to qualify. And don’t forget, the Federal rebate for installed solar systems is 30%.

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How Large Of A Solar Panel System Do I Need In Oklahoma

This will largely depend on your current energy usage and what you are currently paying for your home or business energy usage. Just look at your bill from your utility company to see your average monthly energy usage and this will help you understand the system size of the solar energy system that you need.

A Solar Monitoring System: $150$1000+

Realistically, though solar monitoring is optional, it probably should not be. Through the use of a solar monitoring system, you will be able to get live feedback on your systems performance and efficiency.

This will allow you to detect and resolve any hardware issues promptly. Generally, it is going to let you squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of your panels, meaning that you will save more money over time.

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Small Solar Installation In Oklahoma

Whether youre buying or using a HELOC loan, a small installation may provide a more attainable option to acquire solar energy. A small installation is a 2-kilowatt system as opposed to the standard 5-kilowatts, and the pricing scales accordinglyyou get 40% of the power at 40% of the cost. For a $9,000 system, the 30% Federal tax credit takes away $2,700 in the first year, bringing that original investment down to a reasonable $6,300.

For an outright purchase, the system would pay for itself in 15 years and this would leave another 10 years of returns at about $300 per, which nets you a few thousand dollars with minimal investment. For a loan, the interest will make that a bit lessby about 5%, assuming the normal ratebut like the larger installation it carries no upfront cost, and thus, less risk.

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