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Solar Lights On Fence Posts

Solar Fence Lights Pros And Cons

Installing Solar Lights On Your Fence – Tips ! LED Out door Lights !


  • Aesthetic Appeal. Solar fence lights arent just great for lighting purposes, they can also help to spruce up the overall aesthetics of your home.
  • Cost-effective. Since its running on clean renewable energy, these lights are energy-efficient, and wont end up hiking up your electricity bill.
  • Eco-friendly. Since the lights use clean energy, youre reducing your carbon footprint which is great for the environment.
  • Minimal Maintenance. These lights are meant to be exposed to the elements, so you wont need to do much maintenance.
  • Increased Visibility. Despite being solar-powered, these lights can still provide great illumination for your home. Itll also discourage thieves and trespassers.
  • Easy Installation. The solar lights are easy to install. Purchases come with the tools and equipment needed to install the lights.


  • Cloudy Weather. Since these lights are reliant on the sun, they may not emit as much brightness on cloudy days.
  • Replacement Parts. While solar fence lights are long-lasting, you would need to replace the batteries of the lights at some point.
  • Expensive. Their upfront costs are higher, but worth it in the long run.

Melunar Solar Deck Lights

As we are listing the popular brand names of solar lights, we must inform you about Melunar. It also offers a distinctively designed light for decorative purposes.

Our 3rd pick for the best solar fence lights is the Melunar Solar Deck Lights. This is a pack of 6 solar lights that are provided for mostly decorative purposes. But, the illumination level of each of these lights is 10 lumens which are pretty good. As for the lighting options, you will find 2 modes. One being the standard warm white color, whereas the 2nd mode offers an automatic sequence of 7 colors which is pleasing to the sight. The overall design is also pretty unique from what you will generally see on solar fence lights.

The Solar Deck Lights are powered by a comparatively larger solar panel that manages to charge the lights within just 4 to 5 hours on a sunny day. Once fully charged, the light will operate for over 8 hours continuously without any problem. Also, the light automatically turns off as soon as it detects natural light for power saving. Each of these units has an IP55 resistance rating and is safe from snow or rain. Even though it has an angled design, you can choose between vertical or flat installation positions.

Best Features

Performance And Recharge Time

The overall performance of a solar fence light can be divided into 2 parts which are the standby period and the time needed to completely recharge the battery. As we mentioned before, large-capacity batteries are obviously better for better reliability. But you should also consider the fact that large batteries take a longer time to charge which affects the performance drastically. If there is a lack of sunlight on a cloudy day, the installed solar panels wont be able to charge the batteries completely which further reduces the run time at night.

The run time is not identical on each day because of the changes in the atmosphere, especially sunlight and its availability. An approximate run time is provided with each solar fence light and you should choose the one that at least offers you 7 to 8 hours of backup which is efficient from evening to dawn. Also, you should pay attention to the required charging time of the solar panel and make sure that enough sunlight is available in your region to charge the batteries on a daily basis.

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Tonyest Solar Deck Lights

In the last section of our picks, we will feature a few great choices that offer multi-color illumination on your fence. Out of which, TonyEst is definitely a great pick.

Up until now, you have seen a lot of solar fence lights that are great for decorations and even offer multiple color options. But, the TonyEst Solar Deck Light Set is slightly different than most other options as it is completely covered from all sides with reflective housing. This enables perfect diffusion of the light from all sides which creates an even and soft light formation on the wall which is very pleasing to look at. As each light has 2 LEDs as a light source, you will be getting an even output from all sides. Still, it is quite bright in comparison with other lights as it offers 50 lumens output.

Such high output levels are achieved by installing a 1300 mAh battery on each light that provides up to 10 hours of backup. There 2 illumination modes for you to choose from that are standard warm amber color or RGB color cycle for a very interesting effect. As the lights are safe from outside factors due to the design, the TonyEst Solar Deck Lights were capable of receiving IP65 grade for water resistance. Along with all these features, it also has 12 months warranty period that is certainly delightful for the price.

Best Features

Brightest Solar Fence Lights

Solar Fence Post Light

Youd be hard-pressed to find a brighter solar fence light than the Zookki Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights. Each of the 28 LEDsproduces 400 lumens of light, with a wide illumination range and motion detection. Sensors pick up movement from 26 feet away. Perfect on fence posts, they can also be mounted on walls, over patio doors and on the garage.

Writes one , These are great for a fence perimeter. We use these in our decent sized suburban backyard, and they are great! We live in and we occasionally get coyotes, but these allow us to see what is back there. Nice and bright.

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Check Solar Fence Post Lights For Water

Solar lights can bring security and ambiance to entrances and other outdoor areas without cables or cabling. They must charge during regular daylight hours and have a long enough battery life to function properly.

In addition to battery life and charge time, we considered brightness, expressed in lumens, to provide various options. You may need one powerful light or a group of lights with just enough illumination to offer some safety while still enabling stargazing.

These lights must endure because they are placed outside in the rain, snow, and sun. When choosing, check measurements since most cap lights are made to fit over the top of a fence or deck post.

They Can Be Installed Easily:

Unlike other traditional lights, our products are wireless, allowing users to install them easily with a few steps. You just need to locate a suitable place and adhere them to your fence without electric wives or electrical outlets needed. By carefully following the manual, users can install them within a short time.

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Added Sense Of Perimeter Security:

In spite of the main function of the solar fence light is to create a welcoming environment for visitors, they can also add more light to your outdoor although they might not add as much light as other standard security lights. They can protect your home from thieves who are afraid to act in bright areas. This feature allows users to make use of all potential of our solar-powered fence lights.

I hope this post will help you to choose the best solar-powered fence lights. If you want to explore more information, you can visit our website. Thank you for reading!

How Do You Install Solar Lights On A Fence

Solar Fence Post Lights

To install solar fence lights, attach metal mounting hooks or cup hooks onto the wooden posts. These hooks will hold your string lights, so you want to be sure that you secure them. Screw the mounting hooks or cup hooks into the wooden posts at one end. Install the posts onto your fence to support your lights.

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Davinci Solar Post Lights

  • Easy to use and install
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Weatherproof
  • Charging efficiency depends on the weather condition

Outdoor solar fence lights or lampposts are very convenient sources of light during the night. Avoid any undesirable little accidents and brighten up your path with these Davinci Solar Post Lights. Its matte texture is also making it perfect for decoration.

The Davinci Solar Post Lights are conveniently versatile. Its installation is really flexible, enabling you to mount it over any 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 inch wooden or even PVC posts. You can put it on posts or install it securely on flat surfaces such as tables, floors, or decks.

These solar post lights have two wide-angle LEDs, which produces a brightness of 15 lumens. These lights can surely cover more area and provide you with a warm white light that is more pleasing to the eyes compared to those super bright white lights. Moreover, these LEDs are long lasting with burn hours of up to 100,000.

The Davinci post lights are solar-powered, equipped with an advanced monocrystalline solar panel that is proven to absorb more energy from the sun. It automatically charges itself during the day and turns on by itself when nights come. The lights have a built-in photo sensor which will surely save you the hassle of turning it on and off every single day.

The 300-mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery of the Davinci Solar Post Lights can last up to 8 hours during the night, lighting your outdoors the whole time.

Solar Fence Light Considerations

Fence lighting can dramatically transform the look of your yard by creating a parameter of warmth and inviting ambience. Solar fence lights are a practical choice because you dont have to worry about cords or hardwired connections that take a beating outside.

Using power from the sun, solar fence light batteries charge during the day and illuminate your fence at night.

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Baxia Technology Solar Lights

  • Motion sensor technology
  • Perfect to use for security purposes
  • May not be bright enough for large areas and spaces

BAXIAs backyard fence lighting solar lights are made of high-quality ABS material that can withstand most conditions and situations such as rain, snow, sleet, winds, hail and the like. Its casing is rated IP65 which means it is water and heat-resistant. With these high-grade materials, BAXIAs solar lights are definitely durable and long lasting.

The BAXIA solar lights come with a polysilicon solar panel that quickly absorbs sunlight. The solar power is then converted into electricity and stored in a rechargeable battery. Charging usually takes about 8 hours. As long as you turn the product on with the provided key pin, it will automatically charge on its own.

BAXIAs solar lights come in four packs with 28 LEDs. The total light assembly has a brightness of 400 lumens which provides ample light for illumination. The LEDs are also equipped with their own shades to protect the lights from all kinds of weather. BAXIAs solar lights also have no dim mode to increase its working time as well as its lifespan.

Moreover, the BAXIA solar lights boast a built-in motion sensor. With this, the lights automatically turn on when sensing movements up to 10 feet and an angle of 120 degrees.

It then automatically turns off when it detects no movement after 30 seconds. This smart technology enables the light to conserve its electricity and thus, work for longer hours.

Roshwey Deck Lights Outdoor


So far, we have provided some of the compact and low-powered solar fence lights that are perfect for general applications. But, the selection from ROSHWEY is one of the most powerful options that are suitable for even commercial applications.

The ROSHWEY Deck Lights is one of our most premium choices for the best solar fence lights. While it is being offered at almost double the price tag of other options, you will find it comparatively better than most choices. First of all, you will be getting a set of 10 lights in the package that allows you to cover a large area. On top of that, each light in the set is powered by 30 LEDs so that the overall brightness of each light is about 60 lumens. This much light is enough for complete illumination of the surrounding area with no blind spots.

Once you install the ROSHWEY Deck Lights in your backyard, you probably wont even need night vision on your surveillance cameras. As for the durability, you will find these lights more durable than other options as they are made up of stainless steel. As the size of these lights is also larger, ROSHWEY was able to install larger solar panels on the lights that have a conversion rate of about 21%. The same goes for the battery as the built-in battery on these lights has a 1600 mAh capacity. Hence, it can easily power the units from 8 to 10 hours.

Best Features

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Outdoor 9 Led Fence Light Waterproof Security Lamps

These lights have a UFO-like design and are perfect for installing around your fence. Each light comes with nine LED solar gutter lights and is fitted with large solar panels to make sure that youll have the brightness you need. The light also comes with four installation methods so you can pick the one that suits your needs best.Constructed with high-quality eco-friendly ABS material, these lights are both weather-resistant and long-lasting. Since theres no wiring required, installation is relatively straightforward, and youll also get a 30-day full refund policy with your purchase.


Solar Fence Post Lights 3 L

  • Buy 2 for£23.99 each and save 4%
  • Buy 4 for£23.49 each and save 6%
  • Solar Fence Post Lights 3 L – 4pk
  • Super Bright 3 Lumens of Light
  • Automatic On / Off at Dusk / Dawn
  • Designed For Garden Weatherproof & Robust
  • Fast Effective Garden Lightning
  • Solar Fence Post Lights 3 L – 4pk
  • Super Bright 3 Lumens of Light
  • Automatic On / Off at Dusk / Dawn
  • Designed For Garden Weatherproof & Robust
  • Fast Effective Garden Lightning

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The 11 Best Solar Fence Lights Reviews & Buying Guide

Solar energy is definitely the power source of the future as it is one of the cleanest forms of energy and is available for absolutely free. There is an increasing number of devices being unveiled every day that now operate over solar energy. Apart from premium devices like solar panels and solar-powered water heaters, you can also find various affordable and compact types of devices such as solar power banks, solar watches, and compact solar fence lights.

These fence lights are excellent choices for outdoor lighting systems as they are weatherproof and work on a standalone battery system which reduces the hassle of wiring and connections. Each light can be separately illuminated and can be used without any noticeable running cost for years. Here are some more interesting factors of the solar fence lights which you should definitely keep in mind.

  • Number of Lights: The solar fence lights are available in a pack that contains a certain number of lights. Depending upon the area of your fence, the number of lights required to illuminate the area can be calculated. Simply, go for the one that offers more lights so that you can have some extra lights in reserve if required.


Fusion Solar Fence Post Lights

LED Solar Deck Post Cap Lights at Lowes 4×4 or 6×6 Deck Posts Caps

Even a modest deck or yard may make warm weather much more pleasurable because you can relocate meals outside, enjoy your morning coffee outside, or invite family and friends over for a visit.

The enjoyment may last well into the night with a few inexpensive solar post cap lights. Since solar lights dont need a direct electrical connection or frequent battery replacements, illuminating a perimeter is simple with them.

Strong materials like plastic, aluminum, and glass create the greatest solar post cap lights, ensuring they will shine during inclement weather. As more lights are added to the deck or yard, the overall amount of light will grow. Keep in mind that this brightness rating only applies to a single light.


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Solar Fence Light Benefits

There are more than a few benefits of solar fence lights. The most obvious one is how solar lights are a renewable light source. With solar fence lights, you wont have to worry about them not working as they run on energy gathered from sunlight.

Whether you install solar lights in your home or office, youll take comfort in knowing that youll have plenty of light after the sun goes down. Another benefit is how solar fence lights are mobile. You dont need electrical cords as solar lights run on natural sunlight, so you can move and position them according to your needs.

Solar fence post lighting does not require an electric power source. Thanks to advanced solar panel technology, the lights convert sunlight into energy that is stored in batteries. Solar fence lights will reduce your power bill as they utilize clean energy.

Other solar fence light benefits include their low maintenance. You may need to change the batteries of your solar fence every five to seven years.

Solar powered fence lights are safe. Since they dont require external wiring, you wont have to worry about power trips or safety hazards. This is beneficial if you have young children and pets. Another benefit is how solar powered lights do not have overheating issues.

Also, if your backyard area needs extra light, then a high lumen solar spotlight would do the trick. You can also get solar lights for fence panels, if necessary.

Othway Solar Fence/post Lights

This solar fence post lighting system comes with a unique design and is perfect for illuminating the area surrounding your fence. During the day, the lights gather energy from the sun, which allows them to run at night. Solar fence lights are small, compact, and easy to install.

When mounting them, remove the cover and use the attached two screws to mount the light, replace the cover and youre good to go. Upon purchase, youll receive everything you need from four solar lights to a user manual and more.


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