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How To Polish Solid Surface Countertops

Do: Use A Mild Cleaner To Remove Dirt And Residue

How to Polish Solid Surface Countertops – Gloss Finish

Dirt and residue are common in any environment. To clean your solid surface countertops, use either mild dish soap and water or an ammonia-based cleaner. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface to avoid scratching the surface. You can also towel dry the surface to eliminate water spots.

Do: Maintain Best Practices

Solid surface countertops offer many benefits to workspaces, including their durability and easy maintenance. They also feature invisible seams, making them aesthetically pleasing. Its important to implement best practices when cleaning your solid surface countertops to maintain their attractive appearance. Best practices include:

  • Using mild cleaners and avoiding harsh chemicals
  • Following manufacturers guidelines for disinfection
  • Treating stains using cleaning agents that wont damage your countertop
  • Removing standing water right away
  • Avoiding actions like using sharp tools that can inflict damage

The manufacturer and distributor you use for your solid surface countertops should also provide you with any cleaning guidelines so that you can rest assured that you are protecting your investment.

How To Clean Stain On A Solid Surface Countertop

In order to make a solid surface countertop, they pour acrylic and crushed stone into a mold and they made this countertop. Due to this manufacturing process, this kind of countertops is also known as a synthetic stone. The best thing about synthetic stone or solid surface countertop is that you can find it in various colors that make it the most common choice for kitchen countertop among many homeowners in Singapore. This is definitely a good choice for all those people that want to have good looks and strengths in their kitchen countertop. Needless to say, these are some of the best benefits that you may get with the help of a solid surface countertop in your kitchen.

If you would follow the above steps carefully and properly, then chances are really high that you would get professional cleaning service like the result with ease. But in some cases, you might not get a good result even after following the steps in a precise manner. If you notice this kind of result, then it is not recommended to try other methods for the same. In that situation, you should try to hire a professional cleaning service to get rid of the stain. That professional firm will not only remove the stains, but it will help you get the shine on your countertop. Also, if you would have any kind of mistakes or other problems in it, then you would be able to get rid of those issues as well with the help of experts.

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How To Clean Solid Surface Countertops: Dos And Donts

Cleaning your solid surface countertops with the wrong cleaners and tools can cause a big Oops! moment. Considering that countertops are a significant investment, an oops moment can be a costly mistake to fix. Especially in laboratories and manufacturing spaces, workers may use harsh agents and abrasive tools to ensure an environment meets cleanliness requirements. If these cleaning agents damage your countertops, you may be faced with expensive repairs.

Disinfect The Corian Countertops

How to Sand and Polish Solid Surface Countertops

This may not be a practice that will maintain your countertop, but its an important habit that can protect you and your household. Occasionally wipe your Corian countertop with diluted household bleach to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Heres a short video demonstrating how quick and easy it can be to disinfect your Corian countertop:

All this cleaning tips you could also use to clean a Corian sink.

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Standard Cleaning For All Solid Surface Finishes And Colors

For daily care of your Corian® countertop, no matter what type of finish or color, it is best to wipe it down using soapy, warm water. Non-abrasive, ammonia-based cleaners or regular household countertop cleaners are also fine to use. Do not use window cleaners as they tend to leave a waxy residue that will dull the surface and also tend to show up more on darker colors.

Be sure to wipe up water or any other type of spill as soon as possible. Leaving any type of liquid to sit on the countertop until dry will create a build-up due to the remaining minerals or other substances from the water. Microfiber cloths are ideal for wiping up spills.

Cleaning Solid Surface Countertops

The versatility and durability of solid surface countertops makes them popular with manyhomeowners, and the fact that they are low maintenance is another popular characteristic.

When your solid surface counters have stains, cleaning requires a damp cloth for somestains and a mild mix of soap and water for more stubborn stains.

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How To Clean And Polish Solid Surface Countertop

Cleanliness is an utmost concern amongst everyone who is desirous of having a speck or span home or office. A sparklingly clean room can make a powerful impression on people. The light radiating confidently from the surfaces of the polished surfaces inculcates smartness and confidence. But, keeping a solid surface in that ideally high polished and sparkling state, is not an easy job. It requires careful handling, the proper and efficient use of cleaning and polishing materials, proper maintenance to name a few. It is therefore, good to have as much knowledge and know as many tips on cleaning and polishing a solid surface as possible.

Keeping the Surface Clean There are many tips and tricks for polishing a solid surface well. In case a solid surface gets stained, it should be washed thoroughly. Using simply, a sponge along with some water mixed with soap acts as a good cleaning agent for the majority of stains. There are certain cleaning agents whose use should be better avoided since they might harm the surface. If the stains refuse to go away with simple soap and water, using a combination of soft scrub and a scotch brite might be a good way of making it go. The process of scrubbing has also to be paid some attention preferably a circular motion should be followed in the cleaning process.

Can You Polish Scratches Out Of Corian

6 Tips On How To Polish And Maintain Solid Surface Countertops

With the surface still wet, start rubbing the scratched area with a lightly abrasive cleaning pad, using only a light touch. Be careful not to press too hard as you may cause deeper scratches. Rub across the scratch using straight-line motions. Every so often, switch the direction youre rubbing by ninety degrees.

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Get A Professional To Refinish The Countertop

If your countertop is too old or too damaged, you may find it too hard to revitalize it on your own. Getting that factory-look shine may be an uphill task. So the best thing would be to hire a professional to do the job.

These professionals will do everything from removing stubborn stains, sanding the countertop, to polishing. Your Corian countertop will soon look as good as new.

Buff Out Fine Scratches

One of the advantages of the Corian countertop is the fact that you can renew it and get rid of cuts or scratches. Because the pattern of the Corian surface is spread through the material, you can sand it and still maintain the beautiful finish.

Here are the instructions to follow when buffing out scratches on your Corian countertop:

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Procedure For Removing Stains From Acrylic Concrete And Wooden Floors Countertop

It is necessary to clean the kitchen countertops to ensure a healthy environment. Although materials like plastic are comparatively simple to clean, to maintain the beauty of natural materials such as wood or stone, you should take care to remove countertop stains. Many substances often involve impregnation, in comparison to washing.

Rinse Of The Surface With Plain Clean Water

How To Finish and Polish Solid Surface Countertop
  • Use plain clean water to rinse the countertop.
  • Wipe with a sponge and remove all the abrasive soap residue.
  • Inspect to see if the scratch marks are still visible. If so, repeat the process again until the countertop is well renewed.
  • If the scrubbed area doesnt match the rest of the countertop, you can rub a wider area using circular motions to blend in the surface.

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    Do It Yourself: Resurface Solid Surface Countertops

    Solid-surface countertops come in many different colors and brand names. The material was created to last for many years and is nonporous, which is great for the kitchen and bathroom because it helps prevent bacterial growth.

    After several years of use, however, your countertop may need to be resurfaced to renew the original luster.

    Use The Moderate Soap Solution

    Dampen a towel with a mild detergent solution or an ammonia-based solvent. Wash the stained surface in a circular pattern before the stain had cleaned. Wash the region thoroughly and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. This method of removing stains is one of the best choices to remove stains method for regular cleaning and repairs.

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    Removing Cuts And Fixing Scratches

    Scratches, nicks and cuts are unfortunate but inevitable with every high-use product, including solid surface countertops, sinks and showers, however since the material is solid, it can generally be renewed to its original appearance.To remove minor scratches from gloss surfaces, we recommend that you use a 3M gray finishing pad #7415 to sand with light pressure in a circular motion. Keep the area slightly wet as you sand and then wipe clean.If scratches are much deeper and still remain, wet sand in an even circular motion using 320-grit wet/dry sandpaper. Follow up with the great 3M finishing pad. Again, for the best results, sand the surface slightly wet, and be sure to clean before each step.These products are generally available at most hardware stores and are located in the paint department.Remember, the finish on your countertop was polished using an orbital sander. Because of the speed and varying orbit of the sander, hand motion alone might leave a slightly different finish. We recommend for best results that you work on a wider area than the affected area alone and feather into the sanded area or re-finish the entire surface with the 3M finishing pad. For greater uniformity use Countertop MagicR cleaner over the entire surface. Countertop MagicR is available at most hardware stores and is located in the cleaning supplies section.

    Get To Know The Texture Of Your Countertop

    How To Finish and Polish Solid Surface Countertop – Part 1

    Depending on the texture, solid surface countertops had divided into three types: high-gloss, moderately glossy, and matte surface. Know what kind youve got and what stained it when you get started. It allows you to find and use suitable cleaning agents to remove countertop stains. Moderate cleaning solutions are typically used with shiny surfaces, whereas mild cleaners, bicarbonate powder is used for matt finishes.

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    How To Repair Scratches

    1. Clean the scratched area with a dish washing soap and water mixture.2. Using a light circular motion, gently sand the area with 240 gauge sand paper.3. Use the pot scrubber side of a household sponge and non-abrasive cleaner to remove sanded debris.

    Gloss and Semi Gloss Finishes:

    1. Clean the scratched area with a dish washing soap and water mixture.2. Gently sand down the scratch with a fine 400 gauge sand paper.2. Re-polish the damaged area with a quality electric polisher.4. Use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to clean the area thoroughly.

    With proper solid surface countertop. countertop care, your countertops will continue to look beautiful and new for many years. Take a look at the many benefits of solid surface countertops for your home. Contact us at Lexmar USA, Pittsburg, PA. at 412-896-9266 or visit our website at

    Dos Of Caring For A Corian Countertop

    These are basically a summary of what weve already elaborated above concerning revitalizing your Corian countertop:

    • Clean the worktops daily using a sponge or microfiber cloth and household cleaning spray.
    • Always thoroughly dry the surface after cleaning.
    • Wipe up any spill when they occur.
    • In case of hard water blotches on the countertops, apply Viakal gel.
    • Use an abrasive cleaning pad to buff out fine scratches.
    • Polish your countertop regularly to maintain the shine.

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    Dont: Cut On Solid Surface

    Since solid surface countertops are manufactured with multiple layers, it gives them a strong resistance to impacts. However, one of the drawbacks of installing solid surface countertops is that this material is more prone to scratches when compared to other countertops often found in labs like epoxy resin. If your lab regularly uses sharp tools, another countertop material may be a better choice. However, lab technicians can also use cutting boards to cut as well. If small scratches appear, you can often repair them yourself using an abrasive pad or grit sandpaper and cleaner. Thats because solid surface countertops are uniform all the way through. Anything larger than a minor scratch, or any type of scratch on a high gloss finish, will require professional tools to restore a high gloss finish if a scratch occurs.

    Sanding Disc Grits And Non

    How To Clean Corian Countertops And Sinks / Replacing A ...

    The role of sanding grit is to remove material in a way that with each finer grit, the scratch pattern left by the grit is less evident. The less evident the scratches are translates into the level of apparent shine. Or stated differently, if light rays bounce off a surface without being knocked off track by surface imperfections like sanding scratches, then you would see an undistorted reflection that you would refer to as polished mirror reflection.

    As the imperfections on the surface become more pronounced, the light ray deflection becomes more pronounced and the reflected image becomes less distinct going from a polished mirror type image to semi-gloss out of focus or blurred image to matte finish where no image is reflected.

    Using non-woven pads adds an interesting touch to the desired finish that is hard to describe. If a matte finish is desired then the last sanding grit to use is 280. If you then make another pass with a maroon colored non-woven pad, which is 320 grit, you get a slight additional touch of richness that is different than if you had used a sanding disc with 320 grit.

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    Cleaning Stainless Steel Countertops

    When you need to know how to clean countertops made from stainless steel, know thatwater is one of the material’s worst enemies if it sits. When left long enough, it can leavespots on the surface.

    When you want to clean these kinds of counters, do so using stainless steel cleaners thatare designed to remove things like smudges. Household cleaners like soap can be used,but have to be rinsed away with water. As stated, that water can damaged the metal if leftlong enough, so it may be better to use a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner.

    Solid Surface Countertops In Your Home

    Lexmar USA solid surface countertops offer homeowners a less expensive option to tile and natural stones like granite, marble, soapstone and limestone. Since they are made of man-made materials like acrylic and polyester, they provide improved durability and design flexibility.

    Made from a solid surface block of plastic, countertops are non-porous and easy to clean. Color and texture is consistent throughout the entire solid surface block without imperfections, fragile veins or light and dark areas. Countertops are resistant to bacteria and damage from liquid spills and oils. Scratches and burns can be easily sanded out. For proper solid surface countertop. countertop care, follow these helpful tips to keep your countertops looking new.

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    How To Clean Countertops: Your Cleaning Guide For 7 Popular Surface Materials

    Cleaning methods for different types of counters are just as varied as the materials themselves, so knowing what to use can be a bit tricky.

    That’s why we have put together this list of popular countertop materials and what you need to do in order to get them clean and keep them that way.

    While most countertops can be cleaned using simple household cleaners, and oftentimes, just a bit of soap and water, however there are lots of great products out there which can make your life easier, and extend the life and beauty of your granite countertops or other natural stone countertops.

    Most Stains On Flat/matte Finishes

    How to Sand and Polish Solid Surface Countertops – Matte Finish

    For the flat/matte finishes, care of the surface can be a relaxed proposition. Solid surface does not absorb liquids and as a consequence stains that are left to dry are only a slight bit more work to remove than a stain that is fresh. Fresh stains can be wiped up easily with a dry cloth or paper towel and most dried stains can be wiped up with a wet cloth or paper towel. If not, then see the next section.

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    Do: Clean Up Water Right Away

    Although solid surface countertops are water-proof and non-porous, its still important to clean up any water left on the surface. When water dries on a solid countertop, a film can build up. This film will eventually dull the surface, which can make your countertop appear uneven or blotchy. Employees can prevent this from happening by simply wiping up any residual water left on the surface with a microfiber cloth.

    How To Remove Stains From A Solid Surface Countertop

    • Written by Charmaine Enerio on Jan 27, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Stains on your solid surface countertop, whether liquid spills or food residues, are a disagreeable sight in your kitchen. Do not fret: these types of counters are best known for easy maintenance. Apart from being non-porouswhich means stains do not penetrate the surface and become permanentthis type of countertop does not require over-the-top cleansers and materials for cleaning. Cleaning materials for your solid surface countertop are readily available right in your home.

    Step 1 Know the Surface of Your Countertop

    Based on their finish, solid surface countertops are classified into 3 types: high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish. Know which type you have and what stained it before getting started. This helps you identify and use the appropriate cleansing agents for removing stains. Mild soap solutions are usually used for glossy finishes, while mild abrasive cleansers and even baking soda can be used for matte finishes.

    Step 2 Use a Mild Soap Solution

    Step 3 Use Special Cleansers

    Step 4 Disinfect Your Countertop

    Step 5 Rinse Thoroughly

    And there you have it! Your solid surface countertop looks as if it has never been used or touched.

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