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Does My Zip Code Qualify For Free Solar Panels

Who Uses Solar Insolation

Do It Yourself Solar Power? – Easy DIY Solar Panel Installation!

The measurement and monitoring of solar insolation is definitely not common knowledge. Its used mostly by installation experts, along with a host of other information and software tools, to find the sweet spot where your panels can take the most advantage of the suns rays. It allows installers to choose the appropriate number of panels and location for your rooftop system.

Installers typically use average measurements for an entire of sunlight in your area to determine the angle and number of solar panels to place on your roof. This way, with your net metering agreement, youll be able to benefit from your solar installation year around.

When solar insolation is low in certain areas of the world , it will take many more panels to get the same amount of energy as we could get from just a handful of panels with more consistent sun exposure . This makes your location an important factor. When installers use this information, they can give you an accurate annual estimate of energy output for your solar system.

If youre interested in getting a general idea of the solar insolation output in your area, NASA offers a nifty tool online. All you need to do is find your longitude and latitude outputs and enter them here. NASAs Atmospheric Science Data Center will then provide you a series of parameters.

The Downsides Of Free Solar Panels

The appeal of free solar panels is that you dont need to have thousands of dollars on hand to switch to solar. This was great 10 years ago when the prices of solar panels were much higher than they are now. In fact, solar leases and solar PPAs helped drive the solar industry forward.

Now, however, the cost of solar is cheaper than ever, so making cash purchases or taking out a solar loan is a realistic option for homeowners. Free solar panels just dont offer as much of a benefit as they once did.

Actually, they tend to come with more downsides.

Your State Homeowners Wonder Why No One Told Them This New Policy

If your zip code qualifies, the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit will pay you to go solar!

Thanks to a little-known government program called Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, homeowners in specific zip codes are getting $1,000s in tax credit credits and rebates to install solar panels on their homes.

This is a big deal. Because there are millions of people who would love to get solar panels installed on their homes, but the cost is excessive. But not if they live in specific areas.

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Is Solar Energy Helping The Weed Industry

The weed industry is currently one of the fastest growing in todays economy. As more states legalize weed, the demand for it continues to rise. But this rapid expansion also brings with it some problems. In particular, growing weed at large-scale grow operations requires vast amounts of electricity. Recognizing this, is solar power the answer

What Is Zero Down Solar

Renogy 400W 12V Solar Panel Ponocrystalline Bundle Off Grid Power Kit ...

Many customers are asking about ads theyve seen on Facebook or Instagram promoting Zero Down Solar or No Cost Solar. What is zero down solar? What do these terms mean? Is it a scam? Spoiler alert: nope zero down solar is a real program you can take advantage of…


Artisan Electric is a full-service solar and electrical contractor based in Seattle. Since 2007, Artisan Electric has helped shape the Puget Sounds energy future. We do this by educating communities, simplifying processes and creating solar energy solutions that are both practical and elegant.

Artisan Electric

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Are Solar Trackers Helpful

A solar tracker is a system designed to do exactly that. Its one of those solar buzzwords you should know. These systems ensure that the panels are always at an optimal angle to produce the highest possible output. They basically follow the sun as it moves across the sky.

Solar trackers are only viable on ground-mounted panels, which is not often the case in domestic use. For roof-mounted panels, it is difficult to use trackers. Also, these systems can be costly, raising your overall budget for solar energy solutions. As a result, they are more common for commercial solar projects where maximum output is needed all the time.

If you know the right solar panel angle by zip code, you will not need trackers at all. You should also keep in mind that for a small system, they will also be drawing some power generated.

Of course, you need all the energy generated for your home. Trackers can be considered one of the better solar-powered inventions.

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Is Free Solar The Same As Zero

Zero-down solar is a real program we offer. We work with a proven and trustworthy lender, PSCCU to offer SustainableSolar and Energy-Smart Loans with the best terms and rates for our customers in Washington State. PSCCU is one of the first credit unions to offer Zero Down financing for solar! As Washingtons Green Credit Union the PSCCU solar program has helped over 7100 homeowners become solar citizens, creating living-wage jobs and these solar projects will generate 17000 Megawatts of electricity over their lifetime in addition to sequestering the same amount of carbon as 13843 acres of forest per year!

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Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan

What are they? The Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan is a short-term loan product which enables you to finance federal and state tax credits and the NYC Real Property Tax Abatement for eligible renewable energy system products. The Bridge Loan has a balloon payment of principal and interest due at maturity and can be paid via check or ACH payment. You can pair this loan with a Smart Energy or On-Bill Recovery Loan and a Companion Loan.

Interest Rates. Interest rates are subject to the customers credit qualification. We encourage you to use our interest rate estimator to determine which rate may be available to you. Rates are subject to change.

Learn More. Speak with your contractor. They can help you apply for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan.

Are Free Solar Panels Actually Free

DIY Solar Panel System – How to Do it CHEAPER!!

You might have seen solar installers advertising ‘free solar panels’ and thought, Is this too good to be true?

Your gut instinct is right – free solar panels are too good to be true. While there are installers that install rooftop solar panels without any upfront costs, they arent exactly free. You have to pay for the electricity the solar panels produce.

In this article, well go over what installers really mean when they say ‘free solar panels’, the downsides of installing solar this way, and if free solar panels are really the best way for you to go solar.

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Do You Participate In Cap Liheap Or Any Other Low

CAP is a low-income assistance program. Funds are used to pay a part of your electricity bill if you fall below a certain income threshold.

LIHEAP is a program that assists low-income households with their heating bills in the winter. If, like us, your heat is run through electric, they can help with your electric bill instead.

This was the most frustrating part for me. I couldnt find a single company that participated in these programs. Were not on either of these programs at this time, but if youre trying to save the world, wouldnt you want to make solar and wind energy available to low-income households, as well?

I found out that its a little more complicated than that. Colarulli was the only one who took the time to explain that while they can participate in some states, they cannot participate in others. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not one of those states.

Get Free Solar Panels By Selling Energy Back To The Grid

A number of states in America, and a number of countries around the world, let you sell solar energy back to the grid. This means that the electrical company could pay you for the energy you produce. At the very least, it means your electricity bill will show up as 0 every month.

This is one of the best ways to get free solar panels. Sure, you might still pay $12,000 upfront for your PV system. But when you consider the long-term cost savings, youre effectively getting free solar panels.

Do the math on your solar panel system. It might only take a few years for your solar energy system to pay for itself.

In total, 41 states offer net metering, which means you can sell energy back to the grid. These states allow homeowners to sell energy produced by solar panels, natural gas micro-turbines, methane digesters, and wind generators back to the grid. To view an updated list of states with net metering policies, visit here.

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How Long Is A Contract Do You Offer Fixed Rates

Colarulli told me that you can choose between fixed and variable rates. I recommend the former, personally, as youll know what to expect out of your electric bill month after month.

The fixed-rate plans came with a contract. Your rate stays fixed for that entire term. Our contract offer was twelve months. You can, conceivably, switch between fixed and variable rates as there is no fee for doing so, but thats a lot to keep on top of every month.

CleanChoice contacts you before your renewal date with the new rate offer for the next twelve months. Ill be interested to see what happens at that point, and will update you all on any pricing changes. The worst-case scenario is we switch back to the standard utility if we hit a huge price hike, but I dont anticipate having to do that.

Yes You Can Go Solar Without A Shingle Roof Heres How

Jackery 1000

The most common roofing material found on homes throughout the United States is asphalt shingles, but style and efficiency preferences are transforming the way we build and remodel our homes. Tile, slate, metal and even flat roofs are becoming popular choices outside of the traditional shingle. Homeowners who break from the convention of asphalt shingles may wonder, “are solar panels still a viable option for my home?” And the good news is that, in most cases, yes!

Since the invention of the silicon photovoltaic cell in 1954, solar power has evolved to become both an affordable and practical alternative energy solution for private homes, businesses, and entire communities. Solar technology continues to improve in efficiency and design, opening doors for homeowners with unique or non-conventional roofs to reap the benefits of solar energy. To learn how, let’s start with how the solar panel installation process works.

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Paying For Solar Panels In Cash

Paying for solar in cash will yield the most long-term savings. By purchasing a home solar system outright, youre essentially paying for about 25 years of discounted electricity at once. A cash purchase allows you to calculate home energy costs decades in advance, avoiding interest rates, fees and utility rate hikes.

How To Get Solar Energy Without Solar Panels

I came home and started doing some research. It turns out, I was right to question the man at that booth. They used the term green energy for a variety of different energy sources, including dirtyor recycledenergy they had bought off of other companies.

I discovered there are quite a few companies touting their green-ness, but very few of them made me feel good about making the switch. If I was going to pay a few cents more per kilowatt hour, I wanted to know I was actually saving the planet.

When you switch to green energy, its not like you start getting different electricity in your home than your neighbors. Electricity is made up of electrons, and those electrons are bought by the company that delivers your energy. At this point, the energy is homogeneousregardless of where it was generated.

There are laws in place requiring the utility provider to purchase a certain amount of energy from green sources. They do this through Renewable Energy Certificates If more customers start demanding more green energy, it is possible that utilities will start purchasing more RECs than legally required.

This is a good thing, as it moves us away from environment-destroying energy sources and onto more sustainable ones.

As a consumer, you dont necessarily have to have solar panels to get solar energy. You just need to pick a green company to generate your electricity, encouraging demand and therefore growth in the sector.

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How Are Solar Panels Mounted To Roofing Materials Other Than Shingles

The panels, hardware, mounts and all other materials needed are determined based on a few different factors, one of them being roofing material. Slate, tile, metal and other non-shingle roofs require different mounting styles and materials for the system to be functional and safe:

Roofing material is becoming less of an issue when it comes to solar panel mounting, thanks to new products and technology available in this green, growing industry. And as solar becomes increasingly affordable, more homeowners are choosing to make the switch.

You Could Be Generating Sustainable Energy from Your Roof with AskSolar

Determining the best solar panel fit and mount for your roof depends on many factors, but it’s a stress-free process with the help of industry experts who are highly skilled in doing just that. AskSolar Energy Advocates are ready to provide you with answers to all of your questions, including how solar can work best for you and your home.

If you’re ready to make the empowering switch to an affordable and eco-conscious energy solution, fill out our online contact form for more information on solar in your region at no cost to you.

Cant Qualify For Incentives

Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later Review

When you get free solar panels, the panels on your roof arent yours. Because you dont own the solar panels, you cant get many of the incentives associated with going solar.

So, you wont get the benefit of the federal solar tax credit, or other local rebates and incentives, like SRECs. Not qualifying for these incentives can end up making your long-term savings with free solar panels even lower.

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Are Sun Hours Per Day By Zip Code Really What Were After

If we want to know how many hours in the day offer sunlight in our area, we can look at standard sunrise and sunset times throughout the year and count the hours in between. The Astronomical Applications Department at the US Navy offers a great tool for this, with search options for domestic and global locations.

For a more visual understanding, try SunCalc, which offers a map of your area with a graph of the suns position at sunrise, sunset, and the current time. You can even see how high the sun is on the horizon at any given location and time. Cool stuff!

Both of these sites can be searched by city, and the latter also operates by zip thus enabling you to calculate sun hours per day by zip code.

How Much Sunlight Does Your Roof Receive

To see if your house is a good candidate for solar, try out a solar panel suitability checker such as Google’s Project Sunroof. Then set up an appointment for a solar consultation with an expert who will visit your home to inspect its orientation , roof angle and tree shading to see if your roof will receive enough sunlight to meet your family’s energy needs. SunPower’s solar consultations are free, and you can learn a lot about your home and best energy options. The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the panels will produce. While SunPower solar panels are known for being extremely efficient at generating power in low-light situations, excessive shading will reduce the amount of power that can be generated.

It’s also important to know that SunPower’s Equinox solar solution has factory integrated micro-inverters in each panel, an innovative solar design feature that means if one panel isn’t producing energy because of shade, neighboring panels that might be receiving more sunlight can still generate solar energy for your home.

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How Does It Work

The government would like as many homeowners as possible to switch to solar. Heres why: Solar is cheaper, and better for long term economic strength and growth. Heres how going solar can affect what you pay:

Dramatization Bill

But the problem is the cost of going solar is prohibitive. So very quietly, the government has targeted certain zip codes across the United States, and enacted Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This allows homeowners like you to lease solar panels, usually for $0 down, and the government will help you afford the system with generous tax credits and rebates. Its a serious win for homeowners!

Other Financial Benefits Of Solar

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Besides the free solar panel installation programs, there are also other financial benefits available for homeowners in Pennsylvania who choose solar energy. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Property Tax Exemption: Homeowners who install solar energy systems can receive a property tax exemption for the value of the system.

Federal Tax Credit: Homeowners who install solar energy systems can claim a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of the system.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits : SRECs are credits that can be sold to utilities in order to help offset the cost of installing a solar energy system.

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