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How Much Does It Cost To Bird Proof Solar Panels

Solar Panel Pigeon And Bird Proofing Services London

Removing Pigeons from Under Solar Panels | Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Solar panels are proving to be very popular nesting sites for pigeons. The debris that they accumulate from nesting, droppings, and pecking at wiring has become a growing problem for solar panel owners.

At Project Multi Pest we specialise in pigeon proofing solar panels across the London area. Using unique techniques we can prevent pest birds from roosting and fouling on your solar panels, at a highly competitive price.

If your solar panels are suffering due to pigeons nesting below them then please contact us.

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Pigeon Control

Solar panelling is a fantastic way for people to decrease their energy bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. They are one of the best investments you can make, not only for reducing your own outgoings but also for selling excess electricity back to the grid.

But, an unwelcome stay from some nuisance birds, will not only reduce the running efficiency of your solar panels but can cause higher maintenance costs over time.

Luckily, at Project Multi Pest we have a simple yet effective solution for residential and commercial customers in the London area, to stop problem pigeons and other rodents from nesting under your solar panels.

We have developed a long-lasting, guaranteed solar panel pigeon proofing system. Using a discreet, yet sturdy, thin galvanised steel mesh we will stop nuisance birds from getting under your solar panel arrays.

Our system is implemented either through clips or by carefully drilling, allowing the mesh to fit neatly over the entire panel and preventing birds from accessing the safe space underneath.

Damage To Your Solar Panels

Pigeons can cause a lot of damage to solar panels, which can be very costly to repair.

They destroy wiring, severely reduce airflow, and their droppings can even be corrosive.

Their presence can amount to thousands of dollars worth of damage, not to mention inhibit the flow of electricity from your solar panels, costing you even more money.

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Eco Friendly & Safe Bird Proofing Services Brisbane

At Solarfix, we know investing in solar is an exciting step towards maximising savings and creating clean, renewable energy for your home. Unfortunately, some solar panels owners find themselves with a pesky problem: birds, particularly pigeons, that nest around and under their solar panels.

That is why, as a team, we have made it our mission to help safely remove these unwanted guests and install eco-friendly and low maintenance bird proofing mesh to ensure you never have to question your solars performance again.

Expert workmanship, prompt service and competitive rates.

Providing the highest level of care for every customer.

Proudly local, professional and dedicated team.

An insight into how we work

Dunfermline Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Andy Law Pest Control install professional and effective solar panel bird proofing in Dunfermline.Were happy to install solar panel bird protection on both small and large scale solar panels.

Andy Law Pest Control install professional and effective solar panel bird proofing in Dunfermline. Were happy to install solar panel bird protection on both small and large scale solar panels.

Our solar panel bird proofing is designed specifically for solar panels: a professional solution to stop birds nesting under solar panels permanently. We get rid of birds at the solar panels too and this is done humanely and legally and according to Animal Welfare. We clean out birds mess from gutters and solar panels too.

And weve got the experience to install the solar panel bird proofing safely so the panels arent damaged.

Stop birds nesting under solar panels: dont let the problem get out of hand. Birds mess accumulates quickly under solar panels and can damage the roof and gutters. And just a couple of birds can increase to many more even within a year, making the problem worse. If youve got birds at your solar panels then ring or us for professional pest control advice about solar panel bird exclusion and how much it costs to bird proof and pigeon proof solar panels in Dunfermline.

Theres more information below about solar panel bird proofing.

Which birds nest under solar panels and why

Problems caused by bird nesting under solar panels

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What If Its Raining Or Very Windy On The Day Of The Fitting

As with any situation when we are working at height, safety has to be paramount. Not all roofs are the same â some have steeper pitches than others and some roof tiles, slates in particular, are slipper than others in the wet. We only work in trained two-man teams who are fully trained in working at height and always carry out a thorough risk assessment prior to attending, and on the day on arrival.

We will always do our best to carry out the work when planned and we are fully insured for this kind of work and are full members of the British Pest Control Association and CHAS accredited. But if the weather makes the work dangerous, particularly in the case of high winds and heavy rain, we would, as Iâm sure you can understand, need to postpone.

Solar Panels Make A Perfect Bolt Hole For Pest Birds Like Pigeons

Pigeons have always been a popular sight in London, and are as iconic as black cabs, busses and even Big Ben. They first started visiting the city in the 1800s when feed sellers would encourage them to flock to the Capital by flogging their bags of seeds in Trafalgar Square.

But these birds are pests who prefer to live and build nests alongside buildings rather than in trees and shrubs making the underside of your rooftop solar panelling the perfect place to roost.

Solar panels make for perfect pigeon bolt holes. These feathered pests can nestle right behind the panels and be protected from all kinds of weather. Shaded in the summer, warm in the winter, and protected from potential predators come day and night a pigeon couldnt ask for more when it comes to picking a home.

If you would like to know more about our bird control options from solar panel proofing to falconry, then please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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The Damage Pigeons Can Cause To Solar Panelling

The more efficient your solar panels, the more energy you are able to sell back to the grid. However, if you have pigeons nesting underneath, the performance of your panels is likely to be hindered.

Just one pigeon can produce up to 15kg of poop in a single year. So just imagine the mess that would make if it was constantly deposited onto your solar panelling!

Not only is pigeon mess corrosive in nature but their droppings, when splattered across your solar panels, can prevent light from emanating through. This will drastically reduce their output efficiency and in some cases can cause households to lose up to 50% of their electricity source.

If pigeon faeces and nesting materials collect under your solar panels, they can even start to eat away at your roof tiles and electrical wiring. You may be completely unaware that you have a collection of rainwater sitting stagnant on your roof, until it forces its way through the tiles themselves, causing untold damage to your ceilings and electricity outputs.

What Does Your Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Service Include

Bird Proofing and Solar Panel Cleaning 113 Degrees Today

British Bird Controlâs solar panel pigeon proofing service is a proven, three-step process and comes with a ten year guarantee. Once we have the access agreed, the first part of the job is to âshooâ out the pigeons underneath and any squabs and then to clean out as much of the nesting material as is possible. We will get out what we can without risking the performance of the panels.

Note that pigeon fouling can become rock solid around wiring, so if the pigeon problem has been there a while, it wonât be pristine under there. The panels are not lifted off the bars at any stage.

Next we apply a professional strength biocide underneath the panels where there has been nesting going on. This is done for two reasons. Firstly, where you get nesting birds you get bird mites which are nasty little biting insects that feed on blood. They feed on the blood of chicks in nests but commonly get inside properties and start feeding on human blood and can be a nightmare to get rid of. Secondly the biocide helps to break down any hardened fouling on the fittings, which should wash away with weathering. As well as being a vector for some really nasty pathogens, pigeon fouling is high in uric acid and can be corrosive over time.

Note that there is no drilling involved in our solar panel pigeon proofing service and the process comes with an industry leading TEN YEAR GUARANTEE.

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Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels Now

If you require your Solar Panels protected, get in touch with Deege Solar today and we can arrange the instalment of the bird proofing product of your choice. Deege Solar have over 12 year of experience in installing and maintaining Solar Panels, and are essentially solar panel proofing experts. Our experienced team have completed pigeon proofing Solar Panel services all over the UK on a Nationwide Scale. We offer all kinds of Solar Panel Maintenance Services, including Pigeon proofing at a competitive price, with excellent customer service. We provide a full range of pigeon proofing solutions, and if we dont have the product you are looking for, simply get in touch. To view our pigeon and bird proofing solutions . For more information regarding pigeon proofing give us a call today on 01322 479369.

Possum Proofing Solar Panels

Possums view solar panels as excellent areas to shelter and will often nest underneath. They are attracted to the panels as they provide a safe, sheltered location and will happily live and nest in such places on top of the roof. Unfortunately they are guaranteed to make a mess under the panels and can often chew the wires leading to safety hazards for your family and expensive repair bills.

At Peter the Possum and Bird Man we use a reliable, quality method of excluding the possums from under the panels and have installed this type of proofing on many properties around Brisbane. The product we use is stainless steel black UV coated wire mesh with UV stable nylon retainer hooks and washers. It clips onto the panels so you can remove a section for servicing if required, and it does not screw into the panels so does not void your panel warranty. Our product also allows excellent water and airflow under the panels to avoid heat build-up.

Possum nests will be removed before the mesh is fitted and if there is significant mess created by possums or birds, we will usually provide a quote to pressure wash the roof before the solar panel proofing is installed.

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Deterring Pigeons From Your Panels

Youll probably hear pigeons nesting in your solar panels before you notice them. The scratching and chirping can cause sleepless nights, and a lot of irritation, so its best to try and prevent the problem before it starts.

Installing bird mesh is one of the most effective ways to pigeon proof your solarpanels. Designed to seal off the area underneath your panels, the steel mesh clips directly to the panels and runs around the entire perimeter.

Bird mesh is an attractive and low impact option that wont interfere with the function of your solar panels or damage your roof.

Another option is to install anti-roosting spikes. These deterrents are available in most garden centres or DIY shops. The spikes can be attached to any spot on a solar panel that a bird may want to nest or perch on. Anti-roosting spikes can be an easy way to keep the cost of pigeon proofing solar panels down.

Whether you choose to install the pigeon proofing deterrents yourself or hire a professional, most options are a permanent or very long term solution, so you shouldnt have to worry about pigeons being a recurring issue to your solar panels.

Note that pigeon and pest deterrents are not intended to harm animals, just to keep them from landing or nesting on the solar panels.

Trusted Phoenix Pigeon Removal

Pigeons Under Solar Panels ðï¸? UK Solar Panel Bird Proofing ...

Our coated wire screening will keep the pest birds out, looks great and installation will protect the integrity of your expensive solar system. Our service simply creates a physical barrier to keep pest birds from accessing and nesting in the area beneath your solar system. Bird Spikes Installation Service Arizona.

If your experiencing pest bird or Pigeons nesting around your rooftop solar system give us a call today. We provide free inspections, evaluations, and second opinions. We have the experience to put you on the road to being free of pest birds and Pigeons.

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Contribute To An Unclean Environment

Birds living under your solar panel leave a mess thats difficult and time-consuming to clean . But they also pose a significant health risk: pigeons spread illnesses including salmonella, ornithosis, and even cryptococcosis. Whats more, they carry lice, mites, and other nasties that can get into your roof and spread to your homes occupants.

How To Remove Pigeons From Under Solar Panels

Sometimes it can be too late to try preventative measures. If pigeons have already settled in, mesh wire will just trap them and create something pretty gruesome. To cleanse your roof of pigeons, youll normally require the services of a professional pest control company.

Specially trained people will shoo the pigeons away, clean off as much poo as possible , and then apply a biocide to kill any mites and break down any remaining faeces. Once this is done, theyll be able to install the mesh and spikes.

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How Peter The Possum Man Can Help

Overall it is better to be proactive when proofing your solar panels as it is more cost efficient for you in the long term. Excluding birds and possums from getting under the solar panels today, and reducing the tendency for them to stay on your roof, means lessening the likelihood of double-handling the task later on by having to remove the pests and then proofing to eliminate their return. Peter the Possum & Bird Man has a team of people experienced in proofing solar panels to get rid of pigeons and possums using our proven proofing product. In the longer run it is much cheaper to exclude the unwanted visitors as that reduces future maintenance costs and ensures that the efficiency of power conversion from the sun is not reduced, saving you money on your power bill!

As experienced, registered pest controllers, we are also able to combine this solar panel proofing with legal chemical treatments to get rid of pigeons and reduce the bird numbers, if needed.

To find out more about how our solar panel proofing can save you money in the long run and stop unwanted guests sheltering on your roof, complete the form or call us on 3250 1111.

Brisbane Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Near Me

How to Bird Proof Solar Panels Step by Step |Tools You Need | Pressure Washing

Did you know that 1 in 5 Brisbane homes with solar power have a problem with pigeons nesting under their panels? Because pigeons prefer to nest in high locations where they can keep a watchful eye on water and food sources, solar panels become the perfect location for them to live and breed. Solar panels also offer ample protection from predators for pigeon parents as their babies tend to stay in their nests far longer than most other birds.

Although you might notice other birds making a home under your rooftop solar panels, pigeons tend to be more comfortable sharing their space with humans than other species which makes them hard to remove. The good news is that our pigeon proofing service works for all birds so you wont have to worry about any feathery friends nesting on your roof.

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What Is Pigeon Proofing

As Solar Panels are a costly longterm investment, it is important that they are well maintained, and that you are using them to their full potential. Pigeon or Bird proofing is the process of installing a barrier around the perimeter of your Solar Panels to prevent pigeons from gaining access underneath. As the pigeons will no longer be able to access a safe home underneath your Solar Panels, they will be forced to look elsewhere. Therefore Bird proofing your solar panels is the perfect solution, and it is also permanent.

Pigeon Poo Can Damage Solar Panels

Thats right. Pigeon poop can affect your solar panels in more than one way. Firstly, it is far more corrosive than most other birds poop. As it builds up on your expensive solar panels, it can corrode the glass, wiring and other hardware leading to a compromise in efficiency. Secondly, it can cover your panels so much so that they struggle to absorb any sunlight at all. This will mean you power bills will be a lot more than usual until you address the bird issue on your roof.

Here at Solarfix, we provide a free solar panel clean with every bird proofing installation. That way you can get back to enjoying your solar power, faster.

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Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing In Essex London The South East And East Anglia

Are you having trouble with pigeons nesting under your solar panels? We provide a solar panel pigeon proofing service in Essex and the surrounding area, to get rid of pigeons. Solar panels can be a great investment, letting you drastically reduce your electricity bills while also earning you money when you sell your surplus electricity back to the grid.

Unfortunately, the solar panels on your roof also create the perfect environment for pigeons to nest, giving them shelter from both the elements and predators. And pigeons nest all year round.

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