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Is Solar Worth It In Florida

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Installing Solar Panels In Florida

Portable Solar Panel! Is It Worth It?

The biggest advantages in Florida for installing solar panels are the financial savings possible, and the 26% federal tax credit is the biggest reason they work so well. Florida also offers some good state-level incentives that reduce the up-front and ongoing cost of going solar.

The main disadvantage of installing solar in Florida is the relatively low cost of electricity. Compared to other states, Florida is just below the national average in per-kWh cost of electricity. This negative is balanced out by the sheer amount of sun that shines down on your roof, and the high need for electricity-intensive air conditioning.

The incentives available to help you install solar panels in Florida will not be around for much longer. The federal solar tax credit is scheduled to step down to zero in just two years, and without it, the financial benefits of a home solar installation will not be as large.

Enter your details to calculate the cost and savings you are likely to get from installing solar panels for your home.

Get The Figures For Your Home

The final word is this: Florida is the state for white sand beaches, Publix subs and rooftop solar! This post should give you an idea of how much you can save with solar. But the only way to know your specific savings potential is to get a solar bid tailored to your home and electricity use. Let us give you a free one! Get started on your quote.


Is Solar Tracking Worth It In Florida

The process of generating electricity through photovoltaic methods is complex and challenging, and of course the strength of the sun is key to it all.

The sun moves from east to west every day. Its movement is most noticeable in the winter months when its path is at its shortest and in summer months, when its at its longest.

A solar tracker is a device that follows the sun to make sure the solar array is always exposed to maximum sunlight, so it can generate the most amount of energy possible.

Installation costs should be weighed against the cost-effectiveness of a tracking system. The benefits may not warrant the expense.

The capital costs of solar energy can be higher than the production gains. Adding just a few panels may get you as much power as an expensive tracker.

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Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Switch To Residential Solar Power In Florida

  • Cost-effective

Taking into consideration the expenses of electrical charges, the solar panel cost in Florida is budget-friendly and economical. Adding to it, the solar panel tax credit Florida 2021 makes it highly affordable.

Moreover, there are many financial options available to ensure the customer can afford installations. Cash payment is a go-to- mode for installation amongst homeowners. But, if you cannot afford one-time payments, you can choose solar loans and solar lease programs. We offer quality home solar at affordable prices, do check us out.

  • Florida state laws and programs

The newly passed residential solar tax credit Florida law 2021 allows you to claim 26% of your solar systems cost as a deduction on your taxes. Suffice to say if your tax liability is less than 26% of your solar systems cost, you can roll the remaining balance over to the next period for up to 10 years.

If you are wondering how to avail of the 26% tax credit, dont worry we got you covered. All you need to do is fill out the 5695 while paying your tax. It is that easy!

  • Eco-friendly

The best part about shifting to home solar panels in Florida is environmentally friendly. Rapid population expansion is a significant challenge for the planet. To safeguard our depleting condition, it is high time we turn to solar power as early as possible. To conserve the environment, one must adapt to clean energy sources like solar energy.

Check Out The Incentives

Are Solar Panels Really Worth It In 2018?

We already talked about the Federal tax credit, but dont forget, there are state incentives as well. Solar panels are exempt from sales tax in Florida, so no worries about the extra charges on the bottom of the bill. Not only that, but you can also get a tax cut on your property taxes for having solar. Youll be saving money all the time.

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What Determines The Cost Of Solar Panels

The total cost of solar panels in Florida or elsewhere depends on many factors. Even two projects of the same capacity using the same solar panel model can have very different prices. For example, some roofs require extra work to install solar panel racking, and the amount of wiring required can change depending on the system layout.

Let’s review the main factors that determine the cost of going solar in Florida.

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Can I Lease The Solar System In Florida Or Should I Buy It Instead

Since you cant lease the system at all, youll need to buy the system upfront. However, you also have the option of obtaining a solar loan to help cut down the cost. Either way, making the leap to solar depends on whether you think its a beneficial investment.

Solar energy can be a great way to save money on your utility bills over the long run.

How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work

6 Years Living on Solar Power is it Worth it? Let’s Do the Math

Although solar energy may sound complicated, solar pool heaters only require a few components: sunshine, a solar collector, pool filter, pool pump, and a flow control valve. If you already have a pool, its likely that you already have a filter and a pool pump which means all you need is adequate sunshine and a solar heating kit. In order to be effective, solar panels need southwestern sun exposure and around five to six hours of daily sunshine. Fortunately, most parts of the United States are well-suited for this. However, if you do happen to have an area that receives a bit less sunshine, you can still utilize solar energy by increasing the square footage of your solar panels.

There are three main types of solar collectors that are used for heating swimming pools:

  • glazed solar panels,
  • unglazed solar panels,
  • polypropylene veined mats.
  • Glazed solar panels are the most expensive option, but can be used year-round. They are comprised of an aluminum plate with copper tubing and have an iron-tempered glass covering. In contrast, unglazed solar panels are made of UV-inhibitor protected, heavy-duty rubber or plastic panels, but are less expensive than their glazed counterpart. The most common and affordable of the solar collectors is PP veined mats. The panels or PP veined mats absorb energy from the sun which turns into heat.

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    How To Find A Solar Contractor

    If you are planning to get a solar energy system installed, you should know that the cost will still depend on the system, equipment, size and angle of your roof, and contractor who will do the installation.

    To get an estimate of your cost, you can check it using The EnergySage Solar Calculator. Input your address and estimated average electricity bill per month, and you will see estimates based on your roof and bids in your location.

    You can also check out the top 20 residential contractors in Florida. There is also an option to see the best contractors by city.

    If you are looking for a specific service, here are Florida Solar Installers that can be filtered by services and zip code. You can look for contractors who offer Residential Solar PV Installation, Residential Solar Hot Water Installation, Home Energy Audits, and more. Youll find the address and phone number with the results.

    Absolutely Zero Sales Tax

    Thats right, the purchase of a solar panel system, as well as installation, as well as a solar battery backup, are all completely sales tax exempt in Florida. That means you dont have to worry about that extra 6% sales tax. So go ahead, add all the solar panels you need for your homes energy in Florida!

    Heres an example.

    Imagine youve purchased a solar system for $10,000. The sales tax on that would be $600. But you dont have to pay it, so thats $600 you can keep!

    Just look at what this company did with their sales-tax free purchase: the second-largest solar roof in Florida is in Miami, includes more than 3,900 solar panels, and is capable of providing 100 percent of the energy needed for the entire building!

    Did we tell you, we also serve Miami and its surrounding areas?

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    You Can Save Money By Going Solar In Florida

    Despite the fact that Florida is decidedly lacking when it comes to legislative encouragement, Florida actually has a lot to offer when it comes to opportunities to .

    After all, consider the climate. Florida is fairly warm year-round and receives ample sunlight to boot. By installing solar panels in Florida, you can actually significantly reduce your utility bills.

    A Vision For The Future

    Is Solar Worth It In Florida? Florida Solar Panels  Solar ...

    FPL points to its role in a particular bet on a solar future: Babcock Ranch, developed near Fort Myers by a company that extols it as the nations first sustainable town. The power company built a solar farm that largely supplies the towns energy needs.

    FPL announced four similarly sized projects in April, and Duke says it is also building farms that size.

    FPL has been working for many years to advance solar energy while keeping customer bills low, said Mark Bubriski, a company spokesman. The utility said it plans to add enough solar capacity to power about 1.5 million homes and provide 20 percent of its total generation by 2030.

    During legislative hearings in Tallahassee, Syd Kitson, the developer of Babcock Ranch, which will include 20,000 homes when fully developed, proposed building a town that could showcase the benefits of solar power.

    Im an environmentalist who is a developer, Mr. Kitson said. It is the Sunshine State, so it made a lot of sense to us.

    But solar proponents feel the utilities need to be pushed further.

    Scott McIntyre, chief executive of Solar Energy Management, a statewide leader in commercial solar power based in St. Petersburg, said the gains the state appeared to be making were little more than a facade.

    Florida is not going to do any type of energy policy that benefits consumers, not for a long time, Mr. McIntyre said. They just keep making the hurdles higher and higher.

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    Do Not Buy A Solar System If You Havent Planned What To Do With It

    You should first determine how you will use your solar system before purchasing one. Similar to buying a house, one should first know how many people will be living in it and determine their needs. Even if theres a great deal for a one-bedroom place, you shouldnt just get it. What if you are a family of 5?

    Always do your research and ask people who have solar energy systems to help you decide on which system to get.

    Lower Your Utility Costs

    In Florida, your utilities will typically cost you about $0.12 per kWh a month. This is right along with the national average, which is about $0.135.

    But even though it seems low on paper, you know that it can quickly add up. Considering the fact that Florida relies on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources for their energy, making the switch to solar electricity is both a way to save on your utilities and reduce your reliance on harmful nonrenewable energy sources.

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    Do Not Rush Decisions

    Do not immediately accept an offer, especially unrealistic deals from grid-tied or lease systems. If someone is offering you a free solar energy system that can eliminate your energy costs, it probably has hidden drawbacks. Always check the fine print before signing.

    You may also find a less expensive solar panel while doing your research, but you shouldnt buy it immediately. It probably has B-grade cells or wont work efficiently as stated. Get some guarantees before purchasing solar equipment.


    Turn To : Are Solar Panels Worth It

    Is Cutting down Trees for Tesla Solar Panels WORTH IT?

    PALM HARBOR, Fla. This 3,400-square-foot Palm Harbor home, received an electric bill once, for more than $500 a month.

    Its not the case anymore.

    Our power bill is the basic service fee of $16, says Aaron Metz, who invested in solar panels.

    Aaron Metz says he only pays $16 for the cooler months of the year and a few dollars more to run the air conditioning around the clock.

    Im very proud of what Ive done here, Metz said.

    There years ago, Metz decided to add these to his home.

    Theres 36 panels, Metz said. Each panel is 325 watts.

    Solar panels allow Metz to generate energy from sunlight. By creating his own electricity, his bill is on average less than $30 per month.

    Its monthly money savings and environmental impact, Metz said.

    The panels come at a cost. For Metz, he says he paid more than $30,000.

    When we went on contract this system was $36,000. The government will come in with 30 percent tax credit and offset that, Metz said.

    He says in about eight years that will be paid off.

    After payoff period, youre in profit, says Metz.

    Before you start thinking about profit, the Better Business Bureaus Bryan Oglesby says there are things to consider.

    Its more than installing panels, you may also be financing and also ask yourself, Are you a homeowner selling home in short term? So make sure its worth it, Oglesby said.

    He also says to take into consideration how old your roof is and if you finance the panels, there could be added interest.

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    Florida Solar Panels: Why Solar Energy Is Now Super Cheap In Florida

    According to the Swanson effect, the cost of the cells used to make solar panels, is predictably dropping, by 20% every ten years. Price of solar cells decreased from a whopping per watt rate in 1977 of $76.67 to a mere per watt rate of $0.36 in 2014.

    If youre new to the topic of solar power, be aware that every state has its own set of regulations and laws for solar energy and installation. Initial costs of solar power can be in the thousands, even with tax credits and rebates. There are several strategies that Florida residents can use to secure the financing needed to make the transition to solar power.

    Is Rooftop Solar Under Threat In Florida

    In this July 28, 2015, photo, electricians install solar panels on a roof.MATT YORK / AP PHOTO

    When Pete Wilking founded A1A Solar in Jacksonville in 2010, the rooftop solar industry was still in its infancy. Just three years later, the company was very financially viable.

    Then Jacksonvilles city-owned utility company changed its rooftop solar policy in 2018, reducing the amount it reimburses solar customers for excess power. That change doubled the amount of time it takes for solar owners to recoup their investment. Demand soured, and Wilking was forced to lay off 25 people, about half of his full time staff.

    JEA says it changed the policy to keep regular customers from having to subsidize solar customers.

    Thats an argument that has gained political traction around Florida recently, although solar businesses and advocates say the small number of solar owners dont have the impact utilities claim they do.

    When theyre making disingenuous statements, I think we need to be sure to call that out, said Alissa Schafer, a communications and research specialist for the Energy and Policy Institute , a national watchdog organization.

    Schafer and others are worried that Floridas powerful investor-owned utilities are pushing regulators to scale back the states rooftop solar policy, as JEA did, or get rid of it all together. If successful, the rooftop solar industry across the Sunshine State could start to look a lot like it does in Jacksonville.

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    Why Choose Florida Solar Power

    One of the most practical reasons to opt into Floridasolar power is that, over the life of the panels, the kilowatt-hours of electricity they produce are much cheaper. The upfront cost may seem daunting at first. But installing Florida solar power means youll have free electricity after your payback period. Whats more, potential homebuyers see a solar panel array as a benefit, raising your homes value. The longer you have solar panels, the lower yourper-hour electricity usage costsbecome, since you buy the system upfront and draw value on it for decades afterward.

    Any time a power outage from a Florida hurricane leaves you without electricity, its tempting to find a way to be more energy independent. Many turn to Florida solar panels, especially those that have a battery back-up, because it lowers their reliance on thepower company in order to have electricity. Surges in demand on the grid wont impact your electric rates on your personal solar panel costs, and issues with the power supply wont impact your home system.

    Many Floridians also want to have a positive impact on the Earth. Solar panels are one way to reduce your environmental footprint, since your home is one of the places where you can have the most impact as an individual.Clean energy doesnt emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, allowing you to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that you create in a given year, all while saving on your electric bills long-term.

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