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Is My Property Suitable For Solar Panels

Is My Land Suitable For A Solar Farm

When is solar power not suitable for my home?

Leasing your land for a solar farm is a great way to generate some extra revenuewith little or no effort on your part. A solar developer like YSG Solar will handle the solar land leasing process from beginning to end, to ensure that your solar farm is up-and-running in no time. Whats more, a solar farm offers a long-term revenue stream, so a solar land lease could guarantee an income stream for you & your family for decades to come.

However, the right piece of land is required in order for a solar farm to be successful, and for a solar land lease to be a viable option. You might be interested in the prospect of a solar farm, but first you should make sure that your land is suitable for a solar farm. The best way to do this is to speak directly to a solar developer like YSG Solar, in order to understand and outline the specific requirements of your project. If you want to do some research first, our list below should help to clarify whether or not your land is right for a solar farm. These are just some of the factors which determine land suitability for a solar farm, and the specifics will vary from project to project.

What Is Your Climate Like

Solar energy may be generated in a wide range of climates, from wet regions like Seattle to scorching hot spots like Los Angeles, California. Solar suitability checkers can assist you figure out how this could influence your homes solar. Solar panels with high efficiency convert direct and indirect sunlight into power, allowing them to operate even on gloomy days. Before you decide to go solar, a solar expert will estimate the quantity of energy your system will produce so you can understand the possible savings.

Solar panels are designed to function in all climates, however owing to age or tree cover, certain rooftops may not be appropriate for solar systems. Rooftop panels may not be the best solution if there are trees near your home that cast too much shade on your roof. Your roofs size, form, and slope are other significant elements to consider. Solar panels work best on south-facing roofs, however they may work on other rooftops as well. You should also think about the age of your roof and how long it will be before it has to be replaced.

How Much Sunlight Do You Get

Of course, if you are going to get solar panels you need to have a good south roof or a good east or west roof without any tree shading, otherwise the panels will do you no good. But how do you know if you get enough solar light for solar panels? Try a solar panel suitability checker like Googles Project Sunroof to determine if your home is a suitable candidate for solar. Then schedule a solar consultation with a professional who will evaluate your homes orientation , roof angle, and tree shadowing to determine if your roof will get enough sunshine to fulfill your familys energy demands. The industry standard is to not charge for the solar professional to check out your home and roof.

The panels will produce more power the more direct sunshine your property receives. The most common solar panels on the market are recognized for being highly effective at generating electricity in low-light circumstances nevertheless, severe shadowing will decrease the quantity of electricity that can be created.

Its also worth noting that several solar panel manufacturers have built micro-inverters into each panel from the factory. What exactly is that? Its a cutting-edge solar design element that ensures that even if one panel isnt producing electricity due to shadow, nearby panels that receive more sunlight may still create solar energy for your home. This way, even if a single panel isnt getting much sun, youll always have electricity.

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Is My Roof Sturdy Enough For Panels

The vast majority of roofs in the City of Sydney are strong enough to accommodate solar panels, but older roofs may need to be repaired or reinforced first. If your roof is tiled, it will be necessary to affix brackets to hold your panels. Your accredited installer will be able to assess this for you.

My Roof Is Shaded Will Solar Panels Still Work

Is My Home Suitable for Solar Panel Installation?

Shade can really diminish the amount of power that solar PV panels can generate and even damage them! If your roof has a lot of shadows cast upon it for long time periods you may want to look at other solar options .

Installers will be able to assess your situation, potentially perform a shading analysis and offer advice on the best way to proceed. You can learn more about choosing the best installer in our handy guide.

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What Kind Of Roofing Material Do You Have

Another important criterion to fit the solar panels on the rooftop is to check whether your roofing material is durable enough to hold it. Solar panels fit like a dream on durable and strong roofing materials such as concrete tile and standing seam metal. Always go for professional help when finding out the type of roofing you have.

Also, check if your roofing needs to be replaced or repaired any time soon. If your rooftop is due for fixing, repair it as soon as possible before fitting the panels. Once the panels are fitted, it will be quite difficult to change the roofing tiles or do the necessary maintenance.

Do Solar Panels Have To Face South

While it isnt recommended to have solar panels installed on a north facing roof in the UK, you can still have them installed if you wish but they wont perform as well as we saw from the table above. So if you dont have a south facing roof, dont let that put you off the idea of renewable solar energy as it is still very much a possibility.

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What Is Your Local Climate Like

Solar energy can be generated in all sorts of extreme climates, from rainy areas such as Seattle, to extremely hot locations such as Los Angeles, California. Solar suitability checker tools can help you understand how this could affect solar on your house. High-efficiency solar panels convert direct and indirect sunlight into electricity, so they work even on cloudy days. A solar consultant will estimate the amount of energy your system will produce so that you can see the potential savings before you decide to go solar.

If your area is prone to severe weather, check the durability rating of the panels you’re considering for your home. SunPower panels are rated No. 1 in third-party durability testing, which means they can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, including hail up to 1 inch in diameter.1 In fact, SunPower technology is so reliable that NASA chose our solar cells to power its GROVER project, which explored Greenland’s vast and inhospitable ice sheets. Solar that’s tough enough for NASA is tough enough for your roof, too.

Think your house is a good candidate for solar? Find out how much you might save by entering your address into our solar savings calculator. Sign up for a free home solar estimate and evaluation or call us at 1-800-786-7693.

Cost Of Solar Panels For 3 Bedroom House

Is My Roof Suitable for Solar Panel Installation

How much does it cost to install a solar panel system? Cost of solar panels. The average cost of installing solar panels is between $10,626 and $26,460 for a 6 to 12 kW system to power the entire home. The average payback period for solar panels is 7 to 12 years and solar energy saves between $600 and $2,000 per year on electric bills.

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How Do Solar Panels Save You Money

Solar panels can present a large upfront cost with installation fees. But over time you can save big as you save on energy bills. The average home with solar panels in American Fork, Utah is projected to save $5,000 over 20 years. Solar panels reduce your electricity bill significantly. To save money and have reliable electrical power for your property, install solar panels. Whether youre looking to save for your home or business, solar panels are a great option for an property.

Why Are Solar Panels A Good Investment

Solar panels are a great investment for many reasons. Over time, it will save you money on your electric bills. The price of electricity is likely not dropping any time soon, making solar panels an even better investment over time. Solar power capabilities will increase your property value. Plus, youll get a tax break when you use solar powersaving you even more money. Solar panels are very durablethey are long-lasting and dont require much maintenance. Aside from the financial side of things, solar panels are also great for the environment. Going green and reducing your carbon footprint is another great benefit.

To learn more about solar panels and what they could mean for your property, contact Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy! We can discuss options for your house or building to reduce electricity costs and ensure reliable energy. Go green and save some green with solar panels.

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Roof Size Plays A Part In Solar System Efficiency

Yet another important factor to consider when determining how well suited your home is for solar is the size of the available roof space on non-north facing roofs. While the number of solar panels you require to meet your electrical demand varies with your annual electrical usage, typically residential solar installations range from 14 to 45 solar panels with the average system size being roughly 26 solar panels.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, generally there is a direct relationship between the size of your home and the amount of electricity you consume over the course of a year. The good news is typically the size of your homes roof will also be in a direct relationship with your annual energy consumption, allowing most homes to fit enough solar panels to completely eliminate their monthly electric bill!

How Many Solar Panels For 1000 Kwh Per Month

Is My Home Suitable For a Solar Tracker?

A house with a monthly consumption of 1000 kWh usually needs 20 to 30 solar panels. The exact amount will depend on the specifications of the panel model selected and the amount of sunlight available.

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Read The 8 Simple Steps To Check If Your Home Is Suitable For Solar Panels

There are probably houses in your own street with this technology fitted to the roof. Thanks in part to the Governments Feed-in Tariff, the UK now boasts over 12,000MW of installed solar capacity, compared to just 31MW at the beginning of 2010.Is your home solar panel & battery storage suitable?

No doubt youve heard plenty about solar panels, but could you own them yourself? What questions should you ask to determine if your home is suitable, and what are the consequences for your investment if your home isnt exactly right? Lets find out.

Will Your Roof Be Replaced

You want your roof to be ready for solar panels since they may last up to 40 years. If you require a new roof after the panels are placed, a solar professional will have to remove the entire system and reinstall it when the roof is replaced. A rule of thumb is that your roof should have at least 10 years of life left.

You can install solar panels if you have a new roof. If youre in the market for a new roof, consider adding solar panels to the mix. There will be no difficulties drilling through roof membranes or trying to attach new structure if the installation is completed at the same time.

How long will your roof survive if it isnt brand new? Various types of roofing are designed to survive for varying lengths of time. Roofs made of asphalt and tar endure around 20 years, wood shake roofs 30 years, and tile and metal roofs 50 years. Before installing solar panels, you should replace your roof if it is towards the end of its useful life.

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How Much Is Your Energy Bill

Knowing how much you pay for energy is the first step in evaluating whether your house is a good candidate for solar. The main question is, will it save you money? In some areas, electricity is very inexpensive. For most homeowners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. The general rule is that solar makes the most financial sense for someone with a monthly electricity bill of at least $75. Why? Because going solar replaces utility energy with solar energy, and we want our customers to see a return on that investment by paying less for that energy. A utility bill of $75 is the threshold at which residential solar customers will see solar savings. There are several ways to go solar, depending on a customer’s needs and goals. SunPower offers zero-down lease, loan and cash purchase options each with different benefits. Ask your local solar expert about local and federal incentives and electricity policies where you live.

The overall idea is to pay less than you currently pay, lock in your electricity rate and save money by generating your own clean energy onsite.

Do You Need Solar Power

How many Solar Panels do I need to power my house? How much power/energy does a Solar Panel Produce?

Solar energy is ideal for someone that has a high electricity bill thats putting a huge dent in your monthly expenses. If your electric bill is $75 or more, then its time to look into going solar. Why? Because installing a solar panel system will reduce your electricity bill, save you money, increase your homes value and help eliminate your homes carbon footprint all while generating clean energy.

What Type Of Roof Your House Has?

Its imperative that we check your roof before we address installing solar panels. Solar panels only work well with durable and strong roof materials. The best roofs are ones that have asphalt, composite shingles, standing seam metal, or a concrete tile roof. The roofs that are not best for solar installations, are slate, wood shake tile, stone, metal coated steel or clay with mortar roofs. Its best to seek the advice of professional with years of experience, like Blue Energy Electric to help you understand the process and to find out if your roof meets the required needs to get started.

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How Much Internal Space Do You Have

The internal space requirement for a PV system is minimal, as the only bulky piece of internal equipment is the inverter. This requires around a metre squared of space, which can normally be accommodated in the loft without major problems. However, if you have a loft conversion or dormer bedrooms, make sure youve thought through where you plan to place this equipment.

Or Let Us Qualify Your Site For You

Not sure what to expect? Here is how the consultation process works:

Learn about what to expect for your site visit here: What to Expect from your Site Visit

If your home does not seem like a great fit, other options might be available to you. Do you own a barn with better roof exposure, a second home, or a business that may qualify for solar? Additionally, a large, sun-lit yard or piece of land may be a perfect fit for a ground or pole-mounted system.

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What Is The Local Climate Of Your Place Like

It is possible to generate solar energy in extreme climates. So, rainy areas or extremely hot areas can produce solar energy with solar panel installation. Experts having solar suitability checker tools can determine how climatic conditions can affect the production of solar power. Always choose high-efficiency solar panels as they can convert direct and indirect sunlight to electricity with ease. It means the solar panels can generate electricity even during cloudy days. Our experienced professionals can help determine the amount of energy the system produces to ensure you get the biggest savings.

If you are looking for a solar expert who can guide you in the right direction, get in touch with Blue Energy Electric. Professionals with 20+ years of experience in the field. We can guide you in the right direction by providing different options of products and financing. Well meet your solar needs and ensure you maximized savings.

Do Solar Panels Increase The Value Of A House

Is My Home Suitable For a Solar Tracker?

The short answer is, yessolar panels really do add value to a house. Multiple studies have concluded that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with solar panels. Most of the cost of solar panels are upfront costs, then over time you save moneyso when you buy a house that already has solar panels installed, you can start saving right way with no installation fees. If you are looking to increase your property value, installing solar panels is a sure fire way to do it.

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