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Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

Easy To Attach Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain Add Spark To Your Pool

Building a Solar Pool Heater for Huge in-ground Swimming Pool

Easy to Attach Grecian Triple Tier Floating Swimming Pool Fountain Add Spark to Your Pool

So there you have it take your time to check them out and see which one is right for you. Ive done all the hard work for you in this 2022-2023 Review On The Best Solar Heater For Inground Pools now all that is left is to decide which one is best for you and I hope that by making this review I have been able to make that choice a little bit easier for you.

What Is A Solar Pool Heater And Who This Is For

The top-rated solar pool heaters are always worth it. This item is for anyone who owns a pool and wants to make the most out of this outside source of leisure and activity. Solar pool heaters are highly recommended for homeowners who would like to enjoy their pool and not be disturbed by the noise, additional expenses, and rigorous maintenance. Instead, they want a cost-efficient and environment-friendly process that is simple and reliable. The best ones are the low-key heaters that would just heat the pool when you need it to.

There are so many available choices on the market, and the best solar pool is one that is easy to install and has a quick turnaround in changing the water temperature. It should also be able to help keep the heat longer. You would also want a solar pool heater that requires very minimal to zero maintenance at all and is tailored fit for your pool.

The best solar pool heater should ultimately serve its function and deliver what it is meant to do, which is to warm and heat your pool to your desired temperature in the most efficient way, and that is using the suns solar energy without the need for any intervention from you.

Pvc Coiled Tube Collector Diy Solar Pool Heater

The coiled PVC tube collector model is surely the most common type of DIY solar pool heater. They are easy to build using hardware store supplies and are flexible and very efficient.

The heart of a coiled tube DIY solar pool heater is a large round or race-track pattern of PVC tubing typically enclosed in an insulated box frame. Water is pumped out of the pool and through the coil of tubing, where it heats courtesy of solar radiation. The heated water returns to the swimming pool, slowly raising its overall temperature. An example of this type of system is illustrated in the basic solar pool heating principles illustration above.

We will examine this type of DIY solar pool heater in detail later in this article.

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Laying Out The Tubing

This is undoubtedly the most challenging and time-consuming part of getting this type of DIY solar pool heater set up. Coil the rolls of tubing tight and high, and youll have to go at it systematically if you want to get a flat, single-layer layout.

Theres no real magic-wand method of doing this, and youll have to plod away until you have spread the whole roll out flat. Just try as far as is possible to avoid kinking the pipe.

A box this size wont take a full 250-foot roll of tubing, and youll have to trim around 30 feet off to leave enough space in the center of the roll. This is approximately the relationship between the outside and inside diameter of the coil, you need to be aiming for.

When you lay the tube out flat, you can feed the inside end under the coil and trim both ends to leave yourself with a layout similar to the illustration below.

Now you can use zip ties to keep the roll together and flat. Lay the tube roll back in position and mark out cut-out channels in the foam insulation sheet as indicated by the dashed red lines below.

This step will allow the tube roll to lie flat on the insulating sheet when the tubing is brought through the box for connection. That way, you will still have enough space to install the braces that will permanently keep the roll secure.

Important Note

Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System

SmartPool S202 SolarArc2
  • Efficient heating for its ideal design
  • Compact and sleek appearance
  • Large solar heat collector without connectors and couplings
  • Easy installation and little to no maintenance
  • Includes a user manual
  • Requires additional materials, such as a flexible hose and spikes

The Fafco heating system is a topnotch pool heater that is also another consideration for a high-quality pool heater. One of its selling points is its versatility for installation. You can mount it on the ground or a nearby roof. If you wish to, you can also set it up in a rack.

Another thing I liked about the FAFCO solar heater is that it comes with what we need for installation. Every package comes with a collector plus barb connection, 12 mounting bases, 12 mounting caps, one valve handle, 20 pieces of rubber tube plugs, and six mounting straps.

I also liked that this model has a pool pump that can circulate the water coming through the collector. Also, I would like to note that this model can promote heating efficiency. But then, you should ensure that it is tilted up to 30 degrees to the south and ideally between 10 am and 4 pm.

I also liked that it comes complete with a bypass valve, which we can quickly turn on or off without any hassles. In addition to these benefits, the Solar Bear heater is also with an easy to understand manual.

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Solar Pool Heater Installation Guide

While some inground pools heaters require professional installers and do not have an installation kit, most in ground pool and above ground pools solar heaters are easy to install as long as you have the proper tools or the installation kit and the right instructions. With this step-by-step solar pool heater installation guide, you will be able to install any in ground pool or above ground solar pool heater on your own.

Protect The Pool From Debris & Bugs

If you dont cover your pool, you risk leaving it exposed to a number of elements. Leaves, debris, and even bugs can fall into the water. This can risk damaging your filter. Also, as a solar cover maintains a steady temperature, it can reduce the chance of mildew developing inside the pool as a result of uneven temperatures.

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What Is The Best Way To Heat An Inground Pool

The best pool heater for your pool depends on how quickly you need to heat your water, the outside air temperature, and how much youre willing to spend on the ongoing cost to run your heater. In colder climates, youll want either a gas or an electric pool heater, as those have more power to heat the water to hotter temperatures and more quickly. A gas heater will usually cost you more to run than an electric heater. On the other hand, for those in warm climates, using a solar heater can increase your pool waters temperature without any ongoing costs. But it may only increase by a few degrees and over a longer period of time.

Glazed Or Unglazed Panels

DIY Pool Heater – $50 Solar Heater

Glazed or unglazed solar panels are ideal in colder temperatures, while unglazed solar panels are better for those living in warmer climates. Some other things youd need to consider when making your purchase include the clarity of installation instructions.

The next thing to consider is the size of the solar collectors. If youve got a bigger pool, for example, youd need a large solar collector. Youd also want an above ground heater that can increase the temperature of your water by about 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Best Inground Electric Pool Heater: Hayward Heatpro Heat Pump

The Hayward HeatPro is a compact electric pool heater designed to heat your pool efficiently without taking up a ton of room. The titanium heat exchanger and ultra gold evaporator coil are chemically corrosion resistant. This makes it a great choice for coastal environments and saltwater pools. The lightweight design also makes it easier to transport.

But the best feature? Unlike other heat pumps, the Hayward HeatPro will even work when the outside air temperature is lower.

The HeatPro is fairly complex to install and is best left to professionals. Youll need at least six feet of clearance above the heat pump at installation. And itll also take several hours to heat the water if you have a larger pool of over 25,000 gallons.

Do Solar Pool Heaters Work In Winter

Solar pool heaters work year round. If you solar heating system is installed properly, then you shouldnt have problems. When the sun is out, solar panels absorb the store energy so it can heat your pool.

A solar pool heater works by collecting energy from the sun. On cloudy days, solar panels still collect energy, just not as much.

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How We Picked And Tested

Choosing the right solar pool heater needs a lot of thought and consideration. Sure, you want one, but you must make sure that it can serve its purpose well. Here are some factors before you pick the most ideal one.

When shopping for solar pool heaters, there are a lot of excellent choices. If budget is not an issue, then the advantages that you enjoy are limitless and not to mention getting the highest quality possible. It all comes to your needs and wants. Knowing these and the recommended considerations will direct you to the right choice. Choosing one and finally closing the deal can also be made easier by getting with family, friends, and neighbors so you can also check personally their existing solar pool heaters. Checking reviews that are usually unbiased and based on personal experiences would also be a smart move to influence your final decision.

Misol Solar Collector Of Solar Hot Water Heater With 10 Evacuated Tubes

Electric Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

The MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater with 10 Evacuated Tubes, which we believe is a wise selection to include in our list for the right reason. It comes equipped with highly durable solar collectors that fetch water from the swimming pool and use solar power from the Sun to heat the water and circulate it back to the swimming pool.

The MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater with 10 Evacuated Tubes comes equipped with ten special glass tubes under vacuum and dimensions of 500 mm in length and 58 mm in diameter for each. For the construction material, the outer shell of the tubes is constructed out of an aluminum alloy, which has a thickness of 1.8 mm, while the insulating layer is made of rock wool throughout. There are ten units for the heat pipe included in the package. This model can be used as a solar collector for systems installed for heating water systems or as miscellaneous collectors for heating systems to heat water at home.

When you purchase the MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater with 10 Evacuated Tubes, the package would include a single set of solar collectors with a water heater of the dimensions set at 0.5 m in length and 58 mm in outer diameter. All in all, the package includes these four things:

1. 10 Vacuum or the Evacuated pipes for heating

2. 1 Manifold that has ten holes to distribute the heated water back to the swimming pool

3. Ten tube holders to secure it in place



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Best Inground Gas Pool Heater: Hayward Universal H

The Hayward Universal H-Series Gas Heater comes as either a natural gas or propane pool heater. Its available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 150,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU. And its an environmentally-friendly option for those in locations where low-NOx emissions are required. Keep in mind that youll likely have to pay to install it: professional installation is recommended to ensure plumbing and gas lines are handled correctly.

With a properly sized heater for your pool, you can expect the temperature to increase by one to two degrees an hour. A 40,000 BTU heater will warm a 33,000-gallon pool from 77 to 86 degrees in eight hours. Once it arrives at the set temperature, it will kick on a few times a day to maintain it.

Looking for another natural gas option? We recommend the Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater.

Smart Pools S601 Pool Solar Heater

It is no wonder that the S601 Pool Solar Heater is ranked first in our list of the best 2022 solar pool heaters. Smart Pool has been delivering effective solar pool heaters for over 20 years. Whether you have an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, the solar heater does a great job in warming your pool.

S601 pool solar heater uses a direct flow system to heat your pool. Each heating tube has a header hole. It uses 80 square feet of solar panels and raises the temperature of your pool water by 6-10°F . Each panel measures 20 feet long and 4 feet wide.

You have to connect the solar heater to an existing water pump. You can place the heating collectors either near your pool or on your rooftop. It is easy to install the pump. But you have to buy the installation kit separately. It does not come with the product.

The solar panels are made from polypropylene which makes them very durable. Furthermore, it has a coating of fiberglass over the molded header. These features prolong the longevity of the product.


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What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item

Heating panels are made from durable polypropylene. Designed for easy DIY Installation and increases pool temperatures as much as 15 ÌF.

Liquid Heat Shield locks in heat by reducing pool water evaporation. Simply add the amount designated for your pool using the easy-to-read markings on the bottle.

Apply and remove your solar blanket quickly and easily with our advanced Reel Systems. Available for both In-Ground and Above-Ground pools.

Sun2solar Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond

Improved Solar Pool Heater – Full build

The Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Solar Cover is the best solar cover for an inground pool for those looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers good heat retention throughout various seasons. This is made from a resin material, and the cover itself is a clear cover.

Unlike many other common solar covers, this uses diamond-shaped bubbles with the claim that with a diamond design you get greater coverage of bubbles to absorb more UV rays. While the low price on this solar pool cover definitely makes it a good value for the ones we evaluated, it did rank low on both ease-of-use as well as durability compared to others.

Next, on our best solar cover for inground pool list, we have this solar cover from Down Under that makes use of a double blue layer technology that aims to give the cover more durability. It features reinforced seams that try to help it fight against wear and wind resistance in spite of the fact that it is very lightweight.

More about the durability, this solar cover is made from vinyl that is UV stabilized to fight of fading from both the sun and the chemicals from the pool. Also, it comes with a decent 3-year warranty. Althought it works well, our biggest issue with the Down Under Blue Solar Cover is that it is often not available to buy and probably not the best choice for someone needing a solar pool cover in a timely manner.

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How Much Do These Solar Pool Heaters Raise The Temperature Of Water In A Pool

The problem with solar energy is its not as exact as electric or gas heat. While the amount of energy put out by the sun is macroscopically more or less constant, variables such as atmospheric conditions, weather, and randomness in water chemistry mean that theres no way to predict how hot the water will get from them.

This also varies widely depending on the amount of water, the surface-to-volume ratio, and the size/volume of the heaters in use. Sheet heaters on a pools surface tend to raise it by about 10-15 degrees, sometimes more on a really sunny and hot day.

Exchange heaters, however, can get water very hot, even hotter than a hot shower if they get the right amount of heat. Ive seen these heaters put out water that was well over 100 degrees. Dont fear they tend to cycle less than half the pool over a day, meaning this hot mixes with the cold for a nice temperature.

How Does Solar Energy Work

The suns energy is captured by solar panels and converted into electricity. This electricity then goes into the grid, where it can be used to power homes or businesses.

Solar panels capture more sunlight during the day than at night, so they effectively use daylight hours.

This makes them most valuable when there is lots of sunlight. This usually occurs in the middle and end of summer.

Since solar panels are installed on households and commercial structures, they gain more value than homes where space or lack of sunlight prevents them from being effective.

The average home can use around 100 watts per square meter to heat their pool water this way .

However, it will take at least 9 hours for your swimming pool to reach the same temperature. In this case, you will have enough sun time during noon hours to heat your pool in a few days.

Depending on the number of solar panels and their output, some homes or commercial structures can function off just one panel!

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