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How To Become A Solo Traveller

Work On Your Bucket List

How to be a Solo Traveller (dan mengobati patah hati) | Film Pendek

Is there something youve been dying to try that no one is willing to try with you? Maybe youd like to go skydiving over the Grand Canyon, see ancient Mayan ruins, or simply eat real Maine lobster. When your partner and friends dont share every one of your interests, thats OK, but its not OK to sacrifice your dreams, especially when all you have to do is get there.

Building An Audience Is Key

While I could go into the different ways travel bloggers make money, thats not what this particular post is about.

Everyone and their grandmother asks me how I make money from my travel blog, but the question they SHOULD be asking is how did I build an audience.

Because the hard truth is youll only earn income with your blog once you have a decent audience. Readers come first, money comes later.

So today well cover a few different techniques for building an engaged audience on your travel blog, as well as unique tactics for getting yourself noticed by companies looking to work with bloggers.

Ensure To Keep Someone Updated On Your Itinerary

It is understandable that you’re making a solo trip and want to feel the fresh breath of independence. However, it would be ideal to keep at least one person informed about your whereabouts and your travel itinerary. This practice will help alert your person of contact to reach out to the embassy or the hostel, should something bad happen to you.

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Solo Traveler: A Community Sharing Solo Travel Tips And Advice

Over the years, several hundred thousands travelers have participated in the Solo Traveler Community in one way or another. There are so many ways to be part of this solo travel community:

Most of the blog is relevant for solo travelers of all ages. But there are some that are more relevant to younger solo travelers. Here’s a guide to the most popular posts for those in the 20s and 30s who travel solo.

The second group that most read Solo Traveler are 50+. If you land in that category, we have an article on benefits, options, destinations and safety for traveling solo over 50. It points to you to many more relevant articles as well.

Below are links to a variety of posts for everyone on everything from inspiration to money management. Enjoy.

Avoid Lodging With A Single Supplement

When A Solo Traveler Pairs Up  The Country Jumper

Some cruise lines and hotels might require two people to share the property. If you want it all to yourself, you will have to pay a single supplement so they travel provider can still make their anticipated revenue as if you brought a travel companion.

These fees will be disclosed before you book. If not, be sure to ask before confirming the reservation.

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Guest Posting On Other Blogs

When you first start your travel blog, no one will know you exist. A good way to change that is to write guest posts on other popular blogs with large audiences, and siphon some of their readers over to you.

Not only will you reach a targeted audience this way, it also helps with your branding and credibility as an authority on travel.

However, before you go pitching other blogs for guest posts, first check to make sure they even allow them. It helps to have some kind of relationship with the blogger too.

Cold pitches to someone youve never even spoken with are less likely to work.

You can see examples of my own guest posts here, here, and here. All these articles sent me traffic I probably wouldnt have had otherwise, introducing my adventure travel blog to new readers.

Theres also SEO power in backlinks from popular sites to yours.

My advice is to be picky, and guest post on blogs that you think will provide the best return on your investment in time. Because time is limited when youre trying to become a professional blogger!

Social Media Tips

Travel Companions For Seniors How To Find The Best Travel Partner For You

Many women over 60 love to travel, but dont want to travel alone. If youre looking for alternatives to traveling solo, perhaps you would do well to find a good travel partner.

Traveling can be a bit of a stress-test for a friendship being in new surroundings with a different schedule, different food, and even different customs and languages can present challenges to your friendship if youre not prepared. Some otherwise wonderful friends are not always the most ideal travel companions.

Before you embark on a long journey, its best to think ahead and talk in advance to make sure you and your travel partner are well suited to travel together.

Here are a few tips for how to communicate and plan to find the perfect travel partner:

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Be Open To New Opportunities And Adventures

If you are going to solo travel, you need to be able to motivate yourself to get out and explore every single day.

Any opportunity you get to meet new people or see new places should be welcomed with open arms. Being open and able to meet new people will present you with a new realm of ideas and possibilities that you did not even know would be open to you.

So make sure you do not miss out on them.

Do Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do With Others

Should You Be a Female Solo Traveler??

When traveling solo, you might be hesitant to try new things in case they don’t go as expected and you don’t have someone by your side. Instead, this can be a time to try something others in your normal travel party will not do. For example, you can spend all day touring an art museum when they would rather hang out on the beach, or vice versa. Maybe there’s something you can do alone that you can’t do if you bring the kids along.

This trip can also be an excellent opportunity to cross an item off your bucket list.

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Be Open To Meeting People

When your days arent spent chatting and plotting your next snack stop with a travel companion, youre forced to interact with locals and other travelers. This often results in new friendships. Be the traveler that you would want to meet on the road, recommends Aikens, whose open attitude helped her make a new close friend on her Botswana safari. The two women became so close that they now chat weekly and are going on a trip to the Arctic together.

Tip: Most cities offer free or cheap walking tours, which are a great way to link up with like-minded visitors. You could also find local classes and events through Meetup or Airbnb experiences, or tours through a company like Encounter Travel, which caters to singles. Tourlina helps women find female travel companions and Bumble BFF can also link you to fellow adventurers. Still, exercise good judgment and meet people only in public spaces.

Hotels For Solo Travelers

I love a great hotel, but I dont have a great big budget. All the same, if Im paying it for it, I want a comfortable stay.

You may have to do some looking, but more hotels are offering single rooms today than ever before, though its more common in Europe than North America. The rooms can sometimes be very small, but you will still have access to all the amenities the hotel offers.

Pod Hotels have single rooms with 4 locations in New York. In the UK, a chain called Z Hotels has single rooms in 11 different locations around London, plus Bath, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

Sometimes single room means a single bed. Sometimes, you can choose a double or queen. The key is to read the fine print so you know what youre getting for your money. is our favorite booking site for the wealth of information they offer about the accommodations they list, as well as their pricing.

Weve got some great suggestions for London, most of whichJanice or I have personally stayed at, in BestPlaces to Stay in London: Accommodation for Solo Travelers.

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Best Accommodation For Solo Travelers

September 23, 2021 by Tracey Nesbitt

Accommodation can be expensive for solo travelers. Along with airfare, its likely to be one of the largest items in your travel budget.

Fortunately, there are some alternatives that can help keep your costs down. Whether you want peace and quiet at the end of the day or social interaction with other travelers, there are options for you.

If you’re planning a trip and looking for accommodation recommendations from people who have been there, join us on the Solo Travel Society page on Facebook where you can get advice from fellow travelers. You can also join the Solo Traveler Insiders, our membership program, where we host monthly virtual meetups to share travel stories, advice, inspiration, and a few laughs.

Here is a short list of the best accommodation for solo travelers with links to helpful sources for more information.

Top Destinations For Solo Travelers

Being a solo traveler, and even more so, a solo hiker or ...

Take a deeper look at some of our most popular travel destinations for singles and solos.

Explore medieval villages, discover Renaissance architecture, visit ancient marble quarries and savor renowned wine and cuisine as you learn the timeless stories of Italy. Explore Italy Programs

The Big Island was home to Kamehameha the Great, Maui is iconic for its lush island landscapes and Oahu is a history buffs mecca. Learn Hawaiis story on this adventure of a lifetime. Explore Hawaii Programs

When it comes to world-class cities, Chicago is second to none. Come see why as you explore renowned art institutions, historic parks, the tallest building in North America and more! Explore Chicago Programs

With more than 5% of the worlds biodiversity, 121 volcanic formations, 801 miles of coastline and hundreds of endemic birds, Costa Rica is a true Mecca for nature lovers to explore. Explore Costa Rica Programs

Discover the story of Northern New Mexico as you learn about its Pueblo People, historic monuments, unique architecture and Sky City one of the oldest inhabited settlements in the US. Explore New Mexico Programs

Alongside experts, learn about Roman monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Parks and idyllic villages nestled above the waters of the Dalmatian Coast. Explore Croatia Programs

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It Makes You More Spontaneous

Dont plan out every moment of your travel time make room for spontaneity. If you find amazing travel buddies in one place, why not accompany them to the next? If you find yourself enjoying the atmosphere of a certain city, why not stay another week? Really allow yourself to be flexible with timing, so you can indulge yourself in a place you love. I mean thats why you wanted to travel in the first place!

Offer Your Services At Hostels

Hostels are a great place to make a bit of extra cash because they tend to be quite laid back and open to new ideas.

Selling things you’ve made is just one of the many ways you could make some money while staying in a hostel.

You could also offer to organize events, teach yoga, cook meals or even give massages.

Again, use the talents you have to your advantage and make some money while getting to know new people and enhancing other people’s travel experiences as well as your own!

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So Much More Than A Tour

I have been on three tours with these ladies, and I can not even explain how amazing my experiences have been. Its so much more than just a tour. I have made life-long friends who understand my wanderlust, met local people who taught me the warmth and kindness of the places weve visited, and I have left feeling empowered to travel more. Megan S. | Bali

Taking Care Of Your Belongings

How to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips

Man Taking Care of Luggage

When the traveler is alone, he is the one accountable for his things. Therefore, it is important that the solo traveler take care of his belongings in the best possible manner. It is a recommendation to store all your essentials like passport, wallet, camera, phone, and cash in a single bag and take extraordinary care of the same.

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Ways To Get Paid To Travel For Free A Solo Travellers Guide

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If you are reading this right now, it means youve been searching for different ways to save on your travels or looking for ways to fund your travels abroad, or both! Im here to tell you there are ways you can travel for FREE, make money, and even get paid! All you have to do is look in the right places and be willing to be flexible with your time and the way you travel.

Many of us love travelling, but most of us simply dont have the funds to travel as much as we like for an extended period of time. After calculating the costs of taking some time off work , then prepping for travel like buying travel gear, getting the proper vaccinations, paying for visa fees, etc., then researching and budgeting for flights, accommodation, travel insurance, entertainment, food and even the Uber ride to the airport can quickly add up to be extremely costly and you havent even left the country yet!

Be Mindful Of Your Environment

As a lone traveller, you have to be alert at all times. Not paranoid but just be mindful of where you are, who you are hanging out with, how safe is the environment, by what time should you take your leave and such. Do not be naive and notice potential danger. Avoid stepping out in the middle of the night or walking past a lonely alley. These are hubs for thieves to attack travellers.

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Solo Travel Communities We Recommend For Female Solo Travelers

  • Girls Love Travel: provides resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing, and support.
  • Young Travelers Network: a global community of young adults who love travel and a little adventure in their lives founded by
  • Nomadic Network: a global community of travel-enthusiasts who support and inspire one another to travel better, cheaper, and longer founded by Nomadic Matt.
  • Female Digital Nomads: the group was started with the goal to âunite, inspire, and inform digital babes that are wandering the globe.â
  • Under30Experiences: want to travel alone but meet other like-minded people? You can join our community, a great solution for people looking to solo travel with groups. Weâve been consistently rated as one of the fastest-growing solo travel companies.

What Its Like To Travel The World Solo As A Nurse Practitioner

7 Lessons Learned After 5 Years of Being a Solo Travel ...

Ebony Thyme, a traveling nurse and solo travel

Ebony Thyme

Two big topics right now during the coronavirus pandemic: travel and health

A traveling nurse sounds exciting, exotic, and prestigious, so what does this career really entail? A typical year in my shoes would consist of working four months taking four months off to travel working again for the last four months and finally, being home for the holidays! shares, Ebony Thyme, a travel nurse practitioner and solo travel influencer.

How many people can say that they love their career because it matches their lifestyle? Its a beautiful feeling to have the best of both worlds, says Thyme. You can check out the sneak peek into her course, The Traveling Chic, where she shares expert advice on how to plan for post-pandemic travel and become a confident solo traveler.

With this exciting introduction, Thyme gives inside scoop to her lifestyle of being a traveler 365 days of the year!

1. What made you decide to go into the field of nursing? And, what do you find most rewarding about the nursing profession?

Ebony relaxing after a long day in Egypt

Ebony Thyme

2. When did you have that AHA moment that you could be a traveling nurse practitioner influencer through social media?

3. What are some exciting, funny, or scary moments youve had as a traveling nurse?

Hanging out in Rome

Ebony Thyme

5. What message would you give a young person looking to enter into nursing, and potentially pursue a traveling nurse profession?

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Eat Alone And Enjoy It

While many people don’t understand why, the fact remains, dinner can be one of the more difficult times for the solo traveler. Here’s how to enjoy eating alone.

  • Become a regular. Dine in the same place regularly and you’ll become friendly with the staff. I’m not suggesting that you only go to one restaurant. After all, experiencing a culture’s food requires variety. But, if you can, take one meal a day in the same spot and you’ll find more than friends, you’ll find a comfort zone.
  • Take your restaurant meal at noon. Restaurants run by celebrity chefs are great attractions for some solo travelers. If you want to dine at a fine restaurant, consider doing so at noon. It’s the same chef and quality of food but it’s usually easier to get a reservation, the prices are typically lower, the lights are higher, and the crowd less romantic.
  • Eat at the bar or a communal table. Sitting at a table alone leaves no opportunity for a solo traveler to be social. It can also feel like you have a spotlight on you. I ate at one restaurant that had a line of two-person tables down the middle. They were all empty except the one I was seated at. I really felt like I stuck out with all the couples and foursomes at tables around the perimeter. I have learned to speak up in such situations. More importantly, I’ve learned to scout restaurants that have a great bar or communal tables so that I can chat with others.
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