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Solar Lamp Post With Planter Big Lots

Garden Reflections Solar Lamp Post And Planter Combo

Energizer 3 Fixture Solar Lamp Post with Planter Base on QVC

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  • Includes solar lamp post, two LED light bulbs, and planter
  • EZ anchor auger system
  • 360-degree lighting with flickering effect
  • Seeded glass pane
  • Cast aluminum construction with powder-coated finish
  • For outdoor use

How Bright Should Garden Lights Be

The brightness of garden lights is determined by personal choice, as says Jamie Moxey, Design Consultant at Dusk Lighting. However, it can be influenced by the objective whether you want it for decorative, functional, or security purposes, he adds.

‘For security lighting, you would be looking for brighter lights than if you were looking to add decorative lighting for an alfresco dining area for summer evenings. Brightness is determined by the lumen value higher lumen results in a brighter light which is important for goals such as deterring intruders and illuminating pathways.’

‘These choices will also be determined by the size of the outdoor space,’ Jamie continues. When illuminating a larger space, you would benefit from brighter lights.

Pathway lighting of 100-200 lumens is suitable. For more atmospheric lighting, a range of 50-300 lumens will work well to create attractive interest whilst avoiding glare. Flood lights used for security should be much higher, at around 700 lumens. Why not double it up with one of the best security cameras for even more peace of mind?

Softer outdoor lights like these from Lights4fun can be all that’s needed to illuminate the way

Best Solar Lights On Test In 2022

Illuminate your garden with our tests of the best solar lights for 2022.

Solar lights are environmentally friendly lighting. With a good set of solar lights, you can create an ambience that lets you enjoy your garden long after dark.

Powered by solar panels, they absorb daylight and convert it to electrical energy, charging your lights so theyre ready to go at night. Unlike mains-powered lights, solar lights are cheap and easy to install, and because these eco-friendly lights are powered by the sun, theyll save you money on electricity bills and batteries. With the right lights, you can have effective, automatic garden lighting that wont break the bank.

Best solar lights at a glance:

We put a range of solar lights to the test, using them in urban, suburban and rural gardens across the country. We started testing at the end of February 2022, and collected our results in late May, so weve put these lights through months of different lighting and weather conditions. Theyve seen wind, rain, hail and sleet cold snaps, heat waves, and even dust from the Sahara.

As we evaluated each one, we assigned them scores, and the models that topped the test were awarded BBC Gardeners World Magazine Best Buys. Each review has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up, features, performance, and value for money. Only the stand-out solar lights have made our list, so you can buy with confidence.

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Trueflame Usb Solar Crook Lantern

RRP: £29.99

  • No sign of rust or weathering


  • Comparatively pricey

We think this is a super lantern if you like traditional designs. Easy to set up, you simply need to attach the crook to the pole, but it does take three days to initially charge if its outside. However, its one of the few lanterns on test that comes with a USB cable. This lets you charge the light from a USB plug, which takes just a few hours and is a useful option if you cant wait for it to be charged by sunlight or want to give it a boost if its overcast or wintery. After that, simply press the on/off switch on the base of the lantern for three seconds, and youre ready to go. We like that this lantern is truly versatile thanks to a crook, pole and spike, which can be pushed into borders or the lawn, as well as a handle so you can hang it from a tree, or stand it on the ground or on a tabletop. It also features a power saving mode, to help increase performance if it hasnt fully charged, and it has a one-year warranty.

Dimensions: 19.5cm x 12.5cm x 67cm, 84cm height with spike

Buy the TrueFlame USB Solar Crook Lantern from The Solar Centre, ,

  • Slight rusting
  • Average IP rating

Dimensions: 43cm x 15.5cm x 15.5cm

Buy the Agadir Garden Solar Lantern from Lights4Fun

Use Festoon Lights For Modern Charm

Wilson &  Fisher Solar Light Lamp Post with Planter Base

Try festoon lighting for a contemporary vibe

Perhaps one of the easiest outdoor lighting ideas to get hold of and to style festoon lights are a popular choice for gardens.

They can be hung up over an outdoor seating area or strung along garden fence ideas to provide lighting all the way around the garden. Plus, their minimal, slightly bohemian-inspired style goes with any space, whether yours is a traditional garden or an industrial-style landscape.

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Integrate Lighting Into Your Furniture To Elevate A Piece

Weave lighting around outdoor furniture for an extra cozy experience

Make even more of a feature of the best garden furniture in your outside space by framing it with fairy or festoon lights and creating a nighttime focal point like this inviting and romantic set-up.

This works best for more permanent pieces like outdoor sofas and benches. Try wrapping small LED lights around the back of a newly painted bench for instant charm.

Set Of 2 Atlas Solar Spotlights

RRP: £39.99


  • Expensive
  • Fiddly to set up

These lights are fiddly to set up, requiring them to be screwed into the solar panel as well as to the stakes. However, theyre hard-wearing and showed no signs of rust weathering after months outside. They offer fantastic brightness, but unlike some of the other spotlights we tested, theyre a golden colour, so theyre bright but never harsh to look at. We love the generous 4m cable, which means you have a lot of options with where you can put your lights. They switch on early, about half an hour after sunset, and look great in the dusk. We also love the generous two-year warranty. However, £40 is a lot of money for two solar lights.

Dimensions: 4cm x 4.5cm x 8cm for each light 17cm x 13cm solar panel 4m cable

Buy a Set of 2 Atlas Solar Spotlights from Lights4Fun

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Lumify Usb Solar Fairy Lights White 100 Leds

RRP: £34.99



  • Comparatively expensive

This string of solar fairy lights has 100 white LEDs along 10 metres of wire, which means theyre ideal for running along fences, or using to decorate eating areas. Theres also two metres of cable between the solar panel and the first LED bulb, so check this provides enough distance if you need to position the panel in the sun and string the lights up in a shady spot. We like that it comes with a stake as well as a wall mount, which gives plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting up your solar panel. If you have a north-facing garden and charging outdoors is an issue, theres also a USB cable, which provides enough power for 12 consecutive nights on a single indoor charge. While they turn on and off automatically you can also do this manually by using the on/off switch. As with many fairy lights on test, you can choose between a range of different modes, and these lights offer eight options, from a steady glow to various flashing sequences. We also like that they have a power saving mode, which reduces brightness but doubles the runtime during overcast conditions and winter months. Despite all the features, these lights are expensive compared to the other options we tested and come with just a years warranty.

Dimensions: 10m

Buy the Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights White 100 LEDs from The Solar Centre, and

Hang Statement Pendants From A Sturdy Structure

Garden Reflections 3-Head Solar Lamp Post with Planter Base on QVC

Try hanging pendants as part of your outdoor lighting ideas to make a striking statement these ones are from Nedgis

Some of the best lights include those that can be suspended from above. Does your outdoor space include sturdy patio cover ideas such as a pergola or gazebo? As well as keeping your seating sheltered, they’re perfect for hanging statement pendants from.

Architectural designs like these are a fantastic way to elevate a contemporary plot. Crafted from durable, painted aluminium, they bring an industrial tone to this dining scene, especially in conjunction with the black table. Meanwhile, plenty of climbing foliage adds a textural element to the set-up and offers a soothing dose of green.

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas: 52 Ways To Create A Cozy Glow In Your Garden After Dark

These outdoor lighting ideas will inspire you to illuminate your space in style from ambience-boosting designs to practical solutions

These outdoor lighting ideas are just what you need to add that all-important glow at dusk. It’s not one to overlook, as with the right lighting, you can really transform your backyard.

Experiment with various styles for different areas: think spotlights on steps, uplighting on trees, or cozy lanterns around outdoor seating, for example. Choose the right lighting and you can quickly add interest to a patio space, highlight key features such as your favorite plants, draw attention to a garden pergola that’s set up for alfresco dining, or even create warmth in a shadowy corner.

To help you transform your space so you can get a better view of your garden from indoors and out, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor lighting ideas, from on-trend festoon lights and pretty fairy lights to more practical designs to light pathways and doors. It’s amazing what the best outdoor lights can do to make a plot look magical.

Embrace A Whimsical Look

A pretty addition for a garden tea party

If you’re prepping your garden party ideas for a special get-together this season, why not take a cue from this pretty tealight holder above? With the addition of fresh blooms it feels extra magical. We think it would make a gorgeous centerpiece above a table laden with cupcakes, neatly-cut sandwiches and bowls of fruit punch.

Of course, you wouldn’t need to wait for a particular occasion to enjoy a design like this there’s no reason you can’t add a sense of whimsical grandeur to any meal spent alfresco.

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Use A Duo Of Pendants Outdoors As Well As In

Elevate your patio with pendant outdoor lighting ideas

It’s perfectly possible to bring any element of indoor lighting outdoors, as long as you’re using a product with the right specifications. Case in point: pendant lights, which look amazing hung above a dining table or seating area and make a space feel more like a room of its own.

This dining area could be mistaken for an indoor scene thanks to the combination of rugs, potted plants and those pendants.

Warm White Carnival Solar Festoon Lights

Wilson &  Fisher Solar Light Post with Faux Wood Square Planter Base ...

RRP: £29.99


  • Dim
  • Slow to turn on

These string lights are good quality and although the bulbs look like glass, theyre made of tough plastic and more than capable of holding up to accidental knocks. The solar panel is discrete, and theyre easy to control through an on/off switch and eight lighting modes. Theres also generous three metre lead of cable between the panel and the first light, so theres a lot of slack to play with when youre setting these up. However, despite being a white light we found these lights a little dim, especially from a distance. They could also sometimes be slow to turn on, and have a weather resistance rating of IP44.

Dimensions: 7.75m

Buy 20 Warm White Carnival Solar Festoon Lights from Lights4fun

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How We Tested Solar Lights

We tested a variety of solar lights, putting them through their paces between early February to late May 2022. They were in a range of urban, suburban and rural gardens across the country, and subjected to changing weather and hours of daylight for nearly four months. They were then assessed according to the following criteria with equal marks attributed to each:

  • Set Up. Assessed the clarity of instructions, how easy the solar lights were to assemble and set up, how long this took, if any extra tools were needed and how easy the lights were to store over winter.
  • Features. Checked cable length, and IP rating and marks were given for on/off switches, multiple lighting modes, as well as any extra features such as power saving modes and USB charging .
  • Performance. This focused on the hours needed to charge and the lights runtime after a full charge. We looked at how soon after sunset the lights switched on, and checked the lights brightness to see if they provided practical or aesthetic lighting. We made sure to check if the lights worked on overcast days, and finally if there was any sign of degradation or rusting.
  • Value for Money. Considered all of the above plus any special features, RRP and warranty.

For more information on our testing process see How we Review.

This review was last updated in May 2022. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.

Add A Miniature Moon To Your Flowerbed

A beautiful moon-inspired light from In-es.artdesign

When it comes to learning how to plan garden lighting, it’s important to consider the desired mood you want to create. For instance, do you want twinkling fairy lights for a sense of enchantment, contemporary wall lights to set a smart and sophisticated tone, or perhaps festoons for laid-back rooftop bar vibes?

Well, if setting a mystical, Zen-like tone appeals, then what about bringing your own miniature moon into your garden lighting ideas? This design looks beautiful tucked amongst white gravel and textural bamboo, and will certainly capture everyone’s attention.

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Make A Feature Of Your Hedges With Outdoor Lighting Ideas

These LED net lights from Lights4fun can be used to illuminate hedges

Add interest to a wall of foliage by using LED net lights. They create a twinkling border and help to soften the dense look of hardy planting like hedging.

The nets are so fine that you won’t be able to tell they’re there, even in daylight so all you’ll notice is the gentle shine of the LED bulbs come evening.

Try A Contemporary Beam Design Over A Dining Area

Garden Reflections Solar Lamp Post and Planter Combo on QVC

This beam pendant from Cuckooland adds a sophisticated lighting solution to an outdoor dining space

Ensure your outdoor dining ideas can be enjoyed well into the evening come rain or shine with the help of a slimline hanging light like this. Not only does it have a built-in heater for keeping the ambience toasty, but there is also a dimmer to switch up the mood whenever you like.

Its sleek lines and charcoal hue look wonderful against the dark wooden cladding of a veranda, offering a grown-up vibe. A smart table and chic chairs make the perfect match for the style our gallery of garden table ideas has more stunning designs.

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Opt For Classic Good Looks

This classic-style exterior bracket light from Davey Lighting adds traditional charm in the garden of

If you’re after an uber-stylish design that will stand out from the crowd, it’s worth investing in a designer buy. The design pictured is crafted to last using century old techniques and comes in either a black or galvanized silver finish.

It’s suitable for outdoor use and will look fabulous in a traditional setting, such as over a brick archway in your courtyard garden.

Wrap Lights Around Branches

This LED solar lantern chain from Ella James offers subtle and serene lighting

This cool LED solar lantern chain can be hung in and amongst tree branches, from a parasol, or woven through a trellis.

It is solar powered from one panel that sits 3m from the first bulb, and when this is positioned in direct sunlight it will charge up, activate at dusk and last for six hours. Its the perfect cost-effective way to illuminate your garden this summer.

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Solar Fluted Marker Light Ten Pack

RRP: £21.99


  • No on/off switch

Winner of a BBC Gardeners World Magazine Best Buy Award for Best Stake Lights, these lights are ideal for guiding the way or dotting through beds in the garden. The stylish design has a brushed steel finish, and the fluted plastic gives off a lovely star shaped glow around each light. Assembly is easy and each light just needs charging for 48 hours in a sunny spot before use. After this, turn them on and theyll light up as soon as the light fades, staying lit for up to six hours. Our one quibble is the absence of an on/off switch to override the automatic setting, so they will stay on late into the night. The pack generously includes ten lights, and comes with a one-year warranty, so overall theyre great value for money.

Dimensions: 36cm x 4.7cm

Buy the Solar Fluted Marker Light Ten pack from Crocus, The Glow Company, and Waitrose Garden

  • Can be slow to switch on
  • Conspicuous solar panel

Dimensions: 29.01cm x 9.5cm x 34.01cm

Buy the T-SUN LED Solar Spotlight from

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