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Where To Travel Solo In The Us

Carmel By The Sea California

Best American Cities for Summer Solo Travel (2019) | MojoTravels

With pristine white-sand beaches, great weather year-round, breathtaking views, and unique architecture, Carmel by the Sea is one of the most beautiful towns in the US that you should include in your bucket list of the best places to visit in December or winter in general.

It is indeed a tiny town but there are so many things to do in Carmel by the Sea, for any kinds of travelers.

Outdoorsy loves Carmel for its incredible nature and amazing hikes, besides postcard-worthy beaches where surfers love to hang out.

But also, it is considered an artists city, boasting almost 100 art galleries and bursting with culture, and culinary delights.

Although the majority of events take place in the summer, it is never a bad time to visit Carmel for its temperate weather year-round.

Its not a surprise that its a favorite hideaway for celebrities. Actually, an interesting fact that you may not know is that Clint Eastwood has been a Major of this town and if you are ready to splurge you can even stay in his charming and yet luxurious Mission Ranch Hotel.

So make sure you will include a stop in Carmel in your California Road trip.

Best Solo Vacation Destinations In The United States

More and more American tourists are choosing to travel solo today, eschewing schedule coordination and group consensus in favor of much-needed “me time.” Solo travelers cite increased opportunities for relaxation and freedom to explore cities and destinations at their own pace as top reasons to travel alone. These destinations across the United States rank as top solo vacation spots for their wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities and their convenient transportation, either boasting sophisticated public transit systems or high walkability scores to major attractions. For a more structured solo vacation experience, many cities offer guided cultural tours, from bike or Segway exploration of city centers to guided brewery or culinary tours. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Hours/availability may have changed.

Latin America: Costa Rica

This is one of the best destinations for newbies because: Like some of the others, a trip to Costa Rica is exceptionally easy to organize and execute because the whole country is built around tourism. The level of English is good, the infrastructure is amazing relative to other places in the region , there are numerous tours and other resources that you can procure online prior to going. Getting there is also easy if youre flying from the U.S. or Canada as there are many direct flights into San Jose, the capital. In many hotels and restaurants you can use the U.S. dollar, which makes things even easier, and renting a car is a breeze.

Ziplining in Costa Ricas Cloud Forest

This is one of the best destinations for new solo travellers because: Costa Rica isnt particularly cheap, but it is safer than many places in the region, which should give some piece of mind to the wary solo traveller worried for their safety. Costa Rica is also a popular destination for solo travellers so its not difficult to meet other people.

San Jose, Costa Rica

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Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Solo Road Trip

Start: Las Vegas, Nevada

Distance: 270 miles+

About the solo road trip:

One of the coolest and safest road trips in the USA for solo travelers is the route from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, which is stunning and is also done on interstate highways.

It will take about four hours one way to get there, covering about 270 miles. Drive down the Las Vegas Strip and head towards the Hoover Dam , which youll get to in about 40 minutes.

Spend a couple of hours admiring this man-made engineering marvel, which straddles the Nevada-Arizona border. It is recommended that you book tickets in advance for touring the Hoover Dam and visiting special exhibits, which you can do here.

From the Hoover Dam, it is another 95 miles to reach the Grand Canyon West Rim and 240 miles to the Grand Canyon National Park. Once you are at the parks West Rim, you can enjoy the glass-bottomed Skywalk Bridge and soak in the views of the natural gem.

If you are heading towards the South Rim, consider spending a night or two in the Grand Canyon village to sleep right in the park. This makes it easier to wake up early and take in a gorgeous Grand Canyon sunrise, as well!

Glacier National Park Montana

10 life

Glacier National Park in Montana is a magical slice of outdoors heaven that is perfect for solo travelers with an adventurous spirit and who thrive in solitude. Here youll find crystal-clear lakes, abundant greenery as far as the eye can see, and some of the best stargazing in the US.

Dont be intimidated by the parks size, because its totally doable to visit for just a couple of days. Check out everything you can do in Glacier National Park in just 48 hours for inspiration.

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Where To Go As A Solo Traveller

The ultimate question: What are the ideal locations to go solo travelling? Benedikt mentioned these:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Famous with all backpackers and definitely with solo travellers. A lot of young people travel there so you will definitely meet likeminded people.
  • The Balkan: Great for first timers as it is close to our European homes but still offers a whole lot of adventure. Also ideal if you want to see many countries in a short time. Balkan is also very popular amongst backpackers and solo travellers because you can go there on a small budget.
  • Iceland: Benedikt’s home country is one of the safest in the world and perfect for a beautiful solo trip.
  • Costa Rica: The pearl of Central America is a fan favorite with adventurers and solo travellers. There is so much to do here and with a motto like Pura Vida you really can’t go wrong.
  • Peru: Another popular destinations among backpackers. The country adapted itself to accommodate backpackers and solo trippers everywhere. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Machu Picchu

Solo Travel To The United States: What You Need To Know

May 23, 2018

The United States of America is huge!

According to Google Maps it takes 44 hours to drive from San Francisco to New York City. And that does not allow for stopping and actually seeing things along the way. Plus, you would only see a slice of this diverse country that is culturally different in the north, south, east, west and central zones.

So it’s not surprising that I receive many emails asking me whether it’s a good idea to travel solo to the USA. I’m asked what it’s like, whether it’s safe, what they should know and where they should go.

Am I an expert on the United States? Well, no, but over the last decade I’ve visited more than a dozen times. And because I’m coming from the outside I may see a few things that, perhaps, Americans don’t see. Yet, I’m sure that our American readers will have many tips to add. I’m sure that travelers from elsewhere will have much to add as well. Please do.

I’ll start things off. Here are my best tips for travel to the United States.

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Route 66 From Chicago To Los Angeles

Start: Chicago, Illinois

Distance: About 2,500 miles

About the solo road trip:

Route 66 is an iconic highway in the United States, originally created to connect Chicago to Los Angeles. It has since been re-routed and extended.

Moreover, its also known as the Will Rogers Highway or simply The Mother Road and has been recognized in popular culture on TV shows like The Simpsons and Doctor Who and on video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Start in Chicago at the Begin sign and see a bit of the city before heading off on your 2,500-mile adventure road-tripping from Chicago to Los Angeles while traversing eight states:

  • Illinois,
  • Arizona,
  • and California.

Make your way over two weeks to Los Angeles, where youll be rewarded with Pacific Ocean views. Most choose to end their adventure at the Santa Monica Boardwalk.

There are many attractions along Route 66, but some of the most famous ones are the St. Louis Gateway Arch in Missouri, the Blue Whale of Catoosa outside of Tulsa in Oklahoma, and the Grand Canyon, which is one of the most popular day trips from Route 66.

This road trip is perfect for solo travelers because its fast-paced and provides many opportunities to meet other travelers on the road. While you may spend your nights in interesting kitschy motels, youll spend your days in diners and at roadside attractions where quirky characters abound.

Tips For New Solo Travellers

Safe Places For Solo Female Travellers In India | Solo Travel 2021 | Tripoto

First time travelling solo? You must be a bit nervous and have a ton of questions/worries. Benedikt gave us his most important tips for first time solo travellers:

  • Preparation is key: If you travel alone for the first time you do good to prepare your trip to a certain extent. Get an idea of which places you want to visit, discover if you can get there easily by train or bus. Do some research on places or areas you should avoid and make sure your plane lands during the day and not in the middle of the night.
  • Sleep in a hostel: Not as luxurious but if you are travelling around solo, changes are you are on a budget. Hostels are cheap, but more importantly they are a hub for solo travellers. A lot of people sleep in hostels for one reason to meet other people. Don’t want to spend too much time alone? Sleep in a hostel and open yourself up. You’ll be playing drinking games in no time.
  • Don’t pack your trip to the fullest: Mix some pre-planned activities with free time so you have a flexible schedule and you have time to do something impulsive with the people you just met!
  • Don’t store everything on your phone: A lot of bad things can happen to this tiny machine so prepare for a life without it. Make sure you have some plans or ideas written down or printed out so you are not totally lost when your phone leaves you.

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Best Places To Travel Alone In The World

Categories Destination Ideas

Traveling alone is the best option if you are an adventurous person because you are free from any kind of obligation and responsibility. The only one you answer to is you!

You can move like a free bird without any kind of tension. Solo traveling can prove to be the most rewarding, as you travel according to your own choices. Traveling alone can be more of a journey of self-discovery as you get to spend some time with yourself and get to learn more about yourself.

Whether you just need to sit across the beachside and relax, or you want to explore a major city, its totally on you. But you need to keep yourself safe and secure because when a tourist travels alone, they are most at risk of exploitation.

Anyhow, here is the list of the best places to travel alone which you can enjoy and explore solo!

Awesome First Time Solo Female Travel Destinations Usa

FMTC Affiliate Disclosure: Blond Wayfarer contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This disclosure pertains to all affiliate links.

Planning first time solo female travel is overwhelming even if you feel super excited at the same time. To tell you the truth, I still vividly remember my first solo trip to Scotland. My flight was delayed due to thunderstorms. I already hate flying.

Let me tell you listening to thunder rumble in the distance did absolutely nothing to soothe my nerves.

As I sat on the tarmac, my heart vibrating against my ribcage, I couldnt help but wonder if I had made a huge mistake booking a ticket for one, and if the blog posts that I had read about the gloriousness of solo travel were actually a bunch of exaggerated and commercialized lies.

Obviously, the blog posts werent exaggerated or commercialized lies, and I loved solo travel so so so much that I now dedicate an entire site to it .

So, whether you live in the United States or are an international visitor, traveling alone for the first time might feel pretty darn scary. I wanted to put together this list of first time solo female travel destinations USA to give you a place to begin your research.

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San Diego To Los Angeles California Road Trip

Start: San Diego, California

Distance: 120 miles

About the solo road trip:

If youre looking for solo road trip ideas that are simple yet scenic, this one is for you.

A road trip from San Diego to Los Angeles might not win you any points for originality, but it works perfectly if you are a solo traveler looking for a convenient and safe adventure with stunning scenery and plenty of options for lodging, entertainment, and dining.

Unlike some other California road trips, the drive from San Diego to Los Angeles doesnt require you to spend hours on the road and go to remote areas with scarce cell phone coverage.

Moreover, if you decide to take a 120-mile drive from San Diego to Los Angeles, you will have countless options from the upscale La Jolla just north of San Diego where you can visit galleries and admire wildlife to beautiful Orange County famous for its surfing spots like Trestles and San Onofre and the historic mission in San Juan Capistrano.

Another spot that is worth your attention is Laguna Beach, home to the stunning Crystal Cove State Park showcasing unspoiled beauty and rich marine wildlife.

And then there is Dana Point, a small seaside town that has been dubbed the whale capital of the west that offers daily boat tours if you want to see these iconic animals.

If you plan to do this route for the first time, make sure to spare enough time because you will have an infinite amount of places to choose from.

The Big Island Of Hawaii

Solo Travel

âThe Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best places for adventurous solo female travelers. With volcanoes, world-class dive sites, interesting beaches, and miles of hiking trails, any girl with a penchant for the unexplored will never get bored. Solo travelers will love watching lava bubble at the top of Mauna Loa, snorkeling in Honaunau Bay, and visiting Uncle Robertâs night market, an eclectic market that serves fresh food and sells handmade clothing, beauty products, and decor.

Itâs easy to meet friends through activities, at the beach, and by going on day tours. The island is easy to navigate with a rental car, as there is one main road that circles the entire island. Most people consider going to the more tourist-heavy islands like Oahu, but the Big Island is an underrated spot that is well worth the trek.â â Chantae of The Salt Sirens

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The Top Solo Travel Destinations In The United States

The United States is an enormous country, spanning over 3,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The US is especially known for its vast national park system where people love to go hiking and camping. There are tons of solo travel destinations to explore. This country is very diverse in terms of landscape and has tons of awesome cities to check out as well. The biggest question for solo travelers is often âwhere to travel

Here is a guide with recommendations for where to travel solo in the USA with a specific focus on outdoor activities and the US National Parks. You can follow this general itinerary to road trip across the entire United States, or fly into a major city and explore each of these regions as stand alone trips.â

Looking to get started as a solo traveler? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel!

Activities In The Usa

Whether you are a beach bunny, a nature lover or a city slicker, the USA really does have something for any kind of solo. For the adventurous Girl about the Globe you could try white water rafting, skydiving, or horseback riding, climb mountains, trek into cloud forests, or hike the Glacier Park in Montana.

For the nature and wildlife Girl about the Globe, see the wildlife and amazing natural history of Yellowstone National Park. Experience the true nature of the wilderness first hand whilst you camp under the stars and be at one with nature. Below are highlights of the country that you don’t want to miss.

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Skyline Drive In Virginia

Start: Front Royal, Virginia

End: Rockfish Gap exit, Virginia

Distance: 105 miles

About the solo road trip:

Skyline Drive is pure sky! From the second you enter this highway winding through Shenandoah National Park at Front Royal until you exit at the Rockfish Gap Entrance Station there is a big blue sky ahead. And if youre lucky enough to own a convertible, you will feel like an eagle on your solo trek.

No matter what season you visit Shenandoah National Parkspring, summer, fall, or winteryoull delight in the deep forests, curving roads, and waterfalls to be discovered. Wild creatures abound, including bats, turkeys, and black bears.

Located within convenient driving distance of Richmond, Charlottesville, and Washington, DC, Shenandoah National Park attracts solo runners, hikers, and walkers.

This is a great getaway for city folk especially with all the Airbnb rentals available. That being said, if you want to stay at the park campgrounds or at Skyland Resort and Big Meadows Hotel, you need to book early.

Note: Depending on what season you visit, the 105-mile Skyline Drive can turn into a traffic jam. This is also not a road built as a raceway. Skyline Drive weaves its way across western Virginia with a speed limit of 35 mph.

For Washingtonians, the best entrance is the Front Royal Entrance.

Expect to take three hours traveling the entire length of the park on Skyline Drive.

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