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How Long Do Solar Lights Last

The Lifespan Of Each Component

How long do solar lights last with English weather?

How long solar lights last will depend on their separate components. Note that not all parts of the lighting fixtures last as long as the others. Keep this fact in mind when shopping around for solar outdoor lights.

The first thing that conks out in solar garden lighting fixtures is the battery. Solar lights use rechargeable NiMH batteries and they are rated to run for at least a thousand recharge-discharge cycles. Essentially, you can expect the batteries to last at least a thousand nights consecutively.

Even though the batteries are the first to give up, they are easy to replace. You just need to find the battery pack, turn off the light, and replace the batteries with fresh, brand new ones.

Also, although the batteries are the first to go in solar garden lights, it is fortunate that they are cheap and easy to replace. You do not even need to open up the entire back panel of the lights. The battery compartment is usually just located at the back of the product.

When it is already time to replace the batteries, choose the ones that have larger charge capacities. These might be a bit more expensive but they are more than worth their price. The LED lamps that solar outdoor lights use have incredibly long lifespans.

Even physically hitting the LED lamp against something hard will not make them break apart. The solar panels that are on the lights themselves also last a very long time. Some panels are rated to drop in efficiency after around twenty-five years or so.

How Long Do They Last

When properly taken care of, solar yard lights can last for years. Most often, their lifespan is limited by the lifespan of their batteries, which usually last anywhere from two to five years. Usually, you can change the batteries in your lights to extend their lifespan, as the lights themselves can last for decades.

The weather conditions in your area will also affect the lifespan of your lights. If you get very cold temperatures for extended periods of time, be prepared to change the batteries more often. You might also consider bringing your yard lights inside for the coldest months of the year.

Even though you have to change the batteries every so often, using solar lights for your outdoor lighting is usually cheaper than traditional electrical lights. This makes solar-powered lights both a cheaper and a less wasteful decision than traditional lighting options. At sites like Blue Raven Solar costs of solar are clear and easy to understand.

Why Does My Solar Light Stay On All The Time

The main reason for a solar light coming on during the day is due to a dirty or faulty sensor. The other biggest reason for solar lights that come on during the day is problems regarding the battery, whether they are rechargeable or not. First, always check for a problem with the sensor before turning to the battery.

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Do You Turn Off Solar Lights At Night

In most daily use scenarios, you do not have to physically turn off solar lights at night. Instead, photocell light sensors will activate solar lights when it is dark and automatically shut them off in the morning. For some products, controls can be set to turn your solar lights on and off at specific times each day.

Keep It Squeaky Clean

How Long Do Solar Lights Last?  Clean Energy Summit

Your solar panels need regular cleaning if you want to get the most out of them. How long do solar lights last if they are always dirty? Not long. Please keep this in mind, dirt blocks your panels from sun rays. If sunlight cant find its way to the panels, your battery will get drained faster since it did not soak up enough light, if any.

Another thing you can avoid by keeping your lights clean is dim lighting. If you want sparkling lights for your garden or walkway, wipe the solar panels at least twice a week.

Also, if possible, place your lights around the perimeter wall of your home. Apart from providing all-rounded lighting, this can help keep your lights away from dirt and debris from plants.

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Do Not Place Your Solar Lighting Near Artificial Light Sources

Finally, artificial light sources outdoors can significantly affect your solar light setups performance, power, and lifespan. By artificial lights, we mean street lights, outdoor spotlights, and any other lighting you have in your outdoor area powered by electricity.

If your solar light posts are placed near other light sources, they may not perform correctly. This is because the other light source gives illumination, which your solar light sensor will detect. As a result, the lights may never turn off. Also, they may never reach full charge, and the batteries could become quickly drained due to over-usage.

Before installing the lights, check for any artificial light sources and make sure they are not casting illumination on your solar lights.

The Battery Capacity Of Your Solar Lights

The capacity of the rechargeable batteries in your solar light is a major determining factor when it comes to hours of light output.

Hours of battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours, or mAh. Rechargeable batteries that you would buy for a solar light should have their mAh rating clearly indicated on them. A higher mAh rating means greater battery capacity and longer life from a single charge.

Ni-MH or NiCd batteries are the typical options for AA or AAA size. They are available in small and large capacity formats. Small would be something around 400 mAh, medium around 1000 mAh and large capacity versions boast around 2000 mAh.

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Do Not Place Near Street Lamps

A light sensor that senses surrounding light levels automatically switches on and off most solar outdoor lights. That means they automatically switch on at night, saving you work, which is great. And when it gets lighter at dawn, theyll switch off automatically too.

But the sensor must be properly positioned for it to function. Make sure that the fixture is not near night light sources like lawn lighting or streetlights. If there is a light source nearby , your solar lights may not work properly.

Place Your Lights In A Sunny Spot

How to last longer Garden Solar Light Trick DIY

If your solar light is a car, then sun rays would be the fuel.

As you know, solar lights work by converting sunlight into electricity, and the more sunlight your light gets, the more electricity it will produce and the longer your solar light will last at night.

So the first tip to make your lights last longer is to install them in a place where they get an adequate amount of direct sunlight without shading.

Dont get me wrong, solar lights can charge in shade. However, its just wont be as efficient as charging in direct sunlight.

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How Long Do Solar Flood Lights Last

Solar outdoor motion sensor flood lights will last a very long time, but mileage will vary. The main component to worry about with wear, is the battery. All batteries have what is known as a battery cycle which is what occurs when a battery is completely discharged from a full charge. Each battery, even those that are rechargeable, has a specific number of charge cycles it can go through before showing signs of decreased performance. Different weather conditions, including extremes in temperature and moisture, also cause a decrease in battery performance and can affect the longevity of the solar light. Finding a solar powered flood light that is waterproof, weatherproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant can reduce this unnecessary wear. The LED lights themselves have a lifetime usage of about 100,000 hours of run time. With some simple math, that means the LED motion in flood lights can be used for over 8,000 nights. That calculation does not even take into account the smart outdoor motion sensor light detecting on/off switches that would allow the LED wattage to last even longer by shutting it off when not in use.

How Long Do Solar Lights Last At Night

Solar lights will remain lit based on the power they have stored during the day. A standard outdoor solar light installed in an area that receives direct sunlight for up to eight hours will be fully charged by evening.

If the batteries are in perfect condition, this should be enough to illuminate all evening and night, starting around sunset to the next morning. Some lights can stay longer or shorter, so it is essential always to check the specifications.

However, it depends on how well the panels absorb light and how much energy is stored in the batteries. As such, you should make sure the lights are correctly installed and are receiving sufficient sunlight for a full charge.

You can also use a timer to determine when the lights go on and off, especially if your location does not receive enough sunlight to keep them running through the night. The timer can also be used to switch the lights on and off during specific periods of the night.

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How Do I Take Care Of My Outdoor Solar Lighting

Because solar lights are powered by direct sunlight, they need to be cleaned periodically from dust or mud, so they can easily store energy for the night. They also do not work as well during the winter or on cloudy days, so you may want to store your them indoors during rainy or snowy seasons. Switch them to the off position when they are not being used and store them in a dark place.

When To Consider Replacing Your Solar Panels

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? Do They Last Forever ...

If after the 25-year period you notice that your energy bill is creeping back up, it might be because your solar energy system is not functioning efficiently. In the event this happens, you might need to invest in new solar panels.

Many solar companies offer apps or physical trackers that monitor your solar electricity generation monthly or even daily. Having a grasp of the typical amount of the energy output of your panels will help you notice if something is off.

For example, if your solar panels generate 35 kWh of clean electricity per week and you notice that over the years this reduces to 32 kWh, then 30 kWh – and there is no visible debris or increase of shade cover over your roof – this can indicate that your panels are beginning to degrade.

When your panels are no longer producing the amount of electricity your home needs, it becomes time to replace them.

Find out how much solar panels cost in your area

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What Can Go Wrong With Solar Panels

To get the best from our home solar system, we need to look at what can go wrong with solar panels. By understanding how solar panels can become damaged or impaired so that they dont work at their optimum, we can develop systems and strategies to make them last longer. So here are some of the ways that solar panels can go wrong.

How Long Do Solar Panels Actually Last

Solar panels offer homeowners a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. Luckily, the lifespan of solar panels will allow you to produce energy for many years, providing a great return on investment.

You can count on most photovoltaic solar panels to last 25 years before they begin to noticeably degrade. Most solar panel companies will provide a standard 25-year warranty for the expected life expectancy of the solar panels. After 25 years, your solar panels wont necessarily need to be replaced however, their ability to absorb sunlight will be reduced.

In this blog, well explain how long solar panels last, review solar panel degradation rates, and ways to make sure your solar panels last as long as possible.

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Do Solar Lights Charge On Cloudy Days

Cloudy Days Solar lights are built with receptors that receive light, store it and convert it to energy irrespective of how far away the sun is. These receptors are pretty sensitive and they can capture any ray of light no matter how small. This is what gives solar lights the ability to get charge even on cloudy days.

Do Solar Panels Go Bad


There is technically no expiration date on solar panels. However, over time, they naturally tend to become less efficient at producing energy.

Some panels can also break due to physical damage from extreme weather conditions. For example, when there is extreme cold, reoccurring hail storms or physical damage caused by falling debris, solar panels can develop microcracks that will eventually break the entire panel.

Quickly occurring extreme contrasts in temperature can also weaken solar panels because the materials that make them, like solar cells and metals, will contract and expand. Solar panels are also subject to water damage which could occur due to the seal that protects the panels from water degrading.

The good news is, a standard 25-year warranty should cover all weather damage to solar panels. Each solar panel manufacturer offers different warranty guarantees, so be sure to read the fine print to make sure your panels are covered under any condition.

However, an NREL study has shown that for solar panels replaced since 2000, only about 5 panels out of 10,000 fail annually.

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Check To See If Your Solar Lights Have A Low Light Mode

Many solar lights come with two or even three lighting modes. This is especially true of motion sensing security and street lights. Some solar landscape lights also have low and high brightness settings.

By choosing the low light setting you can greatly extend the daily hours of service. Surprisingly, reducing the power draw by half can more than double the hours of service. Its a bit like the difference between walking and running. We can walk for hours, but running saps our energy very quickly.

If you havent bought yet, then be sure to check for variable brightness modes. And if you have already made your purchase, take another look at the lights or instruction manual to see if theres a low light mode.

Are You Looking For A Solar Light Thats Crafted With High

This solar light works as an excellent outdoor solar security light. Installing this solar lighting unit is a breeze. Hence, no worries if it is your first time installing a solar light in your outdoor areas.

Likewise, it is designed with an auto mode function, so it operates on its own. The kit contains two smart remote controls for distance and setting the lighting hours and brightness.

Built with durable materials and an IP67 waterproof grade, it can operate well all year round regardless of terrible weather conditions.

The delighting news is that you can search for countless solar light options at Amazon. The options are limitless you can freely pick the one that best matches your style and needs.

Please be reminded that when buying solar lights, dont just consider the price of the product. What matters the most is carefully checking the features and functions that the product can offer.

Chiefly, there are affordable solar light options available these days, yet they are manufactured with excellent quality.

Before buying one, consider researching the best brands in the field of solar lighting systems. As you might already know, if the brand you choose is reputable and trusted by uncountable consumers worldwide, then youre in good hands.

Compare various options first, so you could determine their differences. Read some customer reviews to get more ideas as well.

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Are There Any Solar Lights That Actually Work

URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Inside each light is a 2200mAh battery, which will provide between 8 to 10 hours of power in the low setting, and 4-6 hours on the high setting if the solar panel gets a good 4-5 hours of sunlight. Overall, the URPower is one of the best solar lights for the money.

An Application Of Solar Lamps

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? (9 Tips to Last Longer)

A lamp with a solar panel is a perfect solution whenever you cannot set up a standard electrical installation. Solar lamps are invariably associated with tiny, decorative lamps that are placed in gardens, on terraces or balconies in order to create a more romantic mood.

Intense, diverse colors of LEDs and the amazing shapes of the lamps alone cause that the gardens and terraces turn into real dreamy wonderland. They turn on themselves after dusk and gently glow the whole night. They do not only illuminate, but charm. They do not need any electrical installations and are easy to use.

However, not everyone knows that solar lamps do not have to fulfill only a decorative function. They can be the main source of lighting for our homes or courtyards. And here is a surprise we are not only talking about creating a mood, but about providing real lighting for the driveway, yard, and garage.

That´s why we came with some of the 13 myths about solar lights to unravel some of the misconceptions around this topic.

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Definitely Store Decorative Solar Lights Indoors

Mini solar lights are exceptionally durable. Those are probably fine outdoors for the winter. However, decorative solar lights are lightweight and fragile. These glass and materials arent made to handle frigid weather, ice, and snow. You can leave durable solar lights outside but bring the decorative solar lights indoors for storage.

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