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Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

Where Should The Solar Light With Motion Sensor Be Installed

FLOWood Solar Lights 70 LED Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor

First, be sure to check that the area where you want to place your light gets enough sun after all, if there is no sun, theres no energy for your solar light. Of course, you need to make sure that the sun can reach the right part of your light. Ideally, the solar panels on your solar light should face south which will ensure that your light receives as much sun as possible.

Our tip: Are you having trouble finding sun where you want your solar light to be? Dont worry. The solar module doesnt have to be built into the solar lamp instead it can be connected by a cable. This means that you can install the light where you need it and can place the solar module around the corner where there is enough daylight.

Remember: Always choose the appropriate IP code for your solar light which can be easily found in the product details. This is important because, no matter where the new solar lights are installed, they will be exposed to the weather and all other environmental influences. Some lights more so, others less. An initial overview of which IP code offers what kind of protection is available in our table:

Digit IPX4

Why Does A Solar Light Have A Battery

As the light’s solar panel sucks up energy from the sun, it has to have somewhere to store it until it gets dark, so solar lights use a rechargeable battery to bank the energy.

But just like the rechargeable battery in your phone, over time the battery in your solar light will start to deteriorate and not hold a charge very well.

If you notice that your solar light isn’t staying on as long as it used to, trying putting in a fresh battery. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you get the right battery for your light.

Baxia Technology Solar Lights

  • Easy to install
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Some lights wont charge, according to some users

If you want to add security in your property, one of the top-tier solar lights in the market can help you. Solar lights are the top-rated alternative to traditional electric lights, and they can help save you some money on your electricity bill.

These lights have motion sensors, so you can save power by keeping your home lit when needed.

Solar lights are great for lighting up the dark areas of your home, including the driveways, front porches, sheds, garden paths, fencing, and other corners.

The motion sensors are activated once a living object is spotted in its range this triggers a light that can help protect your property by warding off intruders.

The Baxia Technology Solar Lights have 2,000 lumens with a motion sensor range of 10 to 16 feet. It comes with four lights per set for ultimate coverage, and it does not have many light modes.

Once the sensor is triggered, the lights that are motion-sensitive are turned on for at least 30 seconds.

Even though the solar motion sensor light does not stay lit the entire night, the strong battery ensures you that they are ready when you need them.

Each of the light uses 100 LED lights with a combined output of around 2,000 lumens. It has four lights per pack and the set is affordable and great for homeowners looking to secure and brighten up the areas of their home.

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Innogear Solar Gutter Lights: Best For Doorways

Gutters are a handy place to mount downward-facing security lights, especially when those lights use a sun-hungry solar panel on top. InnoGear solar lights are designed a lot like solar-powered streetlights with a flat, 36-LED light grid on one side facing the ground and a flat solar panel on the other side facing the sky.

They dont come with a 30-foot streetlight pole, but they do come with short aluminum poles so you can extend them farther from the side of your house or shed. Or you can attach them directly to the siding like a sconce.

The design of these gutter lights makes them ideal for illuminating exterior entrances, like back doors and garage doors. Like the Litom, they have multiple modes for nighttime use, but toggling between them is a hassle since you can only use one button.

Our biggest complaint is that you cant make the brightest motion light stay on longer than about ten seconds.

How Do I Choose The Best Security Lighting For My Needs

Zimtown 60W/40W/20W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Light PIR Motion ...

Security lighting can protect you from bad guys or it can protect you from yourselfor it can do both!

If youre looking for something that will scare off an intruder, choose a bright, motion-activated light that you can mount up high, preferably with a night light mode to keep it on all evening.

If youre more worried about seeing your way in the dark, smaller, less powerful lights should serve you just fine. Mount them along fences, railings, and walkways to light up your path at night.

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Kernowo Solar Lights Outdoor Security

The Kernowo solar-powered outdoor security lights are the perfect addition to your home security system. They light up a large area with 3 super bright and flexible LED heads. They shine over 2500 lumens and can be used in your yard, farm, garage, parking lot, driveway and other spots that you want to be able to see anytime someone enters.

The wireless motion sensor lights have two modes that will keep your property well-illuminated. The solar panel is tough and can handle all types of weather conditions. Its IP65 waterproof and made from ABS material that can take a beating and continue working.

The solar panels on these floodlights charge the 2400mAh battery quickly and efficiently. We like the Kernowo solar-powered motion security lights because theyre bright, charge quickly and provide plenty of illumination to your property.

Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Light

  • Powerful and ultra-bright 1000-lumen solar security light with 150 LEDs
  • Efficient amorphous solar panels
  • Adjustable light duration and range
  • Impressive 180-degree, 30-foot motion detection coverage
  • Triple head design with adjustable lamp heads
  • Weather-resistant design
  • The batteries drain quite quickly

The Sunforce is a dependable, high-performance solar security light with motion sensor technology. Families will feel more secure in their homes, rendering the garage, driveway, garden, and other areas safer against burglars and home invaders.

I am impressed by this solar security lights 1,000-lumen light output, considering it only has 150 SMD-type LEDs. Surprisingly, the system only draws 1.8 watts from two AA batteries, making this lighting fixture incredibly energy-efficient.

Its easy to differentiate this solar security light from its competitor. Whereas this product has amorphous photovoltaic cells in its design, other brands feature monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. As a result, homeowners dont have to worry about high temperatures affecting the panels efficiency.

Families will also find the products motion sensor coverage on par with industry leaders. The technology can sense movement from 30 feet away and within a 180-degree semi-circle. Homeowners can have two or three solar lights to overlap their motion sensing, sufficient to deter any would-be burglars.

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Best Led: Lepower 35w Led Security Light Motion Sensor


  • No dusk-to-dawn mode

  • No always-on option

The LEPOWER 35W LED Security Light Motion Sensor is exceptionally bright, has a great sensor range and detection angle, and is ready to stand up to the elements with a solid IP65 weatherproof rating. It also pumps out 3,500 lumens from three huge LED panels, two of which are adjustable, so we recommend it as the best LED motion sensor light.

This light has a massive 72-foot sensor range directly in front of the sensor. That falls off to the sides, but you can aim the sensor to create an optimal detection area. If you dont need that wide a range, the sensitivity is adjustable. The LEPOWER also has three huge LED panels that can remain on for up to 10 minutes after activation. The only catch is that it doesnt have a dusk-to-dawn or always-on mode, so it works better as a security light than a floodlight.

Price at time of publish:$60

Dimensions: 14 x 8.3 x 5.2 inches | Range: 72 feet | Detection Angle: 180 degrees | Wattage: 35 watts | Power Source: AC

Does Solar Power Just Function At Night

Solar Powered Security light with Motion Sensor installation

Solar lights require darkness to function, therefore you must test them at night or artificially induce darkness by covering the sensor with something like your palm. There could be a problem with the sensor if the lights don’t operate when you put them somewhere dark or cover the sensor.

7. The solar light’s sensor is located where?

If not, check for a small “eye” or covered region. The light sensor is often found underneath the led light panel. The sensor may be found on the solar panel of some versions

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Why Do Solar Motion Lights Use Leds Instead Of An Incandescent Bulb

LEDs need less power than incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for solar lighting applications.

The smaller a solar panel is, the less power it generates, and since you dont want to use a giant panel for a small light, LEDs and solar panels are a perfect fit.

LED bulbs are also brighter and last longer than incandescent bulbs, two other features that are just right for security lights.

Sunforce Triple Head Flood Light: Easy Installation

When you look at the Sunforce Flood Light, it’s obvious this security light means business. Nothing hiding in the dark stands a chance against its 150 LEDs pumping out 1,000 lumens of blinding light.

Being fully weatherproof, you can easily mount it pretty much anywhere. We like that you can tweak the angle of each panel to cover the specific area you want and that you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensorbut we’ve found that the motion sensor isn’t as responsive as other lights on the market.

Because the Sunforce’s light is separate from its solar panel, you can “stick it where the sun don’t shine,” like under the carport, and use the included nine-foot wire to place the solar panel on the roof. The Sunforce flood light doesn’t have many lighting settings like the Litom, but you can decide how long the light stays on after being triggered.

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Hmcity 120 Led Solar Lights: Best Overall

One of the only downfalls is the HMcity lights wont last you very long. Each light has only a 24-month lifespan, though you might get more or less use out of them depending on your climate.

If youre not a big DIYer, but youd like to add some extra outdoor solar lighting for safety, the HMcity 120 LED lights are good to start with. They work well at just six feet off the ground, and while theyre not the brightest lights on our list, their unique three-panel design gives you 270-degree illumination. You dont have to mess with any wires, and installation is as easy as screwing in one screw.

The HMcity solar lights come with three different light settings, so you can decide if you want them on low light all night long, on low until theyre motion activated to brighten, or off until they sense motion. To change the settings, just adjust the switch on the back of the unit.

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Best Budget: Hmcity Outdoor 120 Led Solar Lights

Westinghouse 10
  • Stays on as long as motion is detected

  • Switch is difficult to access

  • Needs a lot of direct sunlight

If youre trying to set up motion sensor lights around your home on a tight budget, the HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED Solar Light is the best option. These lights are battery- and solar-powered, so you dont need to pay for an electrician, and theyre also really easy to install. They arent the brightest lights on the market, but theyre affordable enough that you can put them exactly where you need light outside your home. These solar lights work best in areas where the solar panel will see a lot of sunlight throughout the day.

These HMCITY lights can sense motion within 26 feet, and they have a wide sensor range of 120 degrees. You cant aim the sensor or lights after installation, but you can choose from three different lighting modes. You can set the light to come on for 15 seconds when it detects motion, stay on all night, or remain dimly lit all night and grow brighter when the sensor detects activity.

Price at time of publish:$22

Dimensions: Not listed | Range: 26 feet | Detection Angle: 120 degrees | Wattage: 4.5 watts | Power Source: Battery, solar

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Aootek 182 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

  • 1.Three Optional Modes mode(Motion sensor turns theâ¦
  • 2.Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: With upgraded Motion Sensorâ¦
  • 3.Ultra Bright Lights: High-efficient LED lights with wide-angleâ¦
  • 4.High Efficient Solar Panel Our solar Panel is more energyâ¦
  • 5.Waterproof IP65 and Heatproof Great outdoor security nightâ¦

If youâre having concerns about the safety of your home or yard, then you should consider getting this LED security light to enhance your home security. The AOOTEK motion detector light is the best motion sensor security light that features three optional modes: security mode, permanent on all night, and smart brightness control mode.

This outdoor lighting also comes with an upgraded motion sensor detector and a more incredible PIR sensor, which easily detects motion up to 26 feet. It uses a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery which offers excellent usage and efficiency.

The solar lights use high-quality LED lights and a wide-angle for illumination. The energy efficiency of this light fixture is unmatched and comes with a PET lamination that makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also waterproof and heatproof, so you donât have to worry about climate changes.

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Essential Features Of Solar Powered Security Lights To Understand Before Searching Online

Outdoor security lights are a type of LED lighting usually framed with metal for better protection. In Australia, these lights are hung around houses and commercial buildings, in private gardens and public parks, backyards, parking and garages, areas where full time lighting all over the night is not efficient.

It is essential for solar powered sensor security lightsto be placed in areas where they can receive a maximum of sunlight. During the daylight, these exterior lamps can absorb the suns power and transfer it into the energy that is stored in the rechargeable battery until the night comes.

The motion sensor is a unique aspect of security lights. This is the reason Australian homeowners have security lights with motion sensors installed around their properties.

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Best Design: Euri Lighting Efl


  • No adjustability

  • Bottom open to the elements

The Euri Lighting EFL-130W-MD is in a completely different class from other security lights in terms of design. This security light takes the form of a flickering flame lantern, complete with an oil-rubbed bronze finish and your choice of frosted or water glass panels. It doesnt look anything like other security lights, but it does get the job done. The drawback to the attractive design is that the bottom isnt enclosed, though this lantern is wet-rated and safe for outdoor use. It also comes with an estimated 50,000-hour lifespan.

When the sun goes down, the lantern glows with a warm, flickering firelight effect reminiscent of a gas lamp. This dusk-to-dawn light activates when the sun goes down and stays on all night. When the sensor detects motion, it activates the main 1,200-lumen LED light and bathes the area in bright, white light.

Price at time of publish:$69

Dimensions: 8.07 x 9.44 x 14.56 inches | Range: Not provided | Detection Angle: Not listed | Wattage: 12.5 watts | Power Source: AC

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

400W Solar Street Security Light / Motion Sensor / Dusk to Dawn NIORSUN

We stock a wide variety of Solar Security Lights by LEDs, battery capacity and solar panel. Our range of Solar Security Lights include models with a separate solar panel to position the light indoors, for example inside a shed, and the solar panel outside.

What makes the Nighthawk Solar Security Lights the best selling on the market:

12 hours run time or five thousand activations from a dayâs charge

Solar Ultra® technology â 400% more effective than standard solar

2-year warranty

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Do Solar Powered Security Lights Work

Solar-powered security lights do an amazing job at illuminating your property when someone trespasses. They let people know that you can see them and that you may have cameras recording their movements. Solar-powered security floodlights harness the power of the sun to keep themselves powered all through the night. You can cover every inch of your property with enough lights to ensure people know they are being seen and possibly recorded.

Every home needs security lights to prevent burglaries. Its a proven fact that well-lit homes are more likely to be passed over by burglars and those considering a home invasion during the middle of the night. The solar-powered element to these security lights ensures that your lights wont fail.

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How Long Do Solar Powered Security Lights Last

Most solar-powered security lights will last at least 4 years before you need to replace them. LEDs have been known to last approximately 10 years, but its the unit itself that you have to worry about wearing out. Your solar-powered security lights may start to lose the ability to receive a full charge from the sun and thats when you need to replace them.

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