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Con Edison Solar Panel Program

Con Edison Is An ‘energy Star’ For Helping Customers Conserveus Epa Honors Company For Efficiency Programs

Going Solar in Con Edison

Con Edison has received an award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for fighting climate change and protecting public health by helping customers use less energy.

The company earned the 2021 Energy Star Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award for its energy efficiency programs. Those programs provide incentives to customers who upgrade their lighting, HVAC systems, appliances and other equipment.

“It is gratifying to receive this honor from the agency that leads our nation’s quest to ensure that we keep our air and water clean and fight climate change,” said Gregory Elcock, Con Edison’s director of Energy Efficiency Programs. “Avoiding energy usage is the most cost-effective and efficient way to prevent emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases from entering the air.”

“You are among the nation’s leaders in deploying energy efficiency to drive value for your businesses, for the environment and for the American people,” EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan said in a letter to Tim Cawley, the chief executive of Con Edison. “Your sustained commitment is precisely what is needed to solve the climate crisis and build a clean energy economy.”

Regan also said it was impressive that Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs have continued to succeed through the disruption the Covid-19 pandemic has caused.

The Sustained Excellence award is the highest honor bestowed by the Energy Star program.

What Does The Future Of Net Metering Look Like In Nyc

For New Yorkers considering solar, be aware that Con Edison has announced changes to their net metering program. Other states have recently begun to do the same in order to address cost shifting. Cost shifting is when utility companies claim they must charge their non-solar customers more money in order to make up for the revenue they lose from net metering.

To address cost shifting, NYSERDA announced last July that Phase One Net Metering will only be available for projects interconnected before January 1, 2022. Projects that qualify for Phase One Net Metering will continue to receive the full retail value of their solar power for 20 years post interconnection, with no additional charges.

In addition, NYSERDA announced a new method of compensating distributed energy resources, called the Value of Distributed Energy Resources . Under this program, solar system owners receive a Value Stack Tariff rate for the energy their systems produce rather than the full retail value of it.

This program allows the utility company to decide the value of your solar power based on when and where they provide electricity to the grid. Under this program, your solar power will be considerably undervalued.

What Is Conedisons Net Metering Cap

In March 2017, the net metering cap for New York State transitioned away from peak load calculations to 2% of each utilitys incremental net revenue. The Public Service Commission requires each utility to report when they reach 85% of the recommended net metering capacity so subsequent action can be determined. 2% of ConEdisons net annual revenue is 90MW meaning that the 85% capacity marker is set at 76.5MW.

2% net annual revenue 76.5MW

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Simple Tips For Con Ed Customers To Cut Back On Their Energy Bills6

  • Lower your thermostat – Each degree above 68 F may increase your energy usage by around 3%.
  • Consider doing your laundry with cold instead of hot water – This could slash your energy costs in half!
  • Swap out your shades according to the season to boost your homes energy efficiency. Light-colored shades reflect the suns rays, while dark-colored shades absorb and release heat.
  • Keep your vents and ducts clean – Perform a DIY home energy checkup to make sure your home doesnt have air leaks. Check out this guide for a simple DIY home energy audit.
  • Consider upgrading your A/C unit. If your A/C is 10 years or older, maybe its time for an upgrade. A high-efficiency A/C unit will help you run a more budget-friendly, comfortable, and energy-efficient home. How Con Ed can help you upgrade your heating-and-cooling equipment.
  • These are all smart ways to save on your electricity bill, and that require relatively small changes, yet, if you want to see more significant energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint, you should consider installing a home solar battery system. Need proof? Here are 10 reasons why we Sunrunners love solar:

    Choose The Plan Option For You

    Press Release

    *Estimated Bill Credit based on a typical 4.5 ton air conditioning unit. Actual bill credit could increase with larger units and decrease for smaller ones and will vary based on your level of participation and your equipment. Additional terms and conditions apply.

    **Push-button override options not available on roof-mounted A/C units. Override may be used up to five times a year.

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    Which Region Of New York Do You Live In And Who Is Your Utility

    Under the Megawatt Block Incentive, New York State is divided into three geographic / utility network districts: Long Island, Con Edison territory and Upstate. In each of these three districts, the Megawatt Block Incentive reduces the costs associated with a solar energy system installation. Your incentive rate will depend on in which region you are having your system installed.

    Will My Solar Panels Work During A Power Outage

    As per New York state law, grid-connected solar systems will shut down for safety reasons during a power outage. If you’d like to enable your system so that it will stay on, even in the event of a greater power outage, you can do so through the use of an inverter or by installing batteries. For more information, email , or visit Sustainable CUNY.

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    Con Ed Says Plan To Install Rooftop Solar Panels Will Aid Poor New Yorkers

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    By Patrick McGeehan

    More than 10,000 New York City residents are using solar power to reduce their electric bills. But hardly any of those people converting the suns rays into savings are poor.

    The reason so few New Yorkers with low incomes are tapping into the power of the sun is not a lack of interest, but rather a lack of access, community activists say. Simply put, most poor New Yorkers like many other city residents do not have a roof of their own on which they could install solar panels, even if they could afford to do so.

    Consolidated Edison is offering use of its own rooftops to help solve that problem for at least a few thousand of its low-income customers. The utility plans to ask state regulators this week for permission to install solar panels on some of its buildings in the city and to share the benefits with needy customers.

    We want to do our part to make sure that all of our customers have access to renewable energy, regardless of their income level, Matthew Ketschke, Con Edisons vice president for distributed resource integration, said. Mr. Ketschke added that he believed the proposal fit with the regulators demand that utilities increase their use of renewable energy.

    The low, flat top of Con Edisons expansive warehouse in the northwest corner of Queens would be ideal. The roof could hold several thousand panels, each of which measures about 3 feet by 6 feet and produces up to 250 watts of power.

    Making A Difference In Your Community

    Solar Panels Atop Con Edison Tower Save Energy

    As solar adoption and investment have increased throughout the state, low income and disadvantaged communities have lagged behind. DACs are defined as the top 25 percent most disadvantaged communities in California according to CalEnviroScreen 3.0.

    We have embraced low-income solar programs by partnering with diverse stakeholders including building owners, affordable housing tenants, solar financing entities and solar installers. We are committed to providing low-income customers with solar programs to enjoy the benefits of clean energy. We look forward to using our experience and success to continue to support our customers as programs evolves.

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    What Are Conedison’s Rates And Prices For Net Metering

    Residential net metering on units less than 50kW is available through ConEdisons net metering program. When a customer exports or sends back more energy to the grid than used in a given month, they receive credits valued at the retail price of electricity solar bank. Net metering credits are rolled over and used to offset usage in months when a customer uses more energy than they generate.

    At the end of the year, the remaining solar credits in the bank are paid out at the avoided cost rate. Avoided cost rate is determined by the average wholesale price for the year increased by 6.6% multiplied by the total number of credits.

    For small general units not for residential use along with net metering for solar panel systems for multiple dwellings and general large units not for residential use, there is no annual reconciliation or cashing out of the solar bank.

    For SC-2 customers, net metering credits are applied to future usage. For SC-8 and SC-9 customers, when exports exceed imports for a given month the energy charges are zero and the excess energy is converted to dollars and applied against remaining billing items such as demand charges. Any remaining credits are applied to the next months bill as kWh credits.

    Con Edison Will Offer Residential Solar Customers A Free Device To Upgrade Circuit Breaker

    By Kelly Pickerel | May 7, 2019

    Con Edison is making it easier for customers to power their homes with solar energy and connect electric vehicle chargers. For residential customers who install solar panels or vehicle chargers, Con Edison will provide free of charge a device that avoids the cost of upgrading the homes circuit breaker panel.

    The device, called ConnectDER, is mounted to the electric meter and connected to both the meter and to the solar panels or vehicle charger. Data from the solar panels or vehicle charger are then fed back to Con Edison. Avoiding an upgrade to the homes circuit breaker panel can save a customer up to $2,500.

    ConnectDER makes it more convenient for our customers to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles, said James Skillman, manager of Distributed Generation for Con Edison. We are glad to make this product available free of charge because we see solar power and EVs as important staples of our clean energy future.

    The device provides Con Edison with information on the power generated by the panels or consumed by electric vehicles charged at the home. The company can use that information to plan investments in its system and run the electric grid more efficiently.

    News item from ConEdison

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    Reasons To Go Solar In New York7

    At Sunrun, we believe all New Yorkers should experience the benefits of solar power. Thats why were working hard to ensure more people have access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy year after year.

  • Solar could save you thousands of dollars on your future electric bills.*
  • Solar protects you against unpredictable electricity rates for years to come.
  • Solar reduces carbon emissions, which fuel extreme weather events.
  • Solar is a free and renewable energy resource, unlike coal and natural gas which are fossil-based.
  • Home solar systems work year-round. Yes, even on cloudy days.
  • You can store solar energy for later use with a home battery service like Brightbox to keep your devices and appliances running in the event of a power outage, at times when electric rates are higher, or at nights for approximately 8 to 12 hours.**
  • Purchasing solar panels in NY State could increase your home value by 3% or more.8
  • Home solar systems are designed to last 30 years or longer.9
  • Solar creates thousands of good American jobs.10
  • As a New York State solar consumer, youll be eligible for some excellent state and federal incentives. These incentives include the nations second-best solar power tax credits, substantial solar property and sales tax exemptions, and solid net metering programs, along with a 30% solar tax credit if you decide to buy your home solar system.11
  • Con Eds Sustainable Initiatives

    Con Edison &  Partners Placing Solar Panels on NYC Housing ...

    Having well-defined environmental and safety management systems means Con Edison is seriously committed to the safety and health of your community and the environment.13

    • Con Edison is working hard to produce half of New Yorks electricity using clean, renewable resources like solar and wind by 2030.14
    • To date, Con Ed has helped reduce New York States carbon emissions by 48% percent the equivalent of removing more than 500,000 cars off the road each year.15
    • Since 2014, Con Edison has been part of the Fleet Electrification Initiative, a national commitment toward the use of electric vehicles. Con Ed has been growing their vehicle fleet by adding thousands of clean-powered cars and trucks. Plus, Con Edison also supports customers who own EVs by letting them earn money-saving incentives when they charge their EVs during off-peak hours.16
    • Con Edison has several ongoing initiatives to minimize their water footprint. In 2016 alone, Con Ed saved over 38 million gallons of water, and theyre expecting even greater results in the upcoming years.17
    • Con Ed continuously inspects and carefully prunes trees to avoid potential safety hazards, and when needed, they use restitution fees to remove trees and plant replacements. After all, who doesnt want New Yorks parks and streets to look beautiful?18
    • Learn the details about Con Edisons environmental commitments.

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    Con Edison Earns Honor As Leader In Clean Energy Transition

    Smart Electric Power Alliance Says Company Is Taking Bold Actions to Make Carbon-Free Energy a Reality

    NEW YORK, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Con Edison today was named a leader among U.S. energy companies for its actions to create a clean, carbon-free energy system.

    The Smart Electric Power Alliance or SEPA – said Con Edison earned a listing on its 2021 Utility Transformation Leaderboard.

    The organization gave the company high marks for linking executive compensation to sustainability, setting aggressive carbon reduction goals, innovating, and embracing emerging technologies.

    “It’s humbling because so many energy companies across the country are applying their people’s talents and dedication to innovate and lead the transition to a clean energy future,”Tim Cawley, the CEO of Con Edison Inc., said in accepting the award. “It’s a source of pride because it acknowledges Con Edison’s progress in following through on our Clean Energy Commitment. We support New York’s aggressive environmental goals and we’re doing our part to help achieve them.”

    Con Edison is seeking to lead the transition to a clean energy future and considers the environment in every decision it makes. Cawley said Con Edison “is partnering with our customers on this journey.”

    Indeed, Con Edison customers have completed 37,000 rooftop projects with the capacity to produce 334 megawatts of clean, renewable power.

    The company has also cut its own carbon emissions by 50 percent since 2005.

    Con Edison Now # 2 Solar Energy Producer In North America

    Companys New Sustainability Report Also Details Operational and Environmental Improvements

    NEW YORK Consolidated Edison, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary has completed its previously announced purchase of a Sempra Energy subsidiary that owns 980 megawatts AC of operating renewable electric production projects and certain development rights for additional solar electric production and energy storage projects. The $1.6 billion acquisition brings the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses portfolio of renewable assets to 2,600 MW AC in 17 states. The acquisition makes Con Edison the second largest solar energy producer in North America.

    The announcement coincided with Con Edisons release of its 2017-2018 Sustainability Report, .

    Among other highlights in the report, the company announced it has reduced its carbon footprint nearly in half since 2005, eliminating 2.52 million tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road. The companys energy efficiency program initiated in 2009 also has helped 600,000 customers with upgrades preventing more than 1.4 million tons of carbon emissions, equal to sidelining another 300,000 cars.

    Included in the 980 MW AC purchase are a 379 MW share of projects that Sempra owned jointly with Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses.

    A slide presentation regarding the acquisition is available at .

    The companys Sustainability Report also notes that:

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    Con Edison Now No 2 Solar Energy Producer In North America

    Consolidated Edison, Inc. announced last month that its subsidiary has completed its previously announced purchase of a Sempra Energy subsidiary that owns 980 MW AC of operating renewable electric production projects and certain development rights for additional solar electric production and energy storage projects. The $1.6 billion acquisition brings the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses portfolio of renewable assets to 2,600 MW AC in 17 states. The acquisition makes Con Edison the second largest solar energy producer in North America.

    ConEd also announced it has reduced its carbon footprint nearly in half since 2005, eliminating 2.52 million tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road. The companys energy efficiency program initiated in 2009 also has helped 600,000 customers with upgrades preventing more than 1.4 million tons of carbon emissions, equal to sidelining another 300,000 cars.

    Our acquisition of these renewable energy assets builds on a strong record of environmental commitment, and our determination to be national leaders in clean energy initiatives, said John McAvoy, Con Edisons chairman and CEO. Over the next three years, we will double the gas energy efficiency levels we offer customers and reduce overall usage during peak periods, while supporting the city and states climate and clean energy goals.

    The companys Sustainability Report also notes that:

    The Time To Go Solar Is Now

    Con Edison Customer in Mount Kisco, NY Chooses Solar

    Sunrun is the nations largest residential solar and battery storage company providing clean, reliable electricity to households with little to no upfront cost. Were here for you every step of the way from design and installation to maintenance. Plus, you receive predictable pricing and energy security for 25 years or more. If you would like to go solar, and protect yourself from rising electricity rates and potential long term outages in your area, contact Sunrun today. Get a free quote, see if you qualify.

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