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How To Get Free Solar Panels In Texas

The Investment Tax Credit

how to get free solar panels in texas

Though not a California specific solar tax incentive, the federal ITC provides additional and significant savings for solar installations. Every homeowner who buys and owns their PV system can claim and deduct 26% of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes this and next year2021 and 2022. For example, if you install a PV system that costs $20,000, and you owe $6,000 in taxes, you can reduce your tax liability from $6,000 to $1,200 by applying your $5,200 solar installation tax credit.

If the value of your tax credit exceeds your tax liability, you can apply the unused credit to the following years taxes. Using the same example above, if your tax liability was $3,000 instead of $6,000, you can roll over the unused $2,200 to next years taxes.

Note: You can only roll over any unused credit once, and the ITC is in addition to all state and local solar rebates and incentives you receive. Also, the value of the ITC stepped down from 30% to 26% it will drop to 22% in 2023, then to zero for residential installations in 2024 unless Congress renews it.

Best Solar Companies In Texas

Texas is one of the leading states for solar energy and has nearly 600 solar installers in the state and counting. If youre trying to find the best solar companies in Texas, sifting through hundreds of options can be intimidating.

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Services Offered

  • Representatives are experts on local policies
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Representatives are experts on local policies
  • Limited service area
  • Slightly limited solar equipment brands

Services Offered

  • Representatives are experts on local policies
  • Expensive

In this article, well narrow down five of the top Texas solar installers to make your decision a little easier.Read on for our reviews of each company to know a certified company near you.

In This Article:

Buying Vs Leasing Solar Panels In Texas

There are many options when it comes time to purchase our solar panels. You can finance, lease, or pay the entire cost upfront. The right choice will depend on your financial situation and the costs of your system and other factors. Our solar calculator will help you weigh your options. You can find more information on leasing vs buying solar panels here.

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A Website With An Instant Quote

Solar energy systems are like tailored clothes, they need to be properly fitted to each home for the best results. The right system for you will depend on the size of your home, your location, your system preferences, and a few other factors.

For this reason, its really impossible to give an accurate quote from having you fill out a few questions on their website. Be especially skeptical if the quote they offer is suspiciously low. What is most likely happening is that you are giving your consent to be called by a solar installer.

Top 5 Solar Panel Systems Ranked By Quality And Safe Sellers:

SolarWorld Panels in Austin TX

We collected a list of the most reliable solar system products that are on the market for sale. They all ranked between 4.5 5-stars on Amazon and have over 100 purchases. You can trust the sellers. Here they are click on their name to see the specs, uses, and various prices:

2. Gelssi 4×100 W Monoflexible Photovoltaic Solar Panel

This one is one of our favorites. It has low weight design, extra durable, no glass. Uses: Marine, Cars, Off Grid. EL tested solar modules no hot-spot heating guaranteed It comes with 25-year power output warranty 5-year material and workmanship warranty. Check it out HERE.

3. Goal Zero Solar Panel

Kit includes one Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station with a wall charger, and one Boulder 100 Briefcase solar panel with 8mm cable and integrated kickstand This kit is intended for heavy power users looking for a quick solar recharge. Solar recharge time is 8-16 hours depending on panel angle and conditions. Check it out HERE.

5. HQST Solar Panel Kit

This is a HQST 400 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline solar panel kit with 40A MPPT charge controller. Designed specifically for customers new to solar. Easy and convenient to install with pre-drilled holes on panels and Z brackets for fast mounting and securing. Check it out HERE.

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How Can I Register For The Program

Unfortunately, only homes in certain zip codes in the US are eligible , but if you live in one of the qualified zip codes it is foolish to not cash in on savings.

Homeowners are getting thousands in rebate in the US each year by installing the panels.

If you are reading this, you have done the first part correctly.

This program isnât much advertised to prevent delays in installation and therefore not many people know about it.

Here you can look up your address and calculate your solar savings in your state.

It will take less than 30 seconds to:

Hidden Costs Of Free Solar Panels By Payment Plan How Do Loans And Leases Compare To An Outright Purchase

Now that you understand the nuances between solar leases, power purchase agreements, and solar loans, its important to assess the return on investment in each scenario. Heres a break down of the most potential to least potential return depending on the payment plan you choose:

  • Cash purchase: buying your solar panel system outright is usually the best value over 25 years. Even though your initial cost will be steep, you can reap all of the financial benefits and savings associated with going solar .
  • Personal loan: applying for a solar loan is the next best option when it comes to a return on investment. The initial cost is $0 however, interest payments chip away at energy savings for approximately the first 7 years until the loan is paid off. After that time period, you get to keep 100% of your energy savings.
  • Solar leases and PPAs: choosing to go with a solar lease or PPA may be something worth considering for certain homeowners. The biggest selling point here is that there is no upfront cost, but beware that the value is dampened by the solar company who takes out their cut of your savings each month. By the end of your warranty period, the lease or PPA will have taken up more than half of your potential savings as profits for the solar installer.

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What Are Solar Leases / Solar Ppas

Solar leases and PPAs offer people a way to go solar with no up-front cost.

Under a solar lease, the installer builds a system on your property and charges you a monthly fee to lease the equipment from them. You pay a flat monthly fee and get to use 100% of your systems production.

Power purchasing agreements are similar, except instead of renting the equipment for a set fee each month, you buy power from the installer at a flat rate per kWh. So if you use less power than your system produces, you dont have to pay for any excess generation.

Could You Be Eligible For Texas Solar Incentives In 2022

Get 10% off today at South Texas Solar Systems

Not everyone will qualify for entirely free Texas solar incentives in 2022. That’s the unfortunate circumstance. The positive side is, there’s likely at least one federal solar incentive in Texas for you to take advantage of. You can have at least some of your solar panel system paid for, and some are always better than none. What’s even better is you don’t have to try and figure it out alone.

Go Solar Energy Texas will help pair you with the right government solar rebate, and you’re going to see:

  • 26% back on your federal income tax return valid as a Texas solar incentive
  • Instant rebates from local municipalities
  • SERCs
  • Money earned for solar power created and shared
  • Increased monthly energy savings

The ROI on your solar panel installation in Texas is amplified with the plethora of money you get for federal solar incentives, Texas solar incentives, and more. Contact us for more specifics at your convenience.

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Will Free Solar Panels Save You Money

You may have various reasons for going solar. If youre like most people, saving money, eliminating your utility bills and/or reducing your carbon footprint are probably at the top of the list. The environmental benefits of going solar are more or less the same regardless of who installs your system, so its key to focus on the financial benefits.

Regardless of its do-good image, the solar industry is an industry like any other: the companies offering products are looking to turn a profit. Providers of solar leases make their money by selling you electricity, usually at a lower rate than what you pay your utility.

Although companies like SolarCity once dominated the market for solar leases, countless other players have since entered the space and begun competing with each other. Some solar leases will save you more money than others. You as a solar shopper can now take your pick of company based on their offer. So even if financial gain is secondary to environmental considerations for you, you should still shop around to make sure youre getting the best deal.

Interested in learning about your local solar options? By shopping on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace you can compare not only solar lease options, but also purchase and solar loan options. Sign up today to get quotes from solar installers in your area.

Cost Of Solar Panels By State

One of the broadest ways to gauge the overall cost of solar is by looking at the average price of solar panels by state. Our statewide average prices are calculated using market research and data from top brands. These prices can help convey a better understanding of what solar might cost in your area:

Average Cost of Solar By State Average Cost of Solar Per Watt Average Cost of a 5kW System After Tax Credit
$2.57 $9,509

Keep in mind that 5kW is a baseline size and near the smaller end of most solar panel installations. Use this figure as a minimum.

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Texas Solar Tax Incentives

Because Texas typically assesses and administers its taxes locally, it doesnt offer many statewide tax incentives. However, while there is no Texas solar tax credit, all homeowners are still eligible for the federal solar tax credit, and the state does offer local property tax exemptions for both photovoltaic solar and wind-powered renewable energy systems.

Solar Battery Storage System Prices

Asphalt Shingle Solar Panel Installation in McAllen, TX ...

Uninstalled, battery systems can cost anywhere from $800 to $10,000. Generally speaking, solar systems that can power an entire home cost between $5,000 to $7,000.

The price of your system will largely depend on the kilowatt-hours to power your home or appliance. Expect to pay somewhere between $400/kWh to $750/kWh. For example, you might pay between $5,600 and $10,500 for a battery with 14 kWh of storage and around $2,000 to $3,800 for a five-kWh battery.

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Why Get Texas Solar Now

With most of the world still operating on fossil fuels, there’s no better time than now to switch to Texas solar renewable energy. Our mission is to help lower harmful emissions by doing as many installations of residential solar panels in Texas as possible.

Transferring your entire home to solar energy in Texas may make you slightly nervous, but you don’t have to be. If you’re not comfortable with completely entrusting your power to the sun’s natural energy, we can start with just a few panels. Then, when you discover how incredibly it functions and how great you feel about your eco-friendly choice, we will come back and add more!

Start by calling to request your in-home consultation. Even if you’re new to Texas solar concepts, we want to meet with you. We will spend time explaining how to go solar, when to go solar, solar capacity, and why to go solar now. We’re the top-rated of solar companies in the Texas area. It’s FREE, so what are you waiting for? Call today!

Should I Get Solar Panels In Texas


Texas may not be the most populated state in America, but it sure can hold its own when it comes to sunny days. Texans get an average of 234 sun-exposed hours per year.

This is 29 more than what people living on average experience nationwide and makes Texas one kickass solar powerhouse that all other states should aspire to. In terms of pure sun exposure, Texas is a great place to invest in residential power generation.

Solar energy is a renewable energy resource, and with the costs of installing solar panels in Texas steadily dropping, its no wonder that more and more people are jumping on board to enjoy this inexpensive, eco-friendly technology.

Solar power provides many benefits that protect both your family and our planet, including cost savings, reliability, independence from fossil fuels, control over electricity sources, safety protection for your home, greater efficiency at work or school during peak hours of use, etc.

And lets not forget about the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know youre contributing all those watts to help save the earth! It sounds like solar panels in Texas should be an easy decision.

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Jones Maltsberger & Burning Trail

In reviewing our reliability performance, we have identified several areas that tend to experience power outages affecting large numbers of customers due to the exposure of our overhead electric lines to weather , trees and animals. This program is being implemented to replace or convert portions of our overhead electric distribution system with underground lines and equipment to improve electric service reliability in these areas.

Solar Panels In Texas

How To Get Solar Panels For Free | Can You Get Solar Panels For Free In Houston Texas | Must Watch

Even with rebates and incentives, many Texan homeowners simply do not have the extra capital required to purchase their solar systems outright. Fortunately, there are no money down financing options to help you go solar.

Annual savings on your power bill are should be greater than your financing loan-repayments, allowing you to enjoy savings immediately. At Momentum Solar, we are able to provide assistance to customers in Texas who are interested in financing their solar panel systems. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the best option available.

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Cost Of Solar Panel Maintenance

In general, solar systems are designed to run smoothly for decades without requiring much maintenance or upkeep. However, even the best systems require routine solar panel cleaning and checkups as grime, dirt and debris can accumulate over the solar cells.

Any sizable costs associated with malfunctioning panels should be covered by your panels warranty, but its not a bad idea to factor in the costs of a simple few cleanings and occasional maintenance.

Is Solar For My Home A Good Investment

A solar panel installation typically takes 8-12 years to pay for itself if you stay in your home. If you sell before that, you should easily recoup your investment through added appraisal value.

Well show you how much solar adds to your homes value when we present your solar proposal.

No more wasting money on electric utility bills. Your solar panels will be installed in a way that balances energy harvest and aesthetics.

Investing in solar panels for your home replaces an unpredictable monthly expense with a consistent, proven investment. Increase your property value while helping the environment? Yes, please!

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Texas Solar Incentives And Rebates

There are many benefits to using solar energy to power your business or home. Harnessing the abundant Texas sunshine to produce your own green energy just makes sense! The cost of putting solar panels on your home or business will vary based on your energy costs, the utilitys net metering policies, and solar power rebates and other financial incentives.

Dont be intimidated by the potential initial costs of going solar. There are Texas solar rebates and incentives you can take advantage of to help you start using clean, renewable energy. Stick with us and well explore the Texas solar programs available at the federal, state, and local levels.

Sale Of Electricity Through Net Metering

23.04 kW Solar Panel Installation in San Antonio, Texas ...

If you plan to connect your solar system to the local utility grid, you can sell them electricity that you dont use through the net metering system. One form of solar energy production incentive is for utilities to buy your surplus solar-generated electricity at high rates.

Net metering is an effective system that allows the most efficient use of electricity in a given area. When you connect to the network, there will be times when youre not using much power that you can watch your meter running backward. Just imagine how satisfying that is!

Admittedly, this kind of subsidy doesnt lower the purchase cost of your solar system, but it reduces your electrical costs still further and speeds up the time it takes to pay off the purchase of your solar system.

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Kw Solar System Price

The average home located in a very sunny climate can easily use a 5kW system to go off-grid. A smaller-than-average home with a backup system could also go off-grid with a 5kW solar system in a moderately sunny area. At this size, the system can generate sufficient power for most homes. If you have excessive energy needs, it may still be too small. A 5kW system costs around $40,000 to $45,000 for off-grid use.

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