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Fairy Solar Lights For Garden

Our Range Of Solar Fairy Lights

Tip to Installing Solar Fairy Lights – GREAT Outside Solar Landscape Lights!

Whether theyre hung, draped or wrapped, our solar fairy lights will become a stunning feature in your outdoor space. Perfect for summer nights in the garden, theyll keep your party going for as long as you need. Choose from our range of small, large and decorative solar-powered outdoor fairy lights to find the set you love.

If youre trying to fill a big space, our large sets of 200 solar fairy lights will do just that. Choose between Warm White LED Solar Fairy lights with a green cable or our Warm White LED Solar Fairy Lights with a clear cable. If you want to cover a wall or bush with solar fairy lights, our 100 Warm White LED Solar Net Lights are guaranteed to achieve your desired look.

Why Choose Lights4fun For Your Solar Fairy Lights

Here at Lights4fun, we take pride in our products, which is why we only choose the best-quality solar-powered fairy lights for our collection. So if you find any problems with your solar fairy lights, youre covered by a two-year warranty as well as a no-quibble returns policy. Whats more, we offer free and fast delivery on all orders over £50, so you can get your solar panel fairy lights with ease.

If you need any more convincing, you can see what other customers had to say about us so you can be sure that youre buying from the best.

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

Add some sparkle to your outdoor space with solar-powered fairy lights from Lights4fun. Perfect for even the smallest outdoor spaces, our solar fairy lights can make any area feel cosy. By providing a subtle glow, our solar fairy lights are ideal for injecting a bit of warmth into the garden.

Take advantage of our search filters to find the solar-powered fairy lights that are right for you. Head to our inspiration section to find advice on all things lighting, décor and outdoor style.


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Solar Fairy & String Lights At B& m Stores

Enhance your outdoor space with B& Ms range of garden solar lighting including solar fairy lights and outdoor string lights.

From rope effect string lights to LED curtain lights, you can set the mood no matter what the occasion.

Available in a range of colours including warm white, cool white and multi-coloured, B& M stocks fairy lights in a range of different colours.

Plus, dont forget to browse the different designs available including butterfly lights, bee lights and ladybird lights that will suit any outdoor space.

Impress your guests with B& Ms magical collection of outdoor fairy lights and string lights.

Create an ambience with B& Ms range of Garden Solar Lighting where you can browse , solar stake and post lights, security lights and more.

Marrakesh Moroccan Solar Stake Lights

Solar Star Shower Light, Kettle Light Solar LEDs String Fairy Lights ...

RRP: £24.99


  • Fiddly to reach on/off switch
  • One light broke just as we finished the test

These lights are perfect for bringing depth to borders and flower beds. They cast warm but bright light with a gorgeous dappled effect thanks to the Moroccan-inspired pattern. We like the long stake, which allows them good clearance amongst most plants in a flowerbed and theyre compact, so they dont take up too much room. Because theyre plastic, we didnt see any rusting, weathering, or fading. We also love the two-year warranty. However, its fiddly to reach the on/off switch, and the instructions dont show where to find it either. You have to pop the solar panel off these lights to switch them on, but if you dont know this you could easily be surprised when they havent switched on. We also saw the value of running such a long test, as one of the four lights stopped working just as we were writing up our results.

Dimensions: 40cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm

Buy 4 Marrakesh Moroccan Solar Stake Lights from Lights4Fun

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Habitat Solar 20 Festoon Warm White Lights

Only available at Argos: £21.

Key features: 20 lights, 6 metres long , claimed battery life not stated, 2 light settings, warm white light.

Verdict: These look pretty nice in the images used to market them online, and when it’s dark and they’re switched on, we think they’re nice too. But in the light of day, they look a bit cheap. Particularly when viewed next our top picks.

While these lights passed all of our durability assessments, one significant design flaw is that the bulbs dont have a little hole in them that let’s any water ingress seep out. This means that theyll gradually fill up with water over time. The length of cable is also a little stingy when compared to our top picks.

Best Solar Lights On Test In 2022

Illuminate your garden with our tests of the best solar lights for 2022.

Solar lights are environmentally friendly lighting. With a good set of solar lights, you can create an ambience that lets you enjoy your garden long after dark.

Powered by solar panels, they absorb daylight and convert it to electrical energy, charging your lights so theyre ready to go at night. Unlike mains-powered lights, solar lights are cheap and easy to install, and because these eco-friendly lights are powered by the sun, theyll save you money on electricity bills and batteries. With the right lights, you can have effective, automatic garden lighting that wont break the bank.

Best solar lights at a glance:

We put a range of solar lights to the test, using them in urban, suburban and rural gardens across the country. We started testing at the end of February 2022, and collected our results in late May, so weve put these lights through months of different lighting and weather conditions. Theyve seen wind, rain, hail and sleet cold snaps, heat waves, and even dust from the Sahara.

As we evaluated each one, we assigned them scores, and the models that topped the test were awarded BBC Gardeners World Magazine Best Buys. Each review has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up, features, performance, and value for money. Only the stand-out solar lights have made our list, so you can buy with confidence.

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How We Tested The Best Solar Lights

We tested all of these lights over the course of a month at a coastal home in New England. To keep things consistent, we first unboxed all of them and left them outside to charge in various spots around the yard â in doing this, they would all receive the same amount of sunlight at the same angles. After a week, we placed each light in the freezer for four hours before dusk and then returned them to the yard to monitor which ones functioned as usual and how long they stayed illuminated. We also tested water resistance, rinsing each under a shower head for two minutes.

Following the initial tests, we installed each of the lights in appropriate positions to monitor how they stood up to various weather conditions. Over 14 days, each solar light was subjected to a tropical storm, hot and humid days, overcast days and rainy days. We monitored how well they stayed in place throughout.

Best Festive: Qedertek Fairy Blossom Solar Flower Garden Lights

Hoselink Cool White Solar Garden Fairy Party Lights 150 LED – L480

Courtesy of Amazon

Time travel back to your childhood with these multicolor lights that are reminiscent of vintage multicolor holiday lights and all things Lisa Frank. The lights need to charge during the day for six to eight hours, but will illuminate for more than eight hours at night. Fifty flower lights dance across a 21-foot strand, providing light thats also waterproof and can withstand heavy rain and snow.

Two switches on the set allow lights to either flash or shine steady. Users love these lights for indoor and outdoor usestheyre perfect for little girls bedrooms, dreamy gardens, and anywhere you want to add a touch of color.

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Argos Home 200 Warm White Led Solar String Lights

Only available at Argos: £20.

Key features: 200 lights, 10 metres long, battery life is unstated, 2 light settings, warm white light

Verdict: We weren’t too impressed with these lights as soon as we got them out of the box. You could see that there was a small amount of exposed wire as it entered the solar charger. Despite this flaw, these lights did survive all of the durability tests, until we gave the wire a sharp tug, at which point the wires disconnected from the charger, breaking the lights.

How To Choose The Best Solar Lights For You

Wondering which solar lights should I buy? Before you pick your favorites, take a stroll around your property at night and consider which areas you want lighting up. Then, think about what solar light type would be most suitable. You might want to brighten up your driveway or the side doors, or perhaps the path itself. Think about how many lights you are going to need and how bright they will have to be to achieve what you want. If youâre not 100 percent sure, then adjustable power solar lights might be best. Take into account how much sunlight that area gets too. If itâs limited, you will need a separate solar panel which can be better placed.

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your deck or patio, then string lights or Edison bulbs are worth considering. These donât provide intense lighting, but itâs enough for the background and adds a soft glow. However, if youâre buying solar lights so you can better see the steps, you need ones which are bright and fit for purpose â solar step lights are available for this very reason.

Ease of installation and battery life are important aspects to take into account, especially if you want the lights to last through the night. If battery life is your priority, you might want to consider a solar light with motion sensors â these will provide light only when you need it and ultimately save on power.

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How We Tested Solar Garden Lights

We know that these products have an issue with longevity. They just don’t last long enough, and too many end up in landfill, too quickly.

But we couldn’t test these products over three or four years like we might like to. Ultimately by the time we finished the test, some of them wouldn’t be on sale anymore.

So we designed a really tough set of tests to simulate the type of conditions these types of lights might endure over a few really tough British winter. Then we did leave them outside for one winter.

Best Budget: Brightown 29 Feet Solar String Lights

Outdoor Solar String Lights, 66FT 200 LED Solar Powered Fairy Lights ...

Courtesy of Amazon

The price point for these lights is great, without sacrificing useful features. The lights are made of a shatterproof material thats also IP44 waterproof and can withstand hot and cold temperatures, rain, and wind. The lights can stay lit for up to 16 hours after 4 to 8 hours of solar charging, and the 180-degree adjustable panel allows you to move it around for maximum sun exposure.

These lights can also be charged via USB if theres no light during the day. The lights have four lighting modes, and the bulbs on this strand are spaced 1 foot apart for a total of 29 feet. You also dont have to worry about the bulbs getting too hot, as they remain cool to the touch after hours of use.

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What Are The Best Solar Garden Fairy Lights

Quality solar-powered fairy lights should provide many hours of light after a full charge. They should also be waterproof to withstand the elements, if you plan to use them outdoors. SKYFIRE Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights provide up to six hours of working time to light up your garden, patio, indoor space and more. They also waterproof. Other notable features include the solar panel with garden stakes stand for optimum positioning, 17-percent energy conversion rate, and auto on at dusk and auto off in the daytime. The product comes with 10 strands, each 6.5 feet long and featuring 20 LED lights per strand. Sixty-eight percent of Amazon reviewers give the SKYFIRE lights five stars. Reviewers claim they work just as well during overcast weather as they do on sunny days.

One satisfied review wrote:

These are really beautiful at night and were the perfect length and size to string across lattice around my garden. I have had mine outside in the weather for over a month now with no problems. They are even brighter than the solar powered lights on stakes I got to light my sidewalks. I just love them!

Criacr Led String Lights 100 Led

Only available at : £6.79.

Key features: 100 lights, 10 metres long , claimed battery life not stated, 2 light settings, white light.

Verdict: These lights are cheap, and they look it. There’s no plastic coating in sight, just a long reel of copper wire that can be bent and twisted around any objects you’re hoping to illuminate.

The lights survived six weeks outside, including almost a week of sub zero temperatures, they also endured a night in the freezer at -16 degrees without breaking. But a few sharp tugs along the length of the wire dispatched these lights to the bin.

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Why Should You Get Solar

Because they dont need an extension cord, theyre much easier to move around and place wherever you want them. You can also take them with you on camping trips, or to a friends house who is in need of some ambient lighting for a party. Its also very enticing that, instead of dying or blowing out like conventional bulbs, the LEDs fade in brightness over time. Furthermore, theyre powered by the sun, they dont have a carbon footprint!

Make Your Garden Glow With Our Solar Fairy Lights

Hoselink Warm White Solar Garden Fairy Party Lights 150 LED – L470

Adding outdoor solar fairy lights to a space makes it stylish and cosy in equal measures. Whether you have a larger garden or just a balcony to illuminate, our solar fairy lights are a superb option. However subtle, decorative or bold you want to go, our collection of garden solar fairy lights has it all. Read on to learn more about our solar fairy light collection.

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Fairy Solar Globe Garden Light

Let it glow! Our fanciful Fairy Solar Globe Garden Light will be a favorite for fairy lovers and gardeners alike. Sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it, this light is a charming combination of garden art and magical mischief.

The orb features charming floral cutouts for added interest, and they let the light glow outward at night. An integrated solar panel on back absorbs sunlight by day, so this piece shines beautifully after dusk. The globe portion is durable resin with the look of crushed stone for a natural fit in any garden space.

Each globe is topped with a different fairy, beautifully crafted with intricate details from their delicate facial features to their pretty little wings. Each also has their own pose – buy one or all three to use together for even more whimsical garden style. Fairies are resin with a rich cast bronze finish to resemble classic garden statuary.

Solar-powered light output and duration are dependent upon factors including season, weather conditions and sun exposure. Place in direct sunlight for maximum display. Sizes are approximate. Each globe is sold separately .

approx. 5½” dia. x 10¼”H

Trueflame Usb Solar Crook Lantern

RRP: £29.99

  • No sign of rust or weathering


  • Comparatively pricey

We think this is a super lantern if you like traditional designs. Easy to set up, you simply need to attach the crook to the pole, but it does take three days to initially charge if its outside. However, its one of the few lanterns on test that comes with a USB cable. This lets you charge the light from a USB plug, which takes just a few hours and is a useful option if you cant wait for it to be charged by sunlight or want to give it a boost if its overcast or wintery. After that, simply press the on/off switch on the base of the lantern for three seconds, and youre ready to go. We like that this lantern is truly versatile thanks to a crook, pole and spike, which can be pushed into borders or the lawn, as well as a handle so you can hang it from a tree, or stand it on the ground or on a tabletop. It also features a power saving mode, to help increase performance if it hasnt fully charged, and it has a one-year warranty.

Dimensions: 19.5cm x 12.5cm x 67cm, 84cm height with spike

Buy the TrueFlame USB Solar Crook Lantern from The Solar Centre, ,

  • Slight rusting
  • Average IP rating

Dimensions: 43cm x 15.5cm x 15.5cm

Buy the Agadir Garden Solar Lantern from Lights4Fun

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Best Buy/great Value: Solar String Lights Garden 24 Ft 30 Waterproof Crystal Ball Led Fairy Lights Outdoor Solar Powered Lights

Only available at : £10.99.

Key features: 30 lights, 7 metres long , claimed battery life of 8-14 hours, 8 light settings, warm white light.

Verdict: These little lights are hard as nails, they sailed through all of the durability tests we threw at them, and show no sign of any wear and tear.

Do watch out when buying these lights though, as we were expecting more – as in, more lights. Some of the images advertising the product showed a whole house adorned, and we neglected to spot the number of bulbs listed in the product description , so when they turned up we were a little disappointed.

That said, the light that they emit is nice, and it’s enough to tastefully illuminate the children’s playhouse in the picture above, but not much more than that. So you might need to buy a few sets to light up your whole patio, but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed, as they’re super tough.

Update 22 March 2022: These lights have survived two British winters, including extreme high winds, exactly where you can see them pictured above, on a child’s playhouse. The solar panel you get with these lights is very small, so they’ll eventually lose charge over winter and won’t turn on. But when the sun comes back out in spring, these lights will start twinkling again.

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