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Do Solar Panels Decrease Property Value

Do Solar Panels Affect Your Propertys Value

Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of my House?

Solar panels could increase your homes value by 4.1%

Solar power is the UKs most popular energy source

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You want to get solar panels.

Theyll save you money on your energy bills, theyll save the climate, and theyll save you from being completely reliant on the National Grid but will they add to your homes value?

Yes. The research indicates that solar panels add around 4.1% to a homes value which means you could make tens of thousands of pounds.

That makes sense, too: who wouldnt want to buy a home with better energy efficiency than the average property, that can save you money on your energy bills every month?

If you buy your solar panels outright, they wont affect your ability to sell the property, and if you leased them, that should be fine too! Just make sure you and your installer followed all the legal requirements when making the purchase.

Getting a mortgage on a property with leased solar panels should not present a problem.

Council of Mortgage Lenders

If youre worried, talk to your mortgage advisor.

Assuming they tell you everythings fine, you can fill in this form to get free solar panel quotes from specialists in your area.

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Final Thoughts On Home Value Increase With Solar Panels

If youre considering installing solar and also contemplating a move in the next few years, do it.

Not only are you going to save a bunch of money on your electricity bills in the short term, when it comes to selling your home, you can expect your home solar panel installation cost to be more than recouped in full. You can also expect your home to sell faster.

After all, solar is a smart, sleek investment. When shopping for a home, why wouldnt potential buyers want a more energy efficient home?

Find out how much you can save with solar

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Don’t Assume You’ll Always Recoup The Cost Of Solar Panels On Your Home’s Value If You Sell Your House Early

Some people assume that a more efficient home generating its own energy would be more attractive to buyers. But others worry that ‘ugly’ panels plastered all over their roof could push the price of their house down.

Solar panels are a hefty investment and might not be suited to those planning to move in the next few years certainly you shouldn’t expect a big upfront investment to be immediately reflected by a jump in your home’s value.

Trade body Solar Energy UK recently published a report which found homeowners who move having had panels installed would claw back some of the value of their investment in a higher sale price. It looked at more than five million property transactions and said a typical home with solar panels could increase in price by at least £1,800.

When we asked NAEA Propertymark for an overview, it was more cagey. It said: “Having such sustainable technologies will become more attractive for homeowners in the future. There are benefits to having solar panels however, in the short term, they don’t provide an increase in house value, with the panels often costing more than they attribute in value. With houses coming on to the market in short supply and other factors, people are being forced to compromise on their preferences, including energy saving measures.”

Homeowner/seller Incentives For Installing Solar Panels

Do Solar Panels Increase or Decrease the Value of Your ...

In addition to increased property values over comparable non-solar homes in their community, homeowners purchasing solar systems are realizing many financial benefits including:

And, as the seller of a solar property, there are tremendous advantages in the real estate market such as:

  • Higher asking price than comparable homes without solar4
  • Solar panels are viewed as an upgrade by potential buyers8
  • Homes with solar panels often sell faster than those without8
  • 100% return on solar investment upon home sale1

Homeowners with a solar energy system who may want to sell should note that prospective buyers are interested in documentation showing that the installation was done properly from a reputable solar dealer, and proof that the system is reducing electric bills.8 Sunruns Solar Advisors can show you how to document the cost savings on your electricity bill.

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What Is The Solar Tax Credit For 2022

If you own a solar panel installation on your primary or secondary residence in the United States and are not leasing, you are eligible for a tax credit on your federal income taxes. The Solar Investment Tax Credit which was first enacted in 2006, was renewed again in 2020. The solar tax credit for 2022 is 26%. In 2023, the ITC is slated to drop to 22%3.

If You Decide Solar Panels Are Right For You Find A Registered Installer And Get Three Quotes

As we’re MoneySavers, not electricians, picking installers isn’t our speciality. You can see the firms shortlisted for the British Renewable Energy Awards 2020, run by the Renewable Energy Association, or ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.

The system and the installer should meet the standards of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme . And make sure the installer is a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

As always, get at least three quotes, and get ’em in writing. When comparing quotes, check the following are included: scaffolding, removal of the existing roof and other roofing works, internal wiring works, sorting out a connection agreement with the energy supplier, electrical connection work, and a generation meter. Fitting the panels themselves is a one or two-day job.

Once they’re fitted, registering your panels is a must you’ll need an MCS certificate, which you’ll use to register for smart export guarantee payments with a licensed energy supplier.

Never borrow from solar companies to pay for the panels

Some installers let you buy solar panels on credit. If you don’t have the cash upfront, panels aren’t for you. The loan’s interest could dwarf the savings.

Solar panels are generally low maintenance

The Energy Saving Trust says little maintenance is required on a properly installed, well-designed solar PV system, though you’ll likely need to replace the inverter a gadget that is a key part of the mechanism within about 25 years .

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Contributory Value Of Solar Panels

A solar panel system also has the benefit of augmenting the energy savings of any other efficiency upgrades you have made. This means:

  • What you pay for heating and cooling goes further when upgraded home insulation keeps hot and cold air inside the house where it belongs
  • The efficiency of LED lighting is enhanced when solar panels catch the rays to light your home
  • ENERGY STAR-certified appliances are even more efficient when they are powered by renewable solar

The cumulative benefits of solar panels combined with other solutions cannot be overstated. Not only will these and other upgrades cut your monthly energy bill, but they will be an undeniable draw when you decide to put your house on the market.

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The Starting Point: Do Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Let’s start with the question that is on every homeowner’s mind when planning to install solar panels: are these going to boost my property’s worth? The short answer is: yes!

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab report, each watt of solar power adds around $3 to your home’s value. And, in California specifically, each watt could add about $4 to your home’s worth.

A simple calculation shows that your home outside of California could appreciate up to $15,000 after setting up solar panels. That’s because a 5-kilowatt solar system generates 5,000 watts of power .

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Do Solar Panels Add Value To Your Home

Over the past decade or so, solar panels have become the must-have for any energy-conscientious UK householder.

However, before you go ahead and get them installed, its important you ask the question do solar panels add value to your home?.

As the technology behind solar energy has improved, more people have had them installed. Thats brought the cost of installation of solar panels down significantly. In fact, the cost of solar panels has fallen around 10% almost every year since the 1980s .

With the ever-increasing costs of gas and electricity, more and more people are turning to renewable energy. And thats leading to a dilemma for UK estate agents do solar panels increase the value of a property? If so, how much do they add? If they dont add value then could they actually have a negative effect?

So without further ado, lets take a closer look and try and answer the question do solar panels add value to your home?.

Why Do Solar Panels Increase Property Value

There are a few reasons behind this increase in property value, but it mainly boils down to how much solar power can save homeowners on energy bills. Solar panel owners can also sell surplus generation back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee bringing in even more money.

In fact, we worked out that if you have a three-bedroom house, you’ll save £256.60 per year on your energy bills from solar panels, and make £82.05 from the SEG.

Not to mention that buying a home with panels already attached can help homeowners avoid the upfront installation costs.

Solar-equipped homes also tend to sell for more because solar panels are considered to be upgrades to the home similar to how an extension or conservatory increases a homes value.

Solar panels can also increase the energy rating of a property, which is hugely desirable for buyers especially since the government is pushing for all houses to be rated B by 2030.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change analysed over 320,000 properties between 1995 and 2011, and found that when a homes EPC rating rose from band G to E or from D to B its property price also rose significantly.

You could benefit from this kind of shift.

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Cost Of The Solar System

Though prices may be dropping, the cost of your solar system will vary depending on the type of system you choose, the size of your system, and your location. Some states have rebates and incentives that reduce the overall cost of solar electricity systems.

In general, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says a 2-kilowatt system, which should offset the electricity use of an average-sized home, will cost about $8 to $10 per square foot before state and federal rebates and incentives.


Solar panels dont require much maintenance, aside from an occasional cleaning. The price of cleaning should run between $150 and $330, and cleaning should be done on an as-needed basis.

Providing regular cleaning and maintenance to your solar panels may be required if you lease your panels or to keep your warranty current. Read the fine print in your agreement, so youll know if cleaning and maintenance is required .

Tax credits

The EPA offers tax credits to homeowners who install solar energy systems. Until the end of 2019, that tax credit was 30% of the total cost of your solar system. Beginning in 2020, however, the percentage begins to step down. By the end of 2021, the credit disappears completely.

If you install your solar panels in time to receive the tax credit, you can choose to either deduct the tax credit directly from your tax payment if you owe federal taxes, or deducted it from your taxable income when you file your taxes.

Quality Of Solar Panels

Do Solar Leases Decrease Home Property Values?

The panels themselves are another factor that affect your homes resale value. Manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, racking, and other equipment offer varying technology features, lifespans, and warranties.

Solar should be a differentiated feature of the home and not just a blip in the homes description. The monitoring software should be displayed to prospective buyers and the benefits conveyed to prospective homeowners

Make sure to do your research on the best solar technology products so you can make the most of your long-term investment.

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Do Solar Panels Raise Your Taxes

One of the main benefits of having a solar panel system installed on your home is the increase in property value. However, does that increase in property value automatically mean a tax hike? Not necessarily. Many states offer exemptions that allow you to increase your property value without increasing your tax burden.

What Affects The Value Of Your House

House prices are area-specific so you should focus on prices in your neighbourhood, rather than national averages. Use our interactive map to find out about property prices in your area.

Beyond location, your propertys age, size, number of bedrooms, structural integrity, wear and tear and room layout will all affect its price. As will whether it has a garden, parking space, garage, and any extra features, such as a shed converted into an office.

Talk to local estate agents for the inside track on all the factors to consider.

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Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels For Your Home

Like most things, solar power has its benefits and drawbacks. At the same time, some economic costs may be defrayed by the social benefits to the environment and lowering your carbon footprint, which exceeds pure monetary evaluation.

  • Green energy that lowers your carbon footprint

  • Net metering allows you to sell back excess energy produced

  • You may be eligible for certain tax breaks

  • Installation and maintenance costs still high

  • Solar only works when the sun is out

  • Parts of the system need to be replaced every few years

  • Some tax breaks may have expired or will be expiring

Do Solar Panels Actually Increase The Value Of Your Property

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment? Does Solar Increase Your Home Value? – StellarQuest Real Estate

Solar power is one of the most popular energy sources today. Its clean, renewable and free. Even if a solar installation accompanies a hefty investment initially , the savings youll see in the long run will be significant.

Are you wondering whether solar panels will increase your property value? According to several studies, the value of a property will increase between 3% to 4% when solar panels are installed. However, some factors will influence the increase in your property value, such as:

  • Where your property is located
  • The size of the installation
  • The age and type of solar panels installed
  • The savings expectations with the installed solar system

Your property value increase directly relates to the number of solar panels your roof can accommodate and also the quality of the panels installed. The electricity generation capacity of your PV panels should be proportional to the size of your property.

Another factor that will influence the property value is the quality of the panels. This will affect their lifespan, technology and warranty. When youre ready to make a long-term investment like solar panels, take time to do the necessary research to ensure you install high-quality solar panels.

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Final Thoughts On Solar Panels And Property Value

In terms of property value, solar panels can certainty add value to your home and can make your property more attractive to buyers.

Ultimately, solar panels are a long-term investment that residents must be prepared for. Whether youre eco-conscious, looking to save money, or a mixture of the two, the upfront costs to install solar power into your home can be daunting. The immediate rewards that can be reaped, however, are very much worthwhile. With immediate savings on your energy bills, you also wont have to worry about the following:

  • Little to no negative impact on your property value with many property prices benefiting from using solar.
  • Over-reliance on the National Grid for your energy supply .
  • Having a high carbon footprint, as your solar panels save tonnes on carbon emissions each year. Through generating clean energy.
  • Price increases on your annual energy bills due to the production of your very own energy. In the meantime earning extra cash on your excess solar energy!
  • Maintenance solar PV systems are expected to last 25 years. Meaning your system will most likely see you through your residency if you are unlikely to move.

Studies Linking Solar Panels To Home Value Increases

The Appraisal Journal cited researchers Ruth Johnson and David Kaserman who report, Home value increases of about $20 for every dollar saved on annual energy costs.

So, in the case of the $200 monthly savings example above, you could expect the value of that solar home to be worth $48,000more than it was previously .

For a second example,a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory yields a formula of a $5,000 resale value increase for every kilowatt of solar installed. To get that same $48,000 home value increase from the Appraisers Journal with this calculation, youd need a 9.6kW system .

With average installation costs around $3,500 per kW upfront, you could have this size system installed for $33,600. That difference in value gained relative to your investment potentially nets you an arbitrage opportunity of $1,500 per kW of installed solar.

That doesnt even include the federal investment tax credit, which allows you to recover 26% of the cost of your home solar installation. Additionally, in some states, your property value increase is even exempt from additional property taxes.

If youre looking to sell your home faster and at a premium, it might be worth having solar installed first! You can expect a quick return on investment for this type of clean energy home improvement.

While that estimate is simple, theres a lot of unaccounted for variables. For example, it doesnt take into account the size of the solar energy system.

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