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Can Llc Be A Sole Proprietorship

Disadvantages And Limitations Of An Llc

Sole Proprietorship vs LLC

Converting to an LLC takes time and might cost you more money than continuing your business as a sole proprietorship. You will not owe additional federal taxes unless you elect C Corporation tax status. However, your state might have filing fees, annual fees, and other state business taxes you did not pay as a sole proprietorship.

Not every type of business can form an LLC. In some states, licensed professionals such as attorneys and accountants cannot form LLCs . In states where professionals can form LLCs, the LLC might not protect their personal assets from malpractice claims. For more information, see Forming a Professional LLC.

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How To Activate Each Structure For Your Business

Forming an LLC requires you to file articles of organization, sometimes called a certificate of organization, with the state. Requirements vary by state.

Typically, an LLC operating agreement is drawn up to document the members’ and managers’ rights and duties.

You should also expect to file certain forms with your state agency, usually the Secretary of State, and pay an initial filing fee that can range from $50 to $500. LLCs also have to file annual or periodic reports and pay a required filing fee in most states.

Unlike an LLC, no formal action is required to form your sole proprietorship if you are operating under your own name. If you want to use a different name, you will need to file for a DBA.

You may also need to acquire any mandatory licenses or permits, and these requirements vary by region, state, and industry.

Whether you’re looking for the liability protection and flexibility of an LLC or the less formal, unlimited control of a sole proprietorship, now you have the tools to make a more informed decision for your business and your future.

LegalZoom can help you start an LLC quickly and easily. Get started by answering a few simple questions. We’ll assemble your documents and file them directly with the Secretary of State. You’ll receive your completed LLC package by mail.

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Does Your Business Name Need To Be Registered

State regulation of LLCs include required words which must be included in an LLC namefor example, “LLC” or “limited liability company” might be required at the end of an LLC’s name. Registering your LLC does give your name protection within your state.

Sole proprietors don’t face the same requirements. However, if the business owner plans on operating under a company name, instead of under their own name, they will need to register for a “fictitious business name,” or DBA , in their home state.

Llc Vs Sole Proprietorship: Operations And Management

9 Powerful Reasons Why LLC is Better Than Sole Proprietorship (2019)

A sole proprietorship has a simple operational and management structure because theres just one person at the top. That owner can make any business decisions as they see fit, without input from any third party. Of course, most sole proprietors decide to hire employees, legal experts, accounting experts, and other individuals to help with the day-to-day management of the business. But a sole proprietor only has to ensure their business is operating safely and legally and that theres enough profit to cover business debts.

An LLCs operational and management structure is more complex and is typically outlined in an LLC operating agreement. Though only a handful of states require an operating agreement, most LLCs have one, particularly those with multiple members. The operating agreement outlines each members ownership stake in the business, voting rights, and profit share. An LLC can be collectively managed by the members or managed by an appointed manager.

Usually, LLC members decide on company matters in proportion to their ownership stakecalled membership unitsin the business. For example, a 33% owner would have a one-third vote on company matters, and a 25% owner would have a one-quarter vote. Profits generally are divided in line with ownership percentages. In the previous example, the 33% owner would receive one-third of the business profits, and the 25% owner would be entitled to one-quarter of the business profits.

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Taxes For A Sole Proprietorship Vs Llc

With both an LLC and a sole proprietorship, the profit of the business passes through to the owners personal tax return. But LLCs have more flexibility in how they are taxed, which may result in tax savings.

Sole proprietors typically report their business income and expenses on Schedule C. This form is filed with the owners personal tax return. The net profit from the business indicates the net profit of the business and it passes through to the owners personal tax return.

Pass through entities like LLCs and sole proprietorships may benefit from the Qualified Business Income deduction that allows them to deduct 20% of QBI. Not all business income qualify, so talk with a tax professional.

Single-member LLCs are automatically treated as sole proprietors for tax purposes, but may elect to be taxed as an S Corporation or C Corporation. This may provide tax savings but will also carry additional requirements. Check with your tax professional to choose the right filing status for your business.

Dont forget about self-employment tax! The current self-employment tax rate is 15.3%. Normally this is split between the employer and the employee, but when you are the employer you pay the full amount yourself.

The Difference Between Sole Proprietorship Vs Llc

An LLC members liability is limited to their investment in the company, unlike a sole proprietorship, so the member is not responsible for the LLCs debt. A sole proprietor would be accountable for the obligations of the enterprise. However, if you operate your business as a sole proprietorship, you will lose the liability protections.

Because an LLC must adhere to specific rules, a sole proprietor may be held personally responsible for the enterprises debts. Creditors may seize a sole proprietors home, car, and other personal assets to pay their debts. Still, an LLC owner can protect his assets if he operates the company properly and maintains it properly.

Here is an in-depth difference between LLC vs. Sole proprietorship.

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Write An Llc Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement sets the rules for ownership and operations. This document maps out how the business will be managed. The operating agreement includes details about the LLC members rights and responsibilities, voting power, and portions of profits and losses.

You dont have to submit an operating agreement to any government or legal organization. But if you have more than one member, its a good idea to create one. An LLC operating agreement reduces conflict between members.

How A Sole Proprietor And Single

LLC vs Sole Proprietorship for One Owner | Should a 1 Owner Business be an LLC or a Sole Proprietor?

Establishing the Business

Sole ProprietorBy default, a business owned by a solo individual will be regarded as a sole proprietorship. When entrepreneurs include their first and last names in the business name , they dont have to register their name with the state. If they choose to use a fictitious name Some states also require that business owners run advertisements in a local and/or a legal newspaper to inform the public of the person who is responsible for the business operating under the fictitious name.

Single-member LLCDocumentation called Articles of Organization are required by the state when forming an LLC. In most states, the form is relatively simple, but to make sure youre completing it accurately, you can gain peace of mind by talking with an attorney or asking an online document filing service to assist you. When registering an LLC, the business name is automatically registered, as well, so theres no need to file for a fictitious name.

BothRegardless of the business structure, certain requirements are the same for sole proprietors and single-member LLCs. For example:

  • Obtaining an EIN to open a business bank account
  • Applying for any necessary licenses and permits
  • Withholding payroll taxes from employees wages or salaries

Personal Liability

Income Tax Treatment

Ongoing Business Compliance

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Where Should You Form An Llc

If you determine you want an LLC, you also have to decide what state will be the home base for your business. For most people, this is a fairly easy decision as they want the company to register where they are doing business. Other people prefer to file in a different state, like Delaware, even if they are not based there. Delaware is the state of choice for many investors. While the process is a little more expensive as you need someone to act as your local registered agent, it can be an important choice if you plan to raise capital for your business. Its also important to point out if you form your LLC in one state and plan to do business in another state, you will need to register in other ones where you do business, which will increase your startup costs.

Land Care Business Organizational Structure: Which Business Organizational Structure Is Best Suited For Your Landscape Business

There are a variety of ways to legally organize a Landscape Firm. Choice of business organization should be one of the landscape professionals earliest business decisions. However, once an owner or ownership group starts operating his or her business many factors that were previously not considered may come to light. Landscape Professionals who start out as a one man band may grow into a busy firm with many employees operating across state lines with partners and or outside investors. When this occurs many need to rethink their form of business organization taking into account legal, financial as well as tax considerations. As a result, a meeting with an accountant or an attorney may be the first step in determining which structure is best for the Landscape Professional.

For the most part, there are three business structures that may be set up in different ways. The three basic structures are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or a Corporation. A fourth choice that is an excellent fit as to the way we as Landscape Professionals carry on business would be a Limited Liability Company . For accounting purposes an LLC can be set up like either of the first three and taxed accordingly. The following discussion is meant to give the Landscape Professional enough information to seek out advice from an attorney, CPA or other business consultant qualified to provide advice on the matters of entity structure.

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Market Your Mushroom Farm Business

Even though building a successful mushroom farm is nearly impossible without being able to promote and sell mushroom produce, it is essential to develop a strong marketing strategy. Therefore, establishing an online presence is crucial. Create a website and set up a business page on social networks like Facebook. Post the latest mushroom products and events on your social media accounts regularly.

In addition, contact local retailers, distributors, local eateries, and supermarkets and offer your mushrooms. You can take help from online marketing tools and social media tools for small businesses that help to promote and grow your business.

Gain Skills And Experiences

Why You Should Turn Your Sole Proprietorship into an LLC

Mushroom farming requires science and technology knowledge. Knowing how to grow mushrooms to operate a mushroom farm is necessary. Many organizations offer seminars and courses on growing these fungi.

For example, Fungi for the People offers a seminar series every couple of months, and Radical Mycology offers classes in several states. In addition, Mushroom Mountain and The Mushroom Growers Newsletter maintain lists of upcoming conferences and training sessions. The American Mushroom Institute and the North American Mycological Association provide information and resources online.

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Sole Proprietorship Pros And Cons:

The only advantage of a sole proprietorship is that they are easy to form and maintain.As mentioned earlier, unlike an LLC, which requires business owners to form their company with the state and conform with state regulations and guidelines, there is essentially no setup or maintenance work required to form or maintain a sole proprietorship.


  • No Personal Liability Protection.Your personal assets are at risk in the event your business is sued or if it defaults on a debt.
  • No Tax Benefits.Sole proprietors pay taxes on their profits and also pay full FICA taxes . When your business becomes profitable, taxes will be expensive.
  • Limited Growth Potential.When a business becomes more profitable, risk increases. When risk and profit increase, so does the need for a legal formal business structure.
  • Less Credibility and Branding Opportunities.A sole proprietor must invoice, receive payment, open a bank account, and market with their surname unless their state allows them to register and maintain a doing business as name.

When to Use a Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorships are best for small businesses with the following traits:

  • They MUST be low-profit and low-risk.
  • They have a smaller customer base thinkfamily, friends, and neighbors.
  • Theymight start as hobbies like photography, blogging, or video streaming.

Ready To Create Your First Business Start Your Free 14

DISCLAIMER: These guides are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional legal or tax advice. Please consult independent legal advice and your own tax advisors for information specific to your country and circumstances. Shopify is not liable to you in any way for your use or reliance on these guides.

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sole Proprietorship

There are both positive and negative aspects of a sole proprietorship. Overall a sole proprietorship offers unlimited liability. If you are sued, your personal assets are at risk. There is also the potential to pay more in taxes because everything is being reported as earned income.

Sole proprietors are often not taken as seriously as well. Without a professional name, a sole proprietor can look simply like a single person doing business . This makes it difficult to grow, or raise money.

The positive aspect of a sole proprietor is the lack of required paperwork to form. Apart from industry-specific licenses, you can simply set up shop and begin generating income. There are also no annual state filings, and you are only responsible for personal federal, state, local self-employment tax and FICA taxes.

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From Sole Proprietorship to LLC in 10 Simple Steps! (Legally)

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Llc & Sole Proprietorship Taxation

If you operate your business as a sole proprietor, then you will be taxed as a single, self-employed person. The income that you earn is considered your own income, and you will report it as personal income to the IRS.

When it comes to an LLC, you may make an election to be taxed as one of four entities: disregarded entity, partnership, c-corporation, or s-corp. If you do not make an election, your LLC will automatically be taxed as a disregarded entity or partnership, depending on how many members the LLC has.

Working And Traveling At The Same Time

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It could also be an excellent opportunity to ask for an extended leave of absence if youre employed. It can often be granted as long as your employer has someone who can fill in for your position while youre on vacation.

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Llc Vs Sole Proprietorship Comparison

There are four main factors to compare between a sole proprietorship and LLC:

  • Liability Protection
  • Cost to Register and Maintain

Liability Protection

A sole proprietorship doesn’t offer liability protection, but an LLC does. This value usually outweighs all other factors.


An LLC owner can use the business’s legal name as its brand name. A sole proprietor must use their surname as the business name or register a DBA name when available.

Pass-Through Taxation

Both sole proprietors and LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities by the US Internal Revenue Service . This means that the business’s profits will pass through to its members to be reported on their personal tax returns. All profits are only taxed once, at each member’s individual income tax rate.

Cost to Register and Maintain

An LLC is a low-cost and low maintenance business structure. A sole proprietorship with a DBA is comparably priced.

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