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18 Round Solar Pool Cover

Best Round: Midwest Canvas Space Age Solar Blanket

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  • Silver bubbles to transfer heat

  • 10 year limited warranty

For a round solar pool cover, consider this option from Midwest Canvas. The Space Age Solar Blanket is a 12 mil thick solar pool cover, thick enough to withstand frequent setup and removal. It fits pools of various diameters, depending on which option you select. This version stands out for its “space age” silver air bubbles, which transfer the suns energy but minimize the effect of UV exposure on chlorine levels in your pool.

Size: 16 feet | Shape: Round | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Resin| Weight: Not Listed

Save Money On Chemicals

We use chlorine in our pools to destroy algae, bacteria and germs. Chlorine is expensive. The sun is an excellent heat source, but also produces UV radiation. UV radiation breaks down chlorine to an unusable state.

In a pool, chlorine is combined with other chemicals to give it some protection from UV rays, but its not a perfect system. Even with chemical protection, chlorine remains somewhat vulnerable. Solar pool covers provide another layer of protection against the loss of chlorine, meaning youll have to replace it less often.

Best Overall: Sun2solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

  • Minimizes changes in water chemistry

  • Not available in round or oval shape

What do buyers say? 77% of 6,300+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

This pool cover from Sun2Solar is our top pick because it is available in a variety of sizes and it keeps your pool warm after a long day in the sun. Made of a flexible resin, this cover is durable enough to withstand the elements yet thin enough to transmit solar heat. However, this cover can be prone to rip because of its thin construction, so always be cautious when rolling it up and storing it during the off-seasons.

Air bubbles cover the bottom of the Sun2Solar pool cover place them face down in the water, leaving the smooth side facing up. The surface of the light blue cover absorbs UV rays from the sun, while the bubbles transmit the absorbed energy into the water. Although clear solar pool covers transmit more of the suns energy into the water, they also let in more UV rays that cause significant changes to pool water chemistryrequiring more chemicals to avoid algae and maintain ideal water conditions.

This light blue cover is a more versatile option for homeowners that are looking for a pool cover to keep out debris, lock in heat at night, and absorb the suns energy during the day. It can even be trimmed to better fit your pool, if its between sizes.

Size: 15 x 30 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: not listed | Material: Plastic | Weight: Approx. 30 pounds

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Best For Hot Tubs: Spa Depot Thermo

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  • Reduces heat loss up to 95 percent

  • Only available in one size

A hot tub solar cover keeps out debris but also conserves energy. A spa blanket, as theyre sometimes referred to, reduces heat losskeeping your hot tub warmer and ready to go with less energy usage. This option from Thermo-Float is made of thick 16 mil material that is durable and energy-efficient. Unlike thinner solar pool covers that are 8 or 12 mil thick, this version prevents up to 95 percent of evaporative heat loss.

It measures 8 x 8 feet, but the manufacturer advises you to trim it to fit your spa, with an overhang of about 2 inches. Place the plastic bubbles facedown they absorb solar energy and transfer it into your hot tub water.

Size: 8 x 8 feet | Shape: Square | Thickness: 16 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

Next Day Delivery Details

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Maintain Your Pool Heat This Season With A Round Solar Blanket

A Solar Blanket, also known as a solar cover, is one of the best ways to keep your pool water warm this summer, without constantly having to start up your heater and waste expensive hydro. For the best results, cut the cover to your pools shape so it completely cover all corners, edges, and steps. Solar blankets are an incredible way to warm your pool water by maintaining the temperature and added heat from the sun, decreasing chemical costs by retaining the water under the cover, decreasing hydro but not having to use your heater, and extending your swimming season. As long as you have sun, you can have fun! Our round solar covers are available in size Heavy .

Best Oval: Midwest Canvas Supreme Solar Cover For Oval Pools

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  • Clear for better heat absorption

  • 5-year warranty

  • Above-ground pools only

If you have an oval-shaped pool, shop for a solar cover that matches your pools shape and dimensions. Round pool covers may leave the end of an oval pool exposed, while rectangular solar pool covers may have too much overhang.

The Supreme Solar Cover from Midwest Canvas is made to match the shape of oval pools and comes in seven sizes. Like many other top solar pool covers, this one is also 12 mil thick. Its clear, so it allows most of the suns energy to pass through and heat the water. Keep in mind, though, that this may also mean you need to add more chlorine to the water.

Size: 16 x 32 feet | Shape: Oval | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

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What Can I Do About It

There are some things you can do to slow the rate of deterioration and prolong the lifespan of your solar cover. They dont stop the breakdown from happening, but can delay the process.

  • Purchase a pool cover with excellent UV protection built into it.
  • When not in use, keep the cover out of the sun by placing it in a shelter or covering it with a protective cover.
  • The bubble side of the cover is where the thinnest, most vulnerable material is. If its not possible to avoid sunlight, at least keep the bubble side protected. Either roll up or fold the cover so that the bubbles face inward.
  • Keep the chlorine concentration in the pool at recommended levels. Using more chlorine than necessary is not good for your budget or the pool cover.
  • Remove the solar pool cover when shocking the pool, or if too much chlorine has been accidentally added. Keep the cover off until chlorine levels fall back to normal.

Pool Solar Covers For Pools More Info

Solar Pool Cover – Owners Honest Review

Solar Pool Covers are one of the most affordable ways to conserve heat and reduce evaporation in swimming pools. Not only are they fairly less expensive than other pool cover types, Solar Covers, aka Solar Blankets, can pay for themselves in the first year by all the water and chemicals you will save.

Leslies solar covers are available in Round, Oval and Rectangle shapes to fit any size in-ground or above ground pool. Raise your water temperature by as much as 15 degrees with the power of the sun and a Leslies solar blanket!

Pool solar covers also hold the suns heat in the water when the nights begin to get chillier as the summer season concludes. By keeping the pool water warm, youre extending the swimming and fun that you can have in the pool for the season. Solar Covers also work in spring, when the days and nights become mild, but arent too warm the solar cover will kick-start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

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Are Solar Pool Covers Worth It Which Solar Pool Cover Is The Best

As one of the most affordable and efficient ways to heat a swimming pool, we definitely think that Solar Pool Covers are worth it! Learn how solar covers work to reduce water evaporation and trap warm air from the day. Also, find out which type of solar cover is best for your in-ground or above ground pool with our buyers guide, Solar Pool Cover Buyers Guide.

Best Budget: Sun2solar 800 Series Solar Pool Cover

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Blue resin blocks UV rays

  • More prone to tearing

A pool cover is a smart way to save time and money, since it can protect your pool from debris, heat loss, and minimize the effect of UV rays on your chlorine levels. If youre also looking to minimize your spending on the pool cover itself, then this option from Sun2Solar is an affordable solution.

Made of 8 mil thick resin, this is not the thickest solar pool cover on the market but it gets the job done. Be sure to pull gently when setting up or removing the cover from your pool. Its available for small to large swimming pools and can be trimmed to fit your pool specifically. The light blue color of this solar cover absorbs the suns energy while reducing its effects on your pools chlorine levels.

Size: 18 x 38 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: 8 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

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What Are Some Tips To Extend Our Swimming Season

Most pool owners want to get the most out of their swimming pools each year. But in many regions of the country, the swimming season may only be a few short months during the summer. With the help of Leslie’s, you can now extend your pool season by weeks or even months extending your swimming time into the early spring and late fall. Top 10 Tips For Extending Your Pool Season.

Why Do They Not Last Long

Intex 18

When a pool cover is made, UV protection is chemically added to the material to prolong its lifespan. This protection only lasts so long though. UV rays from the sun are very effective at breaking down the bonds that hold the cover together at the molecular level. Nature is quite powerful in this regard.

Once the UV protections useful life has passed, it is just a matter of time before the material starts to become rigid. At this point, it becomes vulnerable to damage by wind, rain and falling debris.

If thats not enough, chlorine, the chemical that keeps our pools safe, also plays a big role in the deterioration of pool covers. Chlorine is a corrosive chemical that breaks down molecular bonds nearly as effectively as UV rays.

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Why Trust The Spruce

Erica Puisis has been covering the best products for outdoor and indoor living at The Spruce since 2017. Her research and areas of expertise have included pool heaters, cleaners, and water testing equipment. To find the best options for this essential pool accessory, she considered the thickness of each solar cover, its ability to retain heat, block UV rays, or provide passive heating for pool water, and the length of any warranty periods.

Doheny’s Lowest Price Guarantee

Shop with confidence at Doheny’s.

Our volume discounts guarantee the absolute lowest prices on all of our products: swimming pool supplies, chemicals, equipment and more. To prove it, if you find a lower total delivered price by a licensed and authorized pool supply catalog or website , we will refund you the difference. We will even guarantee our Low Price for 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact our Customer Care Team at: or call us at 1-800-574-7665 to report the lower price. After verification, the difference will be promptly refunded. Doheny’s is not responsible for inadvertent price or text misprints or errors. Some restrictions apply – call for details.

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Best For Heat Retention: In The Swim Premium Plus Solar Blanket

Courtesy of In the Swim

  • Aluminized cover to transfer heat

If your primary purpose for a solar cover is to maintain your pools temperature, then shop for a dark-colored solar blanket. This blue-black version from In the Swim is designed to retain heat and prevent evaporation. The solar cover is 12 mil thick and features an aluminized bottom to boost heat transfer from the suns rays to the pool water. It can raise water temperatures up to 15 degrees while at the same time reducing the amount of debris that lands in your pool.

Size: 16 x 32 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: 12 mil | Material: Not Listed | Weight: Not Listed

The Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover is our top choice. This rectangular cover features thick plastic construction, which makes it excellent at retaining heat and preventing evaporation. For a budget-friendly choice, we recommend the Sun2Solar 800 Series cover . Made of 8 mil thick resin, this is not the thickest solar pool cover on the market but it gets the job done.

Solar Cover For Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Do Solar Pool Covers Work? The Good And The Bad of Solar Pool Covers

Pool Size 18ft Roundclear5-Year Warranty.Warranty Information

See the Advantages of a Magna-Clear Solar Cover


  • Enjoy warmer water in season 10 15 degrees warmer and extends your swimming season.
  • Save money: Cuts heating costs by 70% or more.
  • Cuts water evaporation by up to 95%.
  • Save on chemicals and energy.
  • Keeps pool cleaner.

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The 8 Best Solar Pool Covers Of 2022

The Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover is our top pick

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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A solar pool cover provides many benefitsraising water temperature using solar energy, preventing heat loss through evaporation, and shielding the water from UV exposure that can impact chlorine levels. We spent hours researching the top solar pool covers available online, considering ease of installation and use, durability, and overall value.

Our favorite, the Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover, keeps pool water at a comfortable temperature, is up to 95% effective at preventing evaporation, and can be cut to fit most pool shapes.

Here are the best solar pool covers.

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