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Where To Buy Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online In India From Different Designs At Woodenstreet

Buying Kitchen Cabinets – Beginner’s Guide

Furniture, unless made in quality wood, cannot last long, and all the investment on such a piece of furniture is worthless. At Wooden Street, you’ll find the wooden kitchen cabinet online in India crafted with premium quality hardwoods like Mango Wood and Sheesham, which are known for their grain quality and strength, which makes these wooden cabinets for kitchen stand robustly for years. Besides, the texture and finish that our craftsmen provide are of top-notch standards, when compared to all the wooden kitchen cabinets online in India. We offer finishes such as walnut, mahogany and teak, each of which confers a luxurious look to the kitchen design in a unique way. To give your kitchen space a smart appeal, we offer stylish pieces of open and closed solid wood kitchen storage cabinets. Some of them are- Crestor, Level, Prima, Clayton readymade Kitchen Cabinets online, etc. Each of the mentioned has its own functionality.

Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth The Money


When it comes to kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors, solid wood is often the first material that comes to mind. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also strong and sturdy. However, it comes at a higher price that is often out of homeowners’ budgets. For homeowners who are remodeling or undertaking home renovations, understanding what you’re paying for is essential especially when it comes to cabinetry. With cheaper options like MDF, is it really worth getting solid wood cabinets? In this blog post, well unpack the pros and cons of getting solid wood cabinets and whether it is worth the money.

High End Kitchen Cabinets At Wholesale Prices

Only Kitchen Liquidators can offer high end, luxury kitchens in a variety of painted, laminated, and stained colours and door profiles to suit yourpersonal design at the best prices in Canda. The cabinet carcasses are made from plywood not particleboard or melamine for a higher qualitysuperior installation. No special hanging brackets or rails are required with our cabinet product and lines. Our DIY cabinets are easilyassembled and are available at fraction of the cost of the big box stores and local boutique shops. High end kitchens at wholesale prices.

All cabinets come flat packed in a box with hardware for assembly. Handles and Knobs are not included.

If you have any questions please contact us via LIVE CHAT, EMAIL, or TOLL FREE at 1-877-781-6903 .

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What Is The Difference Between A Cupboard And A Pantry

Pantries are cupboards but the name is derived from their uses. In general, cupboards that are used in the kitchen or bakery to store food, cooking, and baking items are called pantries.

Cupboards are fixed furniture either then are screwed or mounted above tabletops or kitchen walls. Freestanding pantry cupboards are independent units that are made in such a way that they can stand alone at any place around your kitchen or bakery.

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Disadvantages Of Solid Wood Cabinets

China Factory Wholesale Cheap Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Every material has its pros and cons. For solid wood cabinets, there are some potential downsides, although most are easily overcome, including:

Water Damage

If your home is flooded, the kitchen sink overflows, or family members are careless about allowing water to pour down the front of the cabinets when they wash the dishes… your solid wood cabinets may be in trouble. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning, it absorbs moisture from the environment and can swell with prolonged exposure to water.


Wood cabinets can crack or warp over time particularly if they are exposed to temperature extremes or high humidity over a long period. Wood can also shrink and crack when humidity and temperatures get very low.

Generally, it is easy to prevent these issues by wiping up any water/liquids that spill on the cabinets immediately and by running your HVAC. If you have extreme humidity issues in your home, investing in a humidifier/dehumidifier can also help prevent problems with your wood cabinets, not to mention, with mold and other issues.


If you have a termite bond on your home and your home is treated, this should never be a problem. And if you ever do notice termites, immediately contact your pest control company and they will take care of it.

More Expensive

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Order Solid Wood Kitchen Units Online

When you order flat-packed oak kitchen cupboards from our website, well deliver your high-quality cabinets along with all the pieces you need to put them together. From soft-closing Hettich hinges to adjustable legs and wall brackets, plus complementary T-bar handles in a brushed steel finish, you should be able to install your complete kitchen units easily with help from our detailed instructions.

Our solid wood kitchen doors are made using Grade A+ oak sourced from sustainable European forests, giving you peace of mind that your product is durable and environmentally friendly. To order your matching solid oak cabinet doors and wooden kitchen units, browse the range of fittings available for each style and add your chosen items to your cart. Then proceed to check out and pay.

Your made-to-order wooden kitchen cabinets should arrive at your delivery address in 15-25 working days, ready for immediate assembly. Youll be enjoying your classy new kitchen in no time. Bear in mind, if youd prefer a splash of colour rather than bare oak, we also supply painted solid wood kitchen units, with the addition of the Aldana range. Not to mention our kitchen accessories!

Free Consultation And Estimate

We are all about 100% customer satisfaction, here at ARMOIRES EN GROS. We will personally discuss with our clients any requests that they may have, take all necessary measurements and proceed to creating the perfect kitchen, all for an unbeatable price. Contact Us Now! We are just one quick call or email away!

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Select An Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Style

2. Select the wood species you want

3. Choose your cabinet doors Select the door and drawer style you prefer for the look you want. Options include: Square, Arch and Cathedral in Flat panel, Raised Panel and Beadboard styles.

4. Layout your kitchen Make your space beautiful and functional with:

  • base cabinets
  • corner and utility cabinets

Plan the best arrangement for your lifestyle.

5. Select an island Solid wood kitchen islands come in six designer styles. They are a welcome addition to your kitchen for work space, storage and seating.

6. Add glass Enhance your custom cabinets with glass to show off your cherished objects. Glass doors are available for specific cabinets.

7. Finally Once you’ve received your order, all that’s left, is selecting the parts of your new kitchen that will compliment and complete the look you’ve selected for this very important room. Decorative handles, floor coverings and window treatments all play key parts. You’ll need to decide on brass or chrome, wood floor or tile, marble or Formica, slatted blinds or curtains and the choices go on. It’s all a great adventure. You will derive joy and satisfaction from your efforts for many years. So, take your time. Enjoy the process. The possibilities are endless.

BEST Customer Service
  • Monday – Thursday
  • Hours 9 am – 12 pm MST Mornings
  • Lunch Closure 12 pm – 1 pm MST
  • Hours 1 pm – 5 pm MST Afternoons

Wholesale Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Pons And Cons

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Without Stripping

Advantage -Solid wood cabinets, as the name suggests, are made of pure solid wood. The main woods are oak, walnut, cherry, pine, etc. The cabinets made of these materials have natural texture, clear colors, retain the characteristics of the original wood, and have a good aesthetic and Texture, good wood also has a special fragrance. Its processability and plasticity are strong, and it can make many exquisite shapes that other materials cannot make, such as carvings, round edges, grilles and so on.

-The solid wood material is natural and environmentally friendly, does not contain any additives and harmful gases, and will not harm the human body and the environment. You can move in directly after installing the cabinet. The overall effect of the decoration is simple and elegant, noble and fresh, suitable for classical and country style homes.

-The wood of solid wood cabinets is not easy to absorb water, so the texture is relatively light, and it has good thermal conductivity. It is not easy to deform or crack even at high temperatures for a long time. Especially in the cold winter, it will not shrink. Has a good insulation effect.

Disadvantage -The price of solid wood cabinets is relatively expensive because the material is natural solid wood

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What Design Assistance Does Wood Cabinet Factory Offer

We offer complimentary design assistance to customers. Unless we measure the Purchasers rooms, we rely on the written and oral room measurements and appliance selections provided by the Purchaser. The Purchaser must confirm that the final design room measurements, window and door locations , appliance sizing, and ceiling height, will fit with this design layout. The Purchaser also needs to ensure that any plumbing lines, electrical lines, outlets, lights, switches or HVAC vents are relocated to accommodate the provided layout.

We recommend that the Purchaser have their installation contractor review the final design layout. We do not offer any warranty on the design services.

Codes and permits differ between each town. Purchaser is responsible for insuring that the design and their chosen appliances meet all local code standards.

The design renditions may show sinks, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, appliances, faucets, door hardware, drawer hardware, and decorative items. Unless specifically listed, these items are not included in your order.

Best Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Cabinets In 2022

WhatsAppWe may earn commissions on purchases made through qualifying links, at no extra charge to you. For more information, check out our Disclaimer.

Who doesnt love to work in a neat and organized kitchen? While you have overhead cabinets for miscellaneous storage, freestanding cabinets are best for the kitchen pantry. Nowadays people pay special attention to pantry storage as there are tons of items to stock up. And a good kitchen pantry cabinet helps with proper organization. With so many options available in the market it becomes hard to decide on the perfect freestanding kitchen pantry. So we made a little effort by sorting down the best list.

Pantry cabinets are not meant for food storage only. You can store plates, bowls along with silverware in a kitchen pantry. Many people design their homes with a walk-in pantry to stock up a good number of food items as well as small kitchen appliances. But there are a few good-quality freestanding pantry cabinets where you can store food items as well as small electric appliances. This stand-alone pantry cabinet with shelves accommodates tall cereal packs while the one with a pull-out drawer is perfect for keeping coffee mugs and spoons.


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Featured Items You May Like

Product Care Instructions Cleaning your furniture items every 3-4 months with furniture wax or furniture polish will help it maintain its look. Avoid keeping furniture next to windows or places where they are exposed to direct sunlight. Do not keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface, instead try using a hot pad or coasters.
Item Weight
78 x 35 x 118 cm 41 Kilograms
The Attic, The Attic, F-68, MIA Basni 1st Phase, Jodhpur
Packer The Attic, F-68, MIA Basni 1st Phase, Jodhpur
Importer The Attic, 21-22, Global Industrial Park, Boranda-Salawas Road, Jodhpur-342013 Tel: +91 70149 36760
Item Weight
78 x 35 x 118 Centimeters
Net Quantity

Would you like to

Durable Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry Furniture Online Is It Worth

All Solid Wood KITCHEN CABINETS GENEVA 10x10 RTA 816124022473

The designs and styles of readymade kitchen cabinets online that are available in the online market aren’t available on most of the local market. On the contrary, the local market sees the online market as a blueprint whenever it needs a new model to showcase its customers. Besides, our furniture stores have a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver utmost quality in short time constraints. In addition, the variety of utility, functionality and aesthetics of the wooden kitchen cabinets online is unbelievable when compared to that of the local market. Online furniture is worth it, no matter the variety, quality, prices or the looks.

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Advantages Of Solid Wood Cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are the best material you can get. They are also:

Durable and Strong

Solid wood cabinets last for decades. They hold up to wear and tear, some more than others, depending on the species of wood.


Another great thing about real wood cabinets is that you can stain or paint them to match your aesthetic.


There is nothing more beautiful than the warmth and character of natural wood for floors, cabinets, and furniture. You are bringing in a bit of nature into your home that doesnt look artificial or manufactured.


You can have any size or shape you like because wood is easy to work with for cabinet makers.

Easy Maintenance

Wood cabinets are easy to clean. They can also be refinished, restrained, or repainted, unlike other cabinet materials. You can even repair scratches in cabinet doors by sanding and refinishing if needed.


Wood is a renewable resource that creates less stress on the environment than cabinets that involve petroleum products. If you want something extremely environmentally friendly, opt for bamboo, lyptus, or reclaimed wood cabinets.

Great Value Retention

Solid wood cabinets, if well-maintained, generally keep their value over time, unlike some cheaper or trendy materials that may lose value. This can make a big difference in your resale price for your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Timeless Top Quality Cabinetry For Your Entire Home

  • Made in the USA by Pennsylvania Master Craftsman.
  • 1 1/2″ X 3/4″ solid wood face frame .
  • Face frames pocket mortised, glued and screwed for durability.
  • Doors, panels and drawer fronts are a full 3/4″ thick.
  • Doors are pre-hung with Concealed Adjustable Hinges
  • Sides are 1/2″ veneer plywood.
  • Shelves are 3/4″ veneer plywood and adjustable in wall units.
  • Shelves in base cabinets are dadoed into sides.
  • Drawers are full 1/2″ thick solid hardwood.
  • European style 75 lb. drawer slides.
  • Doors and drawers are not drilled for handles.
  • Custom finishing available!

FREE SHIPPING to your local terminal on orders over $1500.00 on fully assembled and unfinished cabinets!

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Designer Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet For Modern Abodes

In addition to being utility furniture, readymade kitchen cabinets online serves to be a decorative kitchen furniture unit that adorns the corner where it is placed. The market has evolved with more stylish kitchen storage units, which is very evident with the modern kitchen cabinet design online. Our artisans work under the professional guidance of designers who never underestimate the aesthetic value that furniture bestows upon the decor. Buy wooden kitchen cabinets online units have impressive finishes. Apart from the finishes, the wood that is used in making also imparts its uniqueness with different grain orientation and wood texture. The Wooden Street website has marvellous cabinet designer models such as kitchen shelves which align pretty well with most of the modern and contemporary room interiors.

What Are Stock Cabinets Does Wood Cabinet Factory Sell Only Stock Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets: Cheaper to Build or Buy? | I Like To Make Stuff

The industry term stock cabinets is used to signify that the finishes, cabinet sizes and door styles are pre-determined. All of our cabinet lines are stock cabinets, with a very extensive list of sizes available. The number of different cabinet sizes provide design flexibility to accommodate any design space. This makes the cabinets very affordable.

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Do The Cabinets Come With Door And Drawer Handles

Because the selection of handles is an item of individual taste, the handles must be purchased separately.

Drawer handles or knobs should be added promptly after cabinet installation. The cabinet doors and drawers are not designed to be opened without handles and the handles add strength to the drawer face/drawer box combination.

How To Choose The Best Wooden Cabinets Online

When you are choosing your living room cabinets and kitchen cabinets, you need to look at all these features. Go for furniture that has been designed and created by master craftsmen who have the experience and the expertise to create such furniture from sturdy and solid teak wood. The pieces should be chosen in keeping with the area of the home and the space that is available for placing such pieces. The foyer will have smaller pieces, while the living room and kitchen cabinets will have larger ones.

Buy wooden cabinet online to make your living space all the more stylish and beautiful.


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Door Samples: Order A Door Sample And Have The Purchase Price Credited Back To You In Full Upon Purchase Of Kitchen* Once A Kitchen Is Purchased In The Same Door Sample Style

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