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Where To Buy Solar Panels Wholesale

Canadian Solar Panel Price

10 Tips for Buying Wholesale Solar Equipment – Tip #1

Canadian Solar panel price doesnt disappoint either. When it comes to affordability, Canadian Solar panels price may come as a pleasant surprise. Their panels usually cost less than a dollar per watt.

Products of Canadian Solar achieved certifications of IEC, TUV, UL. Also Canadian solar is one of the first companies that received the TS16949 certificate of quality for auto-industry, which is way harder to get than ISO9001.

Advantage In Shaded Conditions

The unique REC Twin cell layout design, where the panel is split into two identical and mirrored sections, also enables the continued production of energy, even when part of the module or array is shaded, further contributing to its high energy yields compared to standard panels. Due to the two separate sections, REC split-cell solar panels offer improved performance in certain shading conditions. When half of the solar panel is in the shade, the other half will still generate electricity. This is not possible with traditional modules where the potential power stops at the shade point.

Shaded darker string produces less energy. Bypass diodes remain closed and the shaded string does not contribute to output, while the opposite string continues to function

This can help ensure that all modern REC solar panels start to produce energy earlier than a standard panel and continues to produce energy later in the day when a standard panel may be shaded, and Single-Axis Tracker backtracking may be disabled for system performance gain.

What To Look For When Choosing A Canadian Solar Panel

The first thing you want to look out when choosing a panel is its output, number of cells and size. Residential-tier panels range from 300 to 400W in output and often have 60 full cells or 120 half-cut cells. Modules for commercial and industrial-scope installations are usually over 400W in power and have 72 full or 144 half-cut cells. You can go for either type, but 72/144 cell panels are larger and it can be harder to fit them on a small roof.

Confused about full and half-cut cells? Half-cut cell design is a more modern technology. It costs more but modules with split cell design produce more energy from square foot, live longer and deal with shading better.

Canadian Solar has panels with different designs in their product line. All-black modules look great on any roof, but tend to heat a bit more than standard-looking panels. Therefore going for all-black modules isnt recommended when you try to maximize production or in particularly hot areas.

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Year Product And Performance Warranty

Industry-leading 25-year product workmanship and performance warranty is backed by a century-old company- Panasonic. Power output is guaranteed to 90.76% after 25 years, far greater than other companies.

Panasonic, 335W PV Module, MC4, PV Wire, 40mm Black Frame on White Backsheet, BOW, 96 cell HIT , 15A Fuse, 600VDC, 316.5 PTC, VBHN335SA17

Reviews & Questions

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Wholesale Solar Equipment

275Watt solar panel

Melissa Ann Schmid

This guide is intended for solar contractors, installers, EPCs and brokers who are purchasing solar equipment with the intention of reselling it. Whether your target customer is a homeowner, business or another broker, this guide provides insights for navigating the PV solar supply chain with the goal of maximizing your profits.

The solar industry is well known for its established relationships. As industry professionals, youve probably worked hard to form and nurture partnerships with wholesale suppliers.

But are your supply chains really serving your business and customers the best they possibly can? Have you found gaps that hinder your relationships with your customers? Or, have you discovered bottlenecks that cost you sales with prospects?

Even if youre feeling good about your supply chain management, you may want to gut-check yourself. Taking time to analyze your processes could identify costs and opportunities that you didnt know were there.

If your supply chain runs without many problems, you either have a great supply chain or running very fat.

This guide offers tips to help you efficiently manage your supply chain and make informed wholesale buying decisions. Our insights are based on more than twenty years experience connecting wholesale buyers and sellers via online B2B exchanges.

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Monitor Your Solar Performance

Finally, closely monitor your performance after you have your bulk New York solar energy plans in effect. To effectively monitor your solar systems performance, you will have to evaluate your historic performance, local weather conditions, and solar radiation in your area. Of course, you should compare these figures to how much solar electricity other PV systems are generating in your area. If you are unsatisfied with your solar results, contact your local installation company to help you troubleshoot any potential issues. Experienced solar firms can help you conduct system inspections, servicing, and defective equipment replacement to ensure your equipment is always working properly.

There are several steps to buy rooftop solar panels in bulk New York State. The process to acquire solar panels in wholesale quantities can be incredibly challenging. Fortunately, there are several steps to help you purchase and install bulk solar panels fast. First, evaluate the type of panel you will install on your commercial or industrial building. Next, you need to analyze the manufacturer specifications of each solar panel option. Then, find out about any minimum purchase requirements on bulk solar panels. Before you can install your components, hire a reputable solar company to help you navigate the process. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about how to buy rooftop solar panels in bulk NY.

Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale Solar Equipment

When youre ready to buy wholesale, be careful not to rush into any agreements or contracts. Do your research and ask your industry peers for advice to find the best deals and partners for your business. Follow these steps to save money and increase your profit margins.

1. Evaluate your needs and resources.

Do you have the sales volume to justify buying in bulk? Review your sales history and compare past sales with expected growth. Use the Economic Order Quantity formula to calculate the ideal order quantity that minimizes your holding costs, storage costs and order costs.Do you have an accurate inventory management system complete with radio frequency identification technology? This technology will ensure your stock stays organized and reorders happen when preset levels are reached.Do you have the adequate storage/warehousing space? In addition to the space, youll want to make sure your inventory is added to your company insurance policy. Plan for security and utilities costs as well as internal and external transporting equipment. And dont forget about packing supplies!

2. Do your research.

There are a number of resources to turn to in order to learn more about wholesalers, product models, pricing and procurement. Trade shows are useful for previewing new equipment models and networking with multiple suppliers.

View the latest Market Watch discussion that covers solar supply chain issues and secondary market trends.

4. Interview potential suppliers.

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Watt Solar Panel Mono Crystalline


  • Maximum power : 330 Watt
  • Optimum power voltage : 33.9 volts
  • Optimum operating current : 9.73 amps
  • Open circuit voltage : 41.5 volts
  • Short circuit current : 10.22 amps
  • Solar cell: 158.75 * 158.75 mm mono
  • Number of cells : 6*10
  • Front glass thickness : 3.2 mm
  • Temperature coefficients of Isc & deg C: -.048
  • Temperature coefficients of Voc & deg C: -0.29
  • Temperature coefficients of Pm & deg C: -0.37
  • Temperature range: -40& deg C to +80& deg C
  • Tolerance wattage: 0-3 watts
  • Surface maximum load capacity: 6000Pa
  • Allowable hail load: 45mm at 30.7m/s
  • Cell efficiency : 21.47%
  • Warranty: 91.2% of 12 years, 80.6% of 25 years
  • Standard test conditions: AM1.5 1000W/m 25 +/-2& deg C
  • FF : 70-76%

Lg Neon R Lg350q1ca5 350w Solar Panel Review

Solar Panel Wholesale – How to Get your Solar Power System Cheap

LG350Q1CA5 solar panel

High Performance More Power Generation The LG NeON R LG350Q1CA5 is a high-power luxury module boosting energy efficiency and maximizing system volume even with limited rooftop space.

Newly Developed Back Contact TechnologyLG NeON® R adopts advanced cell structure that places all electrodes on the rear side. The electrical current is separated into many passes reducing the loss of electricity. The new structure contributes to an increase in module power as well as an improvement in temperature coefficient.

Less Power Generation Loss Sometimes a micro crack or finger electrode erosion can happen by natural degradation of mechanisms in the outskirts of the solar cell. The tight layout of wires in the LG cell structure improves the electrical path that would otherwise be blocked by these defects over time.

Advantage of a Space-efficient Panel There are many factors to consider when installing solar modules on a roof, i.e. shape, direction and shade risks. The LG NeON R offers a flexible solar design with high power system capacity and efficient space management.

Enhanced Physical Durability With its newly reinforced frame design, LG NeON R modules are designed to endure a front load up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load up to 5400 Pa. * Hurricane Katrina Max speed: 170mph

No Shading on the Solar Cell

For even greater protection from the outdoor environment, the water-proof capability of the junction box has been improved over previous generations.

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Solar Panels For Sale From Wholesale Resellers

Wholesale resellers are companies that sell equipment online to consumers looking to go solar. While labeled as wholesale, these items will still typically include a markup so that the company selling the product will make a profit. Its currently not possible for consumers to purchase wholesale solar panels directly from panel manufacturers.

One of the biggest benefits of buying from wholesale resellers or other websites is that the equipment is relatively affordable compared to other options in the market when youre searching for where to buy solar panels. If youre working on a DIY solar project, then purchasing your solar panels and inverter through a reseller is going to be a quick and easy way to get your equipment. However, its not advisable to attempt a DIY solar panel system if you dont have the proper expertise. Anyone looking to install their own solar panel system should have a thorough understanding of electrical systems prior to tackling the project.

If you buy solar panel equipment from a reseller but are not planning on installing the equipment yourself, it can be difficult to find an installer. This is because many solar installation companies only provide turnkey solutions and will not install equipment they didnt purchase themselves.

Hire A Solar Installation Company

Next, hire a reputable solar company to help you purchase and install your New York bulk solar panels. To find the best companies in your area, start off by compiling a list of all the available providers. Then, verify each companies, credentials, reviews, and previous work. Of course, you should also ask the company about any solar financing options that they may offer. Once you are confident in a solar companies abilities, you can request a quote and initial consultation.

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New Technologies From Canadian Solar

  • BiHiKu modules are a new generation Bifacial Module – providing up to 30% more power from the back side! The bifacial gain depends on the mounting and the albedo of the ground. Bright, reflective surfaces,such as fresh snow, or white gravel have a high albedo, making thesepanels ideal for ground mounts. BiKu technology has a lower internalcurrent, so a lower hot spot temperature. It also minimizesmicro-cracks and snail trails, making it more reliable.
  • High Density Shingled Modules means the cells are shingled together with electrically conductive adhesive instead of busbars. This busbar-less design offers several advantages: Greater output in shaded conditions 20% more capacity in same space on the roof lower internal power consumption reduces power loss by 97% in each string clean, aesthetic appearance blends into roof.
  • Advantages Of Canadian Solar Panels

    Best Price Hanwha 72

    Canadian Solar technologies allow for creating high power panels up to 375W. Unique design creates modules that can withstand snow and wind loads. Many electronic innovations are used by Canadian Solar in producing top products. Over the last 20 years this company has built up a solid reputation and collected a fair share of favorable Canadian Solar panels reviews.

    Canadian Solar panels:

    • Applicable for commercial and residential systems
    • Made from high quality materials
    • Have efficiency of up to 20%
    • Come with a 25-year warranty

    In every Canadian Solar panels review it is mentioned that these panels excel in low-light conditions. Even when its cloudy they lose no less than 3% of their efficiency.

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    Should You Purchase Wholesale Solar Panels

    It can be tempting to purchase solar panels for sale at low prices, but its not the best solution for most homeowners.

    If youre working on a DIY solar project, then buying solar panels from a reseller is going to be an easy way to get affordable equipment delivered to your home. But solar technology isnt at the DIY stage for most people the process of installing solar from start to finish has many steps, including designing a solar panel system, purchasing the equipment, filing for permitting, the installation itself, and all the electrical work. At the very least, homeowners thinking about DIY solar should have a significant understanding of electrical systems. That being said, even experienced electricians who can safely connect a solar panel system to their home will still spend a lot of time and effort when safely installing their DIY system.

    Solar installers also bring with them years of experience which will be invaluable. Working with a reputable solar company will decrease the likelihood of damage to your roof or a faulty solar panel system .

    X 330 Watt Solar Panels

    Our 330 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels are a versatile performer constructed with tempered glass and a stronger surface to protect from harsh weather conditions. The solar cells used in the panel provide high light transmission and the textured glass allows for more efficient power solar harvesting.

    The panel also includes a bypass diode that minimizes the power drop caused by shade. Easy to install using the pre-drilled holes on the aluminum outer frame. Perfect for home and industrial applications.

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    Types Of Wholesale Solar Equipment Available For Sale

    Typically, wholesale equipment is associated with new technology. If you browse any reputable wholesalers catalog, youll see the latest models of panels, inverters, racking, and other components. These goods come directly from the manufacturer and are under warranty. You wont see much of a variance in hardware price for newly released models. But you may be able to save on other supply chain costs, such as shipping. Or, you may be able to increase your profit margin by working with a financial consultant who can strengthen your project proposal for financial opportunities.

    Read how freight brokers can help your company optimize your supply chain.

    Read about financial consultants who work as matchmakers in the solar industry to get projects funded.


    Surplus, also known as overstock, is new equipment under warranty. These left-overs from manufacturers assembly lines are an excess of production that manufacturers are anxious to sell in order to clear lines for new production. Just like in other industries, surplus goods are sold at reduced prices.


    B-Grade solar modules are new but come with minor aesthetic blemishes. These blemishes in no way affect the energy output or performance of the panel. Most manufacturers sell them with warranties. The price for B-Grade modules is significantly less, which means theyre harder to come by in the open market. But if you have the opportunity to buy them, you could save a big chunk of money.

    Excess and Used

    Going Diy With Wholesale Solar Companies

    The SolarWholesale difference – Complete Solar Kits for Your Home

    Wholesale resellers are companies that do not install solar panels. What they do is sell everything you would need for a solar installation – online. Despite buying them wholesale, these companies still make a profit on the equipment they sell. However, it is much cheaper than buying an entire solar energy system from an installation company.

    Installing your own system is a very time-consuming and complicated process we strongly recommend only taking on this kind of project if you have knowledge about PV electrical systems. It is also potentially dangerous.

    That being said, if you have the skills, performing your own solar installation could be the right option for you. Check out our DIY solar panel installation guide here.

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    What Does Wholesale Buying Mean

    In brief, when you buy solar equipment from a wholesaler, youre purchasing discounted products in bulk to resell at higher prices to solar customers. The bigger the order you place, the larger your discount will be. You take the bulk inventory and parcel it out to resell in smaller quantities per solar job. The discount you gained should provide flexibility to add your mark-up passed onto your customers.

    Your margin, calculated by the difference between your mark-up and wholesale prices, will vary depending on the system size, supply and demand, competitive landscape, taxes and tariffs, incentives and product life-cycle. The margin is also known as gross profit, which is the amount of money you make off of a sale. For turnkey contractors and EPCs, the hardware margin is rolled into the overall profit percentage.

    NREL reports a U.S. national average residential margin of 17%, which includes hardware, installation labor, direct sales and marketing, design, installation, and permitting fees. The average commercial margin is 7% and is comprised of hardware, installation labor, EPC overhead, developer overhead, etc.

    Usually, wholesalers will require a minimum quantity order. This is common for top-selling products. But you may be able to place orders for smaller quantities if products are discontinued or suppliers are willing to help locate replacement parts.

    Learn about five techniques to find replacement solar panels and parts.

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