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How To Make A Solar Oven

Setting Up & Cooking In Your Solar Oven

How to make a simple solar cooker to understand the use of solar energy

13. Take your solar oven to a spot in your yard that receives unobstructed sunshine. Attach the collectors to the oven by sliding the Slip-In Piece in between pieces of cardboard insulation at the top of the oven. Tilt your solar oven so that its pointed at the sun, and support it using bricks, rocks, overturned clay pots, or other sturdy things. Wearing sunglasses, fine-tune your ovens position by observing the shadows inside the Small Box. Place your food inside the Small Box and set the glass into place. Again, there shouldnt be any gaps between the glass and the top rim of the Small Box, and the glass should be supported by the piece of cardboard insulation that you left sticking up in Step 4.

Free Diy Solar Oven Plans You Can Make Today

  • Pete Ortiz

A solar oven is a tool you can use to cook food solely using the power of the sun! Whether you are a survivalist, living off the grid or just looking to save some money on electricity, knowing how to build you own solar oven is a useful skill. Most solar oven designs are quite affordable and easy to make. Almost all of them involve using simple materials such as aluminum foil and sheets of plastic.

Learning how to build a solar oven can reduce your energy bill, but they are also great for lowering your environmental footprint. To boot, they can be nearly as effective in cooking most foods as any other oven!

Weve gathered a list of 9 free solar oven plans. There are plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from very simple and cheap to more advanced plans. Weve also made sure to include lists of all the supplies youll need for your project. Get ready to harness the power of the sun!

How To Turn A Pizza Box Into A Solar Oven

Heres an intriguing idea turn your pizza box into a solar oven and then use it to reheat the pizza that came in it! Youll need a few other supplies, but its all stuff you probably already have at home anyway, and once its done, youll be able to reheat your pizza or anything else in a solar oven you made yourself.

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How To Build A Diy Solar Oven

Sometimes it can be fun to attempt a DIY project just to see if the scientific theory behind an idea works in practice. Building a solar oven is a perfect example, and this plan teaches you how to build one that should be able to reach up to 200°F so why not have a go to see if you can make it work?

How To Make A Solar Oven

How To Make A Solar Oven in 2020

There are lots of great reasons to learn how to make a solar oven! Maybe youre going camping. Maybe youre interested in learning about different ways to concentrate the suns energy. Maybe youre interested in methods of cooking that dont add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. Maybe youre just hungry! In any case, as long as youre patient and willing to move your oven where the sun is, youll be rewarded with some hot, yummy food.

  • Oven mitt
  • Dish or pie plate
  • Cooking Ingredients, like those for some mores or nachos
  • Optional: a thermometer that goes up to 250 degrees F.

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Diy Solar Oven From Survival Resources

Solar ovens are popular with survivalists and preppers for a couple of good reasons because they allow you to cook food with nothing but the heat of the sun and because they wont create smoke that might give away your position. However, if you think you might need one at some point in the future, its a good idea to learn how to make it before that need arises, and this blog has a great plan that will show you how its done.

Build Your Own Homemade Solar Oven

If youre not convinced a solar cooker can deliver the kind of temperatures required for cooking, this video should settle it for you because, as we get to see, the reading shows 300°F easily hot enough to boil water. And this is in spring, but this YouTuber estimates in summer it could easily reach 400°F. Are you convinced now? Then give his video a watch to see how he managed it.

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Positive Sides Of A Solar Oven

How to Make a Solar Oven with @Beau Coffron | The Home Depot Kids Workshops

Before jumping to the main topic lets have a look at some of the positive sides of a solar oven.

Use of Natural Energy

It uses sunlight by condensing the ultraviolet and electromagnetic rays of the sun to produce heat which is required to cook food. The energy derived from these electromagnetic rays causes the molecules of the solid or liquid to move rapidly and generate a huge amount of heat.

Solar ovens trap this heat and utilize it for cooking food. No gas, fuel or artificial energy is involved in the activity of solar oven.


The most important feature of a solar oven is that it does not require constant monitoring as a fuel derived oven would. It can be placed under the sun and kept in that similar position until the cooking is completed.

It can also be kept in a place randomly away from the sunlight and left like that for a few hours. The cooking is completed when the sunlight crosses the side of the oven at alternative phases of the day.


It is affordable as cooking, boiling, and baking almost anything can be done using a solar oven. So, a single solar oven can serve multiple purposes. The materials required to create a solar oven are affordable and budget friendly. So, it serves as a cheap alternative to other cookers which are nowhere near the affordable range.


Nutritious Food Production

Easy to Carry

The only requirement is sunlight and there is no obligation of the usage of firewood or any other elements or materials.

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Weekend Project: How To Build Your Own Cheap Simple Solar Oven

Want to cook your food for free? By building a simple and affordable solar oven, you can use the power of the sun to slow-cook beans and stews and more. This step-by-step guide, illustrated by Rebekah Hren, will show you how to build the oven plus some tips on how to use it. Happy solar cooking!

The following is an excerpt from The Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil-Fuel Habit by Stephen and Rebekah Hren. It has been adapted for the Web.

Simplest Solar Cooker Ever

This YouTuber made an extremely rudimentary plan that teaches how to build a solar oven that only uses the bare minimum of materials. It consists of coating a piece of cardboard with aluminum, and thats it! This just goes to show how easy it is to make a solar oven. If youre a minimalist or just dont want to spend money on lots of materials, this oven is for you.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: 1 piece of cardboard, Glue, Tinfol, 2 cooking pots

Featured image credit: DIY Solar Oven, Instructables


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Diy Solar Oven On The Cheap

In this video, this YouTuber shows us his design for a simple and extremely inexpensive solar oven he made using an old cooler, some duct tape, an emergency blanket and one or two other household items. While he admits it takes longer than a regular oven, it works well, so knowing how to make something like this could be useful in an end-of-the-world emergency situation.

Making A Lightweight Solar Oven

How to Make a Solar Oven
  • 1Place a cardboard box inside a larger cardboard box. Remove the tops of both boxes, and place the small one inside the larger one. Make sure there is at least a gap of 1 inch between the boxes. Glue the smaller cardboard box into place by squeezing glue onto the bottom and then pressing the smaller box firmly into the larger box. XResearch source
  • 2Fill the gap between the boxes with shredded newspaper or torn fabric. Tear the newspaper or fabric into strips, crumple them, and stuff them into the gap between the two boxes. Make sure to entirely fill the gap so there is no empty space.XResearch source
  • The paper or fabric will act as insulation, which keeps the heat trapped inside the oven.
  • 3Line the inside of the smaller box with black construction paper. Cut pieces of black construction paper that are the dimensions of the walls and bottom of your cardboard box. Use glue to paste them in.XResearch source
  • Black absorbs heat very easily, so it will keep your oven toasty.
  • 4Cut trapezoids from cardboard. The narrow side of the trapezoid should be the same width as one side of your large box. This is the side you will attach to the box. The wide edge of the trapezoid should be 2 inches wider than the small edge.XResearch source
  • Use a utility knife to cut the cardboard. Place your cardboard on a scratch-proof surface, like the garage floor to cut it. Always cut in the direction away from your body, to avoid accidentally cutting yourself.XResearch source
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    Introduction: Diy Simple Solar Oven

    This is an instructable page that will tell you how to make your very own solar oven. This took me about an hour to actually make and it was relatively easy. I will go through step by step on how to actually make the oven. It’s a pretty neat and fun thing to try out, and it’s pretty inexpensive.

    This is a list of materials that you will need to create your oven.

  • 1 insulating box.
  • 1 durable box that the insulating box can fit inside.
  • 1 roll of aluminum foil.
  • A transparent lid that completely covers the insulating box.
  • Black pots or pans.
  • This is a list of tools you will need to create the oven.

    • 1 roll of duct tape
    • 1 roll of scotch tape
    • A box cutter or a pair of scissors.

    Solar Cooker Made From A Tire

    This man from Uganda made a solar oven using a tire, and other assorted scraps of material that you can find for free or very cheap. Not only is it a thrifty way to make an oven, it takes very little time to assemble!

    Skill Level: Easy

    Materials: Tire, Aluminum foil, Black pot, Tape, Cardboard box, A sheet of glass or plastic, 2 water bottles, Crumpled up newspaper

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    Work On The Cardboard Box

    First and foremost, you need to cut the cardboard box properly. Ensure the box is clean to use. Begin by drawing a square from the top of the box.

    Note that you need to leave a one-inch space from the edges. Now, using a scissor, cut three sides of the square box. Ensure the fourth side works like a flap to open the cardboard cutout.

    Diy Parabolic Solar Oven

    Build the Best Solar Oven Ever! | Engineering Project

    This prepper website provides the plans to build a very detailed, elaborate solar oven that uses a dish design to capture the suns energy. It focuses the suns energy on a small area, which creates concentrated heat very quickly. Youre going to need access to a handful of tools, and it will definitely take a lot longer to complete, but youll be rewarded with a long lasting and effective oven. This design is in-depth and not for the faint of heart!

    Skill Level: Advanced

    Materials: Plywood, Wood boards, Paper, Large cardboard boxes, Sprah adhesive, Aluminum foil, Metal drywall corner, Screw, Bolts, Washer, Nuts, Electrical conduit, Grill grate and binding wire

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    Cooking Time On A Sunny Day

    1-2 hours: Eggs, rice, fruit, vegetables , fish, chicken

    3-4 hours: Potatoes, vegetables , most beans and lentils, red meat, bread

    Christopher Nyerges is the author of Urban Wilderness and Guide to Wild Food.

    Originally Published: June/July 1994

    Its really a wonderful project! You did a marvelous job building it too! I have collect some other diy solar cooker projects and prepared a round of 10 ideas. I have featured your project in my blog post : https://theselfsufficientliving.com/10-diy-solar-ovens-utilize-sun-energy-to-cook-your-food/

    Its really a wonderful project! You did a marvelous job building it too! I have collect some other diy solar cooker projects and prepared a round of 10 ideas. I have featured your project in my blog post : https://theselfsufficientliving.com/10-diy-solar-ovens-utilize-sun-energy-to-cook-your-food/

    HelloI have some designs of the cardboard oven. Maybe you would like to take a look. Here is the link: http://solarcookers.ning.com/photo/albums/cardboard-ovenBest, Magnar Totlandcongo-brazzaville

    The Science Behind A Diy Solar Oven

    It is useful to understand the working principle of the device you just made. After all, solar ovens work entirely on science.

    Here is the chronology of the solar energy and consequent cooking process.

    • The heat from sun rays enters the box through the transparent plastic wrap opening.
    • Due to the flaps and aluminum materials, the rays get focused in the cooking area.
    • The air trapped inside heats up due to sunlight.
    • Now, you might remember the existence of black construction paper. This paper absorbs maximum heat towards the bottom of the solar oven.
    • In addition, the newspaper tubes help with ineffective insulation. In simple words, the heat doesnt escape the inside of your solar oven.
    • This heat cooks the food kept on a plate within the box. On sunny days, the temperature can cross 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Thus, your solar oven is ready for food to cook on a hot day.

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    How To Make Rainbow Crayons:

    This is a perfect recipe for this experiment because its not a food item and demonstrates how your oven works. To make them simply chop some old crayons up and place them into silicon cupcake liners. Place the silicon cupcake liners inside your oven and observe them cooking over time. Taking note of the results will give you a good idea of how your oven cooks when its time to make a food item.

    The hottest our oven got on this day was 80ºC . It was enough to mostly melt the crayons but there were a few chunks left which were obviously not going to change no matter how long we left them in the oven.

    Time To Use The Aluminum Foil

    Make a pizza box solar oven

    The next step is to cover the inner side of the cardboard opening. You can wrap the aluminum foil tightly. Further, with the help of tape, paste this foil firmly inside the box.

    Aluminum works as a reflective material that keeps the sun rays concentrated inside the box. Hence, to make a solar oven efficient, such foil is mandatory.

    Furthermore, repeat the same procedure for each solar oven flap. The trick is to help maintain the temperature of the interior of your DIY solar oven.

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    Are Solar Ovens Worth It

    Clearly, solar cookers and ovens have some limitations.

    As with any solar system, they depend on bright, direct sunlight to be effective.

    This limits your cooking to daylight hours and decent weather.

    Solar cooking is often slower than other cooking methods. This means you may have to be in camp for longer and plan your day around the timing of cooking tasks.

    Due to the size of the cooking vessel, it may also be challenging to cook for a large group.

    If you can work with these limitations, a clean, fuel-less cooking system has lots of benefits.

    Its silent, generates no smoke or soot, and can run as long as you have sunlight.

    A lightweight solar cooker can often weigh less than a comparable traditional stove. Plus, it doesnt need heavy, costly fuel.

    While I wouldnt likely make it my primary cooking system in the cloudy Pacific Northwest.

    Ive certainly come to enjoy using my Fresnel lens solar cooker.

    And I plan to build and experiment with other designs in the future.

    Jason K.

    P.s. Do you know where the closest nuclear bunker is from your home?

    I Just Found These The Perfect Pots And Lid

    I didn’t know if I should put these in the associated steps or just add them as an epilogue …so I decided to put them where a returning viewer may notice. I was at IKEA and spotted this set of matt-black painted aluminum pots for less than $13 and this package of dark-grey rigid silicon lids for $8 . I would have bought the smallest lid I would have bought just it because it’s perfect for for all 3 pots. But my wife wanted the larger ones so it was a no-brainer to by the set. But, if you want a lid for each pot you can easily cut them down to size with a pair of scissors

    Total cost: 12 Euros

    These are PERFECT for almost any size solar oven AND the handles are screwed on, so it you want to remove them for storage you can do that. Or, if you want leave the handles on, but they are too big for your oven, they are made of plastic so you can cut them off to any length required. I plan on leaving mine on for now but my take them off at a latter date.

    I included the product label for faster look up on the IKEA catalog if you want to check for local availability.

    Editors note: these are much cheaper than a set of good aluminum camping cookware, so if you’re looking for a good set, look no further!

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