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What Can A 4kw Solar System Power

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DIY 13kW 48V Offgrid Solar System: How to build it from scratch!

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What Does A 4kw Solar System Entail

The 4kW system is a power generation system of panels that collect sunlight and convert it to electrical energy.

Its vital to know what youre looking for when picking between different kW ratings otherwise, youll find a solution that doesnt meet your needs.

A higher kW value often correlates to more savings, particularly in northern climates where daylight hours are more plentiful during these months than during the summer when they are limited.

How Much Can I Save

A 4kW solar system can save you as much as $270 per electricity bill cycle. However, actual savings are generally in the range of $140 $220 per bill cycle.

How much you get back from your solar system depends on your feed-in tariff, as well as the quality of your system. Higher quality systems generate more electricity, increasing your financial benefits. Thats why it pays to buy the best quality panels and inverters you can afford trust us, itll pay off in the long run.

And by using more of your solar electricity while the suns shining , youll get more bang for your buck.

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How Much Does A 4 Kw Solar Array Cost

For most homeowners, price and using free renewable energy is a primary consideration when choosing an array. With the falling Feed in Tariff rates, getting the best rate is important if you want to earn your money back.

Finding 4 kW solar panel prices online can be difficult, most installers do not want to provide prices but rather get you on the phone first.

This is the point where we decided to do something different:

So we surveyed 11 local and national solar panel installers for prices, so you can get an accurate ball-park price first. Getting 11 solar quotes took quite a bit of time, over 2 weeks. We are on a mission to help as many people install solar as possible.

What Can A 4kw Solar System Power : Solar Power Generators And Sun Power

4KW off

23:47What Can A 4kw Solar System Power : Solar Power Generators And Sun Power

Solar Energy Generators And Sun PowerThe sun is the most abundant and the cheapest source of Energy, yet we every don’t exploit its potential. inside these times of depleting resources and increasing prices, the solar Power proves to be one of the most beneficial and possibly the most economical Power solution. What are the uses of solar Energy? Solar Power has multiple uses, especially within the current times of Energy crisis. Solar Energy finds its use inside the following areas: . Cooking: The solar Energy can be utilised in cooking with the help of a cooking utensil called the solar cooker. This cooker uses just one fuel – the sun’s light. A typical solar cooker can cook food for five people. A solar cooker doesn’t limit itself to boiling food it can bake and roast as well. You just have to have a li …

Plan Instructs You About how to Make use of Wind And Solar At Household . We have one more thing to inform you, we are reviewing this website very hard. Today is your lucky day.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Power A 3000 Square Foot House

We know the average sized home requires 7924 solar watts with the average US irradiance of 5.3 peak sun hours/day, which equates to 3.17 watts per square foot.

Multiplying this number by 3000 square foot, we get 9510 watts of solar required.

9510 watts / 300 watts = 32 solar panels of 300 watts rating each

How Many Panels Will I Need For A 3kw System

The average solar panel is 250W, so to make up a 3kW system we will need to install 12 panels. 12 x 250W = 3kW

3kW solar system = 12 Panels or 20m2

Each panel is on average 160cm x 100cm which is 1.6m2 per panel. This means you will need about 20m2 of available roof space facing north to make a 3kW system available.

You should consider getting an installer out to have a look at your roof size and orientations to see if this will fit.

With todays technology, your local solar installer is able to look at Google maps to see your roof size and orientation. There will be no need for a site visit.

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Solar Panel Output Per Square Metre

The most popular domestic solar panel system is 4 kW. This has 16 panels, with each one:

  • around 1.6 square metres in size
  • rated to produce roughly 265 watts of power

To work out the output per square metre, use this formula:

Number of panels x Capacity of solar panel system

Capacity ÷ Total size of system


  • 16 panels of 265 W each:
  • 16 x 265 = a capacity of 4,240 kW
  • Total size of the system
  • 4,240 ÷ 6 = 165 W per m2

How Much Can I Save With A 3kw Solar System

Off-grid Tesla Solar Charger: 4kw solar input, 3kw AC output, ATS and more! 3 hour build time

The electric bill savings from a 3kW solar system varies widely from state to state. This is because your power bill savings depend on how much energy is produced and how much electricity costs.

For example, if your 3kW solar system generates 415 kWh a month in Florida, it will save you about $46 per month. A system installed in Massachusetts that produces 415 kWh would save a homeowner $79 per month.

The table below lays out estimates of how much a 3kW system can save in various states:

New York $550 – $875

The payback period for your solar panels, or the time it takes to pay the system off and get completely free electricity, depends on your state incentives.

Your payback period will be shorter if you live in an area with additional solar rebates like solar renewable energy credits . Find out what your estimated payback period is for a 3kW system in your state here.

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Kw Solar Panel System

A 4kW system is a suitable solution for the average-sized UK family because it can cover average power requirements and aid to cut power costs. It can also assist in generating renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions while increasing the value of your property.

Its critical to complete your homework before investing in solar panels. You must ensure that the system you select is appropriate for your energy needs. Its possible that if its the wrong size, it wont cover your electricity usage as well as youd planned.

Installing an energy efficient 4 kW system will save you money on electricity bills while also making your home more environmentally friendly and simplifying your life due to the systems low maintenance costs and long lifespan.

Furthermore, you can generate income through the Smart Export Guarantee if youre generating energy that is sufficient enough to be transferred back to the national grid.


How Do I Improve The Output Of My Solar Panels

There are 4 key factors that will determine just how much electricity you can create with solar panels for your property:

  • The size of the system is the most important factor of all. The typical domestic installation is a 3.5kW system, which is normally around 12 panels. A smaller 1kW domestic system is likely to be only 2 panels.
  • The direction that your roof faces and the angle of the roof comes next. For optimum performance, your panels will need to be on a 35-degree angle, facing south.
  • Having a roof that is not in the shade will increase the amount of electricity you are able to produce. Take a look at the handy table above, which shows you what output volume can be expected from a domestic solar installation.
  • The time of year will also have an impact. During longer daylight hours in the summer you will be able to produce proportionally more power. That said, its important to remember solar panels work from light not heat so will still produce energy all year round.

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The Benefits Of Larger Systems

  • Economy of scale a 5kW system, for example, comprises just four more panels than a 4kW system. The extra labour cost in installing those panels is minimal. Scaffolding costs , where applicable, would be the same, and the slightly larger inverter will only be a few pounds extra.
  • Savings on the electricity bill will be higher this will particularly benefit high electricity users.
  • Non-optimal installations can still get high yields those properties with east and west facing roofs can generate as much electricity as those with a south facing roof, by using more panels on both sides of the roof.
  • How Much Space Do We Need On The Roof

    4kW Solar Panel Installation Kit

    A 4kW solar power system consists of 16 solar panels which require approximately 29 square meters of space on your roof. In the event that you dont have a lot of roof space you can rely on our experienced staff for guidance. We offer a range of options for dealing with situations where space is limited. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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    Table Average House Size In Square Feet 10 Us States Compared

    U.S. State



    Historical values for irradiance can be found for your location on sites like GlobalSolarAtlas.info. The average irradiance value for the USA is 5.322 kWh/m2/day, so Ill use that value of peak-sun-hours for our calculation.

    How many solar panels how much solar do I need to power an average house in the USA?

    Using average US values, you can find the theroretical solar power output by dividing the daily kWh by the irradiance value in daily peak-sun-hours:

    Solar power required = 30000 watt-hours/5.3 peak-sun-hours = 5660 watts

    If 300 watt solar panels were used, the number of solar panels for the average US house would be:

    5660 watts / 300 watts = 18.86 solar panels

    However, all solar PV systems have losses of about 23%. This can be taken into account my multiplying the solar power required by 1.4:

    Adjusted solar output = 5660 x 1.4 = 7924 watts

    Using 300 watt solar panels, the actual number of solar panels needed would be:

    7924 watts / 300 watts = 26 solar panels

    Forget Single Solar Panelshow Much Energy Will Your Whole System Produce

    Knowing how much energy a single solar panel produces is all well and good, but more importantly, how much solar power can your roof generate? Lets do the math below:

    Take our example above, where youre getting an average of five hours of direct sunlight per day and using solar panels rated at 290 W. Lets say you install 30 of those premium solar panels on your roofthat nets you a 8,700 watt, or 8.7 kW solar panel system, near the average system size purchased on the EnergySage Marketplace. Multiply the five direct sunlight hours we estimated above by 8.7 kW, and we get approximately 43.5 kWh of electricity produced per day. And for one final conversion, if we multiply 43.5 by 365 days in a year, we get approximately 15,800 kWh of electricity produced in a full calendar year from a rooftop array of 30 premium, 290 W solar panels. Considering the average electricity use per year in the U.S. is around 10,600 kWh, thats probably more than enough to power your home on solar.

    This estimate is likely on the high end for most solar shoppers, and likely because of our estimate for the amount of sunlight the system will get . To learn more about average sun hours, check out our blog here, where we take a look at average sunlight per year by location.

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    Get Quotes On 4kw Solar Panel Systems

    It might seem to you that solar panels are too complex for you to make a choice all by yourself. With the vast amount of technical details, it always helps to talk to an expert and get a recommendation and personalised quote from them.

    Fill in our form above to receive up to 4 quotes from our solar panel supplier partners. This service is provided for free and without any obligations. They will give you customised quotes based on your needs and preferences so that you can find the deal that you have been looking for.

    How To Tell How Much Electricity Is Being Generated

    4kW Solar Panel System -Everything You Need to Know | GreenMatch

    When you go to have your solar panels installed, they will come with a meter that is placed in an accessible location within your home. What this meter does is record the amount of electricity that is being produced by the solar system, as well as how much electricity they are exporting back to the National Grid. This then allows you to work out how much you will be paid by the Feed-in Tariff.

    Solar panel manufacturers are also starting to develop online apps for your smartphone that will allow you to access the performance levels of your solar panel. This can be done either via the app, or online from your computer.

    To get the most out of your solar panels and the electricity that is produced by them, you should ensure that you use your appliances during the day as much as possible. This is because it is during the day that the panels will be generating energy.

    You should also try to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. This allows you to get the most out of your free energy. Try to use energy saving lightbulbs, and dont leave electronic devices on standby if you can help it, as these are all contributing factors to excessive energy consumption. Try, also, to only use the washing machine on a full load.

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    How Much Does An Average 3kw Solar System Cost

    Because 3kW systems are relatively small, they can be much more affordable than larger systems.

    With the average cost of solar at $2.85 per watt as of April 2021, a 3kW solar power system in the US will cost about $8,550. When you factor in the 2021 federal solar tax credit, the solar system price drops down to about $6,327.

    It is important to keep in mind that the above cost is the average, many states offer different state or utility-based solar rebates, like feed-in tariffs or net metering. Because of this, the cost of solar varies state by state, and weve listed out a few states to compare.


    Appliances A 3kw System Can Run

    Heres an idea of what appliances you can run on a 3kWh Solar System.

    Note: All consumption values refer to yearly average consumption for those appliances.

    Fridge/Freezer: 150 to 190kWhDishwasher: 220kWh Coffee Machine: 30kWh Microwave: 60kWh Electric Oven: 150kWh Induction Cooker: 210kWh LED TV: 20kWhGames Console: 84kWh Washing Machine: 180 to 270 kWh Computer & Monitor: 300kWh Smartphone Charge: 7kWh

    A 3KW Solar System that can produce 12kWh a day / 2500kWh a year on average will be able to annul a considerable part of your appliances consumption, therefore lowering your energy bill.

    Another ideal way to find out how much a certain appliance consumes includes the use of a power monitor that will tell you exactly how much youre spending in real-time. They are cheap and widely available.

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    Whats The Power Of A Polocool Air Conditioner

    This is the slightly less powerful model from polocool, the 4.4kw. It still has more than adequate power to easily cool our largish bedroom. I mean really cool too, not an asthmatic wheeze like our old Aldi one! The Polocool really produces cold air and is the next best thing to fully installed aircon.

    What You Get With A 4kw Solar Kit

    4KW off
    • Up to 15 solar panels generate 500 kWh / mo
    • UL Certified with up to 30 year manufacturer warranty
    • Grid-tied inverters, optimizers or micro-inverters
    • Mount on rooftop or ground up to 300 sf
    • Flat-rate shipping with lift-gate service to continental U.S.
    • Installation instructions
    • 24/7 performance monitoring via web and smartphone
    • Lifetime technical support
    • Qualifies for all tax credits, rebates and incentives
    • Add-on options for battery storage, ground mounting, EV charging, permit plan or full-service installation

    Featuring daily updates with the lowest prices on solar panels, SunWatts has a big selection of affordable 4 kW PV systems for sale. These 4kW size grid-connected solar kits include solar panels, DC-to-AC inverter, rack mounting system, hardware, cabling, permit plans and instructions. These are complete PV solar power systems that can work for a home or business, with just about everything you need to get the system up and running quickly. The kit prices shown include hardware components only click on any kit to add your choice of full-service installation options for rooftop or ground mount.

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    How Much Should I Pay A Contractor To Install The Solar Kit

    Any licensed general, electrical or solar contractor can install our solar kits. If you select to hire a contractor to install your solar kit, you should expect to pay approximately $1.00 per watt for labor, wire, conduit, fittings, breakers and other miscellaneous electrical components to complete the solar system installation. For this 4,100-watt system, you can expect to pay $4,100 for installation. If needed, we can assist you with finding a contractor.

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