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Can I Sell Solar Energy

Since Launch What Has Worked To Attract And Retain Customers

SRECs Part 2 – How I Sell Solar Renewable Energy Certificates?

After about a year of doing direct mail marketing, we realized that there was a ceiling for the amount of business we could do using this type of marketing. Appointment sales restricted the area that we could market to because it required our sales reps to drive to appointments. A rep can only cover a few hours by car at the most in one day.

The solution was to start doing the whole sales process by phone from start to finish. This would give us an almost unlimited reach since we no longer had to meet the client in person. In the solar industry, the sales process has traditionally been done in the clients house, so this was a huge game-changer.

It took time to develop, but in 2017 we opened up our own call center and today more than half of our production comes from deals closed by phone. Much like our direct mail campaigns, sales scripts play a huge part in how any solar program is presented to a potential client. These scripts are always evolving as we roll out new campaigns.

Running a call center means staying on top of a lot of requirements, like the Do Not Disturb list, which prohibits you from calling certain phone numbers. Doing the sales processes by phone has also allowed us to incorporate social media into our marketing campaigns.

Although we were late to using social media for marketing, today we get about half of our call center production from social media. In the coming year, were looking to drastically increase this marketing channel.

How To Sell Electricity From Solar Panels

How does net metering work? Imagine this. Its a perfect, sunny day. No one is home, and little air conditioning is needed. The washer and dryer arent running, no televisions are blaring, and no computers are humming. All the lights are off. From an energy perspective, your house is napping. But your solar panels are wide awake. Theyre at their peak, churning out plenty of green solar energy. With the initial cost of solar panel installation being such a big investment, you are probably looking ways to increase your return on investment rate.

So much energy and nowhere to go, right? But if your home is able to take advantage of solar net metering, that electricity runs through your meter and out to the grid. A digital meter on your house records electricity moving in either direction as it comes into the house and as it leaves. The net part of the term means that the homeowner pays the net amount for the electricity used by the house minus the extra sold back to the grid.

How Net Metering Works

Net metering is a system designed as an incentive for people to adopt solar systems, both in residential and commercial sectors. It can be a great way of saving money by sending your excess energy back to the grid, you may be able to use this energy later on in the winter months, when your system is not producing as much solar power.

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Can I Put In My Own Solar System

It is generally not recommended, however, it is possible for a homeowner to install a solar PV system on a piece of property which they own and live on. There are specific electric code requirements, industry best practices, and significant safety issues that need to be taken into consideration with a grid-tie solar PV system. Many of these systems utilize potentially lethal high voltage DC electricity .

Calculating Solar Power Costs

Selling Your Home with Solar Panels

Once the above costs and benefits are determined, a solar system can theoretically be evaluated using the discounted cash flow method. Outflows at the beginning of the project would consist of installation costs , and inflows would arrive later in the form of offset electricity costs .

Rather than using DCF, the viability of solar power is usually evaluated by calculating the levelized cost of electricity , then comparing it to the cost of electricity charged by the local utility. The LCOE for household solar will typically be calculated as cost/kilowatt-hour – the same format commonly used on electricity bills. To approximate the LCOE, one can use the following equation:

LCOE = Net Present Value of the Lifetime Cost of Ownership / Lifetime Energy Output

The useful life of a PV solar module is generally assumed to be 25-40 years. The cost of ownership includes the maintenance costs, which must be discounted to find the NPV. The LCOE can then be compared to the cost of electricity from a utility remember, the relevant price is that which occurs during times at or near peak PV solar production.

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Srecs

The selling price of SRECs varies vastly from state to state and time to time. The value of SREC is decided by the SREC market based on demand and supply. This means in those states with high levels of solar awareness and a high density of solar installations, the price of SREC will be lower.

In the states with low solar installations, SRECs will be high in demand. As these states scramble to meet their clean energy goals, the higher price of the SRECs is designed as a motivation for more and more consumers to switch to solar power.

Again, just like in the case of the net metering mechanism, installing a larger solar system to earn more SRECs is not a good idea from an economical point of view. The money earned by selling SRECs will be a pittance when compared to the substantial upfront investment required for a solar system.

Why Its Important To Be An Energy Producer

Traditional electricity comes at a big cost, and it will only get more expensive in the future. Especially if you live rurally or own a business in a rural area, it can be a hefty expense to install power lines.

If you own the means of producing your own solar energy, it means youll be less affected by the rising prices of utility-supplied power as the years roll on…and you can expect your solar installation to pay for itself!

Also, by being a producer, you can store your energy for later personal use or resale, which represents even more savings. With a typical solar setup, you can sell unused excess energy back to the local supplier. Or if you choose to use batteries, which are becoming more and more cost-effective as demand rises and technology improves, you can keep the energy reserves to use when necessary.

Either way, youre more independent and your savings add up.

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How To Start Selling Solar Panels

If those reasons have you wondering how to get started, here are five steps to take right away.

1. Learn what makes people buy solar panels

When it comes to buying solar panels, there are a few key motivators for buyers. The first is the cost savings in terms of reduced electricity bills.

The average electric bill in the U.S. is between $100 to $200 per month so thats a lot of savings. And as solar prices fall, more and more consumers are taking the plunge.

Another big motivator is government incentives and subsidies. As of now, the federal solar tax credit is worth 26% of the cost of solar installation, including equipment and labor. So, based on the current average cost of panels, a typical homeowner can expect a tax credit of between $4,000 and $6,000.

Plus, there are 10 states that offer state solar tax incentives that consumers can use besides the federal tax credit, providing an additional $1,000 to $6,000 in savings. As of now, these states are Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, and Utah.

2. Decide who youll be selling to

You have to decide if you want to sell to commercial businesses or residential homeowners.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Property ownership: There are some complexities with commercial property ownership that dont exist in the residential market. From least to most complex, these include owner-occupied buildings, buildings with a single tenant, and multi-tenant buildings.
  • Solar Power For The Home: Benefits

    PV-TV EPISODE 4: How much solar power can a home sell back to the grid?

    A significant benefit to PV installation is a lower energy bill, but the magnitude of this benefit depends on the amount of solar energy that can be produced given the available conditions and the way in which utilities charge for electricity.

    The first consideration is the solar irradiation levels available in the home’s geographical location. When it comes to using solar panels, being closer to the equator is generally better, but other factors must be considered. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory produces maps for the U.S. showing solar irradiation levels the tools on its website provide detailed solar information for specific locations within the U.S.

    Similar maps and data are available in other countries as well, often from government environmental agencies or renewable energy organizations. Equally important is the home’s orientation for rooftop arrays, a south-facing roof without trees or other objects obstructing sunlight maximizes the available solar energy. If this is not available, panels can be mounted on external supports and installed away from the house, incurring additional costs for the extra hardware and cables.

    The final benefit is the potential effect on a home’s value due to the addition of a solar array. In general, it is reasonable to assume that solar panels would raise the value of most homes.

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    Under New Rules For Selling Solar Power Is It Still Worth It

    With a big outlay and a six-month wait before the launch, do you invest now, wait or skip it?

    Householders keen to install solar panels are weighing up their options after the government unveiled new plans for the way people will be paid for supplying renewable energy. The scheme, which will be launched in January next year, works in a different way to its predecessor and is likely be less lucrative. With solar photovoltaic panels the most popular domestic option costing between £5,000 to £8,000, and six months before the new scheme is up and running, should consumers buy now, wait or skip it?

    My Roof Needs To Be Replaced Should I Combine The Installations

    Yes. If youre planning to replace your roof in the next few years, it may make sense to move that up and install the PV system at the same time as the new roof is going on. Since solar modules can last over 40 years it is in your best interest to not have to remove the solar modules and rack to replace roofing.

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    How To Sell Solar Energy To Commercial And Multi Family Owners

    Whether youre already in commercial solar sales, or you are just now looking to add multi family or commercial property owners to your solar client roster, you likely could use some fresh ideas on how to generate targeted leads and successfully convert them into clients.

    In this article, were going to show you how to do this by first, building a hyper-targeted lead list of property owners, and second, crafting a winning solar sales pitch.

    2.2 Build a Story-Driven Script

    How Does Solar Energy Integrate With My Building

    can i sell electricity from my solar panels residential Residential …” alt=”Can I Sell Electricity From My Solar Panels? > Residential …”>

    Solar energy will either reduce heating or electricity costs or both. Both solar PV and solar thermal systems can be designed to integrate into the building construction. Building-integrated solar design incorporates solar modules or collectors on windows, exterior walls, roofs, or can even be contained within banisters and railings. Solar shingles are another form of building-integrated solar power generation installation that have received considerable attention.

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    What Is Blockchain How Does It Relate To P2p

    Blockchain allows digital information to be shared but not copied. Think of it like thousands of shared spreadsheets. Originally devised for the crytocurrency Bitcoin, the information is public so no one can hack it.

    Many contracts for power or gas can get complicated. Traders call each other, send emails, or use an instant messenger. This is a time-consuming process. With Blockchain technologies users just place a bid on the blockchain and let sellers turn it into a trade. Or vice versa. Basically, Blockchain is more efficient and transparent.

    While the idea of a Blockchain is old, its use to regulate energy in Australia is relatively new. Companies such as AGL and startups such as Power Ledger have invested in the technology to varying degrees with limited releases or little backing.

    Blockchain network concept

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    If adopted, the changes would represent the states most significant reform of the so-called net metering policy since it was adopted in the 1990s, allowing homeowners to sell excess electricity into the grid at or near the retail rate.

    The changes could impact the outlook for utilities and solar providers including big panel installers like Sunrun, Tesla and SunPower and could also provide a cue to other states that tend to take Californias lead on clean energy policies.

    California is home to about 40% of the nations residential solar energy capacity.

    The PUC said its review of the policy found it was not cost-effective and harmed homeowners without solar panels by shouldering them with the price of maintaining the grid. Those ratepayers are disproportionately lower income, the regulators review found.

    It said California ratepayers spent about $3 billion a year to support net metering.

    Those funds would be better directed elsewhere, Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves said in an interview. If you use that money to purchase the large-scale clean energy projects, we would be able to meet our 2045 goals of producing all the states electricity from clean sources, she said.

    The nations top solar trade group, the Solar Energy Industries Association, slammed the announcement, saying the changes would create the highest solar tax in the country and tarnish the states clean energy legacy.

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    How To Sell Electricity Back To The Grid

    Theres lots of advice out there about how to save on your electricity bills. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, for starters. But what about making money from the electricity company instead of sending a monthly check? Yes, its possible.

    If youre thinking about generating some renewable energy on your property, you should know that those solar panels can earn you money. Heres how you can sell electricity back to the grid:

    Become An Expert In The Field

    Money Talks: App allows users to sell home-made solar energy

    if you want to become a success at selling any product, then there is simply no substitute for gaining as much background information about the product, its technology, and the industry as you possibly can.

    In the case of solar power then the best start you can make is to look at some of the content of this website. There are articles here that take you through solar basics, such as how solar panels work, how long do solar panels last and how to calculate the returns you can expect from installing a solar system.

    You need to have answers to every question a potential buyer can ask. You also need a deeper understanding of the solar technology industry to structure your business to anticipate innovations and take advantage of government incentives and other factors creating demand in the market.

    This article is a great place to find out where to go to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the solar technology industry, linking through to some of the key information sources.

    Currently, the home solar market is heavily reliant on government incentives, so its crucial to stay abreast of federal and local tax breaks, rebates, and subsidized solar energy opportunities. Available Incentives differ from place to place and over time.

    Fortunately, theres a government-sponsored website here that gives you all the latest information on how your customers can benefit from solar system incentive schemes.

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    Complete Guide For Solar Power Ontario 2021

    Congratulations! Youve found the ultimate guide for going solar in Ontario!

    Published by Rylan Urban on Feb 15, 2018. Last updated May 1, 2021.

    Ontario is currently ranked the #9 province in the country for installing a solar power system, scoring as one of the best provinces for upfront system costs and financing options.

    This page contains all relevant information about installing solar in Ontario including utility policies, system financing, solar incentives, and natural factors

    The guide begins by answering the two most common questions about solar systems, then it explores each solar ranking factor.

    You can read from top to bottom, or skip to your preferred section by clicking on it below:

    3. System Costs

    Establish Your Business And Enterprise

    there are several ways you can set up your business. One of them is to buy a franchise of an existing business. This approach allows you to skip some of the business-building and get on board with an established enterprise that already has a foothold in the market.

    Clearly, you have to offset the advantage of a quick start against the cost of buying into the franchise and any ongoing commission payments. Still, it can be a great first step in the industry, so its worth researching what franchise opportunities are available.

    The alternative is to go it alone and build up your own business from scratch. To do this, youll need to establish a business presence and meet regulatory requirements like registering the business and getting a tax identification number.

    Youll also need to obtain any relevant sales permits and make sure that you research the licenses you need to produce, install, and sell solar technology in the area or areas you plan to operate.

    Designated solar contractor licenses are available in several states, so you should check if these are applicable in your area.

    Before you do any trading, make sure that you take out some insurance for your business. General liability insurance is essential, and if you are going to employ staff or use vehicles in your company name, you will need the relevant insurance and liability policies.

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