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Solar Water Pumps For Wells

What Is The Best Solar Well Pump For 2021

Solar Water Pump Full Installation & Demo RPS Solar Pumps

Choosing the right solar pump for your project is challenging if youre not familiar with wells, plumbing, pressure requirements, sizing a pump or what the heck this stuff should even cost. A quick Google search will show pump options ranging from $100 and weve had people tell us theyve been quote north of $15,000 for a set up. Those cheap pumps on Amazon and Ebay tend to last less than 6 months, you end up paying more over time from replacing the pump every season. If you get quoted what seems like a suspiciously expensive price, run! Either your installer doesnt know the most efficient products or is drastically oversizing you.

Best Solar Pump For Sprinklers: Pro Irrigation Surface Pump

The Pro Irrigation Pumps are high volume, mid-head, non-submersible applications where suction still may be necessary. Made specifically for irrigation, great for sprinklers up to 45 psi, but can also supply drip lines without over pressurizing. Self priming suction up to 25 but the less priming, the better GPM production at lower head. The systems use best-of-the-best USA 3-Phase Pumps. Pump from sun up to sun down or program an irrigation timer for a custom watering schedule. Cast iron construction sealed with corrosion resistant Electrocoat paint.

Solar Pump Brand Comparison

We often get asked how RPS Solar Pumps compares to Grundfos and WH solar pumps. While our engineers are happy to go into solar pump comparison in greater detail, here are some of the common responses and the things that have differentiated RPS on the path to the #1 Solar Pump kit in America. Be sure to read all the solar pump reviews you can find. With most of our business coming from the referrals of happy customers, we are proud with the trust RPS has earned.

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Jenenseries Pump 270w Dc 24v

Whereas our top two solar water pumps are built using marine-grade 316 stainless steel, the manufacturers of this pump opted for the lower grade 304, which, while corrosion-resistant, isnt as suited to a well with high levels of sodium chloride in the water.

However, in terms of power, this submersible well pump has the upper hand over both the Vevor and the PWS, boasting a maximum flow of 7.9 GPM. Admittedly, thats a fractional improvement and probably wont make a marked impact on your wells productivity.

Like the PWS, this pump works just as effectively off battery power as it does solar power. On the other hand, its maximum head is just 262ft, making it unsuitable for deeper wells.

This powerful pump utilizes MPPT technology to optimize energy use and has intelligent water sensors that will automatically stop the pump should the water level drop below a functional depth.

Although the product specifications state that the pump needs two 150w solar panels to operate effectively, customers whove used this pump have reported problems when relying on such a limited system.

Some even suggest setting up a six-panel system to ensure optimum performance. Unfortunately, taking that approach makes your overall investment pretty steep, especially given the elevated cost of the pump itself.


Additional Shurflo Pump Controllers

3 inch solar water pump 140W, SOLAR SUBMERSIBLE DC WATER DEEP WELL PUMP ...

Get more power out of your Shurflo 9300. Boost your performance by 30%. These pump controllers optimize the power you get from solar. Youll be able to pump more efficiently in low-light situations like early morning or late evening.

  • Auto-Sensing 12 or 24-volt systems. Comes in an outdoor-ready enclosure with water level sensor wire for shallow wells. This prevents the pump from dry running.

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How To Buy An Efficient Solar Water Pump

As we mentioned above, the investment costs associated with buying solar water pumps are coming down in the past few years. However, the factors which influence the efficiency of a solar water pump are numerous and include:

  • Economic viability
  • Standardization and quality control of products and service
  • Water management
  • Social justice

Considering these factors, we can say that solar water pumping can provide significant environmental and socio-economic benefits at the farm and national levels. At the farm level, the technology can present a reliable source of energy in remote areasand especially areas that are not connected to the electricity grid or lacking a regular supply of liquid fuels. On a national level, solar water pumping can help stabilize, increase and diversify agricultural production, which is the foundation of most African countries economies.

In a world where there is a current energy crisis, there is a strong drive towards renewable energy. Despite the costs which are relatively higher, the real efficiency of solar systems is seen in their use over the years. As a renewable energy option, the exploitation of solar energy is a valuable option.

Best Well Pump For Off Grid Power Use

While every offgridder has their own needs, in most cases I recommend going with DC submersible pump, such as this ECO-WORTHY 12V submersible pump, when buying a new system.

If you already have a pump in place and want to stick with it, or cant find a DC pump that meets your needs, then be sure to get a high quality inverter that can supply sufficient power to the pump.

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Choose A Dc Water Pump

Avoid AC water pumps they will add complexity and reduce the total efficiency of your solar pumping system.

On the other hand, DC pumps are very efficient, on average they will use 50% less energy than AC pumps. Some models like the centrifugal pump have the ability to match the power output of your solar panel. Therefore, it will even operate in lower light conditions.

Vevor Solar Deep Well Pump Dc 24v

Solar Well Pump Kit – Introduction

This durable submersible pump is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life and will minimize corrosion. Capable of achieving a maximum flow of 7.7 GPM, this is one of the most powerful solar pumps you can find.

Using heavy-duty thermoplastic impellers, this pump can raise water from depths of over 300ft and has a maximum head lift of 320ft. In addition to being suitable for deep wells, this solar water pump can also lift water from rivers and reservoirs.

The latest maximum power point tracker technology makes this solar well pump extremely efficient at converting solar energy into electric energy. The Vevor solar deep well pump also comes with sensors that will switch the pump off once the header tank is full or if the water source drops too low.

The full-copper motor is stable and energy-efficient, while the high-precision rotor reduces friction, thereby increasing the pumps operational lifespan.

Unsurprisingly, this pumps price tag indicates the quality, and its one of the more expensive items of our top picks. You also need to factor in the cost of the solar panels required to power the pump.

This powerful pump needs two 130w panels if it is to operate at optimum efficiency so, youll need to budget around $500 for those, in addition to the cost of the pump itself. On the plus side, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.


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Lewisia Solar Water Pump Kit

  • Sleek modern look that goes well with anything
  • 2-way filter that makes it easy to attach
  • Auto-off feature to ensure safety and performance
  • Solar powered pond pump with battery backup for consistent and reliable performance
  • Comes with LED lights for aesthetic purposes
  • 54GPH flow rate, which isnt ideal for big water fixtures
  • Quite tricky to turn on at first

The Lewisia solar pond fountain pump kit contains all the components youll need for easy setup and installation. The kit includes a solar panel, a water pump, five fountain heads, a funnel-shaped tube, an inserted bar, a nozzle adapter, a ground stake mount and 5 LED lights.

What I like the most about the pump is its eye for design. Unlike other brands, Lewisia is quite particular about their product aesthetic. Made out of ABS material, this solar water pump kit features a sleek black design that you can blend and artfully place in ponds, birdbaths, fountains, etc.

As mentioned, the water pump also comes with 5 LED lights. With this, you can decorate your pond even at night. Whats more, it features a unique way of placing the pump in the water. You can either let it float on the surface or submerge it with suction cups via the 2-way filter box, which can protect the pump from debris and dirt.

On the other hand, the solar panel is easily mounted with a ground mount that not only keeps it safe and secure but also makes it pleasant to look at.

Bacoeng Dc 12v Solar Water Pump

More than just offering a high flow rate, the BACOENG DC 12V Pump offers durability and efficiency.

This pump only comes with a 12-volt rating. The flow rate is 20 gallons per minute .

Flow Rate

While a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute is excellent, the Amarine pump and the 24-volt variant of the other BACOENG pump trump this performance. Nonetheless, it gets one over the two ECO-WORTHY pumps.

Like the DC Farm Pump, this one can lift water through a maximum height of 20 feet. While this value is fair, it still falls short of what the two ECO-WORTHY solar pumps offer.

The two BACOENG solar water pumps may be similarly matched when it comes to flow rate, maximum lift, power consumption, and other specifications. However, the distinction lies in their durability.

It comes with a stainless steel body, a stainless steel filter screen, NBR gasket, stainless steel impeller, and nickel-plated screws. However, the farm pump comes with a zinc-plated, a rubber gasket, an aluminum filter screen, a plastic impeller, and iron screws.

Obviously, when compared with each other, the materials offer more resistance to corrosion and wear than those used in making the farm pump. Nonetheless, they both find similar applications in farm/small garden irrigation, grazier, aquaculture, and much more.

Pump Efficiency



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Installing Submersible Well Pump

For the submersible type, here are some recommendations when installing the pump:

  • Ensure the pump is 1 meter above the wells bottom.
  • The pump should be below the drawdown level so that the pump never operates dry.
  • Include a water sensing system to prevent the pump from operating dry.
  • Support the weight of the pump with a cable fixed on the borehole cap.

When installing the pipes, follow these tips:

  • Screw the discharge pipe to the pump to support its weight.
  • Install a non-return valve to the discharge pipe just above the submerged pump.
  • Install a gate valve to the discharge pipe just above the well exit point.

Thats it! You can now commission your solar well pumping system and get water pumped to your storage tank, leveraging the suns free energy.

Best Solar Fountain Kit For Ponds

RPS 400N

Solariver is a US company that was created from a small landscaping business. Based on their field experience they offer reliable and powerful systems from solar fountains for bird bath to solar pump for livestock.

We are highlighting their 35 watts solar water pump kit that includes:

  • 2 solar panels of 35 watts each
  • 35W submersible DC water pump
  • Flexible tubes, nozzle, wirings and connectors

Pros and Cons

  • No battery included

In short

This solar pump kit is perfect for larger ponds , DIY solar waterfalls and aquaculture. It moves large quantity of water, with a flow of up to 900Gal/h. In addition, thanks to the two solar panels the pump will even work at low light.

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Pump Water Anywhere On Earth No External Power Required

The problem with pumping water in rural locations is the need to run utility power to the site. For many years wind power and windmills were used in these secluded locations. Windmills are expensive and time consuming to maintain. Trust me, I have refurbished a windmill. Talk about a lot of work! There are better options in the 21st century.

The breakthrough in solar water pumping is that there is no need for an external power source. The sun and the solar panels provide all of the electricity needed to pump water from hundreds of feet underground.

What Is Solar Water Pumping

Extracting water from a source using the sun as your energy supply is called solar water pumping.

Lets see how we came up with this system after thousands of years of water pumping.

The water wells are first thought to be used 8000 years ago. At this time water extraction was purely mechanical, for example with buckets and ropes.

The first massive irrigation systems were developed by the Egyptians, more than 2700 years ago.

They took the form of an aqueduct. Aqueducts are man-made water channels, they take advantage of the difference in elevation between the source of water and its point of use . This technique quickly shows its limits as it is dependent on the lands elevation.

During the same period of time, the Egyptians invented the first pumping system, the Archimed screw pump . A screw-shaped surface inside a pipe elevates the water when a rotary movement is applied.

The energy needed to rotate the screw can originate from human strength, animals, or later, on motors powered by fossil fuels and electricity.

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Sr2 Helical Rotor Submersible Solar Pump

  • Use with SRC-M50T Controller
  • Nominal 36 volt motor
  • Usable output voltage range 12-36 volts
  • Power range of 200 to 730 watts: Solar, battery or dual-source
  • Maximum functional lift capability of 225 ft.
  • Max flow at 100 ft. is 5.8 gallons/min with 304 watts and 39 volts PV input
  • 1 in. FNPT
  • Submersion limit of 100 ft. below static water level
  • 23 in. height
  • 2 in. diameter fits 2.25 in. casing
  • Light weight 8.5 lbs.
  • 7108 S. Alton Way STE F2
    Centennial, CO 80112

Performance And Pipe Size

Sunforce 80-Watt Solar Water Pump | The Home Depot

The pump can lift 1.3-GPM, 112 GPH to 230 feet, and can pump nearly 2-GPM from very shallow wells. It measures 3.75″ diameter x 12″ long so it works with well pipe diameters of 4 or larger. The 9300 is a positive displacement diaphragm type pump with very high efficiency, but a much shorter life than centrifugal or helical rotor pumps. The diaphragm should be replaced every two to four years, depending on pumping volume.

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Complete Systems Can Be Shipped Right To Your Door

Complete solar pump kits can be shipped right to your door in only a matter of days. It only takes two boxes, one for the pump/controller and one for the solar panels, to ship directly to your home or office. All standard systems can be shipped by normal shipping methods without the need for freight shipping. This allows for shipping systems to all locations and all residences.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Pond Pump

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks a product provides is an essential requisite for every consumer. With this, you can properly manage your expectations of the product as well as adequately prepare for contingencies.

Like all products, solar pond pumps also have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. A good model should have more pros than cons. This section will list down all of these reasons.


  • Constant Oxygenation

Homeowners raising their aquatic flora and fauna understand just how much these species depend on oxygen to thrive.

The solar water ponds pumps continuously provide additional oxygen in the water. As such, you can see your pond and its inhabitants thrive in the long run.

Added to that, solar pond pumps with rechargeable battery backups help ensure that you wont be affected by unfortunate weather and light conditions. When these situations happen, the water pump can just utilize the energy they have stored.

Once the power comes back on, the water pump itself will automatically replenish its alternative power supply.

  • Improve Aesthetics

Solar water pumps are great additions to your solar pond fountains and ponds. For one, they continuously circulate the oxygen inside the water.

If you have aquatic plants and wildlife, more oxygen creates a thriving community. As such, you can see vibrant fishes as well as colorful aquatic plants in the long-run.

  • Help save energy


  • Can be pricey

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Homesteaders Preppers Ranchers Farmers & Off

The Shurflo 9300 is a perfect fit for homesteaders, preppers, ranchers, farmers, and off-grid or remote homes and cabins. This submersible pump can be used for regular low-flow potable water pumping or for watering gardens, refilling ponds from a creek or river, and pond aeration. This pump can fill a 330-gallon cistern in 4 to 5 hours just on 80 to 160-watts of solar .

What Is A Solar Pond Pump And Who This Is For

12V 132W 10M Head Brushless Steel Deep Well Solar Submersible Water ...

A solar pond pump is just your standard version of a water pump that is powered by sunlight. As energy bills continuously increase, people have been innovating and finding ways to reduce these costs at any opportunity. Not to mention, since it runs on solar power, its also a great way to help the environment.

Solar pond pumps are often found in pools, gardens, ponds, fountains, and aquariums and are sometimes used for irrigation purposes. These pumps mainly facilitate the oxygen circulation in your pond, thereby helping your ponds plant and animal life thrive.

Moreover, constant oxygen circulation will also help in the maintenance and cleanliness of the pond. As the water keeps getting aerated, it would stave off the growth of unwanted algae, moss, bacteria and the like.

With their benefits, solar pond pumps are popular among homeowners- so much so that they come in various types, sizes, designs, etc. The wide range of choices is welcome, but it also complicates the selection process.

This guide, however, will help you. By providing everything youll need to know about these pumps, from necessary information to solar pond pump reviews, choosing and purchasing the best solar pond pump for your home will be a breeze!

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