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What Is The Best Solar Panel For Home Use

Listen To Your Installer

Best Solar Panels for Home Use

Youre probably tired of hearing this, but if you truly want to get the most out of your panels you should listen to your installer. You may think you have the perfect spot for your solar system, but there are a lot of details you may not have considered. The best way to place and angle your panels will differ depending on where you live. The pros will know just how to place the panels to ensure that they function at peak efficiency.

See if solar panels are right for your home by visiting or entering your zip code below and connecting with an installer that can answer all of the questions you have about switching to solar today.

Efficiency Of A Solar Panel

The efficiency of a solar panel expresses how well the solar cells convert sunlight to usable electrical energy. The best monocrystalline panels peak at about 23% today.

Note that those values are measured at standard test conditions which are often not those in real life. This means the actual efficiency will be lower than whats stated on a spec sheet. How much depends on how different your conditions are to STC.

Our Opinion Of Sunpower

SunPowers Maxeon 3 panels are a great choice for homeowners with limited roof space. But while there is no doubting SunPowers impressive specifications and metrics, there are other brands on this list that offer better value if youre on a tight budget. Yes, that 25-year warranty is impressive, but more and more solar panel brands are matching this warranty length. If you have a large home with an equally large roof, you might want to consider a less-expensive system.

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New Larger Cells And High Power 600w+ Panels

To decrease manufacturing costs, gain efficiency and powerful solar panels, manufacturers have started moving away from the standard 156mm square cell wafer size in favour of larger wafer sizes. While there are a variety of various cell sizes under development with the most popular being 166mm, 182mm and 210mm. The larger cells combined with new larger panel formats have enabled manufacturers to develop extremely powerful solar panels with ratings up to 670W. Larger cell sizes have a greater surface area and when combined with the latest cell technologies such as multi-busbar , PERC and tiling ribbon, can boost panel efficiency up to 22%.

Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone

What are the best, most trusted brands of solar panels?

Practically, it is not often possible. This is because solar only works when the sun is shining – which means when it is cloudy or nighttime, they do not generate electricity. There are some battery solutions to provide power during these times, but they still tend to be quite expensive. Most homes with solar panels still rely on the grid from time to time.

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Best Solar Panel For Hot Climates Runner Up: Solartech Universal

SolarTech Universal is a small American company with a powerful solar panel suitable for hot weather, like in Florida where the company is headquartered.

The Epiq 325W bifacial panel featuring heterojunction N-type cells is the only two-sided module on our list. We included it because of its excellent temperature coefficient, which beats out our #2 .

Bifacials are expensive now compared to its mono-sided cousins. Their cost is expected to go down in the next few years, making them a viable option for homeowners living in hot climates.

SolarTech Universal solar panel key specs

  • Efficiency: 20.93%
  • Warranty: 30 yr. performance /15 yr. product

Can I Get The Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit for solar panels is still around. For any solar panels installed in 2022, the federal government will give you 26% of the cost back on your income taxes. In 2023, the credit drops to 22% and it’s slated to go away in the years after. An extension of the tax credit is always possible.

Besides the federal tax credit, there might be state and local incentives you can take advantage of.

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Acopower 100w Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Theyre made from iron-tempered glass and corrosion-resistant frames, complete with a waterproof junction box that makes them resilient in all types of weather.

However, these solar panels are packaged without foam and often arrive damaged, so prepare to cry if youve got heavy-handed delivery people.

It’s a mediocre option. I’d be more comfortable with something from good brands like Renogy or Jackery.

  • Condensation can form in panels
  • Voltage seems limited
  • Damaged in transit often

Meyer Burger White: Pv Module With White Backsheet

Best Solar Panel Type for Home Use

Meyer Burger is one of the leading European PV module manufacturers which has developed next-generation solar modules with Swiss precision and German engineering. Its White series has utilized heterojunction technology in solar cells and white backsheet in the bottom layer of a PV module in order to prompt the light-recycling effect at the module level.

Using white backsheet leads to the increment of reflecting light at the inactive module areas through the cell spacing which is re-reflected at the glass-air interface which is called the light-recycling effect. It can increase the cell-to-module power ratio quantitatively. The increment in the CTM power ratio brings forth more power output for the PV module. Thanks to half-cut solar cells which provide more cell spacing, light rays can easily reach white inactive areas and eventually result in more power in output. It is the reason why they named this series white.

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Compare Price And Efficiency

Something else to keep in mind is that the most efficient solar panels are not always the most affordable. In some cases, opting for a slightly less efficient product will actually provide superior value. Youll also want to think about the cost of solar panel installation and additional parts such as inverters and battery banks when setting your solar budget.

Limitations Of Our Best Solar Panel Ranking

Ultimately there are many other factors that you could use to assess and rank solar panels weve picked those that are most important. Some of the other factors are listed below.

Compare quotes from up to 7 pre-vetted installers in your area now.

  • Trusted by over 3,000 businesses since 2008
  • Over 1 million people use Solar Choice each year
  • A pre-vetted network of over 200 installers Australia-wide
  • Publisher of Solar Price Index used by Bloomberg and CHOICE
Property type

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Most Efficient Solar Cells

The most efficient solar panels on the market generally use either N-type monocrystalline silicon cells or the another highly efficient N-type variation, heterojunction cells. Most other manufacturers currently use the more common P-type mono-PERC cells however, several large volume manufacturers, including JinkoSolar, Longi Solar and Trina, are now starting to shift to the more efficient N-type cells.

How Much Do Canadian Solar Panels Cost

Top 10 Best Solar Panels in 2021

For many homeowners, the final decision around the solar equipment you choose rests on cost. The total price you pay for a solar energy system with Canadian Solar panels will vary depending on the other equipment used in the installation, as well as the characteristics of your roof.

To identify the range of prices for Canadian Solar PV systems, we analyzed quotes including Canadian Solar solar panels that homeowners received from installers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. Most Canadian Solar PV systems are typically priced between $2.70 and $3.20 per watt, which makes them a strong value in the market for home solar.

This means that, for a 6 kW system, your gross cost would be anywhere from $16,200 to $19,200. Additionally, most homeowners end up paying much less than the total gross cost. With the 26 percent federal tax credit for solar, which everyone is eligible for, a 6 kW system with Canadian Solar panels would cost anywhere from $11,988 to $14,208. There are plenty of state-level solar incentives and rebates that can help you reduce upfront costs even further.

Canadian Solar panels may not offer the absolute best efficiency or performance in the solar industry, but thanks to their low price and solid performance, theyre a popular choice for shoppers comparing solar quotes on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

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How To Choose The Best Solar Panels For Your Home Buying Guide

Now that youve read all about the best solar power kits on the market, you will understand more about the importance of solar panels in a solar power system. However, you may not be sure which solar panels or which solar power kit is best for your circumstances.

This buying guide will tell you everything you need to know about solar panels to make an informed choice.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A Typical House

There are many factors that make it hard to define a typical house, such as geographic location, but as a rule of thumb, it takes about four solar panels to support the annual electricity needs of one person. So, if there are three people in your household, expect to need about 12 panels. Of course, if your roof is shaded or any number of other factors are at play, this could be slightly more or less.

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How Much Does A Solar Panel Cost

Prices have been coming down steadily over the years. The total cost will depend on how many kilowatts of power your array will generate. According to consumer reports, after solar tax credits are accounted for, the cost for a solar panel system on an average-sized house in the U.S. in 2021 ranges from $11,000 to $15,000.

How Do Solar Generators Work

Best Solar Panels for Your Home | The Home Depot

Solar backup generators provide a portable solar power supply. Instead of having a permanent solar installation in your home, complete with roof panels and a large battery bank, a solar generator packages everything in one relatively small unit.

Solar backup generators have five main components:

  • Solar panels to capture sunlight. These may or may not be included with the main unit. If they are not included, you can buy them separately.
  • A built-in battery bank to store power.
  • An inverter that converts DC power from the battery to AC power that you can use to power appliances.
  • A built-in solar charge controller to monitor and control current from the solar panel to the battery.
  • Multiple output ports allow you to charge or power devices and appliances.

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How Often Do Solar Panels Need To Be Serviced

Solar panels require little to no professional servicing, unless something is immediately wrong with your PV system. If you live in an area or climate where your panels are subject to become dirty to the point where rain wont do the trick, occasional cleaning is recommended to keep your system running optimally. Check out our article on solar panel cleaning to learn more.

What Sets Tier 1 Solar Panels Apart

The value equation that Tier 1 manufacturers use to justify their price premium include:

  • Their high-quality manufacturing process makes it less likely that there will be defects in their products, so you can expect Tier 1 manufacturers to honor their product warranty.

The SolarReviews view: We think it is generally true that all Tier 1 manufacturers have quality manufacturing processes, but we also think it is true that both Tier 1 and Tier 2 use solar cell production lines and solar module assembly lines that are designed and built by the same engineering firms. With that being said, many second and third-tier manufacturers may also have high-quality automated manufacturing processes.

Bottom line, Tier 1 panels are a great choice but Tier 2 are a little cheaper and can still provide excellent quality.

  • Tier 1 PV module manufacturers have invested a lot in building their brand and being able to charge a premium, so they are going to be more careful in the quality control process to avoid defects.

The SolarReviews view: This is probably generally true, but again there may well be second and third-tier solar panel manufacturers that also have excellent quality control.

  • Their corporate strength and quality manufacturing means that if there is ever a quality problem they will fix it.

Having a trustworthy installer that is likely to respond to issues with your solar system over its lifetime is more important than choosing Tier 1 panels.

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How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work by using absorbed sunlight to release the electrons stored in photovoltaic solar panels. The free electrons generate electricity, which flows to the solar panels microinverter, converting it into power that your home can use. Any excess electricity your solar panels produce is stored in your solar battery or sent back to the electrical grid.

Hqst 600 Watt 12 Volt Mono

How to Start a Solar Panel Installation Business the Right Way ...

Why we like it: This is a compact and powerful design to work as a portable solar electricity generator. The solar power kit comes with a range of accessories required to deliver electricity to the battery in an efficient manner. It can serve as a power backup for homes to power portable devices on the go. Also, this solar kit can be attached to an RV or a camp, or a shed with the less electrical load.

Editors rating: 3/5

Equipment specification

  • Solar panel- 100 Watt x 6 mono-crystalline solar panel
  • Charge Controller- 40 Ampere 12/24V with Maximum Power Point Tracker technology
  • Cables and connectors: 20 feet of 12 AWG cable to connect solar panels in an array and array to controller. A pair of Y branch connectors.
  • Mounting of panels: 6 sets of Z brackets
  • Monitoring system: LCD display

The design and purpose of this solar kit are to charge a portable battery.

Design: It is a small and compact design to carry your energy generator along with you. In this 6 Mono-crystalline solar panels with 100W capacity of each supply direct current with a potential of 12V and strength of 8A. They do so when exposed to direct sunlight. This DC is supplied from a solar panel junction box and their array through 12 AWG cables to a solar charge controller. The MPPT solar charge controller refines the input of current with controlled input to a battery . The solar generation by the solar panels and input to the charge controller can be monitored by an inclusive LCD display.


Price: $720

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Jackery Solarsaga 100w Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel23% efficiency

This 9.1lb lightweight panel is also foldable and comes with a kickstand, so its good for taking on camping trips or using as backup power on a sunny day.

The solar charger even comes with two 5V USB slots, so you can charge your smartphone directly from the panels.

Good stuff!

I really loved the inclusion of the kickstand and the foldability function makes the panel ideal for camping trips.

  • Foldable with kickstand and carry handle
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Not waterproof

Solar Panel Ground Mount Installation Kit

Why we like it: A similar and cheaper version of roof-mounted solar panels connected to a string inverter. A 144 cell mono-crystalline 400W solar panel is an efficient choice for home and business use. If ground space with direct sunlight is available with no shade or sunlight obstruction, this is a nice option.

The stable and easy design of the system makes an addition to the not being used space or also can be used as a car shed or for any such activity.

Editors rating: 3.5/5

Equipment Specifications for 6kW solar panel kit:

Other components required are to be bought from your nearest home depot for which a list will be provided.

Design: The ground mount solar system is an ideal choice if there is plenty of unused ground space near your home or business location. Provided it receives direct sunlight from the south for the northern hemisphere and vice versa.

The Phono Solar 400 Watt monocrystalline solar panel is one of the best solar panels in the market. The manufacturers claim an efficiency of around 19.9%, which is very impressive. These panels generate direct current and supply it to the string inverter. The stable and secure SMA Sunny Boy inverter then converts it to alternating current and supplies to the load or the grid.


3200-5600 kWh $52,670

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Ibc Solar Monosol Series: Pv Modules With Extended Product Warranty By 40 Months

There is a hot competition in the middle of the best 2022s solar panel list among Seraphim Solar, IBC Solar, and Meyer Burger which stand at 11th to 13th ranks. IBC Solar has used its platform at Intersolar 2022 to present its new high-quality PV modules for the residential solar segment.

The company plans to release these products with an extended 40-month product warranty in addition to the usual 15 years of product warranties of these PV modules due to IBC Solars 40th anniversary. These PV modules have exploited one of the recent mainstreams in PV module manufacturing, that is TOPCon technology. TOPCon or tunnel oxide passivated contacts is basically considered as the forthcoming and alternative technology to the current state-of-the-art passivated emitter and rear cell solar cell design. The cell architecture is based on the concept of passivating and carrier selective contacts, where the recombination of minority charge carriers is suppressed by a stack of thin tunnel oxide and heavily-doped polysilicon layers. In IBC Solars MonoSol series, the company used white backsheet the same as Meyer Burger.

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