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Solar Covers For Inground Pools

About Our Solar Covers

Do Solar Pool Covers Work? The Good And The Bad of Solar Pool Covers

With a solar cover you can keep the heat in your pool for FREE! We carry a variety of solar cover styles that can help to maintain the temperature in your pool. Whether your pool is too cold to enjoy consistently throughout the summer or you’re currently spending a fortune heating it, you’ll be able to extend your swimming season and save money with a solar cover. Solar covers are designed for inground, semi inground and above ground pools. The bubbles should face down into the water when you put your solar cover on.

Save Energy Costs And Water By Reducing Evaporation

A solar cover uses nothing but the suns natural energy to keep your pool at a warm temperature. Even if you already have an additional heating element such as a pool heater, a solar cover can help prevent the heat from escaping.

In turn, it can save you on heating costs. You can save even more if you have enough steady sunlight to not even require another heating element. Another thing you can save with a quality solar cover is water. The cover can help reduce the evaporation that naturally occurs. In turn, you wont have to replace the water as frequently.

Simple Guide To Buying The Best Solar Pool Covers For Inground Pool Of 2022

Best Solar Pool Covers For Inground Pool can be a very effective tool for your home, and they’re becoming more popular as people become aware of their benefits. However, choosing the Best Solar Pool Covers For Inground Pool can still be challenging, with thousands of models available.

TedTools expert team of reviewers has put together a simple buying guide so you can be sure to get the best possible value for your money.

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Solar Sun Rings Solar Pool Heater

This is a 6-pack however, you can purchase several bundles together with up to 20 of these floating devices, perfect if you have a best large above-ground pool that wishes to heat. These are passive heating gadgets customary from twin layers of UV-resistant vinyl. As the suns rays are directed onto the decrease layer of the device, the daylight is converted into heat, with the closing daylight filtering via into your pool water.

To reiterate, do now not purchase these best solar floating gadgets if youre searching for a pool cover. They functions no characteristic past heating the water. If you have youngster usage the pool, make sure that they do no longer use these heating pads as flotation devices. Bear this in idea and you can raise the temperature of your pool water besides spending a fortune on electricity. If you want to cover your pool, wed refer you to any of the above choices on our shortlist.

You need to peg your expectations with this best solar pool machine as you will solely be aware of an incremental enlarge in water temperature. If youre completely happy with that, these are fun, effective, and long-lasting, so why now not deal with yourself?

Will The Auto Pool Reel Or An Auto Pool Roller Save Me Money

Robelle Heavy

Yes, by using the Auto Pool Reel or an Automatic Pool Roller with a pool blanketat night when it is typically cooler or when not in use will eliminate chlorinedissipation, water evaporation and heatloss. The cost of the Automatic PoolCover and pool blanket is a small investment that pays dividends years to come.See Energy Use forenergy savings.

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X 36 Excel Mesh Pool Cover With Step

Our 18 x 36 Excel Mesh Pool Cover with Step is not only affordable but extremely durable. Like all of our covers the Mesh pool cover has protective ethylene rub strips sewn on the backside to protect your swimming pools coping and all of our safety mesh pool covers come with brass anchors, stainless steel springs and spring covers. Our unique Mesh cover material allows rainwater to pass through while still blocking 95% of UV rays keeping your pool clean for spring! Our light mesh pool cover is recommended for areas without heavy snowfall and is sewn to stand the test of time! Pool Warehouse carries only the best pool covers!

Reduce Evaporation & Chemical Use

A solar cover blanket not only retains the heat, but it also protects against harmful UV rays, slowing the growth of algae in your pool water. The tiny air bubbles on the cover that trap heat in also work to block the sun from reaching your water, slowing down the rate that water evaporates, saving you money by needing to top up your pool water level less often.

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How Long Does A Solar Pool Cover Last

Because a solar cover is made of plastic material, it will begin to deteriorate after a while. Also, because of the outside elements and chemicals in your pool, the pool cover will begin to dry around the corners and the bubbles will start to deflate as well. High-quality solar pool covers can remain in good quality condition for about 4-5 years on average.

Do Solar Pool Covers Really Work

Solar Pool Covers (Solar Blankets) Tips, the Good & the Bad

Yes! Every time you lose water, through splashing or evaporation, you have to replace it. And new water takes energy to heat. Solar pool covers help retain the heat already in the water by reducing water evaporation. And they act as a magnifying glass to amplify the suns warming effect on your pool water.

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What Size Of Solar Pool Cover Do I Need

Our team recommends that in order to properly determine the correct size of solar pool cover you need for your swimming pool, you should simply measure the longest and widest points of the pool.

The goal is that when the cover is installed, it completely covers the pool water surface so there arent any coverage gaps for heat to escape. Knowing your pools length and width helps prevent you from getting a pool cover too small, if a cover is too big it can usually just be cut to fit your swimming pool size & shape.

Maintain Your Pool Heat This Season With A Rectangular Solar Blanket

A Solar Blanket, also known as a solar cover, is one of the best ways to keep your pool water warm this summer, without constantly having to start up your heater and waste expensive hydro. For the best results, cut the cover to your pools shape so it completely cover all corners, edges, and steps. Solar blankets are an incredible way to warm your pool water by maintaining the temperature and added heat from the sun, decreasing chemical costs by retaining the water under the cover, decreasing hydro but not having to use your heater, and extending your swimming season. As long as you have sun, you can have fun! Our rectangular solar covers are available in Extra Heavy .

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Additional Solar Pool Cover Information

A solar cover saves you money and extends your swimming season. By absorbing and trapping the energy of the sun, a solar cover can heat your pools water by up to 15 degrees without using a gas heater or propane pool heater, thus saving you on heating costs by 50%-70%. This is the same on in-ground pools and above ground pools.

A solar cover also holds the suns heat in the water when the nights start to get chillier as the summer season wanes. By keeping the pool water warm, for free, youre extending the fun you can have in the pool for the season. It also works in spring, when the days and nights start to get mild, but arent too warm, the solar cover can kick start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

If having a large solar cover that always needs putting on a taking off the pool isnt your thing, In the Swim has a unique set of items called liquid solar covers. These products retain your pools heat without having a physical solar cover you always have to manage and move. Natural Chemistrys COVERfree liquid solar cover is a popular and very effective item that also decreases water evaporation. Put the Solar Fish liquid cover into your pool, two fish for larger pools, and its fin dispenses Heatsavr that is highly effective at reducing heat loss but not detectable by swimmers. The innovative Solar Sun rings holds insulating air to trap heat and use magnets to connect to each other to cover your pool for easy use.

How To Use A Solar Pool Cover

Aqua Splash In Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel

The first time you unpack it, a solar blanket may be a little unwieldy, but its easily fixed. First, unfold it next to the pool. Spread it out bubble-side down on top of the pool water. The bubbles keep your cover afloat while, depending on the color and type of cover, acting as little magnifying glasses to heat up your pool.

Straight out of the box, the solar blanket will probably hang out over the sides of your pool, especially if you have a uniquely shaped pool. Use multi-purpose scissors to trim the excess so the blanket fits inside the pool.

Tip: Leave a flap 2 to 3 inches long where your skimmer is so you can tuck it under the edge of the skimmer. This allows you to push debris into the skimmer before removing the blanket.

Ideally, youll put your solar blanket on whenever the pool is not in use. Daytime is the best time for it to heat up your water, of course, since it relies on the sun. However, keeping it on through the night prevents water and heat loss via evaporation.

Tip: Running your pump while your solar blanket is on is completely safe.

If youre in and out of the pool throughout the day, just be sure to put it back on when youve finished using the pool for the day. Obviously, youre not going to want to swim with a solar blanket on the pool, so before you get in, youll need to remove it.

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How Much Does A Solar Pool Cover Cost

Solar pool covers for inground pools usually cost around $800 to $1,000 with a reel. Above ground round and oval solar pool covers typically cost much less at $30 to $100 or more. Keep in mind that the price for your solar pool cover can increase depending on the thickness, size, shape, and manufacturer.

If you shop for inground solar pool covers at an average pool supply store, you’ll likely find prices starting at a few hundred dollars to over $500 and reel prices starting at around $250 to $500 and up.

With the reel, cover, and installation costs combined, you’ll likely pay closer to $1,000 for your solar cover.

Note: Many solar covers come with a warranty of around 3 to 7 years.

Round Oval & Rectangular Solar Covers

Solar covers are basically a summer must-have as a cost-effective way to heat your pool and keep it warm while preventing water loss from evaporation. It even helps maintain the chemical balance of your pool water and keep out debris.To help you get the right solar cover for you and your pool, we offer a variety of different quality tiers at different price points. We also have covers available in different colors including the classic blue solar cover and clear. Youâll be able to find the right solar cover for you in the size you need in no time! To get the best solar cover for you and your pool, we recommend covers from Sun2Solar®. They create products to heat your pool without relying on fossil fuels and specialize in solar covers. Youâll be able to find a solar cover that fits your budget. All Sun2Solar® covers also include a warranty.For more help finding the right solar cover for you, check out our check out our Solar Cover Buyerâs Guide and FAQ.

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How Do Solar Pool Covers Work

The first way that solar pool covers work is nice and obvious. They protect your pool from the elements, such as rain, leaves, and other debris, and save you from more frequent cleaning sessions.

The part that you may be wondering about, which involves solar power, involves capturing energy from the sun within the cover in order to maintain the poolâs temperature underneath. Solar pool covers can look like large sheets of bubble wrap, with those bubbles keeping the heat in their structures and enabling you to save money on heating up your pool for as long. Colors pay a part too, with many covers opting for clear upsides in order to attract heat, and black undersides in order to prevent it from escaping.

Winter Swimming Pool Covers

Solar Pool Cover with Reel

Unless youre blessed with year-round sunshine and balmy temperatures, theres a good chance that youll need to close down your swimming pool during the cold winter months and a winter swimming pool cover is an important component of your pool winterization toolkit.

A good winter swimming pool cover performs several important functions: It keeps snow, ice, and other debris out of your pool water, and it can help block the sunlight and inhibit algae growth while your pool is out of commission for the season. The winter pool cover you choose will depend on several factors, such as whether you have an inground or an above-ground pool, and how much snow and ice you typically get during the winter.

Expecting lots of snow and ice? Consider an air pillow

An inflatable air pillow fits under your winter cover and helps relieve pressure as your pool water freezes. Air pillows also create a dome in the center of your pool which helps prevent ice and snow from collecting in one spot and weighing your cover down over time.

A few things to keep in mind: Winter covers dont last terribly long . Not all winter covers are safety covers so if youve got concerns about kids and pets around your pool area, you might want to upgrade to a safety cover instead most safety covers are tough enough for snow and ice, with the added bonus of an extra-long lifespan.

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What Type Of Solar Cover Do You Need

Solar pool covers are on hand in extraordinary forms, and these include:

Liquid Solar Covers: These best solar pool covers come in the shape of chemical drinks poured into the pool. They are eco-friendly and inexpensive. They keep warmth and preserve your pool hotter for a lengthy time. However, you cant use them with chlorine-based pools, or in chlorine.

Bubble Pool Covers: These best solar pool covers are additionally acknowledged as Solar Blankets. They are the most frequent kind of best solar pool cover and are very efficient. They are convenient to install, shop power and water. Also, theyre less expensive and decrease dust or dirt in your pool.

Solar Rings: This works like a solar blanket, they are smaller and extra expensive. They are handy to install, however, grant a small insurance area, making it handy for particles to fall into your pool.

Finally, bubble pool covers or solar blankets are high-quality and most efficient. They are handy to install, affordable, and supply an exquisite value for your money. In this review, we will be searching at solar blankets only.

What Is The Best Color For A Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers are available in several thicknesses. Theyre measured in mil, which is the standard United States unit of measure for one-thousandth of an inch.

  • Blue solar covers can measure 4 mil and 8 mil .
  • Clear solar covers can measure 12 mil and 16 mil .

Clear solar covers heat the pool better than blue solar covers because they allow more of the suns heat to penetrate more efficiently. Dark blue solar covers are great for heat retention. And even a lightweight cover can last if you take care of it properly.

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Extra Strength Not Found In Other Covers

  • 95% UV Blockage/Sun Shade
  • Super Mesh Mildew and Rot Resistant Material
  • 50% lighter than your conventional vinyl solid safety cover and 70% stronger
  • Triple stitching cross tack and box at all perimeter stress points
  • Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength and durability
  • Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping
  • All covers include concrete brass anchors, stainless steel springs, covers for springs, buckles, and installation tool
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Excel Cover Warranty 10 Years
  • High Shade Density to reduce algae growth
  • UV Resistant

Does A Solar Cover Stop The Pool Getting Dirty

12x24 Rectangle Clear Diamond Inground Swimming Pool Solar Cover ...

Although some seem to suggest that solar covers do at least help in keeping the pool clean, in my experience, this is not one of their benefits. You always have a small gap between the pool sides and the cover so dirt and debris often get blown towards the edges and then enter the pool.

Also, to keep the cover in good order it is good practice to hose any dirt off the cover before you roll it up so this ends up in the pool anyway while you are using the hose or when you roll it up.

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You Can Remove Liquid Solar Cover But Why

Although we cant think of any reason why youd want to, the only way to remove liquid solar cover from your pool water would be to drain the pool and refill it, and no one wants to do that if it can be avoided.

The thing is, if you decided to stop using liquid solar cover for any reason, all you have to do is wait a while. The chemical naturally dissipates over a certain period of time, depending on how large your pool is and how much liquid solar cover you have to use.

For this reason, for as long as you want to use it, liquid solar cover must be added to your pool on a regular basis, so be sure to add it to your swimming pool maintenance schedule.

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