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Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor

Best Wireless: Lepower Solar Security Light 1000lm

Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light with 3 Lighting Modes


  • Bright for a battery-powered light

  • Solar panel cord isnt very long

  • Range seems shorter than advertised

  • Only stays on up to two minutes in Auto mode

The LEPOWER Solar Security Light 1000LM is exceptionally bright for a solar-powered security light, and its battery-powered, so its a perfect fit wherever electricity isnt available. The remote solar panel makes it a lot easier to keep the battery charged, and it has all the functionality and features of a more expensive hard-wired security light.

The problem with most solar security lights is that its challenging to keep them charged, but LEPOWER solved that problem. Instead of a built-in solar panel, this security light includes a separate panel with a 15-foot cord. While the cord isnt very long, it allows you to mount the light where it needs to be, like under the eaves of your roof, and place the solar panel up on the roof where it will get the most sun. In automatic mode, the light stays on only for a maximum of 2 minutes, but you have the option of always-on mode, which can keep the lights on for 90 minutes when fully charged.

Price at time of publish:$45

Dimensions: 10 x 8.5 x 4.8 inches | Range: 72 feet | Detection Angle: 180 degrees | Wattage: 4.4 watts | Power Source: Battery, solar

The 5 Best Outdoor Solar Lights Of 2022

We researched over 50 different types of outdoor solar lights before we bought the 8 best sets available today to test side-by-side. Over the course of a month, we used the lights in various locations and settings to find out which ones worked the best in which locations, and why. We compared each set for reliability, design strengths and weaknesses, and the amount of illumination each light produced. Read below to find out which are the best motion-activated floodlights, which are the best stake-style version, and which ones are the best bargain.

If you’re looking to liven up your outdoor space, we can help. We’ve tested the top patio umbrellas and the best lawn chairs and charcoal grills. We’ve even selected our favorite bird feeders so you can get the max enjoyment from your patio or yard. Keep an eye on all your indoor and outdoor spaces with one of the best home security cameras

Editor’s Note: We updated this article on October 19, 2022, removing a few solar lights that are no longer available and including info about the updated URPOWER lights.

How Much Sunlight Do You Get Daily

The most important thing needed for your solar powered light is, obviously, the sun! As we discussed above, its important to ensure your solar lights can receive direct sunlight every day for optimum use.

If you live somewhere where you go through long periods without sunlight due to weather, you may not get the most out of your solar lights. Luckily there are great resources online, like this off-grid solar calculator, that can help you determine how much sun you receive a day on average in your area.

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How We Picked And Tested

If youre shopping around for a good motion sensor light, you probably know by now that there are so many brands and models, along with different features each of them has. To what you really need, it pays off that you check for the factors to look into. Keep reading and take a look closely.

Range or coverage

You might want to consider a motion sensor light if you would like to improve your property or home security.

The lights are easy to install and a breeze to use. More importantly, they can prevent intruders and unwanted people from sneaking into your garage, porch, front door and other outdoor spots.

In this case, you might want to check if the light can detect movement that is located as far away as possible or that is within the corresponding feet of coverage.

Intensity of the light

How bright is the light intensity you need? Remember that the amount of light that it can generate is also important especially if youre also looking for a sensor light that can keep illuminating an area.

To start with, you should refer to the lumens capacity of the product you want to buy, and compare with the others. One basic rule of thumb is that higher lumens mean brighter light.


The solar lights to buy must have waterproofing and weatherproofing abilities, as they will be exposed to harsh outdoor elements, such as rain and snow.


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Q: How Can I Repair A Broken Solar Motion Detector Light

White Dual 22 LEDs Security Detector Solar Spot Light Motion Sensor ...

If your lights arent working as intended, the problem could be faulty bulbs, broken sensors, or dead batteries. A photocell is a crucial part of your motion detector light, so any dirt or debris that accumulates interferes with how it works. Use a soft rag to clean the photocell gently to remove accumulated dirt.

You can also manually switch the lights on and off to return the calibration to its correct position. If the two attempts dont bear any fruits, check whether the batteries are depleted and replace them. Lastly, consider replacing the bulbs before buying another light.

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Maxsa Innovations Solar Light: Strongest Motion Sensor

The MAXSA solar light looks like a regular security light with two spotlight heads that adjust vertically and horizontally to cover the exact areas you want. You can adjust how long you want the light to stay on after it’s triggered, the range of the motion sensor, and how dark it has to be before the light turns on.

We also like that you can adjust the angle of the motion sensor on the MAXSA, so mounting it lower on the wall still lets it detect movement from far away.

But at only 220 lumens, this light is one of the weaker ones on our list. And over time the motion sensor often collects water, so we recommend hanging it somewhere protected or adding a little extra waterproofing before you mount it.

Outdoor Dusk To Dawn Solar Light

Check Latest Price

A dusk to dawn solar light refers to a lights ability to power itself all night. It has a highly effective solar panel that can store enough energy in the day to power the device all night. This one does just that. Its a simple, powerful light that is ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces.

Although its just one light, its super bright, measuring in at 5100 lumens and 100 watts. Its ideal for patios, driveways, and more.

The light is also highly adjustable. You can control the settings with the included remote, and set them for 3, 6, or 8 hours. You can even adjust the brightness as you please.

Overall, its a functional, basic light for your outdoor space. It lacks the manoeuverability of many other lights on our list, but its ideal if you just want a stationary light for one location.


  • Wont illuminate as much space as other lights

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Best Spotlight: Innogear Yard Solar Spotlight

Product Ratings

Running Time 3.5/5

Form/Style: Spotlight| Brand: Innogear | Lumen: 200lms | Charge Time: 8 hours | Charge Lasts: 4-6hrs on bright / 8-12hrs on dim| Features: Waterproof, removable stake | Placement: Ground stake or wall mount | Power Source: Solar panel

What We Liked

  • Functional flexibility a wall light or a yard light
  • 2 modes bright and dim
  • Perfect as a small spotlight

What We DidntLike

  • Some issues with latch reportedLong charge time for short run time
  • Light doesnt reach too far
  • Can only rotate up-and-downSome issues with latch reported

We chose this solar light as the best spotlight because it is built with premium LED bulbs that illuminate what you want to bring immediate attention to.

Whether you mount it on a wall to light up the steps leading to your door or stake it into the ground and aim it at your flagpole, this light is flexible, simple, and surprisingly durable.

This solar light is best used as a spotlight rather than a floodlight. So if you need a light that will illuminate a wider range or work as a security light this light might not work for you.

We found that the illumination doesnt travel far, and on the brightest setting, the charge only lasts around 4-6 hours. We turned the brightness down so it would last all night.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Solar Lights

FLOWood Solar Lights 70 LED Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor
  • Friendly to the environment: Solar lights use sunlight which is a clean renewable energy source to power themselves. Because they dont consume natural resources like coal or oil, they play a big role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reversing climate change.

  • Cost-effective: The initial cost of installing solar lights may be a bit high, but you now no longer have to pay the electricity bill. The solar lights will continue to absorb energy from the sun, giving you an unlimited source of power. The maintenance of solar lights is also very simple and cheap since solar lights are built to last a long time and dont need power cables.

  • Very convenient: Solar lights can automatically turn on at night and recharge themselves during the daytime.

  • Independent and reliable power source: If you live in a region with severe natural disasters like hurricanes or if you live in a remote area with no access to electrical grids, then solar lights will be perfect for you.

  • Different styles: Solar lights are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. There are also multiple types of solar lights serving different purposes. So it will not be hard for you to find the best solar lights for yourself.

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Safe Dependable Lighting Source

Solar lighting can provide some peace of mind when you need it most. Even in a power outage, your solar lighting can provide light when you are without traditional hardwired power with adequate charging.

You also wont have to worry about turning these lights on or the cost of keeping them running all night. Once outside, these lights can provide a steady source of outdoor lighting. Many come equipped with auto turn-ons and shut-offs as well, for easy, reliable use!

Along with being dependable, you can also use this kind of lighting relatively safely outdoors. Place these by your water fixtures or swimming pool without the hazards of wires mixing with water.

You also wont have to worry about animals or pets being interested in exploring the wiring that would be required for hardwired outdoor lighting. These units are often entirely self-contained, removing any tricky wire-management.

Best Design: Euri Lighting Efl


  • No adjustability

  • Bottom open to the elements

The Euri Lighting EFL-130W-MD is in a completely different class from other security lights in terms of design. This security light takes the form of a flickering flame lantern, complete with an oil-rubbed bronze finish and your choice of frosted or water glass panels. It doesnt look anything like other security lights, but it does get the job done. The drawback to the attractive design is that the bottom isnt enclosed, though this lantern is wet-rated and safe for outdoor use. It also comes with an estimated 50,000-hour lifespan.

When the sun goes down, the lantern glows with a warm, flickering firelight effect reminiscent of a gas lamp. This dusk-to-dawn light activates when the sun goes down and stays on all night. When the sensor detects motion, it activates the main 1,200-lumen LED light and bathes the area in bright, white light.

Price at time of publish:$69

Dimensions: 8.07 x 9.44 x 14.56 inches | Range: Not provided | Detection Angle: Not listed | Wattage: 12.5 watts | Power Source: AC

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Q: How Do Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Work

A: Wireless outdoor motion sensor lights work like any other type of motion sensor product, and its almost certain you have encountered lights like this before. However, just because you have encountered them before and have an idea of how they work doesnt mean you actually know how they work. Unfortunately, they sense motion and switch on, is not a sufficient answer, so whats really going on with motion sensor lights?

To put it simply, motion sensor lights use little eyes that identify infrared waves. When something that radiates heat, such as a person, cat, dog, rabbit, or any other type of animal, and cars, moves within range of these lights, the sensors recognize the movement. This triggers an activation that switches the lights on.

However, the sensors have a finite range, so dont expect to trigger the lights from across the street. Instead, there are sensor ranges. The maximum range for a motion sensor is typically around 72 feet, although this varies by brand.

Motion sensor lights come with both positives and negatives. They are useful for lighting the path after dark, and they are also useful for stopping potential thieves in their tracks. Despite this, they can also be a nuisance, such as when neighborhood cats or dogs trigger the sensors, which can be irritating, especially if the light is bright enough to illuminate the entire street at unsociable hours.

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Best Floodlights: Sansi 45w Motion Sensor Outdoor Floodlight

WALFRONT Detachable Solar 28 LED 3 Modes Motion Sensor Security Wall ...

Home Depot

  • Enough light to illuminate a yard or driveway

  • Independently adjustable lights

  • Too bright for some applications

The two most important things to look for in a floodlight are brightness and the ability to direct the light exactly where you need it. The SANSI 6000LM Super Bright Security Light puts out an impressive 6,000 lumens, enough to flood your entire yard and driveway with light. It includes two arrays with three super-bright LEDs, and you can position each ray independently. You can rotate the lights up, down, in, or out to cover your property without bothering the neighbors.

This motion-sensing floodlight has a massive detection distance of up to 72 feet, and its able to sense motion in a 180-degree range. It features many adjustment options, including leaving the lights on for between 10 seconds and 10 minutes after each activation. If you need some extra security, the dusk-to-dawn mode keeps the lights on all night. The light also has an IP65 rating, which means its certified to stand up to the heaviest of rains.

Price at time of publish:$50

Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.1 x 4.8 inches | Range: 72 feet | Detection Angle: 180 degrees | Wattage: 45 watts | Power Source: AC

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The 11 Best Solar Lights In 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Solar Lights are the most practical and energy-efficient solution for lighting up the outdoors. Apart from providing aesthetical value, they add safety and security to your home and doesnt require any electricity to be powered on. They can be installed easily on driveways, pathways, walkways, walls, patios, , and lawns. So, in this article, we will list out some of the Best Solar Lights you can buy online.

Before buying the best solar powered lights for your home, garden or driveway, here are some important factors / specifications that you have to consider

  • Type and Brightness: Based on your purpose, you have to pick up the right solar light. For example, if you need a security lamp, you have the basic LED Solar Security Lamps. Apart from that, you have to also consider the brightness as well. It is measured in terms of the lumen and below are the general guidelines
Solar Lights Type
Flood solar light 700 to 1300 lumens

Note: When it comes to Solar String Lights, they illuminate very less. However, as they have smaller lights and are mostly used for decoration, brightness levels usually dont matter much.

Our Buying Guide has a detailed list of points and factors that you need to look at and consider apart from these three key points.

A list of Best Solar Lights is also provided below which are carefully picked and selected after several hours of testing and analysis.

Hmcity 120 Led Solar Lights: Best Overall

One of the only downfalls is the HMcity lights won’t last you very long. Each light has only a 24-month lifespan, though you might get more or less use out of them depending on your climate.

If you’re not a big DIYer, but you’d like to add some extra outdoor solar lighting for safety, the HMcity 120 LED lights are good to start with. They work well at just six feet off the ground, and while they’re not the brightest lights on our list, their unique three-panel design gives you 270-degree illumination. You don’t have to mess with any wires, and installation is as easy as screwing in one screw.

The HMcity solar lights come with three different light settings, so you can decide if you want them on low light all night long, on low until they’re motion activated to brighten, or off until they sense motion. To change the settings, just adjust the switch on the back of the unit.

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Best Overall: Leonlite Led Outdoor Motion Sensor Flood Light

  • Lamp can get in the way of the sensor

Who else recommends it? Bob Vila also picked the LEONLITE LED Flood Light.

What do buyers say? 82% of 2,600+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The LEONLITE LED Motion Sensor Flood Light comes with an affordable price tag, and its packed with features youd expect to find in a much more expensive light. Its also easy to install and use, which is why its our best overall outdoor motion-sensing light.

The motion sensor has a wide 180-degree detection angle, with a range of around 69 feet. The sensor itself is also adjustable, which means you can aim it any way you need to get an optimum view of your space and the direction that any intruders are most likely to approach from. This light is tremendously customizable. Our tester raved about the straightforward setup and noted the solid, well-made construction and intuitive controls. She was able to install it on the side of her house and illuminate the most important zones thanks to the adjustable lights.

You’ll find independent controls for the brightness of the light, the light timer, and the sensor range. If the light turns on a lot from events like your neighbors moving around in their yard, thats easy enough to take care of by adjusting the range. You can also set the light to motion-activation mode, stay on all the time, or remain on every night from dusk until dawn.

Price at time of publish:$60

The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

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