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Best Solar Companies In Colorado

What Is Solar Panel Capacity And How Much Do I Need For My House

How to Choose the Best Solar Company

Solar panel capacity is how much energy the panels can produce under ideal conditions . The average household requires between 20 and 35 panels to cover their energy needs.

Our goal is to reach as many people as we can with sensible solutions like solar energy. Our team of full-time local researchers collects solar price and installation data for every city in America then compiles it to create these digestible city guides. If you want to read our solar expertâs opinion on the top solar companies featured here, follow this link.

Company research was conducted by Melissa Smith and Karsten Neumeister. Local data analysis was conducted by James Savino. See something we missed or could do better? .

How We Determine The Best Solar Companies In Denver Co

At EnergySage, we care about connecting solar shoppers to high-quality solar companies. As such, any solar installers we list above are active on the EnergySage Marketplace in Denver, CO and pre-screened by our team.

What does it mean to be pre-screened? We evaluate every solar installer to ensure that theyll provide quality service to EnergySage users. These high-quality installers are approved based on their years of experience, licensing and insurance, reputation, and certifications.

The ranking on this page is determined by a number of additional factors pertaining to each installers activity, including customer ratings and marketplace performance. Get started comparing solar quotes today from the top installers in Denver, CO by joining the EnergySage Marketplace.

Colorado Solar Panel Incentives Or Rebates

The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly in the last decade, but it is still a large investment. Solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates can help offset some of those costs and make solar panels more accessible.

Currently, the solar federal tax credit , offers a 26% tax credit for consumers who install solar panels on their home. The tax credit is set at 26% in 2022 and will lower to 22% for systems installed in 2023. It is set to expire in 2024 unless Congress renews it, so its important to invest in solar panels soon to take full advantage of the ITC.

At the state level, Colorado residents have several state solar incentives and rebates available for installing solar panels. Here are just a few of the Colorado solar incentives available

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Cost Of Solar In Colorado

Colorados electricity rates sit at just about the national average, or around 12 cents per kilowatt hour. Assuming energy rates increase at 3.5 percent annually, utility bills for Colorado residents could more than double over 20 years.

For a 5 kW system, Coloradans can expect to pay a little more than $17,000 but the Federal Solar Tax Credit will reduce that upfront cost down to just above $12,500. Depending on how the solar panel system is financed, solar customers could see a return on their investment from anywhere between 9 and 15 years.

Why Is Solarreviews The Best Place To Compare Solar Panel Companies

One of the Best Solar Companies in La Jolla, California? You decide ...

The solar installation company you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make when going solar. While you can expect very little to go wrong, you will require support from them in one form or another at some point over the systems 25-30 year lifespan. Unfortunately, many homeowners have installed solar with companies that have either gone out of business or offer very poor after-sales support. Solar companies typically wont service other companies jobs, making these individuals what is known in the industry as solar orphans. SolarReviews exists to help you find the best, most reputable solar installers in your part of Colorado and to ensure you become a happy solar system owner.

Unbiased reviews. No company can pay to alter the reviews or review scores shown on our site. Some companies pay us a small, fixed referral fee if you request a quote but we never earn any commission from sales. Any editorial content is not influenced by financial relationships.

Our CEO gives his thoughts on what criteria you should use to select your solar company

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How To Choose The Best Solar Company

We recommend researching and receiving quotes from at least three providers before selecting a solar installation company. While cost is important, we recommend balancing price with services, customer reviews, warranty lengths and other key factors. Conversely, going with the most expensive installer doesnt guarantee higher quality either.

You should also carefully consider whether a lease or a PPA will save you money in the long run since those two options prevent you from taking advantage of tax credits.

Why Choose Glyde Solar

Were the best Solar Company in Colorado that has helped Coloradans reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint with clean solar power. From the moment you call us, well guide your way through every step of switching over financing options are available for those who need them most!

We provide low-cost installations for homes across the state now its your turn! Contact us today to take advantage of this great offer on clean energy.

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Cons For Sunergy Construction Inc

Sunergy gets some negative reviews for poor customer service and slow response times, especially after installation. They are also quite expensive when compared to the competition and average pricing in Colorado.

  • Some reports of poor customer service
  • Some issues with providing services covered by the warranty
  • Costly

What Are The Top Benefits Of Solar Energy

Best Solar Power Company: PayOli Solar

Solar energy is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable resource that allows you to take control and ownership of your utility costs, take advantage of tax incentives, and take back your freedom from paying for-profit utility companies, all while reducing your carbon footprint and generating your own clean, renewable energy onsite. Solar power also creates jobs to boost the economy and contributes to our nations energy independence so that we dont have to rely on fossil fuel imports.

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Who Is The Best Company To Get Solar Panels From

Our pick for the best company to get solar panels from in Colorado is SunPower. However, every familys needs and energy-use habits are unique. Its more than possible that another installation provider could serve those needs best. In any case, be certain to find a company that matches your expectations for high-level customer service.

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost

An average combined cost for solar panel installation and the system itself can run, on average, $16,000, or between $5,000 and $35,000 depending on the type, model and more. This cost does not include any tax credits or other incentives or calculate the reduction in costs when you stop paying for electrical utilities.

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Free Consultations And Estimates

Another great reason to consider hiring a solar panel installation company is if it offers free consultations and estimates. While most companies will offer a free estimate, not so many will actually provide free consultations. Finding a solar panel installation company that will meet with you and talk you through all the options shows that it is prioritizing its customers, so youll know youre in good hands.

Why Choose Sunrun In Colorado

Go Local: 3 Important Factors For Choosing The Best Solar Company in ...

Sunrun is the leading residential solar and energy storage company in the U.S.6 Weve helped hundreds of thousands of people gain more energy independence and security. Find out which of our home solar plans, with or without an energy storage system in Colorado, is the ideal fit for your budget and energy needs.

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Best Ev Chargers Save Gas

EV Chargers and Solar Panels saves money. Electric Cars and Trucks avoid high prices at the pump along with oil changes. electric cars also help to lower carbon emissions that are causing damage to the environment. We have used fossil fuels to help with transportation for years now have the technology to switch to EVS!

Types Of Installations Done By Solar Energy Companies Near Me in Colorado

Easier Than Ever To Go Solar In Colorado

The future is solar in Colorado! The cost of installing a domestic solar system has never been lower than it is now. By investing now, homeowners can enjoy stable energy rates for decades to come. As the cost of clean energy is going down, its time to invest in your future. Join a movement that will save you money and make our planet better for generations!

Colorado has some of the most net-metering-friendly policies in America. With programs like Black Hills Energys NEM program, we can ensure that your home will always have access not just to generate electricity from this sustainable energy source but also receive credit back on whatever amount of overages they might produce during peak hours!

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What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar energy offers various benefits to homeowners.

  • Cost savings: Homeowners with solar panels can take advantage of savings on energy bills, as well as incentives like net metering programs and tax credits. Keep in mind that actual savings will vary depending on multiple factors:
  • The incentive programs in your state
  • The amount of electricity your household consumers
  • The size of your solar panel system
  • How you pay for your system
  • Direct hours of daily sunlight
  • Size and angle of your roof
  • Increased home value: A solar energy system can increase the overall value of your home. Thats because the installation is viewed the same as upgrades like kitchen expansions, finished basements and updated bathroom fixtures. According to a 2015 study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, solar increased the value of a home by an average of $15,000.
  • Ease of use: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. solar resource is abundant, and most states have sunlight exposure significant enough for good or excellent solar energy generation.
  • Environmental: Each kilowatt-hour of solar power generated substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Solar also reduces water consumption by power plants to generate electricity.

Create And Store Your Own Solar Power For Little To $0 Down

The Best Solar Company in Texas | Introducing Texas Solar

Each Sunrun solar plan offers unique advantages. Regardless of the plan you choose to start your solar journey, with or without battery storage, well work hard so that you can benefit from your solar panel installation in Colorado for decades to come. Were one of the best solar installers in Colorado you can team up with. When possible, well even take care of the paperwork.

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How Much Will I Save On My Energy Bill

The amount of solar savings you will see on your utility bill each month depends on a variety of factors, including solar system size, energy use, roof exposure, and local electricity costs.System size/energy use: Installing a larger solar PV system that offsets a major portion of your electricity usage will result in higher savings on your electric bill than installing a smaller system that only offsets a minor portion of your electric bill because less power will be pulled from the grid.Roof exposure: If you live in a sunny area, your solar panels will produce more energy than they would if you lived in a shady or cloudy area. More sun means more savings on your energy bill.Local utility rates: If you live in a state with steep electricity rates, youll see higher dollar savings on your bills than you would if you lived in a state with lower electricity prices.The easiest way to figure out exactly how much you can expect to save on your electricity bill each month is to obtain quotes from the solar companies that you are interested in doing business with.

Colorado Solar Panel Companies

As home solar has grown in popularity, the number of solar companies on the market has increased. This is especially true in Colorado, where tax credits and incentives have attracted 330 solar panel companies. If you are interested in investing in Colorado solar panels, you can begin the research process here. SaveOnEnergy partners with solar installers and community solar projects to provide options for Colorado residents looking to go solar.

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Rocky Mountain Solar And Wind Inc

Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind, Inc. has planned, installed, and repaired solar energy systems since 1975, and wind systems since 2002. They install residential, commercial, and industrial systems in the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Fairplay, and Canon City regions of Colorado. Their Sales and Design team works carefully with the Colorado Springs Utilities, Black Hills Energy, Mountain View Electric, Sangre de Cristo Electric, and Xcel Rebate Programs. RMSWI is a licensed builder in El Paso County and has been a licensed builder for over 32 years with knowledge in a large category of types of construction including sunrooms, new homes, and remodeling.


Address: 1120 N Circle Dr #160, Colorado Springs, CO 80909Phone:


We started the process at the end of May and were told it would be 6-8 weeks because of jobs before us. They started in July and were the most conscientious workers of my landscaping that I have ever had. The process was longer than I thought but the utility company was surprised we were online in August. We have air conditioning and our Aug/Sept bill was $35.00. So pleased. Linda D.

Ermily has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications online. As a business expert, Ermily reviews local and national businesses.

Which Are The Best Solar Providers Near Me

Solar Companies in Bakersfield Ca

Consumers should look for a solar company with a solid track record, financial stability, high quality equipment, great warranties, a good reputation, and positive reviews. We’ve ranked and reviewed hundreds of solar power companies from across the United States and gathered thousands of solar reviews from consumers to help you find the best solar companies in your area. We recommend obtaining solar quotes from a variety of companies in order to find the right rooftop solar contractor for your needs.

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Can Ac Run On Solar Panels

Yes, your air conditioner can run on solar panels. Solar panel systems use photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into a direct current of electricity. Your systems microinverters convert this DC electricity into alternating current electricity. This electricity is the type that home appliances and systems use.

Physical Size And Power Ratings

The number of watts the panel will generate is the measure of its output of electricity to power your home. For example, a 200-watt panel generates 200 watts per hour under normal conditions. The number of watts the panels produce is directly factored into the price of the solar panel system. Of course, more watts means a physically bigger panel system and a higher-producing type of solar cells built into the panels. The average home requires around a 4kW solar panel system. Youll need a system big enough to supply the power youll use but also fit the available space for installing solar panels on your property.

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Solar Tax Incentives In Colorado

  • Duke Energy Carolina: The company offers a cash rebate when you install solar panels. The rebate pays up to $1 per watt of DC Solar panel capacity for commercial and residential properties.
  • Santee Cooper: The company offers $1.60 per watt rebate when you install solar panels. You can apply this to your energy bill directly.

solar panel installation Colorado

Colorado’s Most Sustainable Solar Company

Team 10: Customers outraged at Solar Company

Ecology is not only part of our name, its essential to our company culture. Our team of solar specialists are passionate about solar energy and the impact it has on our local Colorado communities. Weve built a decentralized workforce across Denver and Colorados Front Range to enable us to reduce both the carbon footprint and overhead costs. Eliminating a large centralized workplace decreases pollution from commuting and operating a large office building. It also keeps positive employee morale and work-life balance. We are committed to constantly improving not only our internal company and personal sustainability efforts, we also prioritize using components manufactured with the highest sustainability standards. We believe sustainability is an integral part of any renewable energy company and were dedicated to strengthening our sustainable practices every day.

We are also committed to serving our customers and partners well. We constantly strive to communicate honestly and transparently and believe it creates a triple-win for our customers, partners, and the environment when we can help people make well-informed financial, technical, and design decisions as they transition to solar for their energy needs.

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Solar Companies In Colorado

Are you searching for the best solar companies in Colorado? Colorado is best known for its mountains and for the love of adrenaline but the environment is also responsible for producing some of the best renewable energy in the United States. With the help of ESD Solar, you can install solar panels to take advantage of the incredible amount of sun experienced in Colorado! There are many people across Colorado that are embracing renewable energy more now than ever before. Colorado is working to have 100% of its energy needs be met by renewables by 2050 and this is where so many homeowners and business owners are taking advantage of solar credits for installing solar power throughout Colorado!

We Can Help You to Save Money

Customers in Colorado are saving up to $50,000 over the course of their 25-year solar panel system. By being able to lock in your energy costs and get access to credits from your local energy company, you can ensure that you can qualify for the maximum amount of savings with ESD!

Premium Equipment

We will help you to get access to top-of-the-line solar panels and equipment. The solar arrays that we have are built using the best in solar panels and inverters for maximum energy efficiency and power generation!

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