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How Much Does A 4kw Solar System Cost

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For 1000 Kwh Per Month In Glasgow Uk

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Solar Energy System in 2021?

There should be a big difference in the number of solar panels required in Glasgow, because the irradiance is much lower than in California see the screenshot from below:

Hoe many solar panels would you need to power 1000 kWh in Glasgow, UK?

The Direct Normal Irradiation 678.8kWh/m2/year in Glasgow is more than 3 times less than in California. Now lets do the calculation again:

What Is The Solar Power System Installation Cost For The Typical New Zealand Home In 2021

The average cost for a residential grid-connected solar power system in New Zealand is $10,000.

According to New Zealands Electricity Authority, the average-sized solar panel system currently being installed is a 4kW system, roughly 13 solar panels. Our solar power prices guide indicates that a 4kW grid-connected solar power system with standard specifications costs around $10,000 installed.

Kw Solar System Output

There are a number of factors that affect the actual power output of a 4kW solar system, however. These include:

-Geographical location of the system and the expected daily and annual solar irradiation and cloud cover levels there

Whether there is any shade cast on the panels

-Actual operating conditions of the panels & inverter

Depending on where the system is located, it will receive different amounts of solar irradiation throughout each day and each year. The amount of sunshine falling on a solar systems solar panels directly affects the systems output. A solar system which is facing the right direction in Australia can expect to receive around an annual average of 4 hours of peak sun per day, although Tasmania receives less than this, and Broome, WA receives more. This is only the daily average across the course of the year it is important to keep in mind that the sun shines for more hours in the summer months and fewer in the winter.

For example, an 85% efficient 4kW solar system in Sydney would produce about 14kWh of power on a day in the middle of winter, whereas in the summer output from the same 4kW solar PV system would be around 20kWh.

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Is A 4kw Solar System Right For You

As you can see, the return on a 4 kW solar panel system is significantly higher than that of a smaller array. If you have the space, you can also upgrade to a 5 kW or a 6 kW system without greatly increasing costs. However, the larger system will reduce your Feed in Tariff rate.

If you have the space and the budget, you can upgrade further to a 10 kW array, but most homes cannot use that much power, dont have that much space on the roof, and the lowered feed in tariff means that it doesnt pay off for the average homeowner, especially considering that a 10 kW array uses more than 60 square meters of roof space and typically costs upwards of £18,000 to install.

The average 4 kW solar panel installation will earn a 4.8% return over 25 years with the current electric and Feed-in-Tariff rates.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Pa

1 KW Solar System Full Price 2020

Cost of Solar Panels In PA:

According to the official industry data for 2021, the average cost of a solar panel installation in Pennsylvania ranges between $12,281 to $20,216 before applying solar incentives.

The average price for solar panel installation in PA on a cost per watt basis ranges from $2.64 to $3.56.

With the average size of a solar PV system in Pennsylvania being 4kW 6kW, the average cost varies from $12,281 to $20,216 before applying solar incentives, or between $8,596 to $14,152 after applying solar incentives.

The following chart shows average prices for various solar PV systems based on the size of the system:

System size*
$67,844 $47,491

*Note: The chart above shows the average cost of solar panels in PA before and after Pennsylvanias federal Investment Tax Credit for solar.

The numbers above are a great guide to get an idea of the costs involved, the cost of solar panels in Pennsylvania depends on a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Annual Electricity Usage,
  • The Brand of Solar Panels,
  • Any Eligible PA Solar Incentives,
  • and other factors.

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What Factors Can Affect The Cost Of Solar Panels For Your Home

Electricity consumption of your home

Basically, if you use more power, you are going to need a bigger system to keep up with demand. It kind of cons with the territory with larger families. More lights, televisions, fridges, etc. The more power you need, the more your solar power system will cost.

Home location

Depending on where you live in Australia, will have an effect on the price to install your solar PV system. Different states have different rebates so this affects the overall cost of system installation. Also, the amount of sunlight you get in Tasmania will be different from that in Darwin, so the number of panels can vary to produce the same amount of power.

The quality of panels and inverter you invest in

If you dont do your research, you can end up paying twice as much for the same quality solar system all depending on the brands of the panel and inverter your installer talks you into.

Ease of installation

Some homes are a bit of a nightmare to install panels on and it simply takes longer. For example, a 2 story house with a flat roof is going to take longer than a single-story home with a pitch that requires less work. Labour costs are a factor, but not as much as the hardware itself.

Do You Really Save Money With Solar Panels

Considering the average solar system pays for itself in 3.5 years, and they come with a 25-year warranty, its pretty safe to say that solar is going to save you a lot of money in the long term, though that being said it is a significant outlay. If you view it as an investment, you will have less trouble dealing with the initial cost.

Besides, lets not forget there is interest-free finance available. It would be like paying your regular bill off over a 4 year period, but at the end, you own the unit!

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What Else Might Affect The Cost Of Solar

System size and location are undoubtedly the largest contributors to the price of your solar system, but there may be some other contributors to price, particularly pertaining to installation costs.

  • A flat roof: Solar panels must be optimally angled toward the sun. If you have a flat roof, then you need mount installed to correctly tilt the panels. These mounts will cost you an additional $20 to $80 per panel.
  • Roof condition: Nearly all types of rooves can have solar panels attached, however the harder your roof is to work on, the more installers will charge. Old rooves which require more delicate work will be the most expensive. The installer will let you know about this when you receive your quote.
  • Installer demand: Installation costs are largely dependent on supply and demand. In areas, or at times, where installers have a lot of work to get through, they will tend to charge a higher price. Generally speaking, solar technicians are in lower demand in the early parts of autumn and spring.
  • Solar panel quality: Not all solar panels are the same. Some have a superior crystalline structure which makes them more efficient at transforming sunlight in to useable electricity. Efficient panels are more expensive in the short term, but may save you more in the long term.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A Home

How to Size My Off-Grid Solar System & How Much Does it Cost?

At the risk of stating the obvious, this all depends on the size of your home and the amount of power you consume. It will also depend on the amount of physical space you have on your roof to lay the panels. A typical rooftop solar has about 24 panels, but some larger systems have up to 40 panels.

Below is a breakdown of system sizes in kW and the number of solar panels required.

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Will I Need An Inverter

An inverter is required for any kind of solar power system to convert DC from the solar panels to usable AC commonly used in electrical equipment. The great news is a 5Kw inverter would suffice for a 6.6kw solar systems. This means the price will be cheaper as you wont have to pony up for a larger inverter. This is because a 5kw inverter can be over-clocked quite safely to handle 6kw solar system power loads.

What You Get With A 4kw Solar Kit

  • Up to 15 solar panels generate 500 kWh / mo
  • UL Certified with up to 30 year manufacturer warranty
  • Grid-tied inverters, optimizers or micro-inverters
  • Mount on rooftop or ground up to 300 sf
  • Flat-rate shipping with lift-gate service to continental U.S.
  • Installation instructions
  • 24/7 performance monitoring via web and smartphone
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Qualifies for all tax credits, rebates and incentives
  • Add-on options for battery storage, ground mounting, EV charging, permit plan or full-service installation

Featuring daily updates with the lowest prices on solar panels, SunWatts has a big selection of affordable 4 kW PV systems for sale. These 4kW size grid-connected solar kits include solar panels, DC-to-AC inverter, rack mounting system, hardware, cabling, permit plans and instructions. These are complete PV solar power systems that can work for a home or business, with just about everything you need to get the system up and running quickly. The kit prices shown include hardware components only click on any kit to add your choice of full-service installation options for rooftop or ground mount.

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Roof Shade / Access To Consistent Sunlight


This one is less obvious than you think. Just because its daylight doesnt mean your solar panels receive the same sunlight you received yesterday or the day before. And just because you live in the Southwest, it doesnt mean your home will automatically be a good candidate for solar panels. You must account for the amount of coverage your roof receives on a regular basis, whether from trees, nearby buildings, or other types of blockages.

Potential Unavoidable Solar Power System Costs:

4kW Solar System
  • If the house is 2 stories or more, scaffolding may be needed
  • Meter upgrade if the house still has an old analogue meter
  • Switchboard upgrade if the switchboard is too small or poorly configured
  • Extra for tilted roof mounting equipment A house with a flat roof will require this
  • Extra mounting components for tile roofs

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Is Solar Getting Cheaper And Should I Wait

Solar is getting cheaper as every year passes due to the large spike in Chinese production, and market hyper-consumption. This along with the Australian governments Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme has meant that installers have struggled to keep up with the demand of the last few years, and for good reason.

Should you wait? Not really. With the cost of power steadily on the rise in Australia and the interest-free finance available specifically for solar installs, there is no reason why you should not get a solar system installed taking advantage now of this far cheaper form of energy production.

How Long Do Solar Panels Take To Pay For Themselves

Depending on the size of your solar panel system and the export tariff, your solar panels can be paid off after 15-25 years. A larger system is more expensive, but it can generate more electricity and, therefore, can bring you more savings in the long-run.

A 5kW solar panel system can break even after 15-20 years, while a 3kW system can take 21-25 years to break even.

To protect the lifespan of your panels, ensure you always adhere to solar panel maintenance and cleaning tips.

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How Do I Know How Much Sun My Roof Gets

The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the panels can produce. But theres a little more to it than just sunlight. To see if your house is a good candidate for solar, try out a solar panel suitability checker such as Google’s Project Sunroof. Then set up an appointment for a solar consultation with an expert wholl visit your home to inspect its orientation , roof angle and tree shading to see if your roof will receive enough sunlight to meet your family’s electricity needs. SunPower’s solar consultations are free, online or in-person, and you can learn more about your home electricity needs and savings options.

SunPower panels are proven to be the most efficient on the market*not to mentioned unmatched at generating power in low-light situationsbut, excessive shading will reduce the amount of power that can be generated.

It’s also important to know a SunPower Equinox® solar solution has unique, factory-integrated microinverters in each panel. Meaning, if one panel isn’t producing energy because of shade, neighboring panels receiving more sunlight can still generate solar energy for your home.

Mexicos Laws Surrounding Solar Power Global Influences & How They Affect The Cost

Payback Period for Offgrid Solar Power System’s: How much $$$ do I actually save??

To understand how much solar panels could potentially cost you in Mexico, its important that you understand the laws surrounding it. And if youre not up-to-date with the trends regarding solar prices in Mexico or Latina America, it may surprise you that solar panels may not turn out to be that expensive. In truth, if you require solar panels in Mexico, you may just be getting them at the cheapest cost in the world.

Laws surrounding solar power in Mexico and global influences have actually caused the cost of solar panels in Mexico to be lowered substantially. In fact, Mexico is recognized for having record solar prices that have fallen below the average cost of energy from gas and coal. In 2012, Mexico had decided to follow in Californias footsteps and introduce a law requiring that 35% of electricity comes from renewable resources by 2024. By the next year, Mexico had already accomplished 22% of their goal by obtaining this percentage from installed electricity generation capacity. And while only a small percentage of this came from solar power innovation , it would certainly help to get the ball rolling.

The average solar panel cost in Mexico had fallen below the global average price for energy from gas and coal.

Since this accomplishment, its expected that the cost of solar panels in Mexico will only keep decreasing. And this is due to quite a few factors.

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Table Average House Size In Square Feet 10 Us States Compared

U.S. State



Historical values for irradiance can be found for your location on sites like The average irradiance value for the USA is 5.322 kWh/m2/day, so Ill use that value of peak-sun-hours for our calculation.

How many solar panels are needed to power an average house in the USA?

Using average US values, you can find the theroretical solar power output by dividing the daily kWh by the irradiance value in daily peak-sun-hours:

Solar power required = 30000 watt-hours/5.3 peak-sun-hours = 5660 watts

If 300 watt solar panels were used, the number of solar panels for the average US house would be:

5660 watts / 300 watts = 18.86 solar panels

However, all solar PV systems have losses of about 23%. This can be taken into account my multiplying the solar power required by 1.4:

Adjusted solar output = 5660 x 1.4 = 7924 watts

Using 300 watt siolar panels, the actual number of solar panels needed would be:

7924 watts / 300 watts = 26 solar panels

How Much Does A 3kw Solar Power System Cost

The cost of installing solar panels is declining, and the savings benefit they provide remains high. Because of this, 3 kilowatt hours solar PV systems are becoming a more popular option for homeowners.

While a 3kW system might not be large enough to power an entire house, it can help offset some electricity usage within the home.

In this blog, well review what you need to know before you go solar and commit to a 3kW solar system.

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Kw Solar System Pricing

A 4kW solar system will certainly cost a different amount depending on the solar business you buy it from. Prices also vary from city to city due to logistics, taxes etc. To give you some indication though, we believe that the “market price” for a 4kW solar system at the moment is between:$4,600.00 to…$7,000.00 .

NOTE: The Prices above are “after-rebate” prices and are only a guide to what you might expect as at November, 2015.

How Much Does a 4kW System Cost?

The cost of 4kW solar power systems varies. On the lower end, you might expect to get Chinese inverters such as Sungrow, Growatt, JFY, Samil etc. and Chinese panels such as Hannover, Munsterland, ZN Shine etc. You might expect to pay $4,600.00 for such a system.

On the higher end of the spectrum you might be looking at a premium, European inverter like SMA, ABB, Fronius etc. and a tier 1 panel like SUNPOWER, TRINA, WINAICO etc. You might expect to pay $7,000.00 for this type of 4kW solar power system.

Finance Repayments on a 4kW Solar Power System

You could expect to pay somewhere between $153.36 and $226.88 per month as a repayment for your 4kW solar power system.Note: This figure could vary drastically. It is based on some common solar power finance rates for residential size systems.

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