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Best Solar Blanket For Pool

Yeah But Does It Actually Work

Best Solar Blanket. Aqua Coastal Pool Solar Blanket/Cover. Unboxing & Review.

Yes, they do! Studies have shown that liquid covers actually do prevent heat loss and water evaporation and they have some serious advantages:

  • Heat retention: If you live in a cold place or want to extend your swimming season a bit, a liquid solar cover is going to do wonders for your pool. As we mentioned, using the liquid cover, pool water can increase up to 6 degrees which can make a huge difference in a chilly pool.
  • Energy-savings: If you use a gas or electric pool heater, youre already having to spend a bit to keep that chill out of the water. With a liquid solar blanket in place, youll be running that heater much less and saving a bundle in the process. Your wallet and the power grid will thank you.
  • Water conservation: Areas that experience frequent droughts are painfully aware of water usage and consumption. With a liquid solar blanket, less evaporation will occur over time, saving hundreds of gallons of water in the process. It means youll be refilling your pool less and saving money on your water bill.
  • Convenience: It goes without saying that a bottle of liquid is an easier option than a big bulky cover. With the hassle of folding, storing, cleaning, and spreading liquid really is the simpler choice.

The best part is that you can still swim in your pool with a liquid solar blanket on the pool. You cant say the same about traditional solar covers, thats for sure.

Clear Vs Blue Solar Cover Which Color Works Better

There is much debate in the pool owner world as to which color wins in the clear vs blue solar cover match-up. Both solar covers work, but of course you want to know what color solar cover is best?

There are many different color solar covers out there, from clear to blue to black and everything in between. But clear and blue tend to be the most sought after.

In The Swim 1632d Midsol Premium Pool Solar Blanket Cover

In The Swim is one of the heaviest, thickest, and most durable pool solar blankets out there. Made with UV-stabilized resin, the cover retains heat effectively and stays in place on the windiest of days.

This high-quality pool solar blanket had a thickness of 12-mil. As a result, it prevents the chemical from evaporating and saves you the cost of rebalancing them. The heavy material also prevents evaporation of water and keeps the water leveled in the most eco-friendly way.


  • Increase the water temperature by 8-10%
  • Comes with a 7-years warranty program
  • The heavy material keeps it in place even in windy conditions


  • Need two people to handle as it is quite heavy

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How To Store A Solar Cover In Winter

Apart from UV light another thing that makes your solar cover degrade quicker is the chemicals in the pool. So if you just remove the cover and store it then it will have these chemicals, and dirt, still on it. These will continue to act upon the cover while it is stored. So before you store the cover you should wash it with soapy water.

Ideally you should do this in an area large enough to lay it out flat, such as a terrace or a driveway. Lay it out and then hose it down. Afterward, using a bucket of soapy water wash it with a soft broom to remove as much as you can. Then hose it down again. You should do this on both sides and then leave it to dry completely before rolling it up.

Once dry and rolled up you need to protect it from not only the winter weather but also from UV light. Even the winter sun can produce enough UV to degrade the cover. If you have somewhere inside you can store it, such as a large garage, then that is ideal. If you cannot store it inside then you can buy a cover to protect it quite cheaply in a size to fit yours.

How Do You Use A Solar Pool Cover

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Talking about a solar blanket or bubble cover, it is significantly easy to use. Walkthrough these steps to find out:

  • Open up the cover over your pool with the bubble side facing down
  • Outline with a marker and cut along to get a snug fit
  • Leave the cover floating loosely over the pool

Note: You may tie it around the pool edges if it comes with drawstrings.

Voila! You are done with setting up the solar pool cover. Simply remove it neatly when using the pool or adding chemicals.

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In The Swim Premium Plus


Reasons to buy

This solar blanket from In The Swim is 12-mil thick, so itâs going to easily keep your pool water warm. This particular model is oval-shaped, however, the brand does offer a range of shapes and sizes.

With UV stabilized resin construction, it can withstand the sunâs rays, raising the temperature of your family pool up by 15 degrees. The small air bubbles on the bottom side of the blanket make it kind of look like bubble wrap, but bubbles paired with the thickness of the blanket work together to keep heat trapped in your pool and any bad weather.

An impressive seven-year warranty comes with this solar pool cover, and the seams have been reinforced to prevent rips. The In The Swim Premium Plus has an average user rating of 4.6 out of five on its website. Users praised how well this pool cover kept their pool warm, and some also mentioned how well it kept debris out of the pool too. Some users criticized the pool cover, stating it didnât raise the temperature of the water.

Solar Covers Does Color Matter

Protect your pool against the suns harsh rays with a pool solar cover. A pool solar cover will protect your water and the chemicals within from being evaporated and depleted by the sun and heat. But dont just buy any solar cover. Choosing the right color and thickness will make all the difference to your pool water. Keep reading to find out more.

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Should I Take My Solar Cover Off During The Day

If the weather is warm and sunny, with little wind, then you may see a slightly higher increase in the temperature of the pool if you remove the cover during the day. This would probably only be true if you took it off for just the hottest hours of the day.

Once the sun starts to go lower then you may begin to lose as much, if not more, heat due to evaporation than you gain from the sun.

Best Color For Solar Pool Cover

The Complete Guide to SOLAR POOL COVERS (Solar Blankets) | Swim University

In todays market, there are many color preferences available to choose from when it comes to solar pool covers. They can range from light blue, dark blue, silver, translucent, etc.

Translucent or Clear Solar Covers: They allow comparatively more suns energy to penetrate through the water. It is usually because of their easier passage through the plastic material that clear solar pool covers tend to trap less heat. Interestingly, however, the heat gain by clear solar pool covers is much more than any other colored blankets. Another important thing to remember is that since clear solar pool covers transfer the solar heat into the water, they automatically reduce the chlorine levels around the water surface.

Blue Solar Covers: Although they are known for performing a better job at absorbing heat into the pool water due to their pigmentation, they also block some of the heat while in the process. It is because opaque solar pool covers usually block as much as twice of the pool warming light energy than clear solar pool covers. Blue solar pool covers are also known for their ability to conserve chemicals while blocking direct UV rays.

Therefore, the winner between the two is undoubtedly a clear solar pool cover for heat gain, and in case of heat retention, a blue solar pool cover can get the job done more efficiently.

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How To Store The Solar Pool Cover Properly

It is quite common to fold up and store the pool cover at the end of the season. But before storing this blanket, you have to ensure that it is clean and dry completely to prevent getting moldy or nasty when you want to use it next season.

  • For proper cleaning of the solar blanket, you have to take it off from the pool and place it on the soft grass surface. Then concentrate on the bubble damages, which make the blanket less likely to float.
  • With a soft scrub brush or soft push broom, you have to scrub away the build-up, dirt, or algae on the flat blanket. Then rinse it off with water, and dry the blanket completely by using a leaf blower or simply hanging it up.
  • Avoid leaving the solar cover on the lawn for drying, as it can burn the grass.
  • Ensure to reel it up properly after the blanket dried completely. A few reel models offer weather and UV-resistant storage cover. These models offer you to store the cover outside if there is not much indoor space. In case, if the reel wont come with a cover, then purchase one.
  • After properly folding up the blanket, keep it in a container with a sturdy lid to prevent children and pests out. Store the container in a cool, dry place that deters cover shrinking and its plastic container from deteriorating.

What Thickness Do You Need

In general, the thicker your pool cover is, the better insulator it will be, and the better heat retention it will have.

Most solar pool covers come in a range from 8mm to 12mm and more, but as you get thicker, it also bumps up the price. Plus, thicker covers are heavier and more cumbersome to move around.

Most people opt for the middle ground, choosing a lightweight cover around the 12mm mark. The last thing you want is a solar cover thats so difficult to use you leave it boxed up in your garage all summer.

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Best Solar Pool Covers: Blue Vs Clear Options

What is the best solar pool cover? First, consider the size and shape of the cover. Your choice will depend on the type of swimming pool you have: round or rectangular, in-ground or above ground. It is essential because if your cover is not large enough to fit your pool, it will not be effective. Another important thing to consider is color. Unlike blue covers, the clear options allow the sunlight to fully penetrate into the water, making it warmer and, therefore, are more efficient. Thirdly, make sure that the product comes with air bubbles. They separate the cover from the water, facilitating sunlight penetration. One more important feature is the thickness that ranges from 8 mils to 16 mils. The thicker the blanket is, the better it retains heat. And finally, look for a product that offers protection from ultraviolet light as it will last longer. We believe that the Blue Wave NS525 14-mil Solar Blanket meets these criteria best.

Blue Wave NS525 14-mil Solar Blanket

What Might We Do To Get The Most Excellent Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool Product: Name Selection

? Best Solar Pool Cover

At first glance, it may not be easy to realize that there is such a thing as the Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool . However, when making a purchasing selection for your family or business needs, a complete classification and study of all factors are essential.

To begin, consider the following commonly asked questions regarding Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool:

  • What are the most trending models on the market today?

  • What are the best values of this product?

  • What are the benefits when using this product?

  • How can I find out this product?

  • Where is the support given about the product?

Our professionals emphasize AI technology to ensure the most accurate and practical information. Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool is a product that is tough to locate but not impossible. Therefore we have written to the best of our abilities to generate articles like this for everyone to enjoy.

Factors to consider when purchasing the Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool

There are plenty of types of Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool for sale on the market, so determining which one is best for you may be challenging.

Many customers purchase items without completely grasping their requirements. Knowing which benefits aren’t worth the money is essential for making an informed purchase. The article will assist buyers in minimizing errors by describing critical facts before purchasing the Best Solar Heater For Inground Pool in 2022.

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How To Use Liquid Solar Cover

In addition to bottles, you can also find liquid solar cover in special dispersal packets, sometimes shaped like a cute little fish. Usually, youll just make a small cut in the dispersal packet, and set it free in the pool. Follow the instructions to be sure you add enough packets for your pool.

For bottled liquid solar cover, simply measure out the appropriate amount according to the volume of your pool, and pour it in. Thats it. Really.

We like to add enough liquid solar cover to last for a month, but always follow the manufacturers instructions for optimal performance. If you have a lot of splashout, heavy rain, or extremely dry conditions you may need to add liquid solar cover more often.

Tip: You can run your pump as usual with liquid solar cover in the pool.

How Do You Choose The Best Solar Pool Cover

A few factors come into play when choosing a solar pool cover.

  • Does the pool cover fit my pool? Rather go for a size that is too big than one that is too small, as a smaller cover will not heat up your pool effectively. Additionally, most solar pool covers can be trimmed to fit your pools size and shape.
  • What color do I want? While a darker cover may heat up a pool more quickly, lighter colors tend to keep in the heat for longer.
  • Make sure your cover has bubbles. These bubbles allow sunlight to pass through and help with the heating
  • The construction material of the pool cover does count. Pool covers made of reinforced UV-stabilized polyethylene are more durable and do not deteriorate quickly when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

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How Much Is Pool Solar Blankets

pool solar blankets come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as pool solar blankets.

Hinspergers Sc18 Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Covers (Solar Blankets) Tips, the Good & the Bad

Hinspergers is yet another brand from our picks that is offering a solar pool cover along with a special reeling mechanism. This makes it much easier to use and store when not in use.

In the end, we are bringing you the most affordable choice from our picks for the best solar pool covers. The Hinspergers SC18 Poly Tarp Swimming Pool Solar Blanket is available at a fraction of the price compared to other premium choices on this list. Still, it is a great choice for a compact pool. A single roll will offer you an 18 x 3 foot covering. Thus, you might require multiple reels to cover a large pool.

Made by a highly durable white plastic material, the Hinspergers SC18 Poly Tarp Swimming Pool Solar Blanket offers great resistance to damage due to environmental factors and wear and tear. The solar pool cover is basically a protective shield for your pool which blocks harmful UV rays and maintains the temperature of your pool. There are special velcro fasteners present with the cover so that they can be securely stored with the reel.

Best Features

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The Thickness Of The Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers are available in different thickness and measured in mil . Thicker covers provide better heat retention. In fact, they really last longer than the thinner ones although with few exceptions. Overall, they perform excellently than the thinner solar pool covers.

On the other hand, the thinner ones will allow the sun to reach the pool water easier. The popular ones available are 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 mils. The most popular one is the 12 mils.

In The Swim 2040d Rectangle Pool Solar Blanket

Using this solar cover certainly helps us save more time and money. It is a good value for the money considering it is supported by a 7-year manufacturers limited warranty offer.

We chose this cover because it can immensely decrease heat loss and reduce the amount of debris that gets in the pool water. Whats more, it lessens chemical loss and water evaporation. Interestingly, this cover has been proven to increase the water temperature up to 8 to 10 degrees in about a week of consistent sunlight.

Ever since we set up this solar cover, we endlessly enjoy longer bonding and swimming moments with family and friends. Even when its cold at night or somewhat chilly we can swim more comfortably and enjoyably because the pool gives us a spa-like experience.

As mentioned, since this solar blanket offers an additional shield against unwanted elements, so our pool remains pristine clear and free of any unsightly filth and debris. Maintaining the pool is no longer as time-consuming and exhausting as in the past.

  • Comes with a 7-year warranty offer
  • Lessens chemical loss and water evaporation
  • Can increase up to 8-10 degrees in about a week of consistent sunlight
  • Provides the pool water with a warmer and a more comfortable temperature
  • Prone to deteriorating if exposed to extreme sunlight all year long

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