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Worksheets On The Solar System

Solar System Pdf Downloads

Grade 6 – Natural Sciences – Solar System Inner Planets / WorksheetCloud Video Lesson

We are always on the lookout for science worksheets that help to solidify what we are learning. This solar system worksheet packet is a free download of learning fun with worksheets and activities.

The Solar System Fun Facts download will teach your kid some exciting facts about the planets that make up our solar system. These are perfect for first grade.

The Phases Of The Moon Exploring The Solar System

Moon phase is the term used to define which part of the Moon is visible from the Earth. The Moon is round, but we dont always see it that way. Each phase of the Moon tells us which part is illuminated by the Sun. The Moon does not shine by itself, it only reflects the Suns rays. The invisible part of the Moon is simply shaded. There are four main phases of the Moon: the New Moon , the First Quarter, the Full Moon and the Last Quarter.

Solar System Memory Game

One fun way to learn about the planets is to create a memory game, where kids match the planet with its corresponding fact. Weve got you started with the following memory game cards. The idea is that you cut out the cards and the facts on the first and second pages.

Then you follow the memory game rules.

  • Mix up the cards
  • Place them upside down across a table in a single layer.
  • Players choose two cards and a time, flip them over and then flip them back.
  • The idea is to try to remember whats on the other side of flipped cards.
  • Once players find two cards that match they get to keep the pair.
  • The game continues until all the cards have been successfully paired.
  • The player with the most pairs of cards wins.

Weve created a series of worksheets on space for your kids to practice our planets and space.

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Solar System Worksheets Bundle

  • Solar system cards Use these cards for identification, planet order practice or print two sets and use them as a matching game!
  • Packing for my journey to outer space What would your child pack for a trip to visit the solar system?
  • My planet Have you ever wanted a planet of your own? Now your kids can create, name, and draw their very own planet with this interactive worksheet.
  • If I met an alien Use this page to practice creative writing about what your child would do or say if they discovered life on another planet.
  • Solar system This worksheet will help you label your own version of the solar system worksheet with each planet circling around the sun.
  • Planet order Learn neat tricks to remember the planet order with this creative page.
  • Printable Solar System Planets to Scale See the planets better with this printable thats been scaled down for kids.

Supplies You Will Need

Solar system free online worksheet

Cant get enough space and color system fun? Make sure to check out Space Activities for Kids post for even more hands-on, out-of-this-world learning.

I hope you enjoy these printable solar system worksheets. You can find the links to download your copies below and enjoy them at home with your family or classroom.

There are many other fun crafts, activities, educational printables, games, and more available on our site that may also be of interest.

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Whats Included In The Solar System

The solar system is made up the sun and everything else that orbits around the sun. This includes the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, moons, asteroids in the asteroid belt, the milky way, comets, celestial bodies, meteoroids in outer space. A planet fact sheets for students can help them memorize facts.

There is a lot of information to remember when you are learning about the solar system. Do your children know about the planets of our solar system, which ones are gas giants, rocky planets and dwarf planets? Print some fun space worksheets to help your kids learn all about it.

Can they differentiate between the inner planets and the outer planets? Are they able to look at the planets and recognize our planet Earth? You can use solar system worksheets to put together your own unit study. You could even have your students create an astronomy notebook!

Solar System Worksheets For Preschool

Are you wanting to include your preschooler or kindergarten students in your science studies? These solar system printables for preschool and kindergarten have solar system vocabulary words, coloring pages and matching worksheets.

These solar system printables promote play based learning with a focus on STEM and sensory play based learning.

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Free Printable Solar System Worksheets For Kids

Kids will have fun learning about our solar system with these free printable Solar System Worksheets for kids. Youll find solar system vocabulary, planets, sun, stars, moon phases, and so much more! These free worksheets are great for Kindergarteners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 students.

What Are The Benefits Of The Solar System Worksheets

Solar System Explorations #1 – 3rd – 5th Grade 11/6

The benefits of solar system worksheets are that it helps kids learn about planets creatively. They improve their knowledge and achieve academic success in the subject with the help of solar system worksheets. Most importantly, it develops observation and critical thinking skills in children.

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Solar System Worksheets For Kids

Plus, dont forget to add these free solar system worksheets and printables to your lesson plan:

Free Solar System Printables

I created these solar system worksheets free as part of our Solar Systemunit. Studying the solar system is a lot of fun. Kids have a natural interest in the stars, sun, planets, and more and this science unit is a great way to draw on kids natural curiosity and interest for a teachable moment.

They are a great way to help reinforce what kids are reading / learning as well to ensure they are remembering what they are studying as well. You will love that they include a huge variety of resources to learn astronomy for kids vocabulary, moon face, moon phases, planets worksheet, planet order, and so much more!

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Solar System Worksheet Downloads

This download includes solar system worksheets for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. These free worksheets include word searches, planet trivia, planet memorization with word cards and more.

Are you looking for solar system worksheets for all ages and grades? There are tons of for early elementary and grade 4, grade 5, grade 6 and up.

The Planets Of Solar System Space Worksheets

Free Solar System Worksheets for Kids

Thanks to our worksheets, children will know the names of all planets and learn in what order they are in the Solar System. Cut all planets of the Solar System and put them in a right order. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all the planets that make up our solar system. The first four are Terrestrial Planets and the other four are Gas Planets .Print the Solar System Worksheets and try to match appropriate names to the planets. You can also cut out all the planets and try to put them in the right order. Children will have a lot of fun playing with our worksheets. We have prepared many activities for you, for example, you can try to decode the names of all planets.

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Printable Solar System Worksheets & Activities

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Are you looking for a fun way to teach your children about the solar system? If so, then these printable solar system worksheets for kids are just what you need! Not only are they easy to print out and use, but they also get kids excited about learning.

You could have them label the solar system worksheet or research different space facts. No matter how you decide to use them, they will be educational and fun!

Kids and adults alike are fascinated by outer space and the solar system. There is no better way to learn about it than hands-on learning. These solar system worksheets include facts, labels, and drawings of planets in their appropriate order, relative size, and distance from the sun.

These can be a perfect addition to any science curriculum, homeschooling lesson plan, or fun summer activity for your outer space enthusiast.

What Is The Solar System

The Earth lives in an interesting neighborhood, also known as the Solar System. The Solar System comprises planets that revolve around the sun, in addition to comets, asteroids, moons, dust and gas. The Sun is the biggest object in the Solar System and therefore possesses the most gravity and this attracts planets towards it. However, these bodies are trying to escape into outer space at the same time. Unable to resist the gravitational power of the Sun, these planets spend all their time orbiting around it.

The Solar System has an interesting history. Scientists have various theories about its formation but the most popular one holds that it evolved from a gigantic cloud of gas and dust that collapsed because of its own gravity. During this process, the matter inside this cloud started spinning in circles and formed a star in its middle. This star grew larger and eventually ignited to become the Sun as we know it today.

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Answers To The Above Questions:

  • a. Jupitar b. 92,960,000 miles c. Venus d. Mars e. 238,855 miles f. Sun g. Yuri Gagarin, in 1961 h. 7,918 miles i. 2061 j. Valentina Tereshkova, in 1963.
  • 1.-> G 2.-> E 3.-> B 4.-> A 5.-> I 6.-> H 7.-> J 8.-> D 9.-> F 10.-> C
  • a. T b. T c. T d. F e. T f. T g. F h. T i. T j. T
  • a. Mercury and Venus b. Ganymede c. Venus d. Coma e. Hydrogen f. Neptune g. Mars h. 8 i. Mercury j. Earth
  • a. Mars b. Junos mission is to measure Jupiters composition, gravity field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere c. 2006 d. Triton, discovered by William Lassell just 17 days after the discovery of Neptune itself e. Mars is often called the Red Planet because it appears in the sky as an orange-red star f. photosphere g. Jupiter h. Earth i. An orbit is a path that an object takes in space when it goes around a star, a planet, or a moon j. We have an ozone layer to block harmful rays
  • Solar System Worksheets Free Printable

    Solar System Readers and printables

    Get Free Printable Solar System Worksheets.

    I was a star gazer as a kids, I loved everything related to space and even had plans to build my own telescope .

    The fascination continued as I even took astronomy in college.

    I bet you can tell I really enjoyed making these space printables and wanted to make them as appealing as possible so that kids develop an interest in all things space.

    So this solar system pack includes:

    • 1 word search puzzle with all the planets
    • 1 page with all the planets illustrated and kids have to name them .
    • 1 page with the names scrambled.
    • 1 page where planets are not in the right order and kids have to put them in the right order.
    • 1 page where kids have to draw and name the 3 missing planets .

    And there is also a black and white version printer friendly which kids can also color!

    Solar System Worksheets for Kids

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    Write T If The Statement Is True And F If False

    a. Phobos & Deimos are the satellites of Marsb. The age of the Earth is approximately 4.54 billion yearsc. Sun rays take around 8 minutes to react to Earth.d. Saturn has the maximum number of moons or natural satellitee. Venus has the maximum number of volcanoes.f. In the year 1957, the first man-made object was sent to space.g. High tide and Low tide are governed by the gravity of the Marsh. Pluto is a dwarf planet.i. When the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, a lunar eclipse occursj. The duration of a Solar Eclipse is around Seven and half Minutes.

    Choose The Correct Answer For The Given Questions

    a. Name the planets which do not have natural satellites?b. What is the name of one of the natural satellites of Jupiter?c. Name of the planet that spins backwards relative to other planets?d. What is the name of the glowing head of a comet?e. The sun is mostly made of this element?f. Name of the planet which does not have any atmosphere?g. This planet has erosion by running water other than Earth?h. Number of planets in solar system?i. This planet is named after the Roman god of the sea?j. Name of the planet that is largely covered by water?

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    More Solar System Fun For Kids

    Kids can practice planet name and recall their place on the table when they play this fun solar system memory matching game.

    Add some felt planets, aliens, astronauts, and rocket ships to your pretend play area for hours of imaginative play.

    Add some STEM to your solar system plans with this awesome water rocket kit for kids.

    Fill In The Blanks By Providing Correct Answers Related To Solar System

    ðª? FREE Solar System Worksheets

    a. The name of the largest planet of solar system is ___b. The distance between Sun and earth is _______________.c. The name of the planet that is nearest to Earth is ______d. The planet which the closest to earth in size is _________________e. The distance of moon from Earth is _________________.f. ____ is the centre of the solar system.g. Name of the first person who reached to space is _________________.h. The diameter of Earth is ______________.i. In the year _________ the Halleys Comet will be visible from Earth again.j. ____________ is the first women who reached to space.

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    Books About The Solar System

    I love including picture books in all of my homeschool lessons. I find them to be a great way to introduce or reinforce what Im teaching about.

    Below, Ive shared some of our favorite solar system picture books for kids. You should be able to find them at your local library or your local used bookstore.

    Theres No Place Like Space! Learn about the solar system, planets, the constellations, and astronauts, and explore the wonders of space with the help of everyone favorite Cat in the Hat!

    Perfect for aspiring astronauts, or any kid who loves learning and science.

    I Am the Solar System In this simple Solar System book for kindergarten and first grade, kids are introduced to basic space concepts that are made easy to follow and remember.

    Starting at the Sun and working outward through the planets and belts, children will discover space objects and follow the flow of the solar wind, taking a fun and informative tour of the Solar System.

    National Geographic Kids: Planets This brilliantly illustrated book taps into childrens natural curiosity about the vast world of space.

    This level 2 reader, written in simple language that is easy for young readers to understand, introduces children to our solar system, including all of the planets and dwarf planets, and lots of fascinating fun facts.

    Free Solar System Worksheets And Activities For Kids

    Solar System Worksheets for Kids Printable Pack is the next dose of our educational aids for Kids. This time, we have prepared many worksheets about Space and everything related to this topic. Many children dream of becoming an astronaut and flying a rocket straight to the Moon. Combine learning with playing. Print these Free Solar System Worksheets. Thanks to them, your children will learn more about the Space, the Solar System and the phases of the Moon. Learning through play brings the best results!

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    Grade 8 Stars And The Solar System Worksheets

    A. Tick the correct option:

    1. Which of the following is NOT a member of the solar system? An asteroid

    2. Which of the following is not a planet of the sun? Sirius

    3. Phases of the moon occur because: we can see only that part of the moon which reflects light towards us our distance from the moon keeps changing the shadow of the earth covers only a part of moons surface the thickness of the moons atmosphere is not constant

    4. Farthest planet of solar system at present is: Uranus

    B. Fill in the blanks:

    1. The planet which is farthest from the sun is . .2. The planet,which appears reddish in colour is .. .3. A group of stars that appear to form a pattern in the sky is known as a . .4. A celestial body that revolves around a planet is known as . .5. Shooting stars are actually not .. .6. Asteroids are found between the orbits of and . .

    C. State True or False:

    1. Pole star is a member of the solar system. 2. Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system. ..3. Uranus is the farthest planet in the solar system. .4. INSAT is an artificial satellite. ..5. There are nine planets in the solar system. ..6. Constellation Orion can be seen only with a telescope.

    D. Match the following:

    4. Satellite of the earth d. Moon
    g. Mars

    E. Answer the following questions in short:

    F. Solve the following riddle and try to make similar riddles yourself:

    a. Name of Satellite

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