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Are Solar Panels Dangerous To Your Health

Emr From Electrical Devices Is Non

Solar Panels & EMF Radiation: Is Solar Bad For Health?

I think the main reason people are concerned about electromagnetic radiation is they hear the radiation part and assume it is the same as the ionizing radiation released when a reactor core tried to leap through the roof in Chernobyl or when reactors in Fukushima got overly emotional and had a meltdown.

But EMR given off by solar panels and inverters is non-ionizing. This is also true for the little microwave emitter called a mobile phone that you probably regularly press against your brain bucket.

Non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to damage atoms and molecules by breaking them or stripping away their electrons. For example, visible light is non-ionizing radiation and chances are it is currently not killing you at the moment. If it is, then whats probably happening is you are actually being shot with a laser.

If this is the case, the important thing to note as you die is, if the laser is visible light its not ionizing you, its mostly just burning you. I hope this knowledge provides you with some solace in your final moments.

Rf Radiation From Smart Meters

RF, or radio-frequency, radiation is actually one of the three types of EMF radiation. The other two are magnetic field and electric field.

Radiofrequency is emitted from just about any device that communicates or receives communication wirelessly. Radio waves are used to send packets of data between two wireless devices, but as a result, they also emit a type of non-ionizing radiation.

RF radiation has been shown in hundreds of studies to have negative biological effects when youre exposed to it for long periods of time. Common sources are cell-phones, WiFi routers, cell towers, including 5G towers, and smart meters.

Smart meters, in case you dont know, are simply utility meters that track usage and transmit data about that usage wirelessly. This saves the utility company money because they no longer have to send employees to read the meters.

However, when these smart meters transmit that data, they emit a large amount of RF radiation, exposing people that are near it. Many smart meters are on the outside wall opposite a bedroom and therefore pose a real risk.

When it comes to radiation from a solar panel system, we need to look at how much radiation is being emitted specifically from the solar smart meter.

Now, not every system will have one of these meters, you are likely only to have a specific solar energy smart meter if you sell some of the energy back to a company, or if the area you live in requires them.

What Are The Advantages Of Living Next To A Solar Farm

According to the EIA, there are over 2,500 utility-scale solar photovoltaic facilities in the US which generate electricity. Furthermore, the US government is incentivizing companies to launch new projects, so additional solar plants are being built all the time.

Aside from the wider positive impacts on the environment of solar energy, living next to a solar farm or near a solar farm also has a set of advantages.

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The Health Risks Of Em Radiation

Solar inverters, like all electronics, emit a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. So do the wires that carry AC current from the inverter to your electric panel.

The wiring in your panels that lead to the inverter carry DC current. Because of that, they donât emit the same type of EM fields that AC wires do. Instead, these DC wires generate static magnetic fields, similar to the Earthâs magnetic field.

There is no evidence that EM fields have any negative health effects.

This is one of those topics that is controversial on the internet, and its outside the scope of this website to tackle in any depth. Instead, Ill link you to a number of different health agencies from around the world that have arrived at the same conclusion.

National Health Service, United Kingdom:

But most current research suggests it’s unlikely that radio waves from mobile phones or base stations increase the risk of any health problems.Mobile phone safety

Health Canada:

There have been many studies on the possible health effects from exposure to EMFs at ELFs. While it is known that EMFs can cause weak electric currents to flow through the human body, the intensity of these currents is too low to cause any known health effects. Some studies have suggested a possible link between exposure to ELF magnetic fields and certain types of childhood cancer, but at present this association is not established.Electric and magnetic fields from power lines and electrical appliances

Susan G. Komen:

What Solar Panel Safety Issues Should You Be Aware Of

theyre all dangerous solar power creates safety concerns for first

Just like your microwave, toaster oven, house lights, or any other common electrical appliance, solar panels involve flowing electricity. As electricity is generated and moves through wires around your panels and into your home, problems may occasionally. The two most common safety concerns around solar panels, electrical surges and fires, are typical of other electrical systems.

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What Do Emf And Emr Mean

Every electrically charged particle generates an EMF . And, the fact that protons and electrons have electric charges, it means that each atom in our bodies generates an EMF. It is a force inside every living organism.

However, EMF is not a major concern in electric devices. EMR is the primary concern. EMR stands for electromagnetic radiation.

These radiations range from some extremely low frequencies such as radio waves to ultra-high ones.

Some Examples of these EMR includes:

  • Radio Waves

These are EMRs that contains wavelengths that are longer than those in infrared light. They usually have frequencies of between 30 hertz and 300 gigahertz high. 30 Hz corresponds to wavelengths of 10,000km while 300 GHz corresponds to a wavelength of 1 mm.

They are artificially produced by transmitters and received by using antennas by radio receivers.

Radio waves are responsible for radio communication, radar, broadcasting, and more.

  • Microwaves

These are EMRs that have wavelengths of between one millimeter and one meter. Their frequencies range between 300 GHz and 300 MHz. These electromagnetic radiations are mostly used in communications and cooking at home.

  • Infrared

This type of EMR contains wavelengths of between 700 nm and one mm. They are usually shorter than radiations in radio waves but longer than the radiations in visible light. This means that they are not visible to human eyes.

  • Visible Light

  • Ultraviolet

  • X-rays

  • Gamma Rays

  • Cosmic Rays

Can You Get Cancer From Solar Power

As I have pointed earlier, solar systems comprise of various components that produce electric current, or electromagnetic fields. Also, some solar cells are known to contain elements or compounds with some levels of toxicities.

These toxins include gallium arsenide and cadmium telluride.

But does this imply that the solar panels have the potential to increase the risk of you getting cancer? The answer to this is no.

What this means is that, although the panels include components that emit varying levels of electromagnetic fields and radiations, they are also within the set limits.

They comply with the standards set up for all electrical devices by the FCC .

The electricity that the solar panels produce is in the form of direct current. This means that the wires used to transport this form of power, do not produce electromagnetic fields, unlike the ones carrying AC power.

And, where AC is being transported, the wires are well coated.

Also, although we mentioned that some solar panels contain materials that can be toxic, most of the solar panels made for homes, are made from safe silicon technology

Therefore, you shouldnt worry yourself too much about the safety of these solar panels. They are indeed safe.

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Solar Panels & Emf: What Should You Do

I believe these pictures and videos speak for themselves. There is no doubt that solar panels add an extreme level of DE to your homes wiring. And knowing what we know about the biological impacts of DE, this is simply not a risk Im willing to take. I have clients that insisted on installing solar even after I explained the concerns to them. For various reasons they thought they could handle the DE, largely because they didnt feel as though they were sensitive. Sadly, they became sensitive after living with the elevated levels after just a few weeks.

Now, I should say that this hasnt happened with everyone. Certainly there are people that have solar panels on their homes and they are seemingly quite healthy and dont exhibit any EHS symptoms. Thats obviously a very good thing. I just hope they dont develop symptoms or health problems at some point in the future.

I should also note that there are some companies out there that claim to do solar the right way to minimize this DE issue. So far I havent seen this to be true. I personally have not tested homes with these filters, but I have colleagues that have. They have reported the same levels of DE and associated health symptoms as other solar systems.

If youd like to learn more about the potential health impact of your solar power system, schedule a time with a certified EMF consultant right here.

Can Solar Panels Cause Headaches

Hidden dangers of solar panels

If you are having a severe headache for a few days and wondering whether the solar panels on your roof are contributing to it, you might be wrong.

Because solar panels do not increase the risk of headaches in individuals.

They do emit electromagnetic radiation for sure, but on a very minor level that does not affect human health significantly.

Moreover, there is no legit cause behind a solar panel to be the reason behind causing or increasing headaches.

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Myth #5 A Car Cant Drive On The Power Of The Sun Alone

Despite all of the solar car races that happen every year, some people believe you cant operate a car on the power of the sun alone.

Fact: A road-going car that can run on the power of the sun already exists. The Stella is the worlds first road-going solar-powered car. It can drive up to 500 miles from power drawn directly from its solar panels. More solar-powered cars are expected to hit the road in the coming years.

Solar panels and EVs are already harnessing the power of the sun for driving. In fact, the author of this article is one of the EV owners who does just that! Charging your car with free power from the sun can definitely reduce your cost of ownership.

How To Limit Exposure To Emr

Lets say Ive failed to convince you that your solar system is likely to expose you to less EMR than other electrical devices in your house and you want to take precautions. Well dont worry. KFC has you covered with their finger licking good Faraday cage:

For just $10,000 US you can install your solar inverter in the Colonels internet proof enclosure where he will watch over it, unsleeping, for eternity. Of course, if you want to monitor your inverter performance online, youll have to open the door.

This chicken coop for humans works by blocking EMR from getting in or out. If you look carefully youll see its walls are made of metal mesh and if you look at the door of your microwave oven youll see there is also metal mesh on that4. Microwaves and longer wavelength EMR simply cannot fit through the small holes and so are blocked.

Of course, its not actually necessary to pay for a $10,000 Slenderman killing enclosure. You can use a metal cabinet or any fine mesh. Using mesh with holes wide enough to let your inverter internet connection work but small enough to block longer wavelengths is an option. But whatever you use, you will have to make sure it is adequately ventilated so your inverter doesnt overheat.

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Silicon Dust From Solar Panels

A solar panels basic component contains pure silicon. Silicon dust is a harmful substance when inhaled, especially over long periods of time. Exposure to this dust can result in a lung disease called silicosis, which causes scar tissue to form in the lungs. This scar tissue reduces the lungs capacity to process oxygen. Solar cells are also made of non-recyclable materials. Therefore, the absence of an environment-friendly way to dispose of non-functioning solar cells could pose a threat to the environment as well.

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Do Solar Panels Cause Cancer

24 Solar

With more and more families shifting to the use of clean solar energy, there is an increased concern on how safe is the use of solar power.

Do solar panels cause cancer? This is one of the major questions that solar power users and prospective users are so eagerly looking for answers.

There is the growing concern of whether the solar panels we install either on our rooftops or our properties have the potential to cause harm to our lives.

And, seeing that they are made of elements that produce electric current and electromagnetic fields, people are getting more concerned.

Well, to answer this question, let us go through this article together and see how solar panels work and if they pose any danger to our lives.

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Are Solar Panels Harmful To Health

In Poland, recent years have brought about an exceptionally dynamic increase in interest in renewable sources of energy, which are indisputably dominated by photovoltaic systems. The increased popularity of home solar systems has led to many questions on their effect on human health and the environment. Are PV systems safe? In this article, we will answer key questions, debunking all popular myths about PV systems. We invite you to read on!

Can Having Solar Panels Or Living Near A Solar Farm Increase Your Cancer Risk

Solar energy continues to grow in the United States and worldwide. In fact, in the last decade, solar energy has grown at an annual rate of 42% due to cheaper installation costs and a demand for renewable energy, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. As solar energy becomes more commonplace in our lives, you may have questions about this energy source. Some people wonder whether the technology used to build or operate solar panels and solar farms carries an increased risk for cancer.

Here, learn more about whether solar energy impacts cancer risk and where you can learn more about this growing technology.

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Solar Energy Risks To Health

Solar energy is a potential free electricity and water heating source. It has the power to take advantage of electricity in remote areas of the world. It seems to offer health and safety with power, but is it?

Rarely health risks of solar energy are mentioned. This may be partly due to the limited use of this energy source. It may also be due to the lack of research in this area. Some have begun to study the health risks of solar energy, however, and if you study long enough, some estimates are available.

Solar Thermal Risks Health

Solar energy Health risks inherent in the design and installation of most thermal energy systems. These systems are designed to heat water and air for domestic purposes.

Complete solar water heater three basic operations before delivering hot water to the faucet or your heating unit:

1. Collect sunlight and convert it into heat energy. 2. Fluids circulate that transfer of thermal energy storage unit 3. Store the hot water until you need it

The health risks of solar energy with a system of this type usually occur in the storage units. Some devices allow the growth of mold and fungal allergens.

If appropriate for the storage unit materials are used, however, these solar systems pose little or no risk to health. Its advantages are that it is much safer than most fossil fuels or nuclear power no emissions and no air pollution.

Risks photovoltaic solar panel Energy Health

Risks of Passive Solar Energy Health

In Summary

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy Farm To The Environment

Action 9: dangers of solar panels on homes

Solar farms sit in extensive tracks of land. The vast tracts of land, mostly in the USAs western states, are home to thousands of wildlife. Insects, birds, and other more giant land animals depend on the desert ecosystem to survive. How inhuman can we humans at times be?

The construction of the Ivanpah solar project located in Mojave Desert, California, faced a lot of criticism. Despite facing criticism from various wildlife conservation agencies, the government proceeded with its construction. As a result, thousands of desert tortoises lost their habitat. Currently, these animals are endangered.

The increasing number of dead birds around the firm has also raised eyebrows. Researchers have attributed the occurrence to the intensive rays that the panels reflect.

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Reduced Cost Of Energy

Although solar infrastructure is expensive to build, the government is incentivizing solar energy in a variety of ways as part of policies to promote green energy, making it one of the cheapest types of power plants to build.

For example, the federal government gives companies a tax credit of up to 30% when building solar generation projects, making them cheaper to set up than coal power plants and other forms of energy generation relying on fossil fuels.

This makes renewable energy the cheapest form of energy to produce.

  • Wind costs $0.04 per kWh to produce.
  • Solar costs $0.10 per kWh to produce.
  • Energy from fossil fuels, on the other hand, costs around $0.17 to produce.

As a consumer, youll be able to enjoy the benefits of cheap power on your doorstep. Some companies give significant discounts or even free power to their neighbors.

You also wont need to worry about power interruptions, as solar panels are a reliable source of energy. Solar farms have large batteries that store the energy absorbed during the day, meaning that they can supply power 24/7.

Furthermore, if you live very close to the solar farm, the electricity doesnt have to travel on a bunch of power lines that could be broken or damaged, causing power cuts. Solar plants usually have on-site engineers who instantly respond to any technical problems.

So living next to a solar farm plant means youll enjoy constant, reliable energy.

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