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Why Should I Go Solar

Financial Savings: How Going Solar Saves You Money

Why You Should NOT Go Solar

Most people who go solar on their home or business do so primarily for the economic benefit. There are four main ways to think about solar from a financial benefits perspective:

Going solar drastically reduces or even eliminates your electric bills. Electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, youll generate free power for your systems entire 25+ year lifespan. Even if you dont produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar still reduces your utility bills, meaning youll save a lot of money.

Going solar helps avoid rising energy costs. Every year, electricity prices continue to increase throughout the country. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can lock-in the price you pay for electricity today in order to protect against future increases in electricity costs.

Going solar increases your property value. This ones easy: homes with solar sell for more than homes without. And when you consider that solar allows you to reduce or eliminate electricity bills, its easy to understand why: wouldnt you rather live somewhere without monthly utility bills?

Make A Difference Today

Solar panels are an incredible emerging industry. Although they are not a new technology, they are not as well known or used as one might think. Forget paying the electric company to generate electricity for your home or business. Generate your own electricity and step into the clean, green, future. We are here to help you find what matches your needs! Contact us today by giving us a call at . We can answer your questions, provide you with more information, or provide you a free quote!

Increase Your Energy Independence

Many property owners find great fulfillment in generating clean, renewable energy on their properties. Tapping into abundant home solar energy means increasing your energy independence and reducing dependence on foreign sources of energy . Whether you stay tied into the utility grid or you go completely off-grid with your solar power lifestyle, West Coast Solar can help you decide which solar option is best for you.

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Check Out Smaller Installers

These inflated solar prices often come from some of the larger solar installers in the industry so its important to consider all of their solar options, not just the installers large enough to pay for the most advertising. The same 2017 NREL report referenced above found that quotes from large installers were typically 10 percent higher than those from mid- and small-sized installers. If you receive quotes from some of the bigger companies in the industry, just be sure to compare them with quotes from local installers so you dont overpay for solar.

How Much Do You Pay For Electricity

Why Should I Go Solar?

Your current electricity bill is the largest factor in determining how much youll save by installing solar. You pay your utility company for every kilowatt-hour of electricity you use, and your rate varies significantly depending on where you live. In some parts of the country, like the South, you can pay under 12 cents per kWh in others, like the Northeast, you could pay 20 cents or more. When you go solar, you reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill, so the amount you pay for electricity substantially impacts your savings.

If youre not sure where to start in determining your solar savings, try using our Solar Calculator. Our calculator incorporates local electricity rate data to provide you with a customized estimate of what you can expect to save, and just how quickly your investment will pay off.

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Get A 3d Rendering Of Your Home With Solar Panels

There is no better time to go solar than now, independent of season, sun exposure, or state. If you want to make the switch to clean, renewable energy and start saving today, you will be taking advantage of competitive prices, an extended federal solar tax credit, and any other local or state benefits available to you.

If youd like to determine whether solar is right for your home and situation, we provide a free quote to all eligible homeowners.

This quote will allow you to visualize what solar would actually look like on your home, how much it would cost, and how much it could save you over the course of several decades. If you like your solar quote and its savings projections, you can begin your solar journey and become a part of the Blue Raven Solar Family. We only use the highest quality and most durable panels. We also offer a 24-month production guarantee, a 10-year workmanship warranty , and a 25-year panel warranty. It is our objective to make going solar as simple and pain free of an experience as possible.

Use our free tool to see what solar panels would look like on your roof, and to get your estimated monthly saving with solar.

Saving Money & Saving The Environment

Fresno has an abundance of sunny days, which means hot summers can be taxing on the local utility systems and make standard electricity very expensive. At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, we are passionate about saving our customers money while helping to protect the environment at the same time! We are committed to helping individuals and families significantly reduce their cost of electricity through the use of our high quality andprofessionally installed solar panels.

Fresno solar panels are financially beneficial because they:

  • Can significantly raise the value of your home if you decide to sell someday
  • Protect you from rising energy rates here in California
  • Are incentivized by the state and federal government with several tax breaks and rebates

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Secure Your Home From Outages

While solar alone does not function during a power outage, pairing your solar panels with a Powerwall allows you to recharge with sunlight and keep your appliances running even when the grid goes down. Tesla Powerwall is designed to integrate with solar panels and can store energy generated during the day, for use at night or during unexpected outages and grid shut-offs.

More Solar Less Carbon Emissions

Why Go Solar With EnergySage

When you go solar, youre not only committing to renewable energy, youre also committing to clean energy. The use of solar panels lessens the emissions of carbon dioxide. This, in turn, lowers the negative impact carbon dioxide has on the environment. With solar energy, theres no direct pollution being released into the air or waterways. Solar is the most nature-friendly option!

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How Do I Know Which Company I Can Trust

Trusting the solar energy company you choose to go with will be essential in your ultimate decision making. As we mentioned earlier, solar panels are an investment. Just like any other investment you would make you want to know that who youre investing in will bring you a return. Its important to choose a solar energy company that you can trust. You want to choose a company that can meet all of your energy needs, and most importantly, you must choose a company that truly cares for you. At Solar Sam, we are incredibly invested in making sure that each of our customers get the best returns out of their solar panels. We work with you closely to make sure that your system meets your EXACT energy requirements, nothing less, nothing more. Looking to get an honest solar quote? Reach out to our team! We would be happy to assist you with any of your solar energy wants or needs.

Why Should You Go Solar

The cost of solar energy has gone down over 70% since 2010. Because of this, solar panels became the most popular new energy technology in the country by 2016. So, should you consider making the switch?

To know if solar energy is right for you, it’s important to know just what solar energy has to offer you. So, here are 7 benefits of solar energy:

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Solar Power Improves Grid Security

When there are many of us switching to solar power, we are less likely to experience blackouts or brownouts. Every household in the UK that have solar cells installed, functions as a small power plant. This, in turn, provides us with a greater electricity grid security, especially in terms of natural or human-caused disasters.

With the help of solar panel grants, you can also be paid to export electricity back to the grid.

How Can You Estimate Your Solar Payback Period

Why should I go solar?

The initial costs of solar panels are often the biggest consideration when going solar, leading many homeowners to question whether solar power is worth it. While most homeowners can expect their investment to pay off in under 10 years, you can get a more specific estimate with a few calculations. If you want to calculate a rough estimate for how long it will take for solar panels to pay for themselves, you can use this formula:

/ = estimated payoff period

Heres an example:

Your new solar system costs $15,000 and you received a tax credit for $3,900 in addition to a $1,500 rebate from your state. In this case, your gross solar system cost is $15,000 with the upfront incentives totalling $5,400. This means that your combined cost is $9,600.

Now, say that your power bill is $100 every month and your solar system produces enough energy to cover your energy needs. Your annual savings is your monthly power bill, multiplied by 12 months, meaning in the first year of having solar, youll save $1,200 on your electricity bills. Some states and utilities also provide incentives that pay you extra for the solar energy your panels generate, like SRECs or the SMART program in Massachusetts: its not uncommon for those incentives to put an additional $600 a year into your pocket beyond your electricity savings, meaning an annual benefit of $1,800.

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Getting Solar Is A Complex Transaction Where To Begin

This is a big one. Even if youre pretty sure solar would be a great investment, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

Whats the best equipment? Who are the best rooftop solar installers? Can you trust that youre getting the best prices and warranties for your home? Where does someone even begin this process?

Higher Home Resale Value

Rooftop solar panels can increase your homes resale value with a return on investment that is higher than many other types of home improvements. According to Zillow, solar panels boost the selling price of a home by 4.1%.

Additionally, a 15-year, eight-state study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed a home price premium between 0.78% and 1.05% per kilowatt of solar.

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How Much Can I Save With Solar

A recent study from SmartAsset estimates that an investment in solar panels can lead to savings of roughly $22,000 over a twenty-year period. The image below outlines the data used to determine the savings estimate of $22,000 for a six kilowatt solar system. This estimate is based on nationwide averages and if you live in one of the states where solar pays off the mostlike New Yorkyou could save even more money.

Sois Solar Power Worth It

Top Reasons Businesses Should Go Solar

For grid-tied homeowners, the math is clear: solar energy costs less than buying power from the utility company in the long run.

The payback period is around 8-9 years if you hire someone to install your system. When you measure that against the 25-year warranty on your panels, youre looking at serious energy bill savings over the life of ownership. And if you decide to install it yourself, that payback period accelerates to 5-6 years with the money saved on installation costs. More than anything, utilizing a solar power system reduces your carbon footprint and can minimize the effects on climate change.

Ready to learn more?

Grab a free copy of our Getting Started Guide or dive right into the DIY Solar Workshop for a step-by-step overview of the process of going solar.

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What Is Solar Power For The Home

Homeowners who install photovoltaic power systems receive numerous benefits: lower electric bills, lower carbon footprints, and potentially higher home values. But these benefits typically come with significant installation and maintenance costs, and the magnitude of the gains can vary widely from one house to another. This article will help homeowners make the financial calculations required to determine the viability of solar power in their homes.

Environmental Benefits Of The Worlds Most Powerful & Efficient Panels

At SunPower® by Quality Home Services, our Fresno and Bakersfield solar panels offer a cleaner source of energy that can reduce our carbon footprint for generations to come. Solar panels contribute to conserving natural resources by harnessing the energy of the sun’s power to your home. This benefits the environment by reducing energy use and the use of other natural resources and it reduces harmful emissions into the environment, all while helping you save significant money on energy bills.

SunPower® solar panels are the worlds most powerful and efficient panels in the residential market today thanks to their:

  • High quality
  • 40-year life expectancy
  • Unmatched 25-year total product warranty

Our goal is to help each of our customers make the right choice for their home’s energy investment by understanding the benefits of solar panel usage and by helping them find the right solar panels for their home.

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Financing Options Make Going Solar Now Easy

If youre interested in going solar now but dont have the cash on hand for an upfront purchase, there are still available that make it possible to affordably install solar on your home. Many of them even require $0 cash down, so you wont have to pay anything out of pocket. While there is always some merit in waiting for costs to fall even further, make sure youre accounting for your opportunity costs too.

At a minimum, we recommend you start exploring your solar options today. Use EnergySages Solar Calculator to get an instant estimate of your solar savings, or register your property to get free, no-obligation quotes from multiple pre-screened installers.

Upfront Costs Of Solar


The size of your home, the angle of your roof, and other factors weigh into the details of your system.

Whether you purchase, lease, or choose a PPA can affect the pricing structure of your rooftop solar system. If you buy, even though the ROI of solar is great, the upfront costs can be intimidating.

If that matches your own description, there are zero downloan and lease options to consider before ruling solar out.

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Reduces Electric Delivery Charges

Electrical energy from power plants, grids and sub-stations are transported to consumers through a huge extensive network. The longer the distribution path, the greater the power loss will be because of the length of the transmission. By having solar panels on your roof, you basically have your own power plant and dont have to worry about transmission items as you are producing your own electricity! You are also cutting down on the monthly delivery charge for your electricity as well as now you are generating your own power.

The Pollution Can Affect Your Solar Panels Productivity

Just like the weather, the pollution in your area can also hinder the conversation of solar energy. When there is air pollution, your solar cells will be less effective. This can prove to be a major con for organizations that want to introduce solar panels in areas that have a high level of air pollution.

See how to clean your solar panels to ensure you get maximum production.

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Benefits Of Working With West Coast Solar

  • Were Northern Californias trusted solar experts
  • Were working toward the same goal of being eco-friendly
  • Well customize your solar power design to meet your needs and specifications
  • Our unwavering dedication to our clients
  • We provide thorough roof inspections to enhance our guarantee
  • We genuinely love what we do
  • Our technicians handle the entire installation no subcontractors
  • We provide a range of full-service solar solutions
  • Easy installation process

No Drill Holes On Your Roofs

Should I get Solar Panels for my House? Why Solar Panels are worth it and a great investment.

The Z-Rack offered by a Solar Panel Company in Minnesota is the first and only solar panel racking system of its kind that can be installed on sloped roofs without the need to drill holes. Perfect for property owners who want to keep their roofing maintained, this is a revolutionary product.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy costs and opt for a more environmental-friendly option, wait no more and get in touch with our team of professionals in Minnesota.

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Choose West Coast Solar

Our aim as a company is to make solar simple so you can benefit from taking the next step in going green. The West Coast Solar team wants to help you design, plan, and install your home solar power system. Invest in a home solar power system or a commercial solar panel system and you can save money on your utility bill, help reverse carbon-emission, and create a better future for your family. Give us a call today!

Solar Panels Can Increase Your Property Value

Another benefit is solar panels can increase the value of your home. A study has found that homes with solar panels sell around 20% more money than homes with no solar panels. Not to mention, solar panels help benefit the environment, since it produces no form of pollution like natural gas and coal does. So if you are a business, by switching to go solar will in turn help promote an enviromental friendly image that can help boost your company.

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