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What Is The Best Solar Screen Material

Professional Solar Screens Installation Services In Phoenix

Different Types of Solar Window Screens Explained

Do you need solar screens, but you are clueless about how to install solar screens? Solar screen installation is a simple process, but if you lack the expertise to install DIY solar screens, you can get a local technician. A professional service is ideal because it ensures that the screens are installed properly.

At Stellar Sunscreens, we offer perfect solar screen installation services for all property owners. If youd like to get solar screen mesh installation services in Phoenix, AZ, do not hesitate to contact us.

Window screens play a very important role in the home. However, the replacement of screens for windows is often neglected during home improvement tasks. Knowing the right time for screen replacement helps homeowners live peacefully without worrying about unexpected window breakdowns.

Window screens Phoenix helps to regulate temperature by controlling light rays that get into your house.This enhances comfort during the hot weather seasons. They also protect homeowners against harmful UV radiations, which may cause several health complications to the skin.

Window screens Phoenix also prevents the entry of insects, debris, dry leaves, and rodents from entering the house. Continue reading to discover when to replace your window screens and whether you can do it on your own.

To Protect Your Furniture

Although sun screens are not the only way to prevent furniture damage, many other things contribute to furniture damage. For example, using the wrong cleaner or polish could potentially damage your furniture. When it comes to sun damage, sun screens can help you save a lot of money. From outdoor furniture to indoor furniture, they protect your furniture from cracks and fading by shielding them from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

Blindsavenue Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shade 9/16 Single Cell Light

Keep prying eyes and nosy neighbors away with this top-down/bottom up cellular shade. This shade is a great choice with 6 different colors on offer. Like many other shades on this list, they have no lift cords, making them ideal for a family home.

They can be lifted and lowered with light tugs at the fabric and the top down/ bottom up feature means you can peer out into your driveway or yard from the top of the shade while maintaining maximum privacy at the bottom.

The shades versatile design offers brilliant efficiency with sound absorption features and insulation to give your room the desired temperature and saving you some extra bills. Its an inside mount shade, and have a light filtering effect to keep out the unnecessary sun rays while still beautifying your home.

Pros & Benefits:

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Arlo Blinds 9’16 Blackout Cordless Shade

These shade is one of the most functional on this list. No fancy design, no elaborate lift system, just keeping out the sun and keeping the kids safe. They are a perfect choice if safety and simplicity are your priorities.

They would fit in best in your kids rooms, with no cord to raise safety concerns and a simple lift system so the little ones can raise and lower the shade as they please. However, they wouldnt be out of place in the kitchen or living room.

They give off a warm glow on sunny days and its honeycomb traps cold air and offers perfect insulation and sound absorption.These blinds come with a matching head rail and bottom rail.

They are made from a translucent fabric that offers you privacy but still allows light into your home. There is an air of class about their simplicity and with proper maintenance, your shade will look new for years.

Pros & Benefits:

A Way To Increase Privacy

Full Arch Shaped 90% Fabric Assembled Solar Screen, 5/16"  x 1"  Frame

Theres no need to forego beauty or design to attain the safe and secure feeling you and your family or business desire. At Stellar Sunscreens, we can show you how to attain more privacy beautifully. Solar sun screens give your home or business space more privacy.

You can portray a friendly presence without repelling guests, whether you are a business, a church, a school, or a homeowner. Allow them to look around your lovely home without viewing your valuables. Simply by providing the appearance of a welcome presence, you can entice new businesses, visitors, and neighbors to stop in and meet you.

Whether you live in a huge neighborhood, a small village, or work in a downtown office, there is a cost-effective solution to have the solitude you desire. Allow your clients and family to feel at ease, knowing that prying eyes or curious window watchers will only be able to admire the exterior of your home or establishment as they pass by.

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What Are Solar Shades

Solar window shades are roller shades crafted with a specially designed fabric thats woven just tight enough to protect against UV rays while still optimizing your views. If your windows overlook gorgeous scenery and a lot of sun is coming into the room, solar shades will block the annoying glare and reduce heat without obstructing your view. Theyll also prevent sunlight from fading or deteriorating your upholstery, carpet, hardwood floors and artworkand they may even help lower your energy bills!

Where Can Solar Shades Be Installed

Solar Shades are commonly installed on windows. They also come with brackets that allow installation on doors and the ceiling. Custom solar shades can be installed on regular doors. The regular sunscreen shades are ideal for French doors. Exterior solar shades are mainly installed on the ceiling.

When purchasing Sunscreens it is necessary to ask for custom options that work for the area you wish to install. For wooden doors and ceiling, the regular screws used on windows will work. But in the case of metallic doors, special screws are needed.

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Chicology Continuous Loop Beaded Chain Roller Shades

Unlike the Brica safety shades, the Chicology continuous roller shades are more useful indoors. Their design, when paired rightly with your décor gives your living room, kitchen, bedroom or even your office that extra touch of class.

They are highly functional in the fundamentals. Their solar fabrics protect you, your family and your furniture from harmful sun rays, they also come with a beaded metal chain to lift or lower the shade smoothly.

They are perfect for rooms with a view as they are transparent, meaning you can enjoy the view of your yard from your bedroom or the city skyline from your office window while also protecting yourself and your furniture from sun burn.

Like most solar shades, they dont cut off sun glare totally. Just enough to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.They dont require batteries and come pre-assembled, making installation quick and easy.

Pros & Benefits:

The Shape Of Solar Screens

Solar Screen Review – Hear what our customers have to say about Phifer Solar Screens | Phifer Inc.

The best part about these screens is that they are designed to fit any shape or size of windows. So, whether you have arched, hexagon, trapezoid, oval, or standard rectangular windows solar screens can easily fit over any of those shapes. Generally, pricing is calculated by adding the width and height in inches.

However, the cost for the above-mentioned shapes, that are different from rectangular or square, will come with additional add on costs. Since these have to be customized, the prices go up.

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Pet Resistant Screens/tuff Screens

Everyone loves their pets. No one loves their pets destroying their screens. These heavy-duty pet-resistant screens designed to put up with the rough treatment your pet may dish out from time to time. The size of your pet and the damage that he or she causes will determine the best screen to fit your needs. Animal resistant screens give everyone a sense of ease knowing they will not have to replace screens every time one of their furry friends gets a little too rough or excited when they see you out the window.

The three most popular types of pet-resistant screens are Pet Screens, Tuff Screens, and Super Screens.

Other premier pet products include quality heavy-duty dog doors and cat doors, and screen guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.

What Is Solar Screen


Solar screen is a type of fabric screens mounted on the exterior of windows and doors. Material of solar screen is vinyl coated fiberglass yarn with a ribbed pattern woven in the warp direction. Vinyl coated fiberglass material is high strength to withstand the external forces. Besides, it is flame retardant, UV resistance and temperature resistance.

The mesh is oblong which is thin enough to prevent tiny insects from entering. Compared with fiberglass insect screen, it has much smaller meshes, but it has a bit larger meshes than the pollen screen and dust screen. Because of the small meshes. the visibility of solar screen is reduced 15% to 40%, but will not block your view to enjoy the outside scenery.

Specifications of solar screen


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The Benefits Of Solar Screens To Reduce Heat

Solar shades are vital window units that can be attached to the exterior or interior parts of the window. Apart from reducing heat, there are so many benefits that homeowners stand to gain by installing these accessories.

These include:

  • Solar screens reduce the solar radiation entering the home by almost 90%, and thus cut heat gain by more than 10 degrees Celsius.
  • The cooling effect of solar screens eases the burden of the air conditioner and cuts the cooling costs.
  • The exterior solar screens also block the outdoor view while giving the home excellent privacy and ambient lighting indoors.
  • The solar screens for patio areas reduce glares on most display screens including laptops, TVs, and smartphones.
  • They protect carpets, furniture, and floors from harmful UV radiation that degrades them.
  • Exterior solar screens are pest-resistant and can filter out dust and debris.
  • Solar screens for the patio also allow ambient filtered light that is sufficient for indoor pot plants.
  • Apart from reducing solar radiation, the solar screens also block UV rays from getting into your indoors.
  • Well-designed exterior solar screens can also add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a home.

How To Buy Replacement Window Screens

Solar Screen Fabric Options

There are various factors you should consider when buying replacement window screens with frames.

These include:

Determine the Size of Your Window

Before buying window screens phoenix, you should know the size of the window frame. This will help you find the right size of screen that fits into the frame perfectly.

Determine the Best Material

Sun screens Phoenix are made from different materials such as fiberglass and metal. Vinyl-coated fiberglass offers little outward visibility and is less durable than the metal screen. Aluminum screens, on the other hand, offer much visibility from the house, and are more durable compared to fiberglass.

Consider the Cost

Window screen materials are available at different prices. Aluminum screens are more expensive compared to fiberglass materials. Compare prices and settle for the option that fits into your budget. If you want adjustable window screens, the prices may be higher.

Visit Your Dealer

If you cant figure out the material, size, and cost of the project, it is time to visit your local dealer. You will get professional advice on the best screen for the homeowner.

When Should you Replace Your Window Screens?

Damaged window screens are a source of health hazards to homeowners. If you are wondering when is the best time to replace window screens, here are a few pointers to watch out for:

Old Age

Window Screen Discoloration

Damaged Screen Frames

Can you Replace Windows Screens on your Own?

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Seevue Stainless Steel Screen

Like the sound of greater visibility of the UltraVue or BetterVue window screen material, but not sure if it can hold up to the wear and tear of your climate or homes environment? Phifer also offers SeeVue as the solution to your custom window screen material dilemma. Though this screen can not be used in coastal areas, it is highly recommended of all other uses including window screens, porches, and patios. Find out more and how to order it here!

Do Solar Screens Keep Heat Out

Yes! This is precisely why solar screens were invented. The best solar screen fabrics are made from PVC-coated polyester. The holes or openness of solar screens are much smaller compared to standard insect screen.

Solar screens come in a variety of percentages of openness, often expressed in terms of how much heat and UV rays they block. The most common two varieties of solar screens are 80% and 90% .

But solar screens can be anywhere from 40% to 95% effective at blocking heat and UV rays from the sun. If you are shopping for solar screens online, in most cases, youll want either 80% solar screens or 90% solar screens to make sure they are effective at keeping the heat out while still being able to see through them to the outside.

If you need any social proof, please check out these reviews from our customers who rave about how well solar screens work to keep the heat out.

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Solar Screens For Patio

Solar screens meant for porches are designed to admit soft light from the sun. These are quite different from those installed in houses. Because the exposure of sunlight in patios is different from that inside a home, individuals should ensure that they purchase the correct screens for outdoor environments.

Radiance Cordless Shade Expresso

Why Buy Solar Screens?

The Radiance Cordless Shade comes with a meticulously designed espresso finish that will nicely complement any room in your home.

These semi-private blinds have thick textures that let the very little sun through, hence, reducing bright light and protecting you and your furniture from harmful sun rays, while giving off a beautiful light-filtering effect.

The tone and espresso design will complement your rug and furniture effortlessly and this shade also comes in driftwood finishing in the off chance that espresso doesnt do the trick for you.

The shade is also cordless, making it home-friendly. It is simplistic and easy to use, all you have to do is push up or push down the bottom rail to raise or lower the shade respectively. The shade also comes with a Valance and tension springs to hold it in place.

Pros & Benefits:

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Contact Stellar Sunscreens Today For Professional Installations

Stellar Sunscreens knows all about sunscreens and the installation process. We try to cut down solar screen costs for our clients to reduce cost implications. For more information, reach out to us via our contact page.

Constant exposure to UV rays from sunlight may impact your skin adversely. It is for this reason that your windows at home should be sufficiently covered to protect you from the glare of sunlight. Filtered light passing through solar screens may greatly improve the ambiance of your home.

The cost of window solar screens Glendale has to offer may be expected to range anywhere between $120-$450 per window. The cost however, may vary depending on the size of your window and the type of window solar screens purchased. It is worth investing in one given the fact that there are numerous health benefits to be derived when they are installed at home and even in workplaces.

Continue reading to find out what solar screens are and the benefits that can be derived by having solar screens installed on your windows.

Hazardous Materials Used On Solar Panels

Some of the materials used to make solar panels can be hazardous to both our health and the environment. Although not ideal, toxic substances are sometimes used to help improve the efficiency and durability of solar energy systems. The following table details some of the hazardous materials that can be found on a solar panel.

Table 1: Hazardous materials found on solar panels.

Material/Compound Purpose/Use
Cadmium Telluride Used as the key compound in Cadmium thin-film technology. Considered safe once in use, but can pose a challenge during the manufacture and disposal of Cadmium solar cells.
Copper Indium Gallium Selenide This chemical is toxic to the lungs but is used as the key compound in CIGS thin film solar cells.
Anti-Freeze Sometimes found on solar thermal systems to help avoid fluids from freezing in colder climates.

As you will see, most of the above only concern thin-film solar technologies. Traditional silicon solar cells are considered safe, but the manufacturing of those cells does produce silicon tetrachloride a highly toxic byproduct harmful to plants and animals. Manufacturers should take steps to reduce the amount of silicon tetrachloride that is released into the surrounding environment.

Whilst there is no denying that solar panels come with their own environmental concerns, using the sun as an energy source is still one of the best things we can do for the environment.

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How To Install Solar Screens

Solar screens save money and are easy to install on your windows. It requires that measurements of windows are taken before cutting and installing an already assembled screen. For good results though, it is advisable to use a qualified technician to handle and install a solar screen for you.

For those who do not want to go through the hassle of measuring and cutting solar screens, there are DIY solar screens available for purchase from stores and come with easy to follow instructions.

Bottom Line: Are Solar Panels Worth It

80% Solar Screen Fabric

Solar panels are worth it both for the long-term utility savings and the environmental impact. When you’re choosing a solar energy company to power your home, look for one that has a high efficiency rating to maximize the amount of power your solar system generates and a good warranty to protect you from future maintenance costs.

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