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Tesla Solar Roof Cost 2021

Tesla Solar Roof Warranty

The Problem With Teslas Solar Roof

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability. The Tesla Solar Roof installed by AES has a 25-year No Leaks Weatherization Warranty. And its backed by the level of quality and innovation you have come to expect from the Tesla brand.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Current Wait Times Other Solar Tile Options

Tesla Solar Roof is currently on the version V3 of its solar tile roof that was initially unveiled in 2016. Teslas BiPV solar tiles are made of hardened glass containing photovoltaic solar cells for energy generation. The latest iteration of the Tesla solar roof unveiled in October 2019 came with a promise that it would not only cost less than the previous unveils, but that it would also be easier to install, enabling Tesla to achieve 1,000 installations per week.

Workers install Tesla solar shingles roof in Vermont. Photographer: Caleb Kenna/The New York Times via Redux

Fast forward to April 2021 when Tesla, as reported by Verge, has suddenly and drastically increased the price of its solar tile roof by roughly 30% to 50%, with some customers seeing even greater price hikes on the long-signed contracts.

On the Q1 2021 earnings call, Elon Musk has said the drastic price increase of the Tesla solar roof was due to making a significant mistake greatly underestimating the complexity and how expensive the installation of solar glass tiles on a complex residential roof can be.

Breaking Down The Price Of Teslas Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof systems are designed entirely with Tesla-exclusive equipment. The total cost of a Solar Roof installation consists of three main components:

  • Active solar shingles

Heres the breakdown of how each one of these contributes to the final price:

1. Active solar shingles

Cost: $1.80 per watt

Teslas active solar shingles are tempered glass shingles that contain solar cells and generate electricity.

It costs about $1.80 per watt to install the active Solar Roof tiles. If you installed a 7 kilowatt Tesla Solar Roof, the active shingles alone would cost $12,600 before any incentives are considered. The bigger the solar system you need, the higher the total price will be.

Regular solar panels cost around $3.00 per watt on average, so the solar portion of the Tesla roof is technically cheaper than solar panels.

Each active shingle is 15 by 45, and designed to have a similar look to slate shingles. According to Electrek, Teslas solar shingles are 71.67 watts in size, meaning youd need about five shingles to produce the same amount of power as one 370-watt solar panel. However, Tesla doesnt list any official power ratings or performance specs on their website.

2. Inactive shingles / non-Solar Roofing materials

Cost: $13.30 per square foot – $18.54 per square foot

Tesla divides roofs into three different complexity tiers, and each comes with its own vague set of criteria:

Table 1. Tesla Solar Roof – Roof complexity tiers

Complexity tier
Many Steep

3. Roof tear off

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Consider The Tesla Solar Roof If:

  • You have the financial means to make a substantial investment into a new roof
  • You like to get your hands on cutting-edge technology and dont mind joining the waitlist
  • You dont mind performing more regular maintenance on your solar panels
  • You live in a populated region with access to Tesla-certified installers

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Tesla Solar Roof Customers Now Facing Massive Price Hikes

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Is Solar Power Right For You

Though youll see great savings in the long run, its still a pretty hefty investment upfront. Before you make a decision, take the time to calculate the costs of your current electricity usage. Compare that to any savings you might gain by switching to solar power, taking into account your location and any government incentives for which you may be eligible too!

If youre a homeowner, then youre likely aware that traditional electric power costs are rising. The grid is based on outdated technology thats more than a hundred years old, and the infrastructure definitely needs an eco-friendly update. With the environmental and monetary costs of fossil power, making a move toward solar power just makes sense.

Editors’ Recommendations

What Is A Tesla Solar Roof

Designed to maximize your homes energy production, the Tesla Solar Roof is the first of its kind to enhance your homes aesthetic while lowering your energy bill. The Tesla Solar Roof is constructed with a combination of glass solar tiles, glass roofing tiles, and architectural-grade steel tiles. The innovative roof is also built to be energy independent with its Powerwall, a compact home battery so it can be available throughout the day and even at night. Lastly, the solar roof is built to last. Each solar tile remains intact within all-weather conditions, ensuring your home stays protected rain or shine.

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Learn How Much Solar Can Save You Today Before You Make Your Decision

Just as Tesla doesnt make electric vehicles for the masses, Teslas solar roof isnt feasible for every home. In many ways, the companys solar roof product is similar to its first electric car. If you are an early adopter of newer technologies, dont care about price, and are prepared to wait for a product with an uncertain manufacturing timeline, then waiting for Teslas solar roof could be the right decision for you.

However, there are always risks associated with installing newer technology, especially when Teslas solar roof lacks so much transparency. Unlike Teslas solar shingles, many of the premium solar panels currently available on the market today are sold by well-known consumer electronics manufacturers that have been producing solar panels for a decade or more.

Additionally, waiting to go solar has its risks, even if youre interested in the solar roof. The cost of going solar is falling every year, and there are premium solar panels already available today that come with high-efficiency ratings and a sleek black design. If you wait years for the Tesla Solar Roof, you will lose out on years of savings on your electricity bill. You also run the risk of missing out on financial incentives for solar: many state tax credits have already expired and as of now, the federal investment tax credit for solar will be lowered to 22 percent in 2023.

Professional Tesla Solar Roof Installers You Can Trust

How This Roofing Company Is Taking On Teslas Solar Roof

Considering a new roof? Get the ULTIMATE in new roof design.

The Tesla Solar Roof offers a beautiful new roof as well as clean solar power for your home. Its an all-in-one solution.

If youve been looking for a solar power option but have been limited because your Home Owners Association prohibits solar panels consider the Tesla Solar Roof.

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So Is Tesla The Best Solar Roof

Most manufacturers of solar shingles operate in the same general way they mount directly to roof sheathing for a low-profile and reasonably seamless look, and they kind of integrate with existing roofing materials. The prices vary between manufacturers, as do the warranties, but yes, we have a favorite. None of these solar roof competitors listed above compare to the Tesla warranty or appearance. A Tesla Solar Roof is at first view the most expensive solar roof option, but again, youre talking apples and oranges.

Tesla Solar Roof: What Is It

Tesla is perhaps best known as an electric car manufacturer, but its website describes its mission as much broader: Teslas mission is to accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy.

In October 2016, Musk demonstrated its vision of a house of the future on the set of Desperate Housewives. It showed a Tesla Model 3 electric sedan in the garage. The homes roof was covered in Solar Roof tiles, a roof with a mix of solar and non-solar dummy tiles. The two tiles are designed to look identical, meaning it looks like a regular roof to the untrained eye.

The house was completed with a Powerwall battery, which stored energy from the tiles so the house could run from clean energy even when the suns not shining.

The Solar Roof was relatively rare after its unveiling, bar a smattering of installs in early 2018. That changed in October 2019, when the company unveiled its third-generation tiles designed for faster installation times.

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Solar Roof Durability Vs Solar Panel Durability

Tesla is extremely confident in the durability of its solar roof. Elon Musk has stated that the Tesla Solar Roof has an infinity warranty or for the lifetime of your home, whichever comes first. While the durability of the new solar tiles has not been successfully field testing, there are videos online of the Tesla Solar team launching hail and other heavy objects at the solar tiles to show their durability. Based on a video recorded in a Tesla owned factory, it seems the solar tiles are stronger than a tempered-glass solar panel.

Standard solar panels, however, are usually warrantied by the manufacturer for 25 years and the panels typically will last longer than the warranty. The expected lifetime of solar panels has also been field tested, unlike the solar roof.

The biggest question here is what is going to happen when solar tiles start degrading and losing their efficiency? When solar panels need to be replaced or corrected it is a pretty simple replacement. But what happens when there are solar tile problems? How much of the roof is going to have to be replaced? It seems that making any corrections to a Tesla Solar Roof is going to be very expensive and labor-intensive.

Tesla Solar Roof: What You Need To Know

Elon Musk: 2021 is Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Deployment of Tesla’s Solar Roof product has been slow with significant delays. According to PV Magazine, there may only be 100 Solar Roof systems connected to the grid so far, even though the product has been available for three years. The wait may be worth it for some who value the differentiating elements of the product. Other homeowners may want to start seeing the benefits of clean solar energy now, including seeing solar savings in their pocket.

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What Are Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

The Tesla Solar Roof is a seamless way of integrating Solar PV technology into homes across the globe. Available in 4 different styles , Tesla have cleverly manufactured a Solar Panel, that looks exactly like an ordinary roof tile. Each roof tile includes a highly-efficient solar cell, which has been developed in partnership with Panasonic, to work just the same way as a Solar Panel does.

In the long run, Tesla declares that their solar roof will work out cheaper than a regular roof. Due to its ability to generate electricity from a free energy source . This makes the Tesla solar roof tile perfect for homeowners who want to power their home using solar energy in style.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Shingles

Itâs clear that there is a lot of consumer interest in photovoltaics that look more attractive than standard photovoltaics, and several companies have stepped up to introduce a range of products into the market. Thereâs no doubt that some of these products make for a nicer looking roof, but does it make sense to use these in place of conventional solar modules?

Letâs take a look at the pros and cons:

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Cost Comparison Of Tesla Solar Roof Versus Solar Panels

I went out to bid to two solar panel installers in my area. Only one ended up providing a cost estimate.

The big difference between the Tesla Solar Roof bid and the local solar panel installer bid is that the two companies bid on different solar system sizes. Tesla provided a bid for the system size I needed, while the solar panel installer bid on the maximum solar array my roof could hold.

Panels could always be deleted if I requested less solar, was their reason

So How Much Does A Tesla Solar Roof Cost After The Recent Price Hike

How to Install a Tesla Solar Roof 2021 Review

The current price per square foot of Tesla Solar Roof is roughly 50% higher. Even the price of Tesla Powerwall batteries has increased by 30%, which has little to do with the actual complexity of the roof.

For, a typical house with a 2,000 square feet roof of average complexity, a new Tesla Solar Roof will cost between $60,000 and $70,000 to install before the 26% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits. Adding a Tesla Powerwall battery to the solar tile roof will cost you an additional $10,500.

Thus, with a single battery storage bank, you are looking at approximately $70,000 to $80,000 for a new Tesla Solar Roof. The total cost includes system design, building permits, and connection to the local power grid by a licensed electrician.

That said, the actual estimate for a Tesla Solar Roof will depend heavily on the overall complexity of the roof including things like the number of chimneys, dormers, and valleys, the number of layers of old shingles, condition of the roof deck, etc.

For larger and more complex roofs, the upfront cost can easily exceed $100,000 for a new Tesla Solar Roof with multiple battery packs, before the Tax Credits and local incentives.

All in all, we estimate the current cost of a Tesla Solar Tile Roof to be between $30 and $40 per square foot installed. This price includes the removal and disposal of the old roof, installation of the Tesla solar glass tiles, and the accompanying Tesla Powerwall battery.

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Do You Need Solar Panels Before Buying A Tesla Powerwall

Every solar purchase with Tesla includes a Powerwall, the companys compact battery system that stores solar energy. This is particularly useful for when the grid goes down, or if youre simply generating too much energy to use during the day.

You can buy additional Powerwall units but itll cost you. The price of a Powerwall, including installation, is around £9,000.

Tesla is keen to point out that its Powerwall has a child- and pet-friendly design, with no exposed wires or hot vents, and is water-resistant.

Cost Comparison Between The Different Types Of Solar Shingles Available On The Canadian Market

The Tesla Solar Roof is not a new concept. Other manufacturers have already attempted the production of solar shingles some have failed, and others are still on the market. One of the products from Dow Chemicals Powerhouse Solar System only lasted five years at the time it was the product of choice, but the company end up going bankrupt.

Other companies are continuing to produce and install solar shingles. But it is difficult to find the costs associated with it. It is important to note that the companies listed incorporate solar shingles and tiles with traditional materials, while Teslas solar roof tiles are designed to cover the entire roof or even replace it. But Teslas competitors are demanding that a large part of the roof be covered with normal shingles in addition to the price of their systems.

1. Dow Chemical

Even if the company is no longer in business, it is worth looking at it because of cost information. Their Powerhouse system did not cover the entire roof it came in super shingles that fit well with traditional shingles. Installing 350 Powerhouse shingles would cost more than $ 20,000 and reduce electricity consumption by 40-60%. In a Dow press release, it was announced that for an additional expense of $ 27,480 above the cost of a traditional roof, you could collect $ 58,640 in energy savings over 25 years, and similarly increase the value of your home by $ 33,000 .

2. CertainTeed

3. SunSlates

4. SunTegra

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Así, el perfil del growth hacker se hace imprescindible en el mundo de las startups. Las empresas de nueva creación, sin grandes recursos económicos, tienen la necesidad de un experto que sea capaz de implementar el crecimiento de sus negocios sin dedicar la mayor parte de su presupuesto a esas campañas de marketing.

Other Solar Products Offered By Tesla

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Comparison, Competitors &  Reviews

Tesla offers energy storage and an alternative solar power generator with its battery backup and solar roof offerings.

  • PowerwallTesla allows customers to store the excess energy their solar panels generate with a home battery backup. The Powerwall battery collects energy for you to use at night or provide backup power during an outage.
  • Solar roofThe Tesla solar roof is an alternative to solar panels and replaces your current roof with solar shingles. The solar shingles act as mini solar panels, harnessing sunlight to produce electricity for your home. This is an option to consider if youre already considering installing a new roof.

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