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Solar Panel For Hot Tub

How Many Peak Sun Hours Does Your Area Recieve

DIY solar panel water heater for hot tub

This information is also critical in establishing how many solar panels your solar hot tub would need in order to offset all that electrical consumption.

In short, the more sun your home receives, the fewer solar panels you will need and vice versa.

This is why establishing peak sun hours is so important.

To figure out how many peak sun hours, you can use our dedicated resources for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

If your solar hot tub is located in a different area, no problem.

Go over to Global Solar Atlas and simply type in your exact location to figure out what your peak sun hours are.

Above you can see an example of the average daily peak sun hours in Toronto which sits at 3.8.

Finding Solar Compatible Hot Tub

When you are in the market for new hot tubs for sale, there are many factors to consider. While most people think about the size and shape of the tub, it is important to also consider how the tub will be powered. Solar power is an increasingly popular option for powering hot tubs. Not all hot tubs are created equal and some are not designed to work with solar panels. If youre not sure whether or not your hot tub is compatible, its best to consult with a professional.

Solar Savings And Payback Time

The real test if using solar panels is worth it or not is how much is saved in electricity costs. How much is saved and how many years would it take to payback the initial capital cost of the installation?

Using Houston, Tx as an example, we have a power cost of 11.83 cents/kWh on average, and 6kWh is used per day just maintaining the temperature:

  • Unit electricity cost: $o.1183
  • Cost per day : 6 x 0.1183 = $0.70/day
  • Cost per year: 0.70 x 365 = $255/year

Using solar should save $255 per year.

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Solar Pool Covers How To Use Them

If youre looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, you should consider investing in it. This method of heating water is inexpensive and can actually save money by utilizing the environments natural resources.

Not to mention, they are also an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors! If youre looking for a tutorial on how to use this method of heating your pool, keep reading below for more information.

I hope that this article answered all your questions about solar heating pools. If youre interested in learning more, consider doing an internet search for different hot tub options. I hope to see you soon!

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors, consider investing in it. This is an excellent method of utilizing renewable energy while relaxing in your own backyard! While you may think that this would be quite costly, it actually saves money and resources by not relying on traditional power sources.

For more about hot tubs , and if you are reading about hot tub guides and reviews

You will also become more environmentally conscious with every use because the sun powers your water heating needs! If youre interested, keep reading below for all of the information about how this process works. I hope to see you soon.

If you are reading more about Solar Panel Hot Tub Cover please click here:

Downsides Of A Solar Powered Hot Tub

Intex Solar Panel Heat Mat Black Energy Sun Heater Swimming Pools Hot ...

Any good thing does not lack several drawbacks. A solar-run hot tub is no different.

For starters, solar heaters for a hot tub rarely work at night. They are also ineffective when it is heavily overcast or raining.

In the winter, their effectiveness drops way down, unless you reside in the deep southern United States regions.

Lack of temperature control is another issue that affects hot tubs running on solar. While I stand to be corrected on this particular issue, the truth is that you do not have any way to control your hot tubs water temperature.

In a hot season, the heat exchanger will propel blistering hot water into the tub without any control. Since a hot tub is tailored to handle water whose temperature is 40 degrees C, temperatures above this can cause problems.

The good thing with an electric heater is that it can cut out when the water temperatures get too high.

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Can I Use Solar Panels To Heat My Hot Tub


With the current UK energy crisis seeing homeowners bills significantly increase, you might be looking at alternative methods to help keep your bills low around the house. Over recent years, people have been installing solar panels to help power their home alongside their traditional energy source. Solar panels are a renewable energy source that helps to cut down on your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

We break down if its possible to heat your hot tub using solar panels and if it could be a cost-effective alternative to using your traditional energy to power your hot tub.

The Alternative: Solar Hot Tub Systems And Batteries

Whats your other option when it comes to a solar-powered hot tub? You can gather energy from the sun via solar panels and then store them in solar batteries.

To get started with solar energy, youll need to invest in a solar kit. Contact your manufacturer to see which kit is best for your hot tub make and model.

As with the heat exchanging panel approach, youll also need to maintain an electrical heating system. After all, hot tubs require plenty of electricity, and a solar kit wont be able to handle it alone.

Whats the solar-powered hot tub price for this conversion? These kits cost approximately $2,000, and youll get many years of service out of them.

Whats more, most experts believe conversion to a system connected to batteries wont invalidate your hot tubs warranty. Just remember to double-check with your manufacturer to be sure.

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What Are The Benefits Of Running A Hot Tub On Solar Power

There are many benefits to using solar power for running a hot tub:

  • Solar energy can reduce pollution as long as care has been taken not to use toxic chemicals during manufacturing
  • It costs less money over time since once the panels have been paid for, there is no more cost
  • A solar hot tub will typically last longer than one powered by gas or electric heaters.

But keep in mind that not all of these benefits are important to everyone! For example, if you live somewhere where sunshine hours are fairly low then your power bills may be lower with a solar panel system even though it doesnt save as much energy overall since the panels wont generate enough electricity for everything else.

Running your hot tub on solar power has a number of great benefits!

Its also worth bearing in mind that most places charge higher rates during peak times which means an entirely solar-powered hot tub might still end up costing slightly more on your bill compared to running it off-grid without any help from the sun at all. This could make sense if you only run it at night or on days where there are enough hours of sun for the solar panel to recharge your batteries.

If you like hot tubbing but want to reduce reliance on fossil fuels then its worth considering using solar power. Being green is good for everyone and living more sustainably can make life better in many ways when done right.

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Run A Hot Tub

100% Solar Powered Hot Tub – What you need!

It depends on the size of a hot tub. There is a simple formula that helps every customer to calculate the number of solar panels. The formula goes like this: hot tub + heater wattage x hours of use = solar panels needed.

When using solar panels for running the hot tub one can position it not only near its home but at many places and campsites. Also, the usage of solar panels in these modern days is an eco-friendly action and very economical as well. People are very suspicious when solar panels are included about the heating of the hot tub but for no reason. Only six hours of sun are needed to heat the normal size hot tub.

If one decides to use solar panels for hot tub heating, one must be aware firstly of the positioning of the solar panels. Location is very important due to heat accumulation. If ones yard is under the sun all day long the simplest way is to put them on the ground in a place that is for no other use. But, most people put solar panels on the roof which is also very useful and productive. What one must be careful of is to turn the panels toward the south side to have at least six hours of sun. Also, another important thing when buying a solar panel is the size. What is enough for the standard hot tub is the 4 x 20 panel size of 80 square feet. And in the end, installation is very crucial for the normal and productive use of solar panels. To have this it is recommended to hire professional service.

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How Solar Panels Work And How They Can Be Used To Power A Hot Tub

They convert sunlight energy into electricity. The sun is a near limitless resource for solar panel systems. Solar panel systems use the suns energy to create hot water for your home and outdoor areas like pools and spas.

They also generate power to run common household appliances like TVs, computers, and lights. Experts estimate that installing a solar system will pay off the investment in 10-15 years.

In order to utilize this as a means of heated water for your hot tub, you need two important items: a solar collector and a pump. The collector should be mounted at least 1/2 ft from any tree, shrub, or obstacle that may shade it over the course of the day. This will help ensure maximum sun exposure throughout the day.

The pump will circulate the water in your hot tub through the solar collector where it is heated by the sun before being returned to the hot tub. Using this system for your pool or spa provides an excellent opportunity to save money and resources while enjoying outdoor recreation whenever you wish!

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Can I Run My Hot Tub With Solar Panels

Yes, you can hit your hot tub with solar panels. Heres how you do it

You tap on the suns energy using solar panels rather than using electricity. The best part about this is the fact that heating the hot tub system using this method is only at a fraction of the electric cost.

Although the initial cost of a solar-powered heating system for a hot tub might be high depending on the system you choose, you can drastically lower your bills in the long-run. That is for sure.

What Is The Cost Of Solar In Houston Texas

Solar Thermosiphoning Hot Tub Heater

A small system costs in the region of $2.90/kW solar installed, making the proposed 1500 watt hot tub solar system cost around $4350.

Im going to divide that installation cost by the annual savings to see how many years it will take for the solar power system to pay for itself:

4350/255 = 17 years

Keep in mind that electricity costs do increase annually, so that figure will reduce progressively as time goes by. The payback time will also be adjusted according top your irradiance value and electricity costs.

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Can I Power A Hot Tub With Solar Panels

The short answer is yes you are able to use solar panels to heat up your hot tub. However, you are not able to set up solar panels to directly power your spa. Instead, if you already have solar panels fitted to your home, you can use your solar panels to heat up your hot tub so its ready for when you want to use it.

If you set your hot tub to heat during the day, then it can use the solar panels to heat the spa, since this will be when they can get the sunlight. If you heat your hot tub during the day, then it will be at the optimum temperature in the evenings when you are ready to use it.

With our range of hot tubs, you can access the controls remotely via WiFi. Simply connect to your hot tub via your phone and then you can set your hot tub to heat up during the day in just a few taps!

It Can Be Used Alongside An Electric One

Another great attribute of a solar-run hot tub is the fact that you can run it alongside your normal electric one. There is no danger or harm in running both the heating system together with an electric heater.

Running them together is necessary during days when there wont be enough sun to heat water. Of great importance to note is that a solar system isnt able to heat completely cold water, making you need an electric one as a booster.

This is especially true after youve changed the water or have not used your unit for some time. In such instances, water is extremely cold and an electric system is better suited to heat water with low temperature.

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A Few Disadvantages Of Pool Heating Panels

  • They take up plenty of space because the average heat exchange system is about six feet long and around two feet wide. You can place it away from your hot tub, but it will need more energy to pump the water.
  • There is no way to control the temperature of your water. You have to use a thermometer to check how hot it is. A hot tub is designed to withstand temperatures that are not above 40 degrees C. Also, if you are not there to switch on the unit during the day, your hot tub will not heat up.
  • Unfortunately even with the best solar pool heater is inefficient as it doesnt store energy. While regular solar panels are stored in batteries, these exchange panels do not have any stored power.

How Much Power Does A Hot Tub Consume

Building a 100% Solar-Powered Hot Tub

Knowing how much electricity your hot tub consumes is the first step in establishing the right amount of solar panels youll need to offset that consumption.

According to Direct Energy, hot tubs consume on average between 1,500 watts or 6,000 watts. the major consumption difference mainly depends on whether its a 120-volt heater or a 240-volt heater.

Most residential hot tubs will be using a 120-volt heater.

The main reason hot tubs draw such vast amounts of electricity mainly comes down to the heater running continuously, even when you arent using the hot tub. The heater actually runs periodically in order to keep your hot tub water at your desired temperature.

However, when youre using the tub, the heater will be running along with the water pump, to give you those bubbles you love so much.

So how much electricity does it consume?

Hot Spring® conducted a survey on hot tub usage and found that 6.7 percent of owners use their hot tub four or more times per week, and about 8.9 percent of owners use the hot tub daily.

Based on a hot tub located in Chicago set at 102°F and used 6 times per week, 15 minutes with the jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off, you could expect this hot tub to consume around 204 kWh a month.

Figuring out your monthly kWh consumption is critical in establishing the number of solar panels you will need to offset that usage.

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How Many Solar Panels To Power A Hot Tub

Im going to assume a couple of things for this example calculation:

Hot tub location: Houston, Texas

Hot tub electric heater size: 2 kilowatt

Run up time from ambient to 100 degrees F: 10 hours

Energy used for run-up: 10 hrs x 2 kW = 20kWhours

Note: It takes a lot of power to raise the water temperature from cold, and a lot less to maintain the temperature.

I would use the mains for the temperature run-up, which may only be a couple of times a year, and solar to maintain the temperature.

Energy used/day to maintain temperature: 2kW x 3 hours = 6kWh or 6000 watt-hours

Dividing the energy required by the peak-sun-hours/day, we get: 6000/4.253 = 1410 watts of solar

or 5 x 300 watt solar panels.

Electric PV or thermal collectors to power your hot-tub?

Solar Energy Hot Tub Summary

Although they require a little more set-up than traditional models, they are cheaper in the long run and help protect the environment. Once you have everything ready, your hot tub will be using these energy to power its heating system! To learn more about how this works or what can go wrong with this heating system, continue reading below for more useful tips and tricks!

If you dont already own a hot tub, consider purchasing one with solar panels attached. Although they may be a little more expensive than traditional hot tubs, the money you save on electricity bills will make it worth your investment.

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