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Solar Lights For 4×4 Fence Posts

How Does A Solar Post Light Work

LED Solar Deck Post Cap Lights at Lowes 4×4 or 6×6 Deck Posts Caps

As already mentioned above, solar lights harness energy from sunlight which is transformed into electricity to power up the lights. They are perfect for people looking for reliable energy source for lighting up outdoors without harming environment.

Solar post lights have 4 main parts that include solar panel, battery, control electronics, and the lights.

  • The solar panels are responsible for converting solar energy into electricity.
  • The electronic control contains built-in sensors which will detect whether the sunlight is available or not. Based on this information, it will automatically turn on/off the lights like during day time, it will turn off the lights and once it is night, lights will be turned on. This will make the process of lighting up outdoors easy and hassle free. So, you no longer have to worry about manually switching on/off the lights.
  • Batteries are responsible for storing the power generated by the solar panels. The stored energy will power up the lights at nights.

Fooyancho Solar Roundpost Cap Lights Outdoor

The huge 4400mAh battery, which serves for the Fooyancho 400 lumens solar round post light is the cherry on top for such a cap light.

The 3 color modes that come with the solar outdoor post light is great for switching up the mood every once in a while, and also to adapt to situations where you might need to change brightness.

The ratio between running time and charging time is pretty exceptional, at the highest intensity you can get for up to 8 hours of running time, for only about 5 hours of charge sunlight.

And at the lowest intensity, you can get about 3 days! Its suitable for those who may want to use them as solar round post light indoors.

Coming with IP65 waterproofing is another bonus that will make you pretty comfortable for letting it sit outdoors without needing to store it every time you feel like it would rain.

Im really astonished by the 3-Year warranty, its more than enough really, I would settle for a 3-month warranty, but this is more than enough for a post solar light.

Maybe the only downside is that they are quite smaller than other post lights, but that is by no means a downside really.


Maggift 15 Lumen Solar Powered Post Lights 44 55 66

The MAGGIFT solar powered post cap lights are modern and futuristic looking, the way they shine brightly vividly remind me of the old Blade Runner.

You will get fancied pretty quickly with how beautiful they look when turned off, and similarly when they are on, of course.

You should notice that they only work as solar post lights 4×4, and 6×6, so you cant get them installed to a 5×5 post.

Nevertheless, you can get pretty creative by how you place them around, they are pretty versatile when it comes to placement.

The running time is pretty decent, 8 hours and you can achieve that by charging the solar post light for about 6 hours only, which is a decent ratio.

A fine addition to the MAGGIFT outdoor solar lamp post cap lights is that they come with a 6-Month warranty to make you feel even more comfortable with your purchase.

I truly love how they light up at night, they are super bright solar post lamps that will light up around the whole place without causing disturbance to your neighbors.

The only thing that really bothered me is that they only come with IP44 waterproofing, that wont protect from water jets. However, it will suffice for most who live in calm weather areas.

But those who face rowdy weather are advised to seek a higher waterproofing led solar landscaping lights.


  • A modern, and futuristic style


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Powgdlt Solar Post Cap Lights 8 Pack

You have the power to decide how beautiful and secure your compound is. One of the ideal ways to secure and beautify your compound is using the right outdoor lights, such as the POWGDLT solar post cap lights outdoor 10 lumen double LED fence post lights.

The main reason why you might like these particular lights is that they use the upgraded 4x140MA polycrystalline solar panels. These modern panels can trap power from the sun, even where its cloudy, to make sure your home stays illuminated at all times.

We are pleased to note that these lights are entirely weather-resistant. Even if they remain on your compound or fence for years, they will never be affected by excessive sunshine or wetness. For years you will not require to go shopping for replacement lights.

The quality of light produced by these modern solar lights is superior compared to most similar post lights. We have noted that the lamps produce 3000k warm white light that illuminates every area around the lights, including the posts holding the lights immediately.

We have also established that these lights come with everything needed for installation. You can purchase them and proceed to install them immediately. The only thing you might need is to keep them in the sun for a few hours before mounting.

From all the positive attributes of these lights, we find them to have met modern outdoor solar lights requirements. With these lights, you get the assurance that your compound has a light at night.



Sunnypark Solar Powered Crackled Globe Lights

Solar Fence Post Lights

The SunnyPark solar post light is quite unique, they look terrific and the light pattern produced is really soothing to watch, they are in my opinion- the most suitable solar pool lights due to their water-like reflection.

While the solar post light isnt 100% waterproof, the crackled glass sure wont let any water inside, so if you are cautious enough you can use them in any weather condition.

When it comes to the running and charging time, the SunnyPark solar powered post cap lights arent exquisite, but they are surely pretty decent and more than enough with 8 hours running time for only about 6 hours of direct sunlight charging. Enjoying the beautiful light pattern generated by the crackled glass is really calming to the body and soul, they are perfect after a stressful day.

You might want to be careful with them, despite being made from high quality crystal glass I would still be very cautious with them, and their placement. Also, there is no warranty, which is suboptimal.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

“These solar post lights are absolutely beautiful!! We have them on our entire deck area and steps. They stay on till morning most of the time depending on the time of year and the weather. They are not as bright during dreary winter days, but as a rule they are nice and bright. This was one of my best purchases. I tried a cheaper brand, and as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”! Thanks for such a great product!”

No Added Power Bill To Run:

Our device features environmentally-friendly traits as they absorb sunlight and convert them into electricity, making them become a standalone illumination system. Your financial burden can significantly decrease once installed our lights, not only that you can contribute to decreasing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment. This product is suitable for anyone who wants to make use of solar energy which is an unlimited source of energy.

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Siedinlar Solar Lights Outdoor 44 55 66

The Siedinlar solar post light is another fine example of the best solar post cap lights It looks fancy, performs pretty well, and they wont break the bank.

The patterned cage gives out a really nice style to it, and the way the warm light shines at night is surely romantic and cozy.

Also, they come with the waterproofing technology of IP65, so no worries if you live in a harsh-weather area with a lot of rain, you are totally secure.

With a running time, and charging time quite better than the previous led solar landscaping light, the Siedinlar solar post light can run for about 10 hours after only 6 hours of direct sunlight.

The overall experience is quite fabulous, 10 hours of romantic, comfy, and warm light is more than enough to release the stress of the day.

The Siedinlar solar power lamp post light comes with a 365-days warranty, and a 24H customer service that is willing to help you out with any troubles you might face, nevertheless, I doubt that you will face any troubles really.

The only thing that is to be weighed against this post solar light is the low brightness, while it might serve some well including me- I find that adding two light modes wouldve served the product better.


Kemeco St4311ahp 6 Led Cast Aluminum Solar Landscape Lamp Post

Classy Caps Kingsbridge Dual Lighting Solar Post Cap Model #SLK807

Im in love with the planter they added with the Kemeco solar landscape post light.

The fact that you can not only use them outdoors, but you can also add them to your garden with ease without running the overall style of the garden makes it one of the best solar post lights for garden.

Also, its one of the tallest solar lamp posts we have today, but of course, you can adjust the height and you can actually only install the lamp head if you want.

The 1-year warranty provided with the Kemeco solar garden post light is another bonus that solidifies the experience of the product, the materials are high quality, still, its a nice bonus to get a warranty.

The running time is an ordinary 8 hours, and also needs about 6 hours to fully charge, nothing extra really.

They only thing to notice is that Kemeco didnt mention that their solar powered landscape lamp post to be waterproof.

We checked the specifications sheet and yet we found no trace of it, while Im 100% sure that its at least IP44, but it wouldve been better if they mentioned it themselves.


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Greluna 40 Inches Mini Solar Lamp

Another fancy looking solar post lamp for outdoor, If you havent noticed already, Im a big fan of vintage looking decorations.

And the Greluna solar power lamp post is a great mix between a vintage decoration and the aspect of the modern functionality, not only do they look great, but they sure look tasteful to the eyes.

You can either install the whole lamp or use the head as a solar fence cap light, its up to you.

The Greluna solar powered lamp post can muster a working time of up to 8 hours for only 6 hours of sunlight.

While the ration isnt the fanciest but it sure will do, and in most cases, you will get compliments on how good they look, not how long do they shine.

They come with an IP44 waterproofing technology, and if you wonder, they are immune to lightning as well.

Its a very respectable source of light at night and an eye leaser in the morning, but sadly it lacks a warranty, but its not a big deal and if you find any faults in it you can easily send it back for a refund in the first 30 days.


What Are Fence Post Solar Lights

This type of product is also known by many names such as Solar lights for fences, solar post lights, and solar lights for fence post caps. They are basically adhered to your house’s fences and provide light to your ambient house’ environment.

The solar fence lights come with a compact and practical design and are operated as a standalone illumination system. They can illuminate your fence, deck, and outdoor post during the night, providing more security. Solar fence lights have been available for a while, but as the cost of solar energy technology has decreased, there has been a major increase in the availability of low-cost solar post lights all over the world.

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Kemeco St4311aq Solar Led Post Light Fixture

Probably the most high-end solar post light, Kemeco gives a wonderful example of elegance and class with their premium solar LED post lights.

What really sets them apart from other models that have the same look is that they went for a full cast-aluminum metal lamp thus giving it the full premium look and durability.

The look is pretty authentic and is really eye-catching, despite being on the expensive side, I highly recommend getting them.

They are worth every penny, and would definitely make you feel like you are some sort of Duke or Duchess in the olden times.

The running time is about 8 hours, and the Kemeco solar post light needs about 5 hours to fully charge, which is very nice.

Something else to notice is that the battery is 2300mAh, thus expect high brightness when the battery is fully charged.

Also, they come with a 1-year warranty, as expected from such a high-end product.

While a bit unexpected from a very premium product to not be waterproof, its not mentioned anywhere, even in the technical specifications sheet.

So because of the cast-aluminum, its safe to assume that they are waterproof, but not 100% though, at least they are IP44, but again its just an assumption.


Blueyang Store Solar Post Flame Light

Solar Powered Bright Post Cap Fence Railing Lights For 4x4 PVC Vinyl ...

If you are looking for enery-saving solar post flame lights, then BlueYang is the right option. These amazing lights are suitable for illuminating gardens, pathway, yard, patios, deck and other outdoor spaces.

The flame dancing effect in these lights create a romantic and warm ambience. It is uniquely designed to provide mood-enhancing glow.

On a full charge, these solar lights provide 8 to 10 hours of working time. Being made from IP55 waterproof material, it doesnt get damaged by rain, frost, or snow.

The sturdy tempered glass and ABS material makes it durable and long lasting. It is equipped with 4 large panels which makes it charge faster.

Product Information:

Things we didnt like:

  • Size is a bit small

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Noma Solar Post Lights 6 Pack

The engineers and experts at NOMA work extra hard to make sure they make competitive products. The hard work is the main reason why the company is rated highly in the lighting market. Among the quality products that the company has made are the NOMA solar post lights.

These outdoor solar lights come in a pack of six lights, which produce cool white LED light. The white light protects your eyes by illuminating different surfaces without creating harmful reflections. The LED technology also ensures the light is even around the light post.

You also get enhanced performance from the lights where they use rechargeable AA NI-CD batteries. These batteries will serve you for years before you can start budgeting for replacements. Replacements are readily available, and therefore you will not struggle.

The robust materials and a black finish on the lights enable them to withstand any kind of weather. It does not matter whether it is the sunny or rainy season since the lights will remain functional during all weather. Their beauty will also not be affected by any weather.

When it comes to mounting the lights, you will not need to acquire specialized tools or help professionals. We have observed that installing these lights is simple, where you just need to have posts of the right size in the specific places where you want to mount the lights.


They Can Be Installed Easily:

Unlike other traditional lights, our products are wireless, allowing users to install them easily with a few steps. You just need to locate a suitable place and adhere them to your fence without electric wives or electrical outlets needed. By carefully following the manual, users can install them within a short time.

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Twinsluxes Solar Fence Post Lights 8 Pack

Clean energy is in the in thing, and you can be part of this way of conserving the environment through using solar powered outdoor lights. Some of the lights you can use on your fence or compound are the Twinsluxes fence post cap lights.

One of the things we like about these lights is that they are very flexible. You do not need to have mounting posts of specific dimensions because the lights design allows them to fit on posts of different sizes perfectly.

We also like the fact that the lights produce uniform, warm, and cool LED lights. You do not have to bump into things while strolling in your compound at night since these lights provide you with a powerful light, which allows you to see everything around you.

When it comes to reliability, the design of these powerful solar lights was meant to last. Their batteries can survive until morning, especially on sunny days, where the batteries get fully charged during the day. The lights work even on the days when there is no sunshine.

Since most homeowners are not professional carpenters or technicians, the installation of the lights is made easier. Even if you have an office job or a stay-at-home mom, you will easily mount the lights without asking for help from anyone.

The only issue with these lights is that the glass body can break easily if you accidentally drop the lights. The color on the lights also fades pretty quickly they will start looking as if they are very old lights within months.


How Do Solar Post Lights Work

Decorative Solar Post Cap for Wood Posts by Deckorators

This solar post lights work by using a solar panel to generate energy from sunlight, convert it into an electrical current which charges internal, rechargeable battery.

The level of battery charge and duration of light time, depend on the amount of sunlight received, so these solar post cap lights will stay illuminated for longer during the summer months.

  • LED: 10 pcs LED with cool white
  • Dimension: 4.17 x 4.17 x 5.1 inch
  • Solar Panel: Polysilicon
  • Battery: Ni-MH AAA rechargeable battery
  • Working Time: over 10 hours after fully charged

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