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How To Use Pop Solo Tzumi Microphone

Pop Solo Microphone Review

Tzumi Pop Solo Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone review

PopSolo is the Professional Karaoke Microphone Mixer. This microphone kind of looks bit childy, but it does have a lot of uses.

This microphone is not only for the fun part, but there are some advantages as well. It just gives you the boost to take off your performance without having much to be worried.

You can use this microphone by connecting it with your favourite karaoke app. All you have do is, connect your app to this microphone using Bluetooth and get started.

There are many applications available on PlayStore and AppStore for Karaoke. You can use any of your favourite apps to use this microphone. I am listing out some of the best apps you can try.

Best 4 Tzumi Portable Karaoke Microphones In 2022 Reviews

Do you want to be the next karaoke star within your friend group?

Are you looking for an adequate karaoke microphone to do so?

If the answer is yes, keep on reading this Tzumi karaoke microphone review.

I will tell you more about some of the best karaoke microphones currently available on the market. You will learn more about their technical specifications and other main features and characteristics. This way by the end of the article you can compare different models that will be mentioned to each other or continue reading some of my other posts on similar topics.

Top 10 Best Pop Solo Tzumi Karaoke Microphone In 2022 Comparison Table

  • 4 in 1 Karaoke MicrophonePortable hand-held wireless microphones can be used as microphone, speaker, loudspeaker, recorder. Mini home KTV for music playing and singing at any time.
  • Quality Audio Sound and High compatibilityProfessional audio processor and tuning system, three layers high destiny noise reduction, creating a stunning KTV live-sound environment and wonderful echo reverberation.
  • Two Way Connection3.5mm audio jack and connection, the wireless karaoke microphones can connect with all devices including Android iOS smart-phones, PC, laptops and APP such as YOUTUBE etc. connection has a great distance of 10m without obstacle.
  • Long Palying TimeBuilt-in 2400mA rechargeable battery, this Wireless Karaoke Microphone can last more than 5-6 hours after a fully charge.
  • Great Gifts A unique gift for children and adults and an ideal gift for Christmas, celebrations and parties.1 YEAR WARRANTYAnything and anytime, feel free to contact us via Amazon message.

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Where To Find Tzumi Products

Tzumiâs wide offer can be consulted on the brandâs official website though they do not have a designated webshop. In that case, I would recommend checking out any of the major retailers. For the easiest and fastest online shopping, I would recommend Amazon for the best discounts and other customerâs reviews.

Why Is My Pop Solo Microphone Not Working

Tzumi Tzumi Pop Solo Bling Karaoke Microphone &  Reviews

Before using the microphone, make sure it is fully charged. If the battery level is low, the mic wont turn on. It is an issue connecting.

Your phones signal strength may be poor, or the volume may be too high. Make sure to check the volume of both your phone and the device and that the microphone is charged.

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Concluding The Pop Solo Microphone Review

One could say that Tzumi did really well with this microphone, and that they were really thoughtful about the users. Having to offer this much at this price really makes it an attractive option for all karaoke lovers out there. I believe that you will fall in love with this bluetooth microphone regardless of your age because its designers made sure to make it appealing to people from all generations. I hope that you get to like it and that you have fun with it if you decide to buy it.

Other Versions Of Pop Solo Tzumi Microphone

Tzumi Popsolo Glow Wireless Led Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The Popsolo glow microphone is the version for those who are looking for that extra spark in their karaoke microphone. The only difference between Tzumi portable karaoke microphone with LED light and the previous one is the disco lights feature on the sides of the speaker part.

Pop Solo Microphone Rose Gold

Karaoke microphone mentioned just before also comes in rose gold color. The speaker and retractable phone holder are white. Other than that, all of the features and characteristics are the same as previously described.

Rock Solo Tzumi Microphone

Rock solo karaoke microphone has all of the same features as the previous two models. The only difference with Rock solo Tzumi microphone is the slightly updated design and the shape of the speaker part. There is still Rock solo karaoke microphone app that works with this model as well as the previous ones. It also comes in black and rose gold, links for both colors are below.

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Audio Quality And Features

With the sound of Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone, you and your guests will be feeling like a superstar on any occasion.

This microphone has an HD enclosed speaker which provides a clear and rich sound for any karaoke performance. It eliminates background noise good enough that there isnt any disturbing during the karaoke show.

Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, and it has a 1300 mAh lithium battery. The battery provides up to 5 hours of usage while it takes only 2 hours to get fully re-charged through USB cable.

However, theres also always another option to connect the Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone through USB cable that comes provided. That way, you can use the microphone while its charging at the same time.

The range Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone supports is up to 30 feet which are far more than its necessary.

Tzumi Popsolo Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

REVIEW: Pop Solo Tzumi Karaoke microphone


This Tzumi pop solo microphone has a standard karaoke microphone design just above the handle, there is an integrated speaker with the brands logo. This specific model is black-colored.

Practical And Easy To Use

Pop solo Tzumi microphone has an integrated retractable Smartphone device holder. This feature is very practical and it can hold any phone with up to a 6-inch screen. This way you have your favorite lyrics literally in front of you.

Bluetooth Compatible

The Tzumi wireless microphone works with any device with Bluetooth technology so it is really easy to stream your favorite tunes. Also, it has an up to 30 feet distance range if you decide to rather dance with your microphone and leave your phone on the side.

Fast Charging

Tzumi Bluetooth karaoke microphone features a rechargeable Lithium battery. Like most good quality karaoke microphones, it has up to five-hour life span and it is fast rechargeable. When purchasing you are provided with an auxiliary and a USB cable for charging.

Control Options

Tzumi pop solo microphone has all of the necessary control and sound options at the reach of your fingertips. Some of them include volume, playlist, echo enhancing feature. It also has a recording option.

Tzumi Pop Solo Karaoke Microphone App

Main Characteristics:

  • 2 in 1 â microphone and speaker
  • Easy to use with the retractable phone holder
  • Built-in battery

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Tzumi Popsolo Pro 4956

  • Compatible with any karaoke app
  • Re-chargeable HD wireless speaker of HD quality
  • Retractable smartphone holder
  • Unique, modern, yet reliable design
  • Can be used as wired or wireless
  • Price is amazingly cheap
  • Output volume isnt adjustable


Considering the features and the build quality, the price seems ridiculous. For the price of a few coffeess you have on a regular basis, you could get yourself a portable karaoke that will sound as fun as good it looks.

The thing I really like about Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone is the option to choose whether youd like to use it wired or wireless style, and of course the reliable smartphone holder. Id highly recommend it to everyone, and while the price is so affordable, Id suggest you get two instead of one!

Is there anyone who wouldnt like to just whip out their microphone and have karaoke-ready system in place? With the technology nowadays, thats exactly what youre able to do.

In case you didnt know, portable karaoke microphones that are able to connect with smartphones are a really great thing.

Not convinced enough? Have a look.

Pairing To Bluetooth Device

Make sure the Bluetooth function is available on your electronic device. Specific pairing procedures may vary slightly depending on the device. For detailed information, please refer to your devices User Guide.

  • After successful pairing, devices will remember each other. Therefore, no pairing will be needed next time.
  • Keep the distance between the device and the microphone Within 3 feet .
  • Turn microphone on using power button.
  • Activate the Bluetooth function on your device to search for Bluetooth devices. Look for Rock Solo in device list displayed and select.
  • Only for some electronic devices: Enter password, 0000. 5. Microphone is now ready for use.
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    Does It Work We Put The Pop Solo To The Test

    You ever walk into a party and feel like you’re the only one there? I mean literally, no one is moving?Don’t settle for a boring party! Sing it to life with the Pop Solo!

    The Pop Solo is supposed to turn your phone into a portable karaoke party. But will it?

    All you need is your phone, your favorite karaoke app and, of course, the Pop Solo. Connect your phone via Bluetooth, plug it in and the Pop Solo even has a smartphone holder. Next, connect it to your favorite karaoke app and you’re ready to bring the party to life.

    It has built-in Bluetooth so you can use it as a wireless mic or plug it in. Plus you can record your session!

    We saw it for as much as $30! The best price we found is $14.96 at Walmart.

    So what did we think of the Pop Solo? We loved it! On our Bull or No Bull meter, this ranked No Bull! Singing abilities sold separately though!

    Design And Build Quality

    Tzumi Pop Solo Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone and Speaker

    Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone is full of surprises and thats exactly the feeling you get when you see it for the first time.

    It comes in only one color which is rose gold, yet it has some really good details. It looks like a retro version of a microphone that you would see back in the 80s.

    The microphone and the speaker is built from a lightweight yet robust and durable plastic material which looks exactly like a steel, but it isnt.

    There are 4 buttons and 1 switch located at the back of the microphone. Yet, it still feels good in the hand and the buttons dont stand in a way.

    Its made only for karaoke, although, even some light voice announcements are fine. Thanks to the good build quality and design, Tzumi PopSolo Pro Bluetooth Karaoke microphone weighs only about a pound.

    I just have to mention how useful the smartphone holder is. Without it, it wouldnt be so easy to sing and look at your phone at the same time.

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    Best Apps For Karaoke

    Now, let me discuss them in detail.

    iOS/Android Ready

    This makes you too comfortable with the devices you can use. You can literally connect to any device you want. All you need it the Karaoke App and the Bluetooth connectivity.

    Built-in Smartphone Holder

    PopSolo has almost everything possible to make it one of the easiest microphone to use. You dont even need to worry about holding your phone. You get the retractable smartphone holder with the microphone which will make it easy for you to play along with the lyrics.

    The holder can mount any device upto 6 inches of size.

    Works for all Karaoke Apps

    Be it on the AppStore or on the PlayStore, this microphone works with all the Karaoke Applications. You dont need to stick to any of the applications. Use the one which you like.

    Bluetooth Microphone

    You dont even need the cable to connect this microphone. However, you can use it if you want to. Yet, Bluetooth connectivity is quick and easy as well.

    Bluetooth connectivity range of this microphone is 30 feet.

    Long Lasting Battery

    The battery is another impressive feature of PopSolo microphone. It does have a 1200mAh battery and lasts more than 5 hours after fully charged. The total time it takes to this microphone to fully charge is 2 hours.


    PopSolo microphone is super portable microphone. You dont need to care about the wiring or stuff while moving this microphone.

    Now, I will talk about some of the core features that I look for in every microphone.

    Tzumi Pop Solo Bling Rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone For Just $1799 *black Friday*

    Utah Sweet Savings may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

    These mics are so much fun! We bought this for our daughter a few years ago and my husband and I had more fun than the kids!

    Tzumi Pop Solo Bling Rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for just $17.99 *Black Friday*

    Shipping is free on orders of $25 and up through January 31, or you may be able to select free store curbside pickup.

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    Pop Solo Microphone Review 2022

    Pop Solo karaoke microphone button tutorial

    Recently many people are at home and looking for some ways to chill out. Spending time with families and mates is what they are more into.

    Playing games and performances boosts the entertainment that you are having. It is also best to have some real activity like games, dancing or singing rather than watching movies together.

    Some families love to play music-related games or to sing songs. Karaoke is something that has already made singing very simple for everyone. It does help you sing songs by synching with the sound and music on your phone.

    In this article, I am going to review the PopSolo microphone. PopSolo is the rechargeable Bluetooth karaoke microphone. There are many things you should know before purchasing this microphone.

    I am going to help you with all the things you need, so stay tuned.

    PopSolo is one of the very trendy microphones that rose lastly. It is manufactured by Tzumi store. PopSolo microphone is not the regular microphone that you use in your daily lives for work purpose or anything.

    This microphone is made for those who love performances and for newbies who want to sing songs in parties.

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    Design & Built Quality

    You cant expect the premium quality manufacturing for the microphones made for fun. Even the pricing of this microphone is also very low for that. You can expect the excellent reliability of this microphone.

    The design of this microphone looks optimised. It has got the golden look, and it does look kiddy for sure. You get the lightning and all on the microphone which makes you feel that you are at the concert. The structure of this mic does make you think that you are performing on the stage.

    Thats what this looks like.

    Although the material used is good and it is reliable. The only thing you have to worry about is not to break any connections or cables inside the microphone.

    Most of the time kids are going to use it, so you will need to keep your eyes on it.

    How Good Of A Karaoke Mic Is The Popsolo Really

    Youll be able to use the PopSolo for up to 5 hours before its lithium battery needs to be recharged. Dont worry, however. The fun never stops with this microphone since its battery takes only two hours to recharge and power the PopSolo.

    The microphone is also a great pick when it comes to compatibility and connectivity. This being said, PopSolo is compatible with all version 4.1 Bluetooth devices and almost all of the known karaoke applications. Furthermore, you can use this microphone wirelessly, or you can choose to connect it to a device via its USB cable.

    As a budget wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone, Tzumi PopSolo doesnt fail to surprise you with how easy it is to use it. There are five control buttons on its handle. You can press them to turn the microphone on, power it, turn its volume up or down, pair it with a Bluetooth device, and record yourself while singing. All of this is available to you at a maximum distance of 30 ft from the Bluetooth device the microphones connected to.

    The final feature that Tzumi packed the PopSolo with is its Auto-Off anti-overheating feature for when youre not using the microphone, but it is still on. This way, your PopSolo will last for long, even if you sometimes accidentally forget to turn it off.

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