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Solar Panels La Crosse Wi

What Makes Our Group Buys So Successful

Solar on Schools – Hamilton Elementary – La Crosse, WI




Competitive Pricing: The MREAs competitive request for proposals process ensures you a competitive price and the simplicity of working with a single installer. Most individuals receive a price per watt lower than what is otherwise available from this solar installer. The more people that buy in, the more benchmarks are surpassed, the lower the price becomes. We do recommend that individuals consider all their options before signing a contract to ensure that they are receiving the best value and quality available for their proposed system.

Community Support & Outreach: Our programs are supported by both the leaders and community membersof the La Crosse area, and theyre excited and active about spreading the word! Through the help of your jurisdiction leaders and community members, the MREA facilitates a number of one-hour Solar Power Hours for your community. These educational events cover the basics of solar, financials, your propertys solar readiness, and how to participate in Grow Solar La Crosse.

Limited-time Offering: This deal is only available for a short time! You will have until to become a part of the Grow Solar La Crosse group buy.

Ecowatch Rankings For Solar Companies In La Crosse

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Services Offered

  • Sleek, efficient, and durable solar panels
  • Best solar battery on the market
  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Services Offered

  • Some reported issues with customer service
  • Some reported issues with door-to-door sales

Services Offered

  • Quality of installation may vary by location

Services Offered

  • Offers a free quote process
  • Limited information available on website

Services Offered

Solar Energy Analysis For La Crosse Wi

Based on historical La Crosse, WI data, solar panels that are tilted towards the equator at an angle equal to the latitude will produce the maximum solar energy output in La Crosse.

La Crosse has an average monthly Global Horizontal Irradiance of 3.77 kilowatt hours per square meter per day , which is approximately 2% less than the average monthly Direct Normal Irradiance of 3.85 kWh/m2/day.

Solar installations in La Crosse that are always titled at the latitude of La Crosse average 4.45 kWh/m2/day, or about 18% greater than the average monthly GHI of 3.77 kWh/m2/day and approximately 16% greater than the average monthly DNI of 3.85 kWh/m2/day.

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Celebrating The Winter Solstice With Donation Of Solar Oven Learning Tools

While the main focus of SOLS is fundraising to install large solar arrays on district facilities that significantly reduce fossil fuel reliance, our group remains committed to educational projects as well. Enhancing renewable energy learning opportunities for students invites them to participate in transitioning our communities to clean, viable energy sources.

Yesterday SOLS volunteers presented the School District of La Crosse with a donation of two solar ovens, insulated cookware, and lesson plan materials. These portable solar ovens give La Crosse School District teachers new tools to demonstrate the power of the sun, engage students of all ages, and enrich science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. The hands-on, experiential learning offered by using and experimenting with solar ovens can spur students imaginations and demonstrate how renewable solar energy can be used.

The donation was made during a Winter SOLStice Press Conference at Northside Elementary/Coulee Montessori and Prinicipal Nicki Pope accepted the donation on behalf of the district. The solar oven learning materials will be stored at Northside Elementary/Coulee Montessori but are available to teachers and students across the district.

Media coverage of the Winter SOLStice Press Conference and donation of the solar oven learning materials includes:

Winner: Sols Solar Sweepstakes Fundraiser

25.4 Kilowatt Roof Mount System

The winner of our 2021 Solar Sweepstakes was Josh Larson, a local business owner and SDLC parent. Josh, along with his wife Mary, are the founders and co-owners of Larsons General. Their shop is a general store focused on sustainably sourced and packaged products, offering things like laundry and dish detergent refills. These services help reduce plastic packaging waste. The store started out as a refill business, and has expanded over the years with more products. The store, now located on Main Street just off the corner of Main and 5th, is open daily.The SOLS team caught up with Josh to hear about his plans for his winningswhich included a portable solar power station, a folding solar panel, two hammocks with tree slings, and one sustainable soccer ball.

How did you hear about the SOLS sweepstakes fundraiser?

I didnt hear about it until I saw it on the Sabadash App. My three younger kids are at SOTA , and after I heard about the group I saw that they were already installing solar on their school, which is really neat.

Do you have any big plans for your new equipment?

I havent done too much with the equipment just yet, I am learning about how it works. I like to camp with my family and the solar charging bank will be really beneficial for our trips.

Im also a HAM radio operator, so it will be useful for that too. I plan to use it during Parks On The Air. Operators go to state national parks and wildlife areas and set up off the grid.

Any other comments?

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Solar Output Analysis For La Crosse Wi

La Crosse has a average annual solar AC output value of 5559.66 kilowatt hours .

The month with the highest historical solar power output in La Crosse is July with an average of 545.91 kWhac, followed by March at 544.23 kWhac and August at 540.98 kWhac.

The three months that historically average the lowest average solar output levels in La Crosse are December with an average of 315.29 kWhac, followed by November with an average of 339.44 kWhac and January at 359.24 kWhac.

The Best Solar Panel Installation In La Crosse

Are you looking for a local La Crosse expert for your solar panel installation? Well we have good news! To help ensure your solar panel installation job is a seamless, and hassle-free process, we pair you with the best local La Crosse, WI solar installers. Pros that are qualified, dedicated and have years of experience installing and repairing solar panels.* If you want to go green, it’s an amazing thing for the environment. Solar contractors will help you make all the important choices you need to make, especially where to put the panels, and if you’re roof can support them. They’ll also help you determine how much power you can actually get from your panels, and how many panels can your home carry* Connect with the top rated local solar installers in your area* Residential & commercial solar panel installation servicesPlease fill out the form, and tell us about your solar panel installation project in detail, and we will pair you with a La Crosse, Wisconsin professional. You will receive all the details necessary, including next steps, costs involved, a quote and timeline for completion.

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Average Cost Of Solar Panels In La Crosse

We break down average solar pricing in La Crosse.

The national average cost of solar panels is $2.66 per watt, but in La Crosse it’s $3 per watt. Using this figure, a typical 7.4 would cost about $14,257 before the federal solar tax credit is applied.

These figures are just estimates, and how much solar costs for you may vary based on your specific situation and what company you want to go with. With average savings of about $19,000 on power bills over 20 years, many homeowners in La Crosse find installing solar panels can pay off big.

For a customized quote from a local solar company that has been pre-vetted by EcoWatch, click the button below.

Customized Solar Panel Options

Solar Panels Plus Farming? Agrivoltaics Explained

Ground Mounts

Our adjustable ground mount solar, made in Michigan with US steel, is a perfect solution.Watch the below videoand see how easy it is to tilt the panels each season to match the changing angle of the sun.

Roof Mounts

When you think of home solar, this is what probably comes to mind. Affordable and reliable, these set-ups are perfect for homes with plenty of south-facing exposure.

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How Much Can You Save On Electric Bills With Solar In Holmen Wi

Solar saves you money by reducing or eliminating your monthly electricity bill. The amount that you can save with solar in Holmen, WI is based on two factors: how much you spend on electricity now and how much of your electricity bill you can offset with solar.

Based on the intensity and amount of sunlight hours in Holmen, WI, the average electricity customer in Holmen, WI will need a 8.4 kilowatt solar panel system to offset 100% of their annual electricity consumption of 11,496 kWh per year. On the EnergySage Marketplace, solar shoppers in Holmen, WI pay an average of $25,000 for a 8.4 kW solar panel system prior toincentives.

The savings from offsetting 100% of an electricity bill with solar can add up fast! Assuming an 2.0% annual increase in electricity prices, someone in Holmen, WI can expect to save $1,600 in their first year, $8,100 over five years, $17,100 over 10 years, and $37,900 over 20 years on electricity bills.

How much can you save by going solar in Holmen, WI?

How Solar Helps You Save On Electric Bills

Solar panel systems help you save money by reducing your monthly electricity bills. Although a $50 or $100 electricity bill might not seem like much when you pay it each month, those bills add up quickly over ten, twenty or even thirty years: if you pay $100 per month in electricity now, youll pay over $49,000 on electricity over the next thirty years!


Assuming a 2.0% annual increase based on inflation and average annual rate increases.

Installing solar allows you to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill: when you pay upfront for solar panels, you are effectively paying today for the electricity youll use over the next 25 or even 30 years.Calculating your savings from investing in solar is as simple as subtracting the amount you pay for solar from what you would have paid for electricity otherwise.

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The Cost And Benefits Of Solar In La Crosse

For the majority of homeowners, whether or not you should invest in a solar energy system boils down to the cost. The cost of solar and the savings it generates vary depending on some important factors such as:

  • How much you spend on energy: If your local electricity rates are especially high, there’s a better chance you’ll end up with a higher return on your investment in a solar panel system. In La Crosse, you can save an average of $123 a month on your electricity bills.
  • How much power your household needs: If your home needs to use a lot of energy, you’ll see more savings from going solar.
  • Incentives: Tax-paying citizens who purchase and install a solar energy system this year can save 26% of their solar installation costs by using the federal solar investment tax credit. You can also save about $19,000 on your utility bills over 20 years excluding incentives.
  • Choice of solar panels: The type of solar panels you want will affect your total cost. High-efficiency monocrystalline panels are more expensive upfront but can also save you more money over the lifetime of your system. If you don’t need to maximize efficiency, you can opt for a higher number of more affordable panels.

Thanks to solar panels decreasing in cost as well as various solar incentives, they are a cost-effective investment for the majority of homeowners.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In La Crosse County Wi In 2022

12.3 Kilowatt Ground Mount System

As of August 2022, the average solar panel cost in La Crosse County, WI is $3.44/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts , an average solar installation in La Crosse County, WI ranges in cost from $14,620 to $19,780, with the average gross price for solar in La Crosse County, WI coming in at $17,200. After accounting for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit and other state and local solar incentives, the net price you’ll pay for solar can fall by thousands of dollars.

Importantly, these costs are typical for solar shoppers comparing solar quotes on the EnergySage Marketplace. When you compare quotes for solar panels on EnergySage’s competitive solar marketplace, you can expect to see prices up to 20% lower than working with a single solar company.

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Does Solar Make Sense In Wisconsin

In the land of cheese, one of the big questions most homeowners and businesses have when it comes to solar power in Wisconsin is, Does solar make sense in Wisconsin? The short answer is a resounding yes, but its important to consider the many factors that contribute when deciding whether or not this investment makes any financial sense for you.

These factors include the amount of energy your home or business consumes and the size of your home or building, roof type, and orientation in relation to the sun, to name a few.

Additionally, Wisconsin does offer solar incentives and rebates that make going solar, for homes that qualify, a no-brainer. Not to mention some utilities in Wisconsin now offer net metering, which is a program that rewards solar power users with credits for the excess energy they generate from solar.

Combine all this with the fact that the cost to install solar panels has dropped nearly two-thirds in the past decade, it becomes apparent that going solar in Wisconsin can be a wise investment that will provide you with cheaper and cleaner power for decades to come.

Disclaimer: Not all homes and businesses are a good fit for solar. Contact TruHome Pros today to find out if solar panels are right for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Did you know that solar panels in La Crosse, WI have numerous applications that can help save this planet?

Utilizing sunlight and producing energy. Indeed, the most important benefit is having an off-grid livelihood.

It means that you will be living in homes that do not have the usual electrical utility grid services. Therefore, remote cabins would benefit from solar panels.

This way, you can reduce electric utility installation fees from a nearby grid access point.

Solar-powered electrical systems will have minimized expenses in the long run if you keep them maintained. In addition, you will access renewable and clean energy through the power of solar.

You will be benefiting the climate by minimizing the use of fossil fuels and depleting or polluting the world. Solar panels only need little maintenance, unlike the conventional source.

To top it all off, the lifespan of solar panels can be up to 20 years past the installation phase. Therefore, if you keep the quality of the systems effective, power generation will be free for years.

Solar panels can be a great addition to your home and work well with commercial usages.

It does possess not only an environment-friendly application but also a cost-effective one. By installing solar panels, you are minimizing the production of non-renewable energy. Along with this, you are saving up on money.

Solar panels can help fight climate change because they are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient

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Solar Panels Installation And Repair In La Crosse County Wisconsin

If you are needing an experienced, affordable and dependable La Crosse County, Wisconsin professional for your solar panels project, then you are in luck. To help makes sure the entire process from start to finish is as easy as possible for you, we pair you with qualified pros who specialize in solar panels services, as well as a host of other home improvement projects for both residential and commercial properties.* Dependable solar panels services – Get an estimate, quote and more details* Connect with reliable local, qualified and experienced professional near you* Commercial & residential solar panels services in the La Crosse County, WI areaPlease fill out the form here, tell us about your solar panels job, and we will pair you with a local La Crosse County professional. From there, theyll contact you with details on the next steps, prices involve, quotes, material costs and timeline.

Solar Provides Better More Affordable Living In La Crosse

4 Year Update – Are Solar Panels for Home Still Worth It?

Itâs amazing what a bit of sunshine can do. Did you know that you can save about 20 percent of your monthly utility bill with solar power in La Crosse? Utility costs are so expensive these daysâ¦in fact, the average home currently costs about $110 per month to heat, cool and power. In the last three years, that cost has increased by 37 percent!

On an annual scale, the average person spends approximately 7 percent of their entire income just on home energy. Imagine how much more expensive utilities will be in the years ahead! But, you can do something about it nowâwith solar.

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Customized Solar Power Systems For Residential And Commercial Properties

Ethos Green Power Cooperative builds high-quality solar energy systems in La Crosse, WI and the surrounding areas. We are a local worker-owned co-op founded on over 20 years of experience in renewable energy. Our friendly experts can answer all your questions about converting your home, farm, business, or institution to clean, inexpensive solar energy.

Contact usfor a free quote today and learn more about our simple process for your new solar energy system. We offer real-time monitoring and lifetime support for all solar energy systems we install. Did you hear about us from a friend or family member? Ask us about our referral discounts for extra savings!

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