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Solar Panels For Golf Carts

Peel And Stick Solar Golf Cart Tops

Charging a golf cart with a solar panel using a Genasun charge controller

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a solar golf cart with the Peel and Stick Roof Kit from Resource Center Solar, Inc. This revolutionary new product offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to GO GREEN.

No gas is required to run a solar cart.

As gas prices go up and natural resources become more valuable, solar energy is no longer a convenience-it is now a necessity!

You do not need to buy a complete new solar powered-cart. Just install our Break Through Technology,a Solar Cell Thin Film Peel and Stick, almost non breakable panel, installs directly on your existing golf cart roof for a fraction of the cost of a new cart and receive all the advantages of extended life of your batteries and tax rebates for going solar. The warranty for the solar roof panel is 3 YEARS.

  • Is easy to apply.
  • Saves money on electricity.
  • The payback for investing in a golf cart solar panel roof can be as little as two years.
  • Uses revolutionary flexible solar panels made with thin film amorphous silicon that are powerful, yet light and flexible.
  • Allows individuals to save even more money with tax credits for purchasing solar.
  • For every hour the golf cart solar panel roof is charging in peak sun, the original charge will maintain its distance, with one additional mile added when driving on flat terrain.
  • Can be used on any passenger size golf cart.
  • Installs in minutes on existing golf cart tops
  • In most cases, can be applied permanently to your existing golf cart top

How Does It Work

2. What makes your golf cart peel and stick solar charging system work and how does Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar work?

The top active layer in a triple-junction cell captures a portion of the solar spectrum, and the remaining sunlight penetrates to the second layer, which captures another part of the solar spectrum, and likewise for the third and final layer. As a result, the cell converts more of the solar spectrum into electricity, achieving higher conversion efficiency.

3. Explain the economical benefits of your peel and stick solar charging systems?

Purchase one of our solar charging systems with our Limited Special Introductory Price, rebates, tax credits, yearly battery maintenance and battery life extension write off when solar is supplied. Bottom-line, with this special offer, a Solar Charging System that, well it turns out your unit is NET FREE!

Cost of the complete charging system is 40 to 50% less than competitors products:Cost to hire someone else to install the system is eliminatedCost in the future to repair or replace is eliminatedCost of purchasing batteries at least by enhancing battery life by two years The expected life span of the solar tops is over twenty years.Ships right to your door by UPS

4. Are your golf cart peel and stick solar charging systems only available for 2 passenger golf carts or can they be used on any size passenger or utility golf cart.

1. A Charge Controller which regulates voltage and prevents over charging.

Can You Charge A Golf Cart With A Solar Panel

Can you charge a golf cart with solar panel? If youre wondering, the answer is yes. The panels can be attached directly to the battery terminals on a golf cart. The solar panel will then provide the required power to the golf carts batteries, extending their life. In addition, solar charging will reduce the amount of time the batteries need to be recharged and will also benefit the environment.

To install a solar panel on your golf cart, you need to measure the battery voltage of your golf cart. The maximum voltage is 48V, so the solar panel should be of the right voltage. Solar panels for golf carts are typically available in 12-volt models, which will fit your golf carts roof. Just make sure that the solar panel fits snugly onto the golf carts roof.

You can place your golf cart on a sunny day to get the maximum amount of sun. For most golf carts, the sun is only visible during the summer peak hours. This timeframe varies from region to region, but you can still charge your golf cart using solar panels when you cant be outside for very long. During summer, the peak sun hours nationally are 5 1/2 hours. In the southern US, this timeframe varies.

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Golf Cart Solar Panels & Systems

When it comes to electric powered golf carts everyone wants to have more performance or longer range. With Petes new line of Golf Cart Solar Panels and Solar powered charging systems it is now possible to extend the range of your golf cart by at least 20% on an average day. If you want the best option currently on the market for a golf cart solar panel you have come to the right place.

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Mppt Boost Charge Controller 96v 84v 72v 60v 48v 36v Sc Series

Solar Power for Golf Carts

The MPPT Boost Charge Controller uses US Made processor and an improved high-speed tracking MPPT algorithm to quickly track the maximum power of the solar panels. This boost controller can be set for various output voltages such as 96V 84V 72V 60V 48V 36V.

This Boost Charger Controller adopts the new upgraded MPPT algorithm, with high conversion efficiency, with the help of this controller, 18V solar panels can charge 60V and 72V batteries, while many controllers cannot.

this boost MPPT solar controller can be used for electric vehicles, Golf Carts, ebike, camper trailer, marine, yacht, RVs, Trike, electric three-wheeled/four-wheeled vehicles to effectively increase driving distance, or for home off-grid solar power systems.

Pros & Benefits:

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How Many Solar Panels To Charge A Golf Cart

The most important question to ask when installing a solar panel system is How many panels should I install? It is possible to charge up to a 36-volt battery bank with a single solar panel. You should know that one solar panel can charge up to six golf cart batteries, but you should avoid connecting the solar panel directly to the battery. Solar panels are lightweight, and many are made of tempered glass, also known as safety glass. They can withstand the impact of a ball and are safe from excessive wear and tear.

Another consideration when installing solar panels is your budget. There are many brands of solar panels, and specific information will vary by model. A typical golf cart battery has 520 charge cycles, which is approximately one third of its capacity. Installing solar panels will increase the batterys lifespan and decrease the depth of discharge. This will prolong its usable life, resulting in fewer dead batteries and fewer battery replacements.

How Difficult Is The Kt Solar Charging System To Install

SAFETY: This DC Solar Panel generates in excess of 50 volts. Please follow all instructions in manual carefully.

The fitting of the solar panel to your roof should be done inside a covered workshop or shed environment, preferably out of ambient sunlight.

If fitting in outside environments, ensure to cover the Solar Panel with the cardboard carton packaging using masking tape to hold in place until full installation is completed. We recommend an auto electrician or qualified tradesperson fit this system.

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Golf Cart Solar Solutions

  • Original price $ 995.95 -Original price $ 995.95Original price $ 995.95Current price $ 795.95 | /

    This solar power charging system lets you place the solar panel on your golf cart roof for maximum sunlight. Charge your batteries anywhere with ou…

    Original price $ 995.95 -Original price $ 995.95Original price $ 995.95

Benefits To Convert Golf Cart To Solar Powered

How to Convert an Electric Golf Cart to Solar Power – Part 1

Converting golf cart to solar power offers numerous benefits. One of these is extending the battery life. A solar golf cart can easily last for more than 10 months without charging. It can even charge the batteries while it is in storage. This feature is particularly useful during the winter when the golf course is closed to use electricity. Another benefit is that solar carts do not require plugging in when they are not in use.

Another advantage of solar energy for golf carts is that they do not generate harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Unlike conventional electricity, solar energy is renewable and does not use fossil fuels. This means that the long-term viability of golf courses is ensured. In addition, solar powered golf carts are affordable and can save owners money. This technology is also tax-deductible if you are converting your cart to solar powered.

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Benefits Of A Peel And Stick Solar System

Extended Daily Range

A solar golf cart can provide up to 33% more range between recharges than non-solar electric golf carts. Its possible to get a range of up to 49 miles before requiring a full recharge.

Extended Battery Life

The life of your golf cart batteries is extended by an average of 25-50%. Which means they need to be replaced less often.

Lower Electric Bills

Easy to Install

Installs in 20 minutes on your existing golf cart top with a peel and stick technology. Does not necessitate the removal of your existing top. If you already have a golf cart, it is much cheaper to convert it through purchasing the solar roof panels. Buying a new solar golf cart can cost you in the range of $7,000 to $11,000.

Does Not Depend on short Peak Sun Hours to produce amps

Works on light from sunup to sundown and in Rainy/Cloudy Days as well as in Snow Weather – Snow produces light.

Does Not have to be tilted 45 degrees toward the equator to absorb peak sun

Works both in non use and while driving

Does not lose 50% of the Watts, as does Crystalline or Poly Crystalline Panels due to heat. The closer to the equator the less amps, the closer to the North more amps-The amps posted on the technical information written on our web sites are based on Central USA and may vary according to temperature.

Works if cut or damaged with sharp objects

How Solar Panel Golf Carts Work

Whether youre using a kit or a new roof with built-in panels, the general principles are the same. Photovoltaic panels and a controller team up to collect and convert energy from the sun into electricity to charge your golf carts battery system.

The PV panel is on the roof, and the controller can be placed almost anywhere on your cart. Some manufacturers have specific requirements for controller placement, so be sure to follow the instructions for your particular solar brand.

The wiring that connects the solar system to the batteries is secured to the frame so its out of the way. Its possible to install and wire your golf carts solar power system yourself, wiring the batteries, controller, and panels together can be dangerous. Authorized installers with proper equipment and experience can install your energy system for you.

Once installed, the system automatically begins collecting energy and generating electricity. The sun charges the batteries while youre golfing or otherwise using your cart. You dont have to give your batteries another thought.

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Boost Solar Charge Controller

Simply, a boost solar charge controller is a charge controller built in Boost function to charge higher voltage battery bank with lower voltage solar panels, it enabled you charge a 36V 48V battery bank with 18V solar panels, and besides it has all the function as a solar controller, that is a perfect solution for charge a limit solar panel hooked golf cart.

Economical 48 Volt Solar Charger For Golf Cart

Convert A Golf Cart To Solar Power

the 48 Volt Solar Charger for Golf Cart is an economical charger of the boost controller family, specifically designed to charge solar golf carts and electric vehicles. It supports charging 48V 60V 72V batteries with up to 360W input.

The boost controller is a charger with built-in MPPT function, which ensures that the controller has the best solar energy conversion efficiency.

The controller can be used to charge the 48V 60V 72V battery system with 18V or 36V panels, which is suitable for electric vehicles that can only mount small panels.

Pros & Benefits:

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Deterioration Potential Of Sunpower Panels

Customers of SunPower panels can easily access item and makers warranties within 25 40 years. Whats the offer concerning SunPowers deterioration possibility every year?Solar Panel Golf Carts

All photovoltaic panels lose their capability to get as well as transfer solar energy radiations for storage as they grow older. Having said that, SunPower claims their stable of sunlight doors will merely weaken regarding 0.2% every 1 year.

At such a rate, users can anticipate approximately 92% capacity coming from their photo voltaic panels throughout operations. Continuous usage of these photovoltaic panels may lower the max expected ability to concerning 86%.

What Kind Of Vehicle Does The Kt Solar 48v Electric Vehicle Charging System Suit

Ideal for resort carts, service carts and golf buggies, the KT SOLAR Electric Vehicle Charging System runs using a premium quality MPPT Solar Controller, a wireless bluetooth dongle, 48V Monocrystalline Solar Panel, D.I.Y EZY install mounting rails and a quality fitment kit containing all of the bits and pieces left to install your system.

This system is designed to suit the current roof of your vehicle and suits most models of carts.

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Boost Solar Charger Controller For Golf Cart

The Solar Golf Cart Charger is Featured 48V 60V 72V Boost Solar Charge Controller MPPT, The Boost Function enables you charge 48V 60V 72V Battery Bank with 18V or 36V Solar Panels, which widely applicable to Solar powered Electric Vehicle like Camper Trailer Caravan, Truck, RV, Marine and Golf Cart.

Boost Charge Solar Charge Controller MPPT Type Take advantage of MPPT Technology Helps you Track the maximum power point and harvest the most solar energy.

Support Charge Lithium Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Gel Battery and AGM Batteries.

supports up to 400W solar panel.

Pros & Benefits:

Peel And Stick Solar Top

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Solar Panel Top

1. What features do your custom golf cart peel and stick solar charging systems offer that makes then stand out from other golf cart charging systems?

Our complete Peel and Stick Solar Charging Systems are manufactured in the USA! We try to educate folks everyday when dealing solar and wind energy. Certainly watts are important in determining the difference in those types of competitor products, but means little to our Peel and Stick Technology.

One has to consider we are not comparing apples to apples. We have come up with a simple and understandable scenario for you to evaluate. Before we begin with this answer a short statement must be made about efficiency. Some of these folks claim high wattage and higher efficiency in order to sell their products.

All solar units, excluding our Peel and Stick, in high temperatures as we have in the south lose 50% of their wattage and all that is advertised to come with it. Next one crack in a diode, your complete panel is of no value. One cloud comes over the efficiency means nothing.

Having made these statements let us present this question to you. If the glass/plastic type Mono, Crystalline, Combo type products must face the sun to gain peek energy and that peek time is 5 hours per day, given the best day, lots of sun, and their unit produces 3 amps during those energy draws, doesn’t that equal to 15 amps per day going into your batteries?

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Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged Into The Pv System All The Time

The role of a solar PV system for your golf cart is to give it the much-needed charge boost when its not plugged in.

The best way to make the most out of this is to leave it plugged into the PV system when youre using it. Otherwise, you should disconnect it or risk overcharging and possibly damaging it.

What Is The Difference Between A Solar Battery And A Marine Battery

Your solar panels have been collecting energy, which can be stored in solar batteries. In order for your battery to store solar energy, its capacity needs to be higher. can be start-up batteries, dual-purpose batteries, or deep cycle batteries. A dual purpose battery is one that combines a starting mode with a deep mode.

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Environmental Benefits Make The Earth Happy

Solar energy is clean. No carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as it is when batteries are plugged into the wall to charge. Similarly, no fossil fuels are consumed as they are in gas-powered golf carts. The suns energy is both clean and renewable.

With their renewable, clean energy and lack of generated pollution, solar charged golf carts are an Earth-friendly option. You can help ensure that golf courses will be around for a very long time.

Powerdrive Golf Cart Solar Panels

Golf Cart Solar Panel System 48v

Snap your solar panel on and off with ease.

E-Z-GO TXT PowerDrive Golf Cart Solar Panel

45Watt PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels will trickle charge your golf car helping you drive farther and keep your batteries longer.

This panel is designed specifically for the E-Z-GO TXT Golf Car.

* Charge controller required to charge batteries safely from the solar panel.

E-Z_GO RXV PowerDrive Golf Cart Solar Panel

45W PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels trickle charge your golf car helping you drive farther and keep your batteries longer.

This panel is designed specifically for the E-Z-GO RXV Golf Car.

* Charge controller required to charge batteries safely from the solar panel.

Extended Top PowerDrive Golf Cart Solar Panel

76 Watt PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels trickle charge your golf car helping you drive farther and keep your batteries longer.

This panel is designed specifically for the

* Charge controller required to charge batteries safely from the solar panel.

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