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In Ground Solar Pool Cover

Liquid Solar Cover Benefits

How to Install A Solar Cover Reel for Above Ground Swimming Pool – GLI Whirlwind

Just like any other chemical, you add to your pool water, liquid solar cover is completely safe for people and pets. It wont irritate your skin , and it doesnt leave any residue on you or your swimsuit.

Note: While its not a good idea for your pet to drink pool water on a regular basis, liquid solar cover is safe for the occasional sip or two your dog might decide to take when youre not looking. Always check the safety notes for the brand you choose before using it, and before letting your pets into the pool.

Reduce Water Evaporation

You can cut water evaporation by about 15 percent with a liquid solar cover. Does it really work? Absolutely. We even tested it.

Heat Retention and Lower Heating Costs

Liquid solar covers are about 75 percent as effective as solar blankets at retaining heat. But remember, it works constantly without your having to remember to cover the pool at night.

This may be a tradeoff for never having to reel in, clean, and store liquid solar cover, though.

Keep Bugs and Debris Out

Well, heres one area where solar blankets and rings are the clear winner. Of course, liquid solar cover isnt going to keep bugs, leaves, and other debris out of your pool.

If you opt to use this heating method, youll have to stay on top of things with your handheld skimmer and vacuum.

Lower Chemical Costs

Nope, were actually adding a chemical cost with this one. But its an affordable one that offers a good return on that investment.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work

The first way that solar pool covers work is nice and obvious. They protect your pool from the elements, such as rain, leaves, and other debris, and save you from more frequent cleaning sessions.

The part that you may be wondering about, which involves solar power, involves capturing energy from the sun within the cover in order to maintain the poolâs temperature underneath. Solar pool covers can look like large sheets of bubble wrap, with those bubbles keeping the heat in their structures and enabling you to save money on heating up your pool for as long. Colors pay a part too, with many covers opting for clear upsides in order to attract heat, and black undersides in order to prevent it from escaping.

Cover Thickness And Color

Solar pool covers vary in thickness and it should be no surprise to hear that when it comes to the best pool solar cover thickness, the thicker it is the overall heat increase is likely to be higher. The lighter the color of the cover, or the clarity, will also result in more heat entering the pool .

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Solar Pool Covers 19 Things To Know Before You Buy

Are you thinking of buying a solar cover for your pool? Solar pool covers, also known as solar pool blankets, involve quite a large investment so it is important to ensure that the expenditure will be worth it for you.

Generally having a solar pool cover will save money in the long run, particularly if you heat your pool using electricity or gas. They will also extend your swimming season if you do not heat the pool and reduce the amount of money you spend on chemicals.

To help you decide whether to buy a solar pool cover for your in-ground or above-ground pool I try to answer all of the questions you may have so you can make an informed decision.

Inground Solar Pool Cover Reel Systems

525B Blue Solar Pool Cover

You are more likely to get the most out of your solar pool cover if the process of taking it on and off is easy and hassle-free. With a solar pool cover reel system, the task of covering and uncovering your pool is done with the push of a button or the turn of a crank.

Dohenys Low Profile Reel System

Dohenys Low Profile Reel System is perfect for a rectangular pool with a diving board, as it fits underneath the diving board. The easy-to-assemble and install reel system sits securely on the pool deck and requires no mounting. All necessary hardware is included. The simple extended hand crank is easy to turn, making covering and uncovering your pool a breeze. Dohenys Low Profile Reel System is backed by a 5 year warranty.

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What Is The Best Color For A Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers are available in several thicknesses. Theyre measured in mil, which is the standard United States unit of measure for one-thousandth of an inch.

  • Blue solar covers can measure 4 mil and 8 mil .
  • Clear solar covers can measure 12 mil and 16 mil .

Clear solar covers heat the pool better than blue solar covers because they allow more of the suns heat to penetrate more efficiently. Dark blue solar covers are great for heat retention. And even a lightweight cover can last if you take care of it properly.

Sun2solar Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond

The Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Solar Cover is the best solar cover for an inground pool for those looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers good heat retention throughout various seasons. This is made from a resin material, and the cover itself is a clear cover.

Unlike many other common solar covers, this uses diamond-shaped bubbles with the claim that with a diamond design you get greater coverage of bubbles to absorb more UV rays. While the low price on this solar pool cover definitely makes it a good value for the ones we evaluated, it did rank low on both ease-of-use as well as durability compared to others.

Next, on our best solar cover for inground pool list, we have this solar cover from Down Under that makes use of a double blue layer technology that aims to give the cover more durability. It features reinforced seams that try to help it fight against wear and wind resistance in spite of the fact that it is very lightweight.

More about the durability, this solar cover is made from vinyl that is UV stabilized to fight of fading from both the sun and the chemicals from the pool. Also, it comes with a decent 3-year warranty. Althought it works well, our biggest issue with the Down Under Blue Solar Cover is that it is often not available to buy and probably not the best choice for someone needing a solar pool cover in a timely manner.

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Q: How To Cut A Solar Pool Cover

A: Prior to cutting, place your solar pool cover on the pool and let it float for a few hours so that it softens and straightens up. Make sure that the solar blanket not only covers your entire pool but also spreads 3 to 5 cm over the edge of the pool and up the tiles. Take a pair of house scissors and start trimming the extra material.

Does A Solar Cover Stop The Pool Getting Dirty

Hydrotools 52000 Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Reel System 1-Year Review & Easy Cover Roll-Out

Although some seem to suggest that solar covers do at least help in keeping the pool clean, in my experience, this is not one of their benefits. You always have a small gap between the pool sides and the cover so dirt and debris often get blown towards the edges and then enter the pool.

Also, to keep the cover in good order it is good practice to hose any dirt off the cover before you roll it up so this ends up in the pool anyway while you are using the hose or when you roll it up.

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What Do I Do

The climate is great here in the Canary Islands, with the lowest temperatures rarely dropping below 50ºF at night and 68ºF during the day in winter. But there is insufficient sunshine to keep the pool at a temperature that we are prepared to swim in , even with our solar heating and the solar cover.

So from around mid-November until late February or early March, I take the cover off and store it. See the next section for tips on storing.

How To Use A Solar Pool Cover

The first time you unpack it, a solar blanket may be a little unwieldy, but its easily fixed. First, unfold it next to the pool. Spread it out bubble-side down on top of the pool water. The bubbles keep your cover afloat while, depending on the color and type of cover, acting as little magnifying glasses to heat up your pool.

Straight out of the box, the solar blanket will probably hang out over the sides of your pool, especially if you have a uniquely shaped pool. Use multi-purpose scissors to trim the excess so the blanket fits inside the pool.

Tip: Leave a flap 2 to 3 inches long where your skimmer is so you can tuck it under the edge of the skimmer. This allows you to push debris into the skimmer before removing the blanket.

Ideally, youll put your solar blanket on whenever the pool is not in use. Daytime is the best time for it to heat up your water, of course, since it relies on the sun. However, keeping it on through the night prevents water and heat loss via evaporation.

Tip: Running your pump while your solar blanket is on is completely safe.

If youre in and out of the pool throughout the day, just be sure to put it back on when youve finished using the pool for the day. Obviously, youre not going to want to swim with a solar blanket on the pool, so before you get in, youll need to remove it.

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Solar Pool Cover Buyer’s Guide

It doesnt take long to discover the benefits of using a solar pool cover. Solar covers, also called solar blankets, are a lightweight floating barrier for the surface of the pool. They effectively reduce the rate of evaporation, helping pool owners save money on water, pool chemicals, and even heat energy. They also help you swim more, gaining more time in the early spring, late fall, and early hours of each day. Solar covers have a fairly low purchase price, and in most cases, the money youll save on water and chemicals can help a solar cover pay for itself within the first year. But this is just one of several reasons why a solar cover is a smart investment. To help you decide if a solar cover is right for your pool, weve put together a handy solar cover buying guide.

Save Energy Costs And Water By Reducing Evaporation

400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

A solar cover uses nothing but the suns natural energy to keep your pool at a warm temperature. Even if you already have an additional heating element such as a pool heater, a solar cover can help prevent the heat from escaping.

In turn, it can save you on heating costs. You can save even more if you have enough steady sunlight to not even require another heating element. Another thing you can save with a quality solar cover is water. The cover can help reduce the evaporation that naturally occurs. In turn, you wont have to replace the water as frequently.

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Splash Pools Scv 2412 Oval Solar Cover

With the Splash Pools Oval Solar Cover, you get three size options to find a great fit for your above-ground pool. We found one that should have been a great fit, but we were dismayed to see that it was several inches smaller than advertised. This resulted in a large gap around the perimeter of the cover that allowed debris to get into the pool and reduced this covers effectiveness. But it still did a pretty decent job of increasing the waters temperature.

Our biggest complaint with the Splash pools solar cover is that it started to disintegrate within the first year. When this happens, youll notice your pool starting to fill up with little plastic bubbles that can easily clog your pump and vacuum. For us, the headache this caused wasnt worth the few degrees of warmth we got in exchange, which is why this cover is in the last position of our list.

  • Started to disintegrate in the first year
  • Filled pool with plastic particles
  • Smaller than advertised

How Does A Solar Pool Cover Work

A pool cover works in three ways:

  • It floats on the surface of the pool and allows the suns rays to enter the pool to heat up the water.
  • It acts as a giant blanket and insulates the pool which greatly reduces heat loss, particularly at night and during windy weather.
  • As no water is exposed to the air, evaporation is greatly reduced. The process of evaporation is one of the largest ways heat is lost from the pool.
  • Obviously using the sun to heat a pool is very eco-friendly and can save you money if you use a pool heater.

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    How To Use Liquid Solar Cover

    In addition to bottles, you can also find liquid solar cover in special dispersal packets, sometimes shaped like a cute little fish. Usually, youll just make a small cut in the dispersal packet, and set it free in the pool. Follow the instructions to be sure you add enough packets for your pool.

    For bottled liquid solar cover, simply measure out the appropriate amount according to the volume of your pool, and pour it in. Thats it. Really.

    We like to add enough liquid solar cover to last for a month, but always follow the manufacturers instructions for optimal performance. If you have a lot of splashout, heavy rain, or extremely dry conditions you may need to add liquid solar cover more often.

    Tip: You can run your pump as usual with liquid solar cover in the pool.

    In The Swim Premium 12 Mil

    How To: Install an In Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel


    Reasons to buy

    The In The Swim Premium 12 Mil Solar Blanket is made of polyethylene and its thick material can raise the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This can really help cut heating costs.

    Raised air pockets on the surface of this thick blanket prevent your pool water from evaporating and protect it from things like falling tree branches or garbage – not to mention small, unwanted insect visitors. The air bubbles also trap heat and keep your pool warm. The thickness of this solar blanket means itâs pretty durable but the real winner is the impressive seven-year warranty to give you added peace of mind.

    This solar pool cover also has UV-stabilized resin to prevent excess damage from the sun. If your pool isnât round, thatâs not an issue either as you can cut this pool cover to size.

    While there arenât many reviews for the In The Swim 12 Mil Solar Pool Blanket, it scores an average of 4.5 out of five stars on the companyâs website. Users state that it effectively warms the water.

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    Our Summary On The Best Solar Covers For Inground Pools

    We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to choose the absolute best solar pool cover for your inground swimming pool!

    There are many benefits to having a quality solar swimming pool cover from maintaining your pool temperature to balancing out your pools chemicals. You can use the above reviews to decide which product is the best solar cover for your inground pool, our teams personal top pick is the Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover.

    Let us know what you think about our top solar cover choices for inground swimming pools in the comment section below!

    How Do You Clean A Solar Pool Cover

    An effective method of cleaning your solar pool cover starts by removing loose debris with a garden hose and sprayer. Then, mix gentle soap and water and lightly scrub any stubborn areas with the solution and a soft brush. Rinse the entire cover with the garden hose. Allow it to dry thoroughly before storing. Always avoid the use of harsh chemicals to clean the cover.

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    How Fast Does A Solar Pool Cover Heat A Pool

    This obviously depends on many factors such as the weather , the air temperature, the wind, the cover thickness and color and even the depth of the pool. See the sections below.

    Its ability to heat the pool up is as much a factor in retaining the heat overnight as it is heating the pool up during the day.

    In good sunny weather you can see daily gains of as much as 1-2ºF.

    How To Properly Store Solar Rings

    400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

    For temporary storage, such as when youre swimming but youll be putting the rings back on the pool later, you can simply stack them near the pool. Keep them out of the wind, though, or they may end up all over the pool deck and yard.

    Some rings and squares have loops on the outer portion so you can hang them up while you swim.

    When the swimming season is over, long-term storage is easy, too. Once you have the rings out of the water, spray them off and, if necessary, use a soft push broom or brush to clear any debris from them. Do this before you deflate them to make sure nothing gets trapped in any folds or wrinkles.

    Next, dry them completely. It will be easiest to do this by hand. Taking a leaf blower to solar rings may just blow them right back into the pool, or into the neighbors yard. While that might be entertaining, it wont be efficient.

    Once theyre dry, deflate them, flatten them, and store them in their storage bag , or in a container with a lid. Keep the bag or container in a cool, dry place.

    Regardless of how and where you store them, just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from abrasive surfaces.

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