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How To Install Solar Lights

Correctly Position Remote Solar Panels

How To Install Solar Garden Lighting – DIY At Bunnings

You can also install remote solar panels if your solar garden lights do not have access to the needed amount of direct sunlight. You can attach the remote solar panel to the solar light using a wire.

The small panel can be installed in an area where there is a good source of sunlight. Using remote solar panels ensures that shaded areas are illuminated. Therefore, these panels can help in maintaining the design and brightness of the solar lights in your garden.

Why Should You Replace Your Gas Lamp With A Solar Post Light

There are a number of benefits to replacing your gas lamp with solar post lights:

  • More Economical Operated by batteries that recharge via sunlight, solar post lights are highly cost-effective compared to gas or electric lamps that operate using propane, natural gas, or electricity.
  • Fewer Limitations There are several limitations to gas or electric lamps. You can only install gas or electric lamps near a gas or electric connection. If you decide to switch from gas lamps to electric, the process is complex, costly and usually requires digging, trenching, and wiring. When you switch to solar post lighting, installation is simple, quick, and without the worry of costly routine maintenance. To put it simply, switching to solar post lighting is hassle-free.
  • Design is Safe and Eco-Friendly Gas lamps can remain hot hours after they are turned off making gas lamps a danger to your landscape or even your loved ones. Solar post lights are a safe and easy way for you to decrease safety hazards outside of your home while also decreasing your carbon footprint. Aside from the fact that solar post lights power themselves through the converted energy from sunlight, the materials used to make them are also environmentally-friendly. Gama Sonic solar lights can have a lifespan of 10-15 years, rivaling less eco-friendly options and far surpassing incandescent bulbs.
  • Key Elements For A Successful Installation


    We know that our solar lights need to be positioned to receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight possible. It’s not essential that the solar light panel receives direct sunlight all day, but this does give the best possibility to fully charge the battery. Carefully consider where in your garden or outdoor space will receive adequate sunlight throughout the day before positioning the lights, and ensure that the solar panel itself is clean.


    We generally recommend allowing solar lights to receive 36-48 hours of charge upon first receiving your lights, to ensure that the battery gets a full charge. This process can be repeated at a later stage if battery performance falls below expected levels. A lot of people falsely assume that their solar lights are broken if performance dwindles at a later date , but usually the batteries just need to be emptied and then fully recharged.


    It’s also important that we set our expectations and understand the limitations of solar lights and, indeed, solar energy in general. Regardless of the specific solar light, performance will be worse in the winter months. The lights may not appear as bright as during the summer and likely won’t last as long. That said, following the steps laid out in this guide should provide you with the best possible chance to extract peak performance from your solar lights.

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    How To Install Low Voltage Lighting

    Most low voltage lighting systems include a transformer that is plugged into a regular outdoor-rated GFCI electrical outlet. The transformer reduces, or “steps down,” the 120-volt household current to 12-volts. Connecting landscape lights with a transformer is more involved than installing solar lights, but still easier than installing line voltage lighting.

    • Most transformers are rated to handle a load of 100- to 300-watts. A higher rating means a longer cable, and thus more light fixtures you can connect to the system.
    • If you want to add more path lights than a transformer is rated for, you will need a bigger transformer. It can be more cost-effective to buy a whole new system in a landscape light kit, rather than buying just a new transformer.

    Getting Power Inside The Cabin

    How to Clean + Maintain Outdoor Solar Lights (Guide ...

    From there, the rest of the solar install was a cinch!

    Since the Inergy units are plug and use, we simply ran the heavy duty charging cord from the panels into the cabin.

    All that was left was to plug it into the solar generator / battery pack, and we had full power!

    The generator pack has 6 standard outlets, 2 USB charging ports and even a 30 amp outlet. And it has worked beautifully in the cabin.

    We use it nightly to power our outside lights, and we have used it inside for everything from lights to making coffee. It has even helped to create an instant pot dinner in the cabin with ease!

    Here is to a little off-grid cabin living! Jim and Mary

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    Select The Best Location For Your Solar Lights

    An often-overlooked solution to a dim or poorly lit solar path light is to find a new place to install it. As almost all power supplied to your outdoor solar lights is through solar power, the position of the panel is vital to your lights brightness.

    A solar panel placed in the open with no trees or plants covering the panel will receive sunlight far easier than an obstructed location.

    This will help your lights shine a lot brighter and is a magnificent idea if you are struggling to figure out why your lights are dim.

    Consider taking a look around your garden to find the best place to install your solar lights. Ensuring your garden lights absorb enough sunlight is the best way to keep your light shining brightly throughout the night.

    How To Install Solar Lights

    Here, we hope to advise on how to install and look after your solar lights in order to achieve the best possible performance. In order to do so, we first need to understand the four essential components that solar lights need to function:

  • A rechargeable battery to store power generated from the sun
  • A small photovoltaic cell or solar panel captures sunlight during the day to convert to electrical energy the panel needs to face the sunlight.
  • Charge controller ensures the batteries are not overcharged in bright sunlight, monitors the amount of light in the surrounding area and turns the LED on/off.
  • LEDs to provide the light
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    Understand The Parts Of Your Solar Tube

    Lousy installation of solar tubes leads to bad performance. Mounting a dome means perforating a hole into your roof. If you miss the point here, you may end up soaking in the leak! Consult widely and set a clear strategy to prevent any losses, damages, or future problems.

    The solar tube has several components that require specialized installation. Before you start mounting your unit, understand how each part functions. The tubes cost a fortune, and knowing how every part works saves you unnecessary breakages,

    So, how does the sun tube work? The standard solar tube has a dome at the top of the roof that traps sunlight and channels it into the pipes. At the bottom of the tube is a diffuser that disperses sunlight evenly around your house.

    The tube is a long pipe that forms a continuous mirror that channels light from the dome to the diffuser. The majority of units have flexible tubes that rid you of the challenge of cut to size.

    The transparent hollow space guides light from the sun into your house. Advanced models even have an optic fiber instead of a tube.

    Each brand has unique parts and principles. Read and understand your user guide manual to know how exactly to make a successful installation.

    Understanding how each part of your solar tube works lets you know how to install, repair or maintain it.

    Here is a picture of the different parts of a solar tube. Your unit may not look exactly like this one, but you can draw some inspiration when making the installation.

    Setup The Street Lamp

    How To Install Outdoor Solar Lighting

    A. Lift the lamp pole off the ground for 1 meter, with the use of a supporting bench.

    B. Install and secure the Solar Bracket at the top of the lamp pole. Place the Solar Panel on the Solar Bracket and secure it with bolts. Solar Panels should be handled with care. Follow the electrical circuit diagrams on how the Solar Panels will be connected to the battery, the controller, and the street light.

    C. Install the Light Fixture on the lamp pole. Place the Light Fixture on the ground, with the back part facing upward. Press the red buttons on both sides of the Light Fixture. Turn the Light Fixture around, and screw the plastic black lamp holder. Place the LED light bulb in the holder. If electronic ballast is needed, place it inside the light fixture. Follow the circuit diagram when you connect the light fixture to the controller. Connect and secure the light fixture to the lamp pole.

    D. Check installation and connections to confirm that everything is in the right place. Make sure that wires and components are connected according to the electrical circuit diagram.

    E. Use a crane to erect the lamp pole. Ensure that the lamp pole is upright on the bottom plate. Fix and secure it with bolts.

    F. Place the controller inside the lamp pole, with the correct wires and leads properly connected to the controller. Check that the erected street light is working and behaving as expected.

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    Save On Your Utility Bills

    Last but not least, solar lights can help you save on your utility bills. Not only do they help create a nice atmosphere outside and inside of your home, but they use the free energy from the sun. This means that you dont have to worry about electricity bills because there is no need to use an outlet. In addition, solar lights are powered by the sun, so this means that you will be saving on your energy bills.

    You can use your energy for other things, like heating or cooling your house. This is yet another reason why you should consider using solar lights in your home. Solar lights are affordable, easy to install and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

    How To Install Solar Lamp Post Lights

    Solar lamp post lights keep your driveway or walkways illuminated using solar power. Installing these lights on your walkway, driveway, deck, dock, or other area where lighting is desired does not require any wiring and is a simple task.Step 1-Decide Where You Want the LampsOutdoor lighting is great, but it shouldn’t be placed in all outdoor areas. Typically, solar lamp post lights are great along a walkway, or a deck where the lighting won’t shine into the home or interfere with drivers. You should also consider putting the lights in an area that receives a great deal of sunlight. The lamp’s solar cells absorb the sun’s light and use it to power the lights at night. Look around your home and find the best sunny area then place the lamps 3 to 4 feet apart for the best lighting coverage.

    Step 2-Dig Holes for PostsDepending on the type of solar lamp post light you have purchased, you might need to do a little bit of digging. Some lamp posts have a pointed end at the end of the pole that you can simply insert into the ground a few feet for stability. If not, then you will need to place a small post about 2 feet into the ground. You can use a 3 foot tall 4×4 wood plank for the small post. The post gives the lamp a platform and some added height in order to light a larger area.

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    Friendly Experts That Come To You

    As the only company with a team of dedicated daylighting experts, we make it our aim to know more about daylighting than anyone else. During a free, in-home consultation, one of our factory-trained Certified Installation Consultants will provide answers to questions like

    • Which model is right for my needs?
    • How are Solatube Daylighting Systems are better than skylights?Can I add LED lights to the Solatube product?
    • What is the best placement in my room?
    • How many systems do I need?
    • Should I add accessories, such as a dimmer, decorative fixture, or light kit?
    • How long is installation going to take?
    • How much will all this cost?

    How We Picked And Tested

    Solar lighting diagram  Caravan Solar Panel Kits &  Chargers

    See the following for what we did to pick and test the best step lights.

    Solar powered lights provide an eco-friendly and low-cost energy alternative when it comes to lighting. As its benefits far outweigh its costs, solar powered lights are steadily becoming a staple in every household. With a variety of types, models, and brands, there is currently an influx of these products in the market.

    One of the popular ones is the solar step lights as it provides a durable and low-cost solution for dark pathways, stairs, patios, etc. Due to its popularity, there is a wide array of options available that choosing one can be quite difficult.

    To get a set of high-quality solar step lights, you need to put in a bit of work and effort. Hastily buying one without studying the product could end up in a disaster, like a faulty battery, or weak LED. Reviewing and comparing products may sound tiring, but we curate a list of factors for you to look out for when shopping for solar step lights.

    Type of Light

    Solar-powered step lights have two types. Knowing what and how each one works is essential if youre planning to buy a solar-powered step light in your home. Learning about the different features will help you visualize what kind of light it is and whether or not it is suitable to your home.

    Amount of Solar Power

    Solar Cells and Batteries

    You can also find durable and energy-efficient solar panels and batteries in the newer models compared to the old versions.

    Working Time

    LED Bulbs

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    Position Your Solar Lights Properly

    Solar lights have solar panels installed on top. Although your area and the weather contribute to the efficiency of the solar panels, there are some steps that you can do to ensure that your solar lights perform better. Generally, solar panels get fully charged when positioned where they get 8 hours of continuous sunlight.

    You must also pay attention to any walls, trees, or roofs that can block the solar panels. These can cause a decrease in energy output. Besides, you may want to tilt some of your solar lights such as solar power lights or security solar lights in your garden to maximize the sunlight with the panels facing south. Before installing these lights, it would be best to put a marker where you plan to install the lights so that they are properly balanced in your garden landscape.

    What Are The Different Types Of Solar Step Lights

    Solar-powered lights have become popular since it offers a sustainable and eco-friendly to save on electricity and energy. One of the more popular ones is the solar step lights since they can illuminate pathways and stairs.

    There are two types of solar step lights in the market. Knowing and differentiating the two is important so that youll know what type can best serve your purpose.

    The first kind of solar step light is the type that completely eradicates the need for path lights. These kinds are easy to install since you can just place them flat on the ground. Their LEDs are then positioned upwards which provides a bright, warm light that can illuminate your path.

    Because of the nature of their installation, these types are heavy-duty and durable. They are built to withstand rain, snow, sleet, wind and other conditions. They are also immune to rust and have long life-spans.

    The second type of solar step light is upright and bent at an angle. This enables you to install it on the edge of your steps, or pathways for illumination. The second type typically comes in varieties as their design depends on how youll use them. There are types that can be laid flat and there are also types that you can step on.

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    Ensure That Your Lights Are Clean

    You have to make sure that debris does not collect on the solar panels of your solar lights. When there is dirt accumulating in the solar panels, the battery will not be fully charged. The battery life will be short and the lights may not function well. You ought to make sure to clean the solar panels properly so that you can ensure that your garden is well-lit.

    You can sprinkle the solar panels with warm water and soap and rub them off using a clean cloth. You should also clean snow from the panels during winter. Every 2 years, it is recommended to change the batteries to ensure maximum capacity.

    Install Solar Light Paths

    How To Install A Solar Security Light | Bunnings Warehouse

    Solar path lights are perfect for illuminating your garden paths or walkways. You can also use them for aesthetics and safety purposes. You can choose to hang solar light paths on hooks to light up your garden path or use stakes to install them on the ground.

    Just ensure to position them correctly, particularly in a sunny spot. This way, they can provide adequate lighting at night.

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