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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Use Plastic Decoy Animals

How to remove Pigeons from under Solar Panels

Doing this may seem like an outdated idea before technology took over but it works just as well.

You can use prey animals to deter the pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

Invest in a plastic owl that moves its head with the winds so it doesnt look too fake to the pigeons.

They will have enough movement to scare the pigeon from coming near the solar panel and roosting beneath it.

So, an owl can be a great guard for your solar panels.

If you dont want to use a normal plastic fake animal then you can even opt for a high-tech one to get more effective results.

These include sounds and some form of movement as well that will be enough to scare any pigeons that come near your solar panel.

Bird Deterrents And Visuals

Alternatively, you can suggest some deterrents and visual repellents such as decoy owls or scare tape for your neighbour to place on their roof. You could also consider trying this out to help keep the pigeons from your property.

These decoys will scare pigeons into thinking predators or human activity are present in the area.

Why Do I Have Pigeons Under My Solar Panels

Pigeons under solar panels has become the most common bird problem we solve for folks. It makes sense: the solar panels offer excellent shelter from weather and predators. They are installed up high where they can satisfy their sense of community. People and – for the most part – animals aren’t there and they have a great view of possible sources of food and water within the surrounding area. All in all, the space under solar panels makes a great home for feral pigeons. So when you’re wondering why the pigeons are on your house, if you have solar panels that’s why.

Of course, where ever pigeons are….they poop. A lot. No – I mean A LOT! Their feces not only makes a heck of a mess but also clogs up the roof drainage system and damages just about anything that it touches – including solar panels. The longer the pigeons and their poop are on the panels, the less effective they become at generating electricity. So we recommend having your solar panels pigeon proofed every time, even if you don’t have a pigeon problem. It’s only a matter of time.

I hope this article helps shed some light on how we get rid of pigeons under solar panels. And I hope you’ll consider Gold Shot Exterminating as your pigeon control solution. As always: Happy Hunting!

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Are Critter Guard Worth The Extra Investment

As mentioned above, pigeons and other pests like to nest under panels which can cause extensive damage. While it may not seem like such a big deal, having no power because one of the wires was chewed by a rodent is definitely not ideal. To prevent such things from happening, installing critter guards either during or after your solar install is a wise decision for any homeowner.

If you are interested in solar energy, make sure to check out our tips for any homeowner looking into solar.

S To Take To Address Pigeons Under Neighbours Solar Panels

Solar Panel Pigeon Barriers

The process to get rid of pigeons nesting under solar panels can be complicated. There are many procedures to try and some may work, but there are obvious dangers associated with implementing these methods on a roof.

Additionally, pigeons and their droppings as well as their nests are crawling with germs and pathogens that can make a person quite ill. Therefore, having bird proofing installed on a solar panel is the best overall method.

But this can be tricky if the problem is from a neighbour and not on your own roof. In a professional and concerned tone, we recommend the following as suggestions you can give to your neighbour to solve their problem that has also become yours by extension.

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What About Jackdaws And Squirrels

Its not just pigeons that see solar panels as an ideal home. Quite understandably, jackdaws and squirrels also like to get cosy beneath a slab of silicon. Not together, mind. If theres any positive to what were telling you here, its that youll only end up with an infestation of one species.

If jackdaws get under your panels, this can pose even bigger problems than pigeons. Jackdaws are particularly industrious when it comes to building nests, and theyll ram the underside of your panels with all manner of sticks, twigs, and leaves.

All this material can create hot spots on your panels, which cause particular solar cells to overheat and reduce the overall efficiency of the system.

Squirrels, meanwhile, have something that pigeons and jackdaws dont teeth. Add a pair of incisors into the mix, and the potential for damage opens up spectacularly. Whats more, squirrels are desperately concerned about their incisors overgrowing, so habitual gnawing is the best solution.

This means squirrels can and will gnaw their way through your solar panels cables and components.

If you want an eco-friendly roof that’s supposed to be an environment for animals, why not consider a green roof?

You can save more than £400 each year, just by switching your homes energy supplier. If youre looking to cut down your bills, this ones a bit of a no-brainer.

Why Do Birds Nest Under Solar Panels

Solar panels provide an enticing site for pigeons looking for shelter and a safe place to build a nest. The roof is sheltered under the protective canopy of solar panels, keeping birds safe from the elements and predators. Pigeons will quickly discover that a roof with solar panels is the ideal location for building their nest and rearing their young.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing System

  • 100% protection Guaranteed from not only Pigeons but all bird species.
  • Prior to the installation of your Solar Panel bird proofing all accessible birds and nesting materials are removed.
  • A bacterial agent specifically for bird Faeces can be applied to rid the harmful bacteria left from the toxic bird Faeces.
  • Inspection of the roof is carried out to ensure there are no birds nesting within the roof cavity.
  • A heavy duty mesh is custom made to fit your solar panels. Our Mesh is used to ensure adequate ventilation for the Solar Panels as well as providing an overall durable product. The mesh also offers a very low visual impact to your roof and solar panel system when viewed from the ground up.
  • Our system does not void your Solar Panel warranty or damage your Solar Panels as we do not drill, screw or glue any of our products to your solar panels.
  • The mesh is attached to your solar panels using our clip locking system.
  • Any future maintenance or repairs to your solar panel system has been considered. Our Solar panel bird proofing system can be easily removed and reinstalled to allow access in the future.
  • We are so confident in our workmanship that we will offer you a 5-year Guarantee.
  • Keep Your Yard And Garden Clean

    Cheap DIY Pigeon Deterrent for Solar Panels

    Birds need something to eat, and making the space around your home uninhabitable for them will help encourage them to go elsewhere. To this end, keep your yard and garden clean and ensure there are no food sources around your home.

    This is especially important to consider if you have a flat roof, as that becomes a virtual bird mecca. If you have rubbish bins around your house, store trash under a lid or in tightly sealed plastic bags. Remember also to clean up pet food around the house and store anything birds might want to eat in bins with fitted lids.

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    What Poison Will Kill The Pigeons

    Poisons like Avitrol will act as an acute oral toxicant and can kill them instantly.

    These are often used with food baits to target the central nervous system of the birds.

    Alphachloralose, Antifreeze, and Thallium can also be used as pigeon poison for getting rid of birds using inhumane ways.

    However, as there are many other methods to get rid of pigeons in a humane way, I am not in favor of killing the birds by poisoning them brutally.

    The Conclusion

    Solar panels need to be kept clean and maintained properly.

    Keeping pigeons from roosting is an essential part of this maintenance.

    This will ensure the longevity of your solar panels as they will incur fewer problems.

    So, follow these fifteen ways to stop pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

    The ways you choose depends on your preference and budget as they all work equally well.

    Once that is done, you can rest ensured that you are getting maximum protection from roosting pigeons on the roof and under solar panels.

    How Do You Proof My Solar Panels

    Our quality and reliable solar panel proofing method is highly effective in excluding possums and pigeons from beneath your solar panels. It consists of a stainless steel black UV coated wire mesh with UV stable nylon retainer hooks. This means excellent airflow and water flow beneath the panels to assist with optimal panel performance.

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    Bird B Gone Solar Bird Chase Supersonic

    Aside from the conventional barriers and scare tapes, there are technologically-advanced means to send the pigeons away. The Bird B Gone Solar Bird Chase Supersonic is one of the popular brands in terms of bird repellers. This product works by producing distress and predator calls in the atmosphere. There are 24 pre-recorded distress sounds and you can even program it to target a specific bird you want to drive away.

    This can be used for general setting to ward off birds like woodpeckers, pigeons, crows, seagulls, geese, starlings, and more. The best thing about this Bird B Gone device is its solar-powered system that will work even if you dont have a power source nearby. The solar panel bird deterrent kit will also charge its internal battery to keep it working even during cloudy and rainy days. Once the light sensor detects light, it will shut down the unit and let it work on stored energy. You can also attach it to your solar panel to avoid running out of battery.

    The Bird B Gone is usually used on land, but you can find ways to mount it on your roof.

    Pros: The distressing sound it produces really works in driving the pigeons away from your solar panels.

    Cons: Some sounds can be too screechy and annoying if your solar panels are placed near someone elses window or house.

    More Photo Examples Of Our Work Can Be Found Here Collection 1 And Collection 2

    How to get rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

    Also please see attached close up photos below of what we do.

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    Cleaning The Solar Panels

    After installing your pigeon proofing mesh, our team will make sure to leave the work site sparkling! With pigeons being unwelcome guests, its no surprise they have probably left faecal matter all over panels!. This is why our team will clean them with special cleaning solutions designed to leave your panels extra clean! Clean solar panels will increase the yield of energy per solar panel, and our team will also make sure to clear up any mess they left behind, performing general tidying duties. You will definitely not regret hiring us, especially when we leave your panels the cleanest you have ever seen them!

    Why Do Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels Pose A Problem

    Here are some of the common problems humans face when pigeons start nesting under their solar panels:

    • Pigeons are known carries of disease and lice along with their droppings which contain more than 60 pathogens and diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella all of which pose serious health risks to us humans. Once their droppings become dry they become dust like and airborne meaning we as humans are breathing these pathogens into our airways which can make us dangerously sick.
    • Pigeons are very noisy, especially their young ones. People living and sleeping in rooms directly under the roof find the sounds of pigeons day and night very irritating and non forgiving.
    • Pigeons defecate in and around their nests which causes staining and damage to the roof itself.
    • The overall build-up of their faeces can damage expensive solar panels because bird faeces are very corrosive. They can also build up on the solar panels and compromise their efficiency.
    • Nesting materials and bird faeces accumulating under the Solar Panels blocks the overall free flow of water to be able to run down into your gutters. Gutters also become blocked and damaged causing in house water leaks.
    • Birds, Bird faeces and their nests also attract other pests such as cockroaches and rodents.

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    Set Up A Sloped Sheathing

    Mostly constructed from PVC, plywood, or metal, sheathing creates a slippery surface which pigeons cannot roost on. These products are mainly comprised of three sheaths that establish right triangles. Their bases can securely fit into flat roosting spaces. The surface features a 60 to 40-degree angle which these birds cannot perch. All you need to do is just to put it on top of flat areas around solar panels where pigeons often roost.

    Some Reminders To Make A Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit Work

    Removing Pigeons from Under Solar Panels | Bird Proofing Solar Panels

    No matter how many effective pigeon barriers you got, there would surely be some glitch that youll encounter in the process. Here are some reminders for you to keep:

    Regular checking

    As much as each item I listed here is efficient, take time to climb on the roof or wherever you installed your panels. Check if the barrier is right in place or if it needs replacement. You might also want to dust it off or remove birds that got stuck tragically.

    Not all repellents are made equal

    Steel spikes may not work as efficiently as a net mesh in some conditions and vice versa. You have to assess how feisty the birds are in your area to know what works for you. When picking your choice of repellent or barrier, make sure that it works against the birds you want to get rid of.

    You might need to experiment

    Like what I said earlier, not all repellents would function the same. Try one after the other until you find the item that works on your situation. Some spikes or mesh could be for a lesser flocked area.

    Extend your patience

    If the birds keep on nesting under your solar panels , dont go on a state of frenzy. Install a harder mesh or a sturdier spike. You can combine all these including the sonic repellent for a guaranteed solution.

    Do you have something to add on these personal picks of mine? Let us know below in the comment section!

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    Keep A Clean Yard And Garden

    Pigeons are always looking for something to eat.

    This is why they prefer roosting next to a place where they can easily find a lot of food.

    If your yard or garden has stuff for them to eat then the undersides of your solar panels will be an ideal location for them to roost.

    So, you should maintain your yard and garden every week and get rid of anything that may be a source of food for pigeons.

    Apart from that, you should make sure that your trash is tightly sealed and inside a closed bin.

    Maintaining your home is an important step towards keeping a clean roof and garden as it will ensure nothing attracts the pigeons from nesting or roosting.

    Hire Pigeon Proofing Professionals

    If you cant find a solid way to get rid of pigeons under solar panels, perhaps its time to leave the issue to seasoned professionals like us who are able to use the proper tools and techniques to get rid of birds once and for all. A great professional method is the installation of a one to one door device that deters pigeons from coming in. Additional professional services may include the cleaning of bird droppings and dirtand we all know this is something that most folks dont want to bother with on their own.

    If you are seeking for 5-star pigeon proofing services across the southeast UK, we are the ones to call. Thanks to our 10+ years experience and advance professional methods, we can help you get rid of this pesky problem for good.

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    If Pest Pigeons Are Under Your Neighbours Solar Panels What Can You Do About The Problem

    For pigeons living under a neighbours solar panels that cause problems to your property, you can politely suggest to the neighbour methods such as bird proofing of solar panels or some form of bird netting to clear the problem. For non-compliant neighbours, you may need to report the issue to your local council.

    This is a common problem with any owner of solar panels. But if a neighbour doesnt work to remove the issue, you shouldnt have to deal with nuisance birds at the same time. We have compiled a list of ways to offer suggestions to a neighbour dealing with this problem. Read on to find out more about what you can suggest and the overall best option.

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