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What Is A Solar Pool Cover

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How to use your Solar Pool Cover

We carry 3 unique solar cover styles that can help to maintain the temperature in your pool. Whether your pool is too cold to enjoy consistently throughout the Summer or you’re currently spending a fortune heating it, you’ll be able to extend your swimming season and save money with a new solar blanket. We are Canada’s source for swimming pool solar covers, with over 10,000+ cover shapes and sizes in stock and ready to ship!

Drawbacks Of A Liquid Solar Pool Cover

While there are many benefits to using a liquid solar cover, its important to weigh some of the potential downsides.

Can Be Affected by Weather

In high winds, liquid solar covers can be affected. Naturally, any product that sits on top of the water and forms a liquid layer will be affected when the wind picks up. While this is not a significant downside, it is something to consider if you live in an area with windy conditions.

Wont Keep Debris Out of the Pool

Another obvious, but no less important, consideration is that liquid covers cannot keep debris out of your pool.

Youre more likely to encounter tree leaves and other lawn debris in the pool when you choose a liquid solar cover. Like most homeowners, you probably clean the pool regularly as part of your ongoing maintenance work and so this is unlikely to prevent you from further reviewing liquid pool covers.

What Is Better Solar Blanket Or Liquid Pool Cover

Now you might be asking yourself why you would use a liquid solar cover rather than a physical solar blanket. While there are pros and cons for each, one of the biggest reasons simply comes down to the size and the storage required to keep a solar blanket in good condition!

Why use liquid solar cover instead of a plastic solar blanket

  • no need to cover and uncover the pool every day
  • easier to store
  • reduce costs associated with heating your pool

Some pool owners are even convinced they use their pool less because they dread having to deal with their solar blanket every time they get in and out of their pool.

On the other hand, the liquid solar blanket continues to work when people are swimming in the pool. The tension formed at the surface of the water is broken by the swimmers but reforms quickly.

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Does A Pool Warm

During hot and windless days, it may be the case that the pool water will heat up quickly without the solar pool cover since more of the suns energy will reach the water directly.

However, the pool cover also prevents heat loss and evaporation, which usually occurs frequently and much quicker in windy conditions so that it may heat up quicker with the lid on.

Benefit Three: A Reliable Investment

525B Blue Solar Pool Cover

Many homeowners shy away from the initial cost of a solar pool coverthinking its an unnecessary purchase which wont enhance their pool experience much. This isnt the case, however, as the upfront cost of a solar pool cover makes up for itself in long-term cost savings.

Plus, solar pool covers are durable. Crafted from polymer material with many sealed air bubbles, these pool covers are designed to capture, and transmit, heat into your pool. Theyre tough productsand their heavy duty design requires little maintenance. If you invest in a solar pool cover, youll have a reliable addition for many, many years.

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Pros And Cons Of Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers serve two basic purposes: Protect the pool and help naturally raise the water temperature. Long considered essential for pool owners, pool covers prevent debris from getting into the water, minimizes evaporation and can help with security when the pool isnt in use. By harnessing the heating powers of the sun, solar pool covers offer the added benefit of raising pool water temperatures by an average of 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

All of that translates to solar pool covers ultimately saving pool owners both time and money. Solar pool covers save money by eliminating energy costs that it would take to use a pool heater, retaining pool water and cutting back on chemical loss that also occurs due to evaporation. Solar pool covers save time by making pool maintenance much easier.

Although there are few downsides to solar pool covers, they are worth keeping in mind. The most significant disadvantage to a prefabricated pool cover is that it will not offer the same security as a custom pool cover. Families with young children or pool owners who live in areas that require secure pool covers will need to consider custom solar pool covers that also have security features.

Where Do You Buy Solar Pool Covers

Our team agrees that the easiest place to buy a solar pool cover is online, due to the often cheaper prices and variety of options available. We recommend Amazon, In The Swim, or If you prefer to shop in-store, Home Depot or Leslies Pool Supplies are good options if you have a location nearby.

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Are Velcro Straps Enough

The straps that guide the cover onto the tube are as important as the reel itself. Velcro and adhesive are one method used to connect the straps to the pole, while clips are placed at the other end to grasp onto the cover.

It is better to choose a design where the velcro is securely attached to the pole, or avoid velcro all together and choose a reel where the straps are firmly attached to the reel by grooves or screws.

What Is The Best Color To Choose When It Comes To A Solar Cover For Your Inground Pool

Ask the Pool Guy: Solar Pool Cover Use and Storage {FAQ}

As covered above, Solar pool covers are available in several degrees of thickness. In general blue solar covers are lighter and less think than clear or non-colored solar pool covers, this makes them more durable and usually better at heating your inground swimming pool.

Blue solar covers often measure 4 mils and 8 mils . Clear solar covers can measure 12 mils and 16 mils .

Thicker pool covers can be more on the pricey end compared to their thinner blue counterparts. We recommend picking one of our top 3 options we tested and reviewed in detail above based on your budget and how long you want your solar pool cover to last.

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Cons Of Liquid Pool Covers

Liquid pool covers can be great if you are looking for an easier way to keep the heat in the pool. However, there are a few things that make using a liquid pool cover less appealing.

Here are the cons of liquid pool covers:

  • Does Not Heat Pool: Liquid pool covers do not heat the pool at all. Any heat in the pool needs to come from another source. Rather, liquid pool covers are insulators in that they keep the heat that is already there in the pool.

  • Liquid Pool Covers are Weather Permitting: Part of the allure for liquid pool covers is that they are microscopically thin. That is all well and good until a big gust of wind comes and blows the water around. If your pool is in an area that is windy, unfortunately, a liquid pool cover is not going to work for you.

  • Slow to Work: Some liquid pool cover customers report that it takes a long time for their liquid pool cover to work. Plus, since you have to add more liquid pool cover every month, it becomes hard to tell when it starts to work and leaves you with a time period of no heat retention at all.

Q: How To Cut A Solar Pool Cover

A: Prior to cutting, place your solar pool cover on the pool and let it float for a few hours so that it softens and straightens up. Make sure that the solar blanket not only covers your entire pool but also spreads 3 to 5 cm over the edge of the pool and up the tiles. Take a pair of house scissors and start trimming the extra material.

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Benefit One: Easier Pool Cleaning

Solar covers act as a barrier between your pool and the outside elements. As such, they protect your crystal-clear waters from dirt, leaves and debris around the deck. Theyll directly lessen the number of cleaning sessions youll need to makeas they prevent debris contamination before it becomes an issue.

If you clean your pool manually, this is a great thing. Why spend extra time scooping out twigs and grass when you can shield your pool from unwanted materials in the first place? If you use a robotic pool cleaner: Why not save a little more money by reducing its runtime?

The Best Solar Pool Covers In 2021

400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

Unless youre one of those adventurous polar bear people who like jumping into ice-cold water, you probably want to keep your swimming pool heated. But before you run out and drop the dough on a traditional electric or gas heater, have you considered a solar pool cover?

A solar cover can raise and hold the water temperature of your inground, above ground, or Intex pool. Itll also reduce your energy costs, minimize water loss, increase heat retention, and in some cases, even decrease chemical needs.

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When Do I Use My Solar Blanket

You can leave your pool cover on any time youre not swimming. In fact, its recommended.

During daylight hours, the more you keep the pool cover on, the more efficiently it will heat your pool.

After the sun goes down, the cover will keep in the heat it absorbed during the day and also help keep out debris and bacteria.

Drawbacks Of Solar Blankets

Blanket covers might be the right choice if youre concerned about debris and potential heat gain, but there are several drawbacks to choosing this style of cover for your home.

Safety Concerns

First and foremost, there are serious safety concerns associated with traditional solar blanket covers. Families with small children and pets should consider your choice of cover carefully.

Children and pets can become trapped under the cover if they fall into the pool. This increases the risk of drowning and represents a major safety hazard. Carefully consider this risk and discuss this issue with your family before adding a blanket cover to your pool.

Cannot Use the Pool While Covered

When you work with a blanket cover, you cant use the pool while its covered. And so youll experience a greater amount of heat loss than if you chose a liquid product. Liquid products cover the pool even while your family and friends are inside enjoying the warm water.


Liquid solar covers are generally more affordable than blanket covers. They are half the price of a blanket cover over the average summer. Ensure you consider the cost of the product when analyzing how much youll save on your heating bills with a high-quality cover.

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How Does A Solar Pool Cover Go On

Manually: Although you may think its easy to pull a solar cover on and off and keep it aside folded whenever required, it may end up being a lot difficult and impractical for a big pool. By doing it this way, you will likely tear it or damage it in some way or the other.

Manual roller or reel: In this method, the solar cover is attached to a roller removed. Many rollers have a wheel at one end so that you wheel them away from swimmers if required. This is, therefore, the most popular method of removing and putting the cover.

Electric roller: Electric rollers are similar to manual rollers but are operated electronically. This makes them more convenient to use than manually operated solar pool covers.

Solar Covers Save Energy

Solar Safe Pool Covers explains safety advantages of a pool cover

In todays world it is important that we all do our best to conserve energy and reduce heating costs. What better way to do so than with a solar pool cover? Solar covers raise the temperature of your swimming pool by harnessing the power of the sun. Industry-leading Doheny’s solar pool covers allow more of the suns UV rays to penetrate directly into your pool, increasing your pools solar energy absorption by up to 25% no electricity needed. During the day, a solar pool cover collects the suns rays. It then acts like an insulating solar blanket to keep your pool water warm. 75% of a pools heat loss is due to evaporation. With the solar cover acting as a barrier between your pool water and the air to reduce evaporation, heating costs can be reduced by up to 70%!

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What Is A Liquid Solar Pool Cover

A liquid solar pool cover is a monomolecular film-forming liquid and evaporation inhibitors .

The liquid is actually a combination of a type of alcohol and calcium hydroxide that’s lighter than water so that it creates a microscopically thin film on the pools surface.

It’s basically a protective barrier that slows evaporation and holds heat in longer!

What Is A Liquid Solar Cover

A liquid solar cover is an evaporation suppressant. Theyre an alcohol-based chemical product designed to float on top of your pool water, effectively reducing both heat loss and evaporation. The process works by trapping heat using a molecular barrier on the surface of the water. This helps keep your pool nice and warm and helps save money on rising heat bills.

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In The Swim 12 X 20ft Rectangle Pool Solar Blanket Cover

This In The Swim Solar Blanket is the most famous product on the market. There are many benefits associated with using a solar cover that will tremendously save your money and time.

This product is made of lightweight, and sturdy polyethylene materials. You can cut this solar cover with scissors to fit the shape of your pool, making it easy to install.

This In The Swim solar pool cover will warm up your pool waters temperature from eight to ten degrees in five to seven days with regular sun rays. This solar pool cover prevents heat loss, minimizes chemical loss, water evaporation, and prevents debris from gaining access to the water.

Cover Thickness And Color

400B  Blue Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers vary in thickness and it should be no surprise to hear that when it comes to the best pool solar cover thickness, the thicker it is the overall heat increase is likely to be higher. The lighter the color of the cover, or the clarity, will also result in more heat entering the pool .

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Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Being a swimming pool owner means prioritizing safety over everything else and that means covering your swimming pool with a strong, sturdy safety cover.

Safety covers are engineered to be thicker, stronger, and tougher than other types of swimming pool covers. Whats great about them is that theyll do all of the things youd expect from, say, a winter cover , with the added benefit of keeping unattended animals or kids from falling in accidentally.

Of course, youll pay more for that strength and durability: Safety covers will cost more than solar covers and winter covers, for sure but most pool owners agree that the extra peace of mind is worth the slightly higher price tag. And considering that a mesh pool safety cover can last 10 to 15 years, its definitely money well spent.

For more resources on swimming pool safety, visit our Safety Resources page.

Best Overall: Sun2solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Size: 15 x 30 feet | Shape: Rectangle | Thickness: not listed | Material: Plastic | Weight: Approx. 30 pounds

  • Minimizes changes in water chemistry

  • Easy to roll

  • Not available in round or oval shape

This blue solar pool cover provides the essential functions you need and is available in a variety of sizes to fit your pool. Made of a flexible resin, it strikes the balance between being thick enough to be durable and thin enough to transmit heat from the sun.

The bottom of the Sun2Solar pool cover is covered in air bubbles, which should be placed down into the waterleaving the smooth side facing up. The surface of the light blue cover will absorb UV rays from the sun, while the bubbles will transmit the absorbed energy into the water below. While its true that clear solar pool covers transmit more of the suns energy into the water, they let in more UV rays that cause significant changes to pool water chemistryrequiring more chemicals to avoid algae and maintain ideal water conditions. This light blue cover is a more versatile option for homeowners that are looking for a pool cover to keep out debris, lock in heat at night, and absorb the suns energy during the day.

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Blue Wave Ns1: Best Solar Pool Cover For Removal

The Blue Wave NS120 is a solar pool blanket that is made up of small bubbles that insulate your swimming pool and can improve the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since this solar pool cover is going to be directly in the sunlight, its made to be resistant to the wear and tear from UV radiation, along with the chemicals that you treat your pool water with. The Blue Wave solar pool cover is one of the pricier options in our round up, however, for what you pay, you do get a three-year warranty.

This solar pool cover is round so obviously wont be suitable for square pools, and it has been designed for above-ground swimming pools. It does, however, claim to prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation. This means you wont have to spend as much money or time replenishing your pool.

The Blue Wave NS120 scores an average of 3.7 out of five stars on Amazon. Users that loved this solar pool cover state it raised the water temp over 20 degrees in a week. Others suggested it was easy to take off the pool, and it was very durable. Criticisms come in the form of stating this solar pool cover is thin and some users had issues with the bubbles popping and disintegrating.

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