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Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

Do I Need A New Roof Before I Put Solar Panels On

Solar panels will damage your roof? Void the warranty? – question from Jennifer (Renewable Nation)

Are you finally getting ready to install solar panels? Congratulations! A solar energy system will help you slash your expensive energy costs and protect this beautiful planet that we call home. Theres just one thing that you might not have consideredyour roof.

Weve seen it many times, a homeowner starts the process of solar installation only to discover a roofing problem that stops the solar installation in its tracks.

Dont let a roofing issue surprise you as you start your solar installation! Our team at Solar Bear Orlando discusses everything you need to know about roofing before you go solar.

How Roof Paneling Takes Place

Installing racking and solar panels can alter your roof. Thats why its essential that everything is done correctly, or your roofs structural makeup will suffer.

Among the top concerns for homeowners are the holes the contractor will make to secure the panels. The contractor will likely need to drill holes in the roof whether the lag bolts that secure the solar panels to your roof go. The size and depth of the holes depend on your roofing type.

To keep your roof structurally sound and avoid leaks, contractors put in place a few safety measures. For instance, bolt fixtures holding the solar panels in place are surrounded by flashing. This is a plastic or metal shield installed under the roof tiles.

The flashing is sealed using tar or other suitable materials. The hole containing the lad bolt is sealed to keep water from seeping into your roof.

Am I Going To See The Energy Bill Savings The Sales Guy Is Saying I Will And What Rights Do I Have If I Dont

Solar panels generally come with performance guarantees and some companies like Sullivan Solar Power even offer to write you a check if your panels dont deliver as promised.

But you play a role in how your utility bill savings pencil out.

Solar companies decide how many solar panels you need and the power your system should be able to produce based on past electricity use.

If you end up using more energy, your San Diego Gas & Electric bills may not shrink as much as youre envisioning.

If a homeowner goes out and buys a large seawater fish tank, installs a whole-home dehumidifier, runs the pool pump more, etc., it will adversely affect the utility bill, Airth said.

This is part of our quest on whether solar will pay off for San Diego. Check out our previous post, Most People Choose the Costliest Route to Going Solar.

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Asphalt And Composite Shingles

Asphalt and composite shingles are among the most common roof types. Asphalt roofs are expected to last between 15 and 35 years. Composite shingles, on the other hand, can last between 20-50 years. If your roof is coming to the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it to avoid structural damage due to panel installation.

Do Solar Panels Damage The Roof

Can Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

If your installation is done correctly, solar panels wont cause any damage to your roof. Although there will be holes drilled into your roof for the attachment, these holes are carefully covered up by moisture-resistant material to ensure that neither the exterior nor the infrastructure of your roof will be damaged.

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Do You Have The Right Insurance

Having the right insurance to cover both yourself and any damage to your home during installation is something you absolutely need to consider. Many problems can arise during the installation of your solar panels that you might not even think about until it happens. In addition, before the work can even begin many building codes, requirements for rebates, legal regulations and certifications require insurance. These rules and regulations vary by state, so it is important to contact the correct resources for your state before your project starts.

The Installer Wasnt Reputable

Some installers may not have a background in roofing, and so they may not fully comprehend the consequences of their long-term decisions when performing the installation. A few good questions to ask your future installer before you sign on the dotted line is what experience they have in roofing, and what plan they have to ensure no harm comes to your roof. Ask them if theyve ever had a failed installation, what they learned from it, and what they did to fix it.

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Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

  • HomeCan Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?
  • If youre driving in a neighborhood and see solar panels on a house roof, chances are you may wonder about it. They still look new and surprising to many people because, as of 2019, only 6% of homeowners reported that they have a source of solar energy on their roofs.

    Upon seeing a house with solar panels, you may wonder how they work and if solar panels can damage your roof. If you are among the growing number of homeowners looking to transition to solar power, there are many things you should look into ahead of time.

    How Can Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof

    Do solar panels damage your roof? Do they protect it?

    If improperly installed, solar panels can cause some damage to your roof. But, when done properly, solar panels can protect your roof and increase the value of your home. With more people looking to go green nowadays, adding a solar system to your home can add an estimated $9,274 in valuation to your home according to a recent CNBC report.

    The takeaway from this article should be that installing a solar system on your roof, if done correctly, will not only help keep your energy costs down but also provide protection for your roof and increase your homes value.

    Installing your solar system with Solar Stacks Dont Rack It, Stack It system wont damage your roof or void your roofs warranty. In fact, Solar Stacks mounting method can make your roof last longer by shielding it from temperature extremes and sun damage.

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    It Depends On Your Roofs Condition

    When determining whether solar panels can safely be installed on your roof, your roofing contractor will take into account factors like how much weight your roof can withstand, the roofing configuration, the age of your roofing system, the slopes orientation, along with its overall condition. Your roofing system should be stable and strong enough to easily support the weight of solar panels. Otherwise, youll need to install additional support structures to handle the load.

    Your roof should be large enough to accommodate solar panels. Your solar roofing installer will calculate your roofs square footage to find out the required amount of panels to properly power your homes demands. If your roof is older, it may have underlying issues that could make solar panel installation a bad idea. Your roofer should be able to advise you on this.

    Do Solar Panels Protect Your Roof

    To some extent, solar panels do protect your roof. Solar panels act as an additional barrier between your roof and the elements. This includes rain, snow, wind, debrisbut also sun exposure. If you have shingles on your roof, the solar panels will protect your roof from the sun bleaching that would normally occur to your shingles.

    Although the panels likely will not cover the entire surface area of your roof, the areas that are covered will in fact likely be better off in the long run for having been covered by the panels.

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    What Roof Type Is Best For Solar Panels

    Solar panels can be installed on almost any roof style with a few exceptions. The roof on your home, garage, shed, or barn could all be potential candidates for roof-mounted solar panels. Whether its a gable, hip, or a combination roof, a solar installer can figure out the best way to mount panels.

    Solar engineers and installers can split up solar arrays into multiple sections to follow the rooflines and work around roof components, such as skylights, box vents, or pipe boots.

    Do Solar Panels Ruin Your Roof

    Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

    If youre interested in installing solar panels or solar shingles but skeptical or concerned about how it could cause roof damage, let us put your mind at ease. While issues like additional weight, holes drilled into the roof rafters, and water leaks are legitimate concerns, significant problems will be rare if your solar panels are installed properly. Lets take a closer look at how solar panels can affect your roof and what you need to know before you buy them.

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    Safely Removing Solar Panels Is Important

    Going solar means a significant financial commitment. So before going solar, most homeowners typically repair their roofs since their solar energy system can last for 20+ years. But unexpected issues can arise that cause damage to your roof that force it to require repair or replacement. If you have a solar energy system on your roof, it is important to safely remove the panels before any roof work starts. Working with a qualified solar removal company can ensure that once the job is complete, the solar panels will be properly reinstalled and activated.

    Image source: Treehugger

    The demand for more renewable energy is growing, and solar power is now more accessible than ever before. In 2021, solar energy surpassed wind power for the first time, accounting for 39% of new electricity generation capacity in the US.

    Though prices for solar photovoltaic panels have dropped by an average of 70% since 2014, the installation of solar panels is still a big investment, so any type of concern you may have is legitimate. But as far as your roof is concerned, you wont have to worry about solar panels having a negative impact. While there are potential issues like roof leaks and structural damage, solar companies and inspectors go through necessary precautions to make sure your roof is in good condition, preventing them from causing any damage, and that your solar panels and roof last as long as possible.

    Installing Solar Panels: In Summary

    Image source: Treehugger

    The demand for more renewable energy is growing, and solar power is now more accessible than ever before. In 2021, solar energy surpassed wind power for the first time, accounting for 39% of new electricity generation capacity in the US.

    Though prices for solar photovoltaic panels have dropped by an average of 70% since 2014, the installation of solar panels is still a big investment, so any type of concern you may have is legitimate. But as far as your roof is concerned, you wont have to worry about solar panels having a negative impact. While there are potential issues like roof leaks and structural damage, solar companies and inspectors go through necessary precautions to make sure your roof is in good condition, preventing them from causing any damage, and that your solar panels and roof last as long as possible.

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    Are You Aware Of The Tax Incentives And Rebates

    One of the best benefits youll receive by installing solar are the tax incentives and rebates from local power companies. At Sun Badger, we lay out these incentives as part of the payment plan for your solar panels. The money you save in taxes can go right towards your solar loan and help you pay it off it faster!

    Power companies often offer rebates that encourage homeowners to install solar energy systems. Wed be happy to help you research and find more details on what your local power company is doing to make solar energy more affordable. Reach out to us today to get started!

    Things You Should Know Before Putting Solar Panels On Your Roof

    SOLAR ROOF SYSTEM | New Solar Roof Technologies Hail Damage to Panels [PART 10]

    Save yourself from making an expensive mistake!

    There are more than just a few things you should know before putting solar panels on your roof. Putting solar panels on your roof isnt too complex of a task, but there is a fairly small margin for error which can result in some very expensive repairs. This is why professionals are required to install solar panels to your home correctly.

    Lets break down what you need to know before deciding on whether or not to put solar panels on your roof.

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    Is My Roof Ready For Solar

    Before installing anything, its a good idea to call a roofer anyway to inspect it and see if there is any preexisting damage. Go through your documents about your house and find out how many years youve got left on your roofs warranty. You want a roof in good condition before installing panels, so if you notice any kind of mold, rot, or leak beforehand, you need to get it fixed. If you need to replace the roof within the next five years, put in the new roof and solar panel system at the same time.

    Remember, solar is an ROI positive investment not a burdensome cost. The Lawrence National Laboratory and the Department of Energy have shown that homes with solar sell faster and for significantly more money!

    Do you have solar panels on your roof? Have you ever run into an issue with roof leaks due to your panels? Sound off in the comments!

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    Install Solar Panels With Help From Solar Alliance

    Since solar panels will not damage your roof and can even protect it, consider how powering your home with solar energy may benefit you.

    Now that you have an understanding of the installation process and the pros and cons of solar panels on your roof, the next thing to do is look at suitable options, such as the SunBox Solar System.

    The financial advantages solar power has the potential to offer you are important considerations when thinking of the next steps for your home improvement. Thats why you should get in touch with Solar Alliance as you embark on your journey to go solar. We provide thorough financial modeling for our solar installations, so you can see upfront the long-term savings and other benefits your solar panels can provide.

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    Do They Offer Solar Panel Warranties

    In addition to choosing a reputable solar roofing team, youll want to make sure they include both manufacturer and workmanship warranties on your new solar roof.

    Depending on the manufacturer they use for the solar panels, you could get a great, long-standing warranty or something that wont uphold your panels for their lifespan. A good contractor will always include a workmanship warranty that covers any issues due to poor installation or faulty workmanship.

    The Benefits Of Having Solar Panels On Your Roof

    Can Hail Damage Solar Panels?

    Having solar panels on the roof offers additional benefits in addition to energy savings. Solar panels can create a barrier that protects the rooftop from damage caused by wind lift. The combined weight of the roof and the solar panels can help increase resistance to wind lift. Also, solar panels can block radiant heat that would have been otherwise absorbed by a bare roof. This helps keep the attic cooler during the summer season, which can help reduce the workload on your air conditioner, ultimately resulting in energy savings and longer AC service life.

    So to answer the question can solar panels cause damage to your roof? A properly-installed solar system should not harm your roof. As described above, it should enhance the roof in some aspects.

    GO Green Air is your leading provider of solar installation services. Give us a call at 627-6527. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Oakland, CA, and the surrounding communities in California.

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    The Impacts On Roof Performance

    Because the decision to place solar panels on the roof is often made by professionals who dont have a background in roofing, they may not be aware of the impacts on the roof performance or the difficulties and costs involved when completing maintenance or replacement.

    The logistical and legal issues associated with installing solar PV on roofs are also complex. This is particularly true when owners rent their roofs to solar providers. If not clearly defined by contract, conflict can result over safety provisions, lost income when the panels are removed during roof work, or liability in the event of theft, vandalism or damage.

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    Membrane manufacturers typically have their own requirements if solar panels are installed. If any array is installed over an existing roof without the contractor or roofing manufacturers permission, your warranty could be nullified.

    Lastly, the fire testing of roofs covered with PV panels is far from complete. While roof fires involving PV are rare, they have occurred. Some ballasted systems use plastic components that are far from fire resistant. Polystyrene insulation pads installed under the panels to minimize the risk of damage to the membrane are also cause for concern.

    None of these factors means rooftop solar is a lost cause.

    Owners and facility managers should simply be aware of the risks and take precautions before investing in an array.

    Will Solar Ruin My Roof

    No. A solar installation will not damage your roof in any way. This is a concern for some customers, especially if they have just spent thousands of dollars on installing a new roof. We use industry-standard installation processes and take the utmost care to install your solar system properly. Some customers also have questions about roof warranties and whether solar panels will void their warranty. Paradise Energy Solutions will happily double-check with your roofing contractor to make sure the solar attachments are not voiding your warranty.

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