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Which Chaco Sole Is Best

Compare Chaco Sandal Models: So Which One Did I Pick

How to Fix Shoe Separation on the Sole | Shoe Goo Repair Glue for Chacos Boots Jordans Nike Sandals

In the end, I had to choose one pair and one pair only, and give the other to my mom. Honestly, it was incredibly hard to make this decision.

The functional differences between the two models felt so minute to me that I wanted to go with the double-strapped pair just because I preferred it aesthetically.

But in the end, I chose to keep the Chaco Z/2s. As much as I loved the pattern and design of the double straps, the other pair just felt a touch softer and more conforming to my feet. Plus, I didnt have any issues with adjusting the straps or the weird self-tightening toe loop.

In the end, they are truly *so* similar, I probably couldve gone with either and wouldve been fine. So now we know!

Shop the Chaco Z/2s at REI.

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Chacos Vs Tevas: Which Outdoor Sandals Are Best

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A good pair of outdoor sandals are worth their weight in gold. While there are many popular brands, the major comparison in the outdoor industry is Chacos vs Tevas.

Both of these shoes are great options but there are some significant differences where you may want to choose one over the other. I hope that this review will help you choose!

I have had my Chaco sandals for about four years now and absolutely love them. I use them for hiking and kayaking mostly but have also been using them for my theme park adventures to Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.

They are super versatile.

But in the spirit of research, I recently purchased some Teva sandals and have been testing them out. I went with the Teva Hurricane xlt2 instead of the Teva Original Universal sandals as they seemed more durable and better suited to outdoor activities.

FYI either one of these is a great gift idea for hikers!

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Are Chacos Good For Your Feet

Chacos are actually certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association the comfortable footbed is said to be great for arch support and can help people who have foot pain. I dont have any personal experience with this, but Chacos have a good reputation for being great for feet. Chaco sandals are also zero-drop, which means theres no difference in height between the front and help of a shoe, which is good for your feet because it strengthens them.

Teva Vs Chaco: Warranties & Replacements

CHACO Chacos ZX Women

When you decide on a high-quality product, you want to see the company has what it takes to back up its claims and its price tags. That is why you should look at the warranty policies before purchasing any travel and outdoor gear.

Between Teva and Chaco, Chaco has the better warranty option. Chaco warranty offers a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship. It does not apply to normal wear and tear, nor does it apply to the sandals soles and any broken clasps or straps. All you have to do is send your Chacos through the ReChaco program if they meet their warranty standards, they will repair or replace them completely free of charge. Chaco Repairs are excellent too!

Teva, on the other hand, only offers a one-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. While it is nice that they provide some form of guarantee, this doesnt cover much, and you will be out of your sandals for 1-3 weeks while they evaluate your claim. So the winner on this Teva vs. Chaco debate is Chaco.

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Chaco Hiking Sandals: Power Up Your Summer Adventures With These Lightweight Kicks

Chaco hiking sandals have been around for more than 30 years and still remain very popular. The go-to footwear of many outdoor adventurers, these kicks are well-loved for being light, comfortable, durable, and quick-drying.

Confused with what Chaco hiking sandals to buy? Were here for you! At RunRepeat, we have an amazing collection of hiking sandals that you can sort based on different criteria. Whether you prefer closed-toe sandals, leather sandals, or vegan kicks, we have everything you need in one place!

Floating In The Chaco Z1s

I tested the Z1 sandals first and it started off pretty rough. Before tightening the straps, I lugged my tube into the river and immediately bust my butt. So much for optimized wet traction.

From then on, however, the experience was all uphill. The shoes performed well throughout the days activities, loosening only a few times in the heavy current. The most impressive moment came when it was time to scout a more technical rapid. We eddied out and climbed a moderately steep ridge while lugging the tubes. The shoes performed fantastically, gripping the slick, mossy rocks better than I anticipated they would. Even without a toe strap, the shoe kept me stable over the wobbly terrain.

Occasionally, I experienced what I refer to as the Lego Effect. This describes the incredible ease with which a pebble can painfully wedge itself between your foot and your Chacos. The Lego Effect is unavoidable with both the Z1 and Z2 models, but much easier to fix with the Z1s.

The rest of the float went on without a hitch!

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What Other Chaco Owners Are Saying

  • I bought the Z2s since theyre more stable and better for hiking. They work great, but what I didnt realize is that, with all the straps involved, you really have to get a good fit if you want to avoid getting blisters. I cant walk but a couple miles in mine before I start getting hot spots. Alex Beale, owner and editor of 99Boulders
  • The Z2 Chacos are solid for a day on the river. The sole is sturdy enough for sections where we need to walk and the shoe doesnt feel too heavy. I dig the strap system because its fairly easy to adjust once you do get them broken in. I keep my toe strap flattened down but its nice to have it accessible. Travis Crafton, recreational river rat

Are Chaco Sandals True To Size

A Year in Chacos

When buying a Chaco sandal, you dont need to worry about the size and fit. All Chaco sandals are true to size. You wont find half-size Chaco sandals anywhere on the market. Moreover, the sandals are adjustable, and even if theyre a little loose, you can adjust the size by tightening the straps.

After going through the existing customer reviews, our experts have found out that Chaco sandals run a little large in size. What does that mean? For instance, if youre size 7, order size 7 and youll be good go. But, if youre 7.5, dont order 8, order 7 only and youll be fine.

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Materials Used In Chaco Sandals

The secret behind the durability of Chaco sandals is the superior-quality materials. The straps are made of polyester. They are long-lasting and non-stretchable. As already mentioned above, the Chaco soles are made of Vibram TC1 compounds and Chacogrip.

Chacogrip is ideal for use in wet conditions as it provides improved traction. It is tough and stands strong against wear and tear. The underfoot area of the sandals incorporates LUVseat technology which has been patented by Chaco and is made of polyurethane. No cheap foam material is used in the sandals. The footbed provides stability and better cushioning.

Are Chaco Sandals Waterproof

Well, Chaco sandals are water-resistant, but not water-proof. This means that water does not harm the material of the sandals in any way. The material of Chaco sandals absorbs water.

The sandals not only absorb water quickly, they also expel water very fast and dry quickly. So, if youre planning to cross a river, make sure you use only Chaco sandals.

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Hiking In The Chaco Z2s

I knew this would be a tricky climb so I threw my Salomon trail runners in my backpack just in case. Thats right, O ye of little faith. I really wasnt certain if I could hike this entire trail in my Z2s.

However, I chose this hike in the Z2s for a reason. I knew it was a stable shoe, but I wanted to know what it could really handle. The Engineer Mountain trail is highly trafficked and hard-packed, but the final pitches of the ascent are very slick and vertical.

I did not trip once during the approach up to Engineer Mountain, despite our brisk pace and the fact that we began our hike before sunrise. The presence of the toe strap makes a significant difference in stability.

Once I reached the base of the mountain, there were difficulties. The traction on this shoe just wasnt cutting it on the steep and slick gradient. I was rolling over the loose scree like they were marbles and working significantly harder than I normally would wearing my trail runners.

Eventually, the trail became too slick and the consequences of a fall too high. For the final pitch, I paused the Chaco experiment and threw on my pair of Salomons. Ahhhhh.

I did throw the Z2s back on for the descent, and they performed fantastically, flexing underfoot and comfortably supporting my arch. The Chaco Z2 is the go-to hiking sandal, but Im not interested in summiting any more mountains with them.

Our verdict: The Chaco Z2 is the best for hiking

Comparing Chaco Sandal Models: The Z/2 V Zx/2 Review

Which Chaco

This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase something through the link. I only recommend products and services I myself use and LOVE and think youll love too.

Ah, Chacos. The UGG boots of summertime.

So ugly yet socomfortable. Theyre great for travel I would go so far as to say a must-pack travel shoe for any destination promising humidity plus outdoor adventure .

But when it comes to shopping for them, there are so many types of Chacos to choose from. How do you know which Chacos are best for me?

I decided to research all of my options. Then once I had narrowed it down to two types, I ordered both the z/2s and zx/2s and took them for a spin. So heres what I learned:

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Chaco And Teva Alternatives

The sports sandals sold by Chaco and Teva are not only original, but we think they are the best options on the market. That said, there are a few other outdoor footwear brands to consider, such as Merrell and Keen.

Merrell has options similar to Teva, such as velcro strap sports sandals and a hybrid shoe/sandal. Merrell sometimes uses Vibram on their outsoles, which is worth noting for exceptional performance in wet conditions. Still, their sports sandals arent as highly regarded as their hiking boots. Merrells hiking boots are second to none. Keens might be more worthy of your consideration if your primary goal is finding a do-it-all sport sandal. The Keen Newport, for instance, has a rubber sole that wraps over the toes for a little extra protection.

If you decide you want the full protection of a hiking boot over the simplicity of an active sandal, by all means, consider Merrell, Keen, or even Danner. However, if you are looking for a lightweight sandal that is as comfortable at the beach as it is on the mountain, we recommend sticking with Chaco and Teva.

Teva Vs Chaco: Quality & Durability

Both Teva and Chaco are at the top of the list when you discuss the quality and durability of outdoor footwear brands. Teva was the first to enter into the outdoor sandal game! With that being said, a few key features give Chaco sandals an inherent advantage regarding durability.

The first is their decision not to use velcro straps. Over time, velcro can become frayed and lose its sticking power, especially when regularly exposed to wetter environments. So, naturally, Tevas will need to be replaced more often when compared to the same amount of use of Chaco sandals.

Also, because Tevas have a softer, thinner footbed, the soles tend to wear down faster over repeated uses. While this is still likely to take a long time, it is essential to consider if you are the type that wears your shoes into the ground.

Chacos allows you to replace the soles as they wear down, meaning you may never have to buy another entire sandal in your lifetime! Again, this only matters if you are the type of person who wears their shoes until they fall apart. If not, the quality on both is so superb that you would be hard-pressed to pick one above the other.

Shop The Sandals

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Questions About Resoling Chaco Sandals

I have several questions because I have a foot that is hard to fit comfortably:

-several years ago I bought a pair of Chaco Sandals in Houston. the box is labeled as “Mega Z Classic” on the website I find a Mega Z but it is not labeled as “classic”. Are these the same model?

-prior to the sandals discussed above I had bought some Chaco’s in Atlanta. when I bought them I was told they could be resoled. However when I tried to have them resoled no shop in Baton Rouge said they could do it and when I contacted Chaco they said they could not be resoled.

the website says the meg z can be resoled. Do you know a location/shop that has resoled pairs? In the baton rouge area would be great, but I’m willing to mail them in necessary.


Thanks for reaching out!

If your Chaco Sandals have a sole made with Vibram, you may be able to find a shoe repair shop in your area that can resole Vibram soles. You’ll want to reach out to them to find out if they can do that kind of work. You can tell your Chacos have a Vibram sole by the yellow ‘Vibram’ symbol on the bottom of the sandal.

Otherwise, your best bet would be to go through Chaco itself to have your sandals resoled. You can find all their information about that process, including a phone number to call and chat with them, on their Chaco Sandal Resole site.

Hopefully this helps!

Tevas Vs Chacos Which Outdoor Sandal Do We Have

Chaco Sandals Talk – Which Sandal Is Right For You?

So Chacos or Tevas? The honest answer? We have both and love them for different reasons that suit our lifestyle. Since we used to be full-time travelers and now travel six months out of the year, we invested in Tevas. Tevas are lighter and easier to travel. For hiking sandals, they are also slightly more stylish than Chacos.

However, we live in the Canadian Rockies and often go on hikes and walks through the woods. Its here where my Chacos come in handy. Chacos are more durable and stand up better to the natural elements than Tevas. Im also frequently crossing streams and riverbeds here in Banff, and the Chacos hold up better in the water.

So its a tough call to pick one over the other. Its essential to find out what you want out of your outdoor sandals and go from there. Or you could always purchase both and test them both out for yourself!

About Natasha

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Gear Review Chaco Sandals

If youve ever adventured with us at our summer camp over the past years, you may have seen our guides wearing a specific type of sandals which are called Chaco Sandals. Many of our summer guides have these shoes at our camp because of their durability and strong grip that is necessary for the types of adventures we lead our campers through. Due to the many different types of sandals Chaco offers, many of our campers often ask us about which sandals are better for the different activities they are interested in. Luckily, here at Rock-N-Water, weve got loads of experienced with these sandals to help you choose which ones are right for you!

Why Chaco Sandals Are Still Popular Today After 3 Decades

Chacos have remained popular and preferred over the newer brands out there today. And for good reasons, even after thirty years: these sandals are incredibly comfortable, quick-drying, and super durable. .

Chacos were created to meet the needs of whitewater guides. However, these remarkable sandals have outgrown their roots and are embraced for casual wear as well.

They are the perfect summer wearables with their adjustable straps and contoured footbeds . These awesome sandals are also available in a wide array of stylish prints and colors.

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