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Where To Sell Solar Panels

Promoting Ease Of Use

IKEA Starts Selling Solar Panels: TWiT 426

Can I sell solar energy? One of the best ways to sell solar energy is to utilize methods that promote the narrative of ease of use in using solar energy harvesting systems. For example, instead of handing out manuals to your clients, try to be proactive and offer extra services such as free installations.

Moreover, one of the things that can entice clients is offering at-home servicing. Aside from such, produce your instructional materials. For example, aside from useless user manuals that are unappealing, intimidating to look at, and are too complex and convoluted, use colorful graphics to promote the narrative of ease of use.

Moreover, let your client know that solar panels are a set and forget system. Aside from maintenance that happens once in a while, most of the time, solar panels are hassle-free. Let your consumers know how to maintain the methods, such as cleaning the panels, monitoring electricity production, and offering them basic troubleshooting materials.

How Are You Doing Today And What Does The Future Look Like

Since launching in 2014 we have grown very quickly. By the end of our 2nd full year in business, our sales revenue had grown over 1900%. In our 4th year, we made the Inc 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US with over 4300% growth. We also made the Inc 5000 list for the 2nd year in a row.

Today were doing around $7 million in revenue and looking to substantially grow in the next year. Since all growth is self-funded we constantly track our numbers. Knowing your numbers is crucial.

Get a job in whatever industry that you are looking to start a business in. Learn as much as you can before starting your own company. You will gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Our cost per acquisition averages less than $300 per deal, which is very low for the solar industry. This is an advantage that is going to help us expand in 2020, as we look to keep growing our solar business, as well as our energy-efficient affordable housing division.

Were an extremely process-driven company and our back end operations work much like a well-oiled assembly line. Currently, we have some of the fastest installations in the industry and this is all due to our incredible operations team.

Last but not least, we are looking to launch our own fintech company in 2020. It will be a finance company that will focus on financing for renewable energy and energy-efficient home improvements.

Connecting The Array Of Solar Panels

Once you have your stanchions and rails installed properly, have the solar panels mounted, its time to connect the solar panels together.

What we will be doing here is connecting the solar panels you installed in PARALLEL. This will help to keep voltage the same while at the same time, increase amperage. As mentioned earlier, it is VERY important your entire array of solar panels are exactly the same in size and WATT output.

Also, when you wire everything together use as little wire as possible because long wires lose energy due to resistance.

Lets say you have 4X 100 watt solar panels and you want to connect them all together in parallel, all positive cables are connected together and all negative cables are connected together. What you get in the end is just two cables which represent all inputs from our solar panels.

Side Note: To connect all solar panels together, since most use the MC4 connections, we recommend you get the appropriate MC4 Y adapters found here.

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Why Invest In Solar Power

An investment in solar power today for your home or business protects you from rate hikes by utility companies and locks in your electricity rates. The right type of solar array can also provide you power during a power outage. Costs for going solar keep dropping, and with available financing options, home solar arrays have become something every home owner can afford.

Can I Make Money Selling Power Back To The Utility Company

Ikea To Start Selling Solar Panels in U.K. Stores

Its absolutely true that solar energy can be a great financial investment. But it isnt because of the money you make, its because of the money you save.

If you want to sell your solar power to generate income, it unfortunately doesnt work that way. You cant exactly sell the electricity your solar system generated back to the utility. However, one of the biggest benefits of solar energy is the impact on your finances. Your solar system will keep money in your pocket that youd otherwise be dishing out to the utility company for your monthly electricity bill.

While its true some large solar developing companies can make money by installing a solar system on leased property and selling that electricity back to the person who owns the property, this wont be the case for your average solar investor.

However, there are policies in place to guide how utilities compensate you for the energy your solar system generates. If you have a grid-tied solar system, you can send the solar electricity to the grid, and youll receive a credit from the utility or they will purchase it at a nominal, whole-sale price. But, these compensation policies will make you little money – theyre more like a free way to store your electricity.

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Tips To Have A Profitable Solar Panel Business From Home

Now the business plan is written and all of the research is done regarding having a legal certificate to become a solar panel distributor, who should be the supplier of the business, which company should complete the delivery and installation process, etc. Here are some additional tips to expand and have a successful home-owned distribution business.

Saving Money With Solar: How To Store And Sell Electricity

Were stepping into an era of renewable energy that well never turn back from…and thats very good news for the environment. Solar energy is, right now, one of the most promising clean energy options for Kiwi homes and businesses. Utilising solar energy is also a smart financial move.

But you might wonder, where exactly do the great cost savings youve heard associated with solar, come from? In this blog, well talk more about how the savings work.

But first, lets talk about why its wise to produce your own solar energy in the first place.

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Who Installed The Panels

This question requires a different answer than the previous one. You do not need to provide the potential buyer with a list of contacts to call for repairs, but it is essential that they feel confident that the system was correctly installed. Therefore, providing copies of relevant documentation showing your installation date and warranty status should suffice.

How To Sell Solar Panels

Solar PV panels mis-selling – Which? investigation

In this post, we are going to talk about how one can have a successful solar business. This is specifically for our dealers and partners and others who want to make the most of the growth rate in the solar industry.

Everyone today wants to become a successful entrepreneur and is looking for profitable business ideas. The simple answer to know which business to start is to look for a business that is growing and the future prospects of the industry. Solar industry is one such industry given the huge demand for electricity in the future with the rising population in our country. With the increasing demand, there will be a rise in the electricity bills as well. People will install solar panels to avoid the issue of rising electricity bills. Hence, there is going to be a huge demand for solar system installations. India is planning to move to renewable energy sources like wind and solar which reduces the power cost to a minimum and are green in nature.

Here we will tell the five ways that will help prospective businessmen and women achieve their dream of accomplishing a successful solar business.

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Ikea Will Sell Solar Panels

By Keely

IKEA will sell Solar panels for homeowners in the United States, in partnership with SunPower, a leader in the solar industry!

Fancy picking up a solar panel during your weekly shopping. Well, now you can! Furniture giant IKEA is partnering with SunPower. Together they will launch their latest programme, Home Solar with IKEA. The partnership will lead to solar panels being readily available to purchase by homeowners across the US! The greatly ethical partnership is with SunPowers strong sustainable focus. Along with IKEAs innovative involvement in sustainability. Well, a self-assemble electric vehicle is definitely innovative! In 2022 we really are seeing a push in companies doing their part to reach global emissions target to become as close to zero as possible.

Now, finally in autumn of this year, those of us that live in the US will be able to do our part. Since purchasing solar panels is now becoming easier. Whats stopping us running our homes and cars from the suns vast energy? The future is looking bright!

Sell Your Electricity Back To The Grid

Sure, we know that electricity is technically a quantifiable resource. But its a bit hard to conceptualize processes like buying and selling it because, well, we just cant see it. Renewable energy certificates, or RECs, help to bridge that gap. RECs are certificates issued by the government establishing ownership of renewable energy. One REC is issued for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours of energy funneled back into the grid.

PURPA requires that utilities purchase a certain amount of their electricity from renewable sources. RECs essentially serve as proof that theyve fulfilled this obligation. So although RECs wont charge your laptop or keep the lights on in your apartment, they allow renewable electricity producers to profit while giving traditional producers an easy way to go green vicariously.

So how much money can you make selling electricity back to the grid? Since rates vary with the market value of electricity, theres no set dollar figure that you can expect to take home. However, many home producers make around $3,000 per year from a combination of REC sales and governmental clean energy incentives.

Sounds great, right? But before you commit to an investment in renewable energy, make sure you have the full story. Here are a few things you should ask your electric company before getting started:

Still cant get enough? Check out lots more links about electricity resale below.

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Understanding What Selling Solar Energy Back To The Grid Means

The electricity generated by your solar panels may exceed your own energy needs, meaning you can sell back extra power to your utility. This practice is called net metering, and it essentially gives you a credit for every kilowatt-hour of power that flows from your system into the grid. In return, your utility then lowers your overall electric billâthough usually not by 100%. To learn more about how net metering works, read How Net Metering Works .

So youâre deciding whether or not to install solar panels. But if youâre like most people, you might be wondering howâand ifâyou can make money selling back your excess solar power. And thatâs a good question because it turns out that selling electricity is more complicated than simply flipping a switch and watching your bank account grow with each kilowatt-hour of power sent back into the grid.

Creating your own energy isnât just an environmentally friendly way to power your business itâs also good for your budget, as well. With net-metering laws in the majority of states, you can actually sell the excess power generated by your solar panels back to your utility provider, or even other grid operators who might be willing to buy it at market price. Hereâs how to sell solar power back to the grid and make extra money on your investment.

Mount The Solar Panels

Egyptian startup KarmSolar gets the first license to sell solar power ...

Carefully place a solar panel on one end of the railings, securing it with retaining clips. Connect the positive wire of one panel to the negative wire of the next solar panel. Making a series connection is more convenient than a parallel method.

Perform the same procedure with each solar panel, securing every section with retaining clips and connecting the wires. Connect the cables to a charge controller, which allows you to manage your solar and battery power more efficiently.

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Is There A Current Service Plan

A service plan is similar to a warranty in that it will continue to protect the system for a certain period after installation. However, many people are wary of purchasing homes with solar panels because they are afraid of costly repair fees down the road.

Providing the service plan documentation should reassure them that this is not likely an issue. It will also give the contact information for the service plan in case-specific questions arise or if they run into problems with the solar panels.

Measure Your Roof And Mark Where The Panels Will Go

Now that youve ordered your panels and know how many will be on your roof, its time to take some measurements. The manufacturer of your solar panels should provide you with measurements for the panels and their mounting brackets, so while youre waiting for them to ship, you can start planning where the panels will go. Head on up your roof and begin marking where the drill holes and mounting brackets will go with chalk lines and pencil.

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Do Solar Panels Really Increase Property Value

Are you concerned about what installing a solar panel system could do to the value of your property? California is a leader in solar energy generation. The state converts sunshine into electricityutilizing nearly 36 megawatts of installed solar photovoltaic capacity. Thats enough to power 9.1 million homes! But, how do all of these solar panels impact property values?

The answer is encouraging. According to Zillow, the most-visited real estate website in the United States, adding solar panels to a house saves money, reduces the impact on the environment, and raises the propertys market value. Homes with solar energy systems sell for anaverage of 4.1 percent more than comparable homes without solar power.

Astudy in the Appraisal Journal reveals a $20 increase in a homes value for every $1 cut in annual utility bills. As a result, a solar energy system that saves you $400 a year would increase the value of your home by $8,000.And, as utility prices rise, the amount that solar households save also rises. A year from now, your solar panel system could save you $500, increasing the value of your home by an additional $2,000 for a total of $10,000 in added value.

Of course, to ensure you get those benefits,working with a reputable solar installer who will set you up to generate energy at peak efficiency is essential.

Starting A Business From Home

IKEA To Sell Solar Panels From All UK Stores

Starting a business from home is a tricky process.

The most important thing people need to do when planning on starting a business is to figure out what they are passionate about and, after figuring that out, figure out how they can combine their passion and peoples needs to create something useful for the market.

Many small business owners who operate their businesses from their homes have been able to solve a problem in other peoples lives by combining their passion and the publics needs.

Although its scary starting your own business, if you have the opportunity to combine your passion into a solution thats actually useful for people, taking the risk can come with big payoffs – if you do it right!

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Planning Your Electrical Route

Youll want to plan your electrical run beforehand, taking into consideration which type of system youre installing.

Again, safety is of the utmost importance: make sure you wear the recommended protective equipment and install the wiring according to your wiring diagram.

PV Sub-Panels

  • Systems with multiple inverters can use an AC sub-panel to combine the AC circuits into a single set of conductors.
  • Dedicated solar sub-panels must not contain any load breakers.

Roof Mount Electrical Route

  • You can run your wiring through your attic to hide it from view, but make sure it is accessible to connect to the array, breaker box, panel, meter, and other parts of the system.
  • Use cable clips to secure wiring from solar panels and micro-inverters/power optimizers. The clips should hold the wires in place during strong winds.
  • Do not allow exposed wiring to make contact with the roof surface.
  • Run the wiring from the solar source to a junction box, then transition to your conduit run. The wiring must remain in the conduit run until it reaches the inverter or charge controller .
  • Use conduit mount flashings to secure rooftop conduit runs in place.
  • If possible, use conduit penetration flashings to transition conduit into your attic to hide it from view.

A conduit run held in place by a Quick Mount conduit penetration flashing.

Ground Mount Electrical Route

What We Know About The Export Payment So Far

The export payment was scheduled to start in July 2021. However, it has been delayed until H2 2021. As of October 2021, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities is running a consultation on the details of the scheme. A final decision is expected in November, following legislation from the government.

Homeowners, businesses, farmers, and non-profits will all be able to participate. The plan is for the scheme to have two parts:

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